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September 14, 2009

Postgame Dave

Dave Trembley didn't have all that much to say after the game, other than to point out the obvious -- that David Hernandez did not pitch very well.

"I didn't think Hernandez was very aggressive with all his pitches,'' Trembley said. "This is the second outing in a row where he looked like he struggled with his command."

When Trembley was asked if he thought the innings were starting to pile up on the rookie pitcher, he pretty much dismissed the notion that September fatigue might be an issue -- even though the Orioles have been more sensitive about that with some of the other prospects.

"He told me it's not,'' Trembley said.

Somebody asked Trembley if he gave Brian Bass an abrupt hook because of Bass's panicky throw into left field in the fifth inning or because he wasn't pitching well.

"Both,'' Trembley said curtly. "Both."

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Staying in town for a few days - got box seats on stubhub for $4 each. Stayed till the 6th and went back to the hotel to watch MNF.

What can you say about this time of year when most teams are just playing out the string?

I am looking forward to next year - I suspect the Os will be more competitive longer in the season. But this ones over...............

Baseball is still going?!

Thankful for MNF myself. Hernandez looked like the real thing earlier this year, not lately, hope he can get it back. Two posts and not a single "Fire DT" from anonymous, must be football season.

0 0 0.45 21 1 2 20.0
15 1 1 1 0 9 14

Does anyone think we could have used someone like that in the Bullpen in the last 40 days?

"Does anyone think we could have used someone like that in the Bullpen in the last 40 days?"

264 .324 .360 684

Does anyone think we could use a 3rd baseman after looking at that?

Aarrgghh! Still 19 games to go and we need to eke out 5 wins to avoid a 100 loss season.

Body language tells it all. The players looked frustrated last night, the mananger looked frustrated and the fans certainly are worn out.

I hope next year we can somehow avoid this embarrassing and recurring slow motion end of season decomposition. I don't know what the announced paid attendance was but I have seen more fans at my son's high school football games. Somehow the organization needs to fix this going into 2010.

I wish I had the answers for them. Simply waiting for the young talent to emerge will not cut it. I am really getting worried about attendance trends. Interest in the team is reaching new lows.

I'm with you CB Coach but you and I are the minority on that one!
Sure wish the O's had someone ready to step in at 1st/3rd and at DH. Those should be pretty easy slots to fill but a real sad state of affairs when we have to dig into the tepid free agent market and/or troll other teams' waiver wire/prospects to fill these gaps.
I wonder what our scouts have been doing the last 11 years? I just hope we don't see any 'mora' of mora and we 'dont' get wiggy with it' any more than absolutely necessary(any more than 150 ABs is fine, thank you!).

Pete, do you still think that Hernandez has earned a spot in the 2010 rotation? Let's see - 85 IP, 98 hits, 23 home runs, just over 5 innings per start. The 58 Ks and 40 walks pretty much show that he's not fooling anybody, as does the fact that the league is hitting .287 off him. .287! The league as a whole is averaging .266 so he makes every batter into an above-average hitter. It's clear that while he can throw in the 90's, his fastball has no movement on it and his secondary pitches aren't there at all. He struggles with his command because his stuff isn't good enough to throw it over the plate so he has to be incredibly fine, leading to his high pitch and walk count. When he does throw it over, it goes over the fence. He should have been held back to start Wednesday night on minor league night at the stadium because his performances at the mound would fit right in. The presence of Hernandez on the O's 2010 starting roster will tell us all we need to know about "the plan" and its chances of success.

Take heart Oriole fans. Waiting in the wings for next season is our starting center fielder who hit .217 the second half. Fans are staying away because the product on the field is inferior.

Why is Mora still out there every night when the manager said his playing time would be reduced weeks ago?

Don't we have any "prospects" that can play third? Or does Mora have some sort of "pull" that greatly surpasses his production?

Only in B-More.

An "announced" crowd of 10,000 plus...that just about sums up our version of "Professional" baseball. And just approx. 72 hours the Harbor will be painted Red. I'm sure once again there will be 35,000 Red Sox fans at OPACY making each & everyone of us that do attend feel like outcasts in our own park. I guess the only way this stops is when "The Plan" finally works & Oriole fans have something real to cheer for this late in the season as opposed to yet another request to hang in there. Some of these pitchers, Harnandez, Bass, Waters McCrory etc. are really seperating themselves from the pack...and not in a very promising way.

Well, Jack, if Baltimore doesn't want OPACY to turn red every time that team is in town, don't sell them the tickets, or better yet, buy them yourselves. And spare me the drivel about the Orioles suck, they're playing out the string, they don't care, they don't hustle, blah, blah.
You have a baseball team here, support it or don't complain when the Red Sox come here and bring Fenway Park with them. I don't want to hear it.

And sure, coach, any team could use a reliever with those kind of numbers. But any team could use a solid 3B prospect and another strong, young arm. Take your pick, would you rather have that reliever, or both those guys up here in two years? No brainer.

Yeah it's been 12 years, 12 long and horrible years, during which I got divorced, my grandmother died and my fiancee died, so there are worse things. Would you rather be in PIttsburgh? Kansas City? Cincinnati? We don't have the market on baseball disappointment.

What we do have is a young team with great potential. So suck it up this last three weeks and get excited about the future. Because frankly, if you give up on them now, don't jump on the bandwagon when they are contending or at the very least playing good, exciting baseball. Front runner fans are the worst and we don't need them.

I'll be at the Yards tonight, will you?

Has the pitching coach told Hernandes that you cannot throw a flat fastball down the middle belt high and expect good results?

Hi Ken,

I am sorry to hear about your personal tradgedies over the last 12 years, but please be fair to the people who post here. They are the real fans, and do go to the games. They care, and that's why we talk to each other.

I was there last night and I'll be there tonight, since no one else in my office wants to use our season tickets.

Take care.

I don't always understand them, but then again, they're always entertaining. Kind of like our own "Cirque du Orioles".

Ken, not to worry, we'll be there. Of course my 12 year old will only come with us if she can wear a Red Sox shirt so people don't look at her "like a weirdo wearing an O's shirt". She's in therapy & making great progress.
John Boy..."Cirque du Orioles"...classic & so sadly true!

I am still alive pete. I have to sweep every game this week.I heard the masn interview with andy last night and it sure sounded like he was leaning towards bringing dave t back. I know it won't bother you or anybody else on this blog but i will once gain repeat myself if he does bring dave t back i ,along with my family and friends will cancel 15 season ticket plans that have been active for over 20 years effective that day. And something else you will be happy to know i will also refrain from ever posting on this site again.You know i would like to play holdem with you sometime, i can get you room comps at any harrah's property in case you can't.

Pete's reply: Stop it. You know you can't resist this blog.

Ken. The way I see it, the O's situation isn't much different that what's going on in places like Cincy, KC and Pitts.

Mora is out there most nights because he is a proven solid defensive 3rd baseman. I agree with those who would like to see Justin Turner get some more starts there in his place. But I don't agree that Wigginton should get them, he's just about as good as a post in the ground.

Fire Bad!!!!

I agree with jeffChill. As weak as Melvin has been at the plate, he still comes up with some remarkable plays in the field that have saved many big innings - without him, some of those 5/6 ERA's would be 7/8.

Pete - The thought of a marginally better hitting 3B next year that is inferior defensively (think Wigginton) with a young staff seems very scary to me. If AP can't come up with a better alternative, does he have the right to not pick up Mora's option and then re-sign to a bargain contract? Melvin might hold his nose at the prospect but I doubt he'll have any better offers.

Pete's reply: Yes, that is possible.

I don't think Hernandez's struggles have anything to do with this "rookie wall" of running out of steam and endurance. To this point he has pitched the same number of innings as he did each of the previous two years.

He has run into a different kind of wall... he's pitched enough to give a good scouting report, and every team knows exactly how to attack him. He didn't have this problem in the minors, because his stuff was good enough to get people out, even when it was right down broadway. But as he is finding out, that isn't the case against the best of the best.

His wall is now about adjusting to the hitters in this league the way they have adjusted to him. I still think he will be a good pitcher, just at this point he is not quite a major-league caliber starter. It really would have done him good to pitch out of the pen this year I think, but due to the state of our staff that wasn't an option.

He's got the talent and the stuff to be effective in this league, we've seen enough good starts from him to show that. And I think he will show that he's also got the smarts and the work ethic to keep improving himself, which is the only way he will be successful.

bob l. -

You've mentioned (about 9,000 times) that you're going to cancel your season tickets and never post here again if Trembley returns in 2010. We know. Shut up about it already.

We've heard you complain time and time again about Trembley making a bad decision with the bullpen and continually giving starting nods to Mora and Wigginton. I'd like to know two things:

1. After the Sherrill trade, how has it even been possible for Trembley to make a good decision regarding the pen?

2. Do you really think that a different manager would make more than a two or three win difference?

I do agree that Trembley needs to go, but I don't agree that everything is his fault. As you should know, the guy was dealt a horrible hand. Do you remember what this team's starting rotation looked like on Opening Day? I'll refresh your memory: Jeremy Guthrie, Mark Hendrickson, Alfredo Simon, Koji Uehara and Adam Eaton. Toss in replacement-level starters like Rich Hill and Jason Berken and that's a recipe for disaster that not even Joe Torre or Tony LaRussa could turn around.

So tell me. How would you have done things differently? And if you don't have an answer, just leave now. We all know that you're not coming back next year if Trembley comes back. That's all you've been posting for weeks. So just leave now. You know you want to.

hey, CB Coach: How about 0.00 ERA in past 21 games w/63K's in 21IP? Could O's use that guy? Sure, but just how many W's would that translate to for O's? None, I'll bet. You can't save the game w/out the lead.

hey, CB Coach: How about 0.00 ERA in past 21 games w/63K's in 21IP? Could O's use that guy? Sure, but just how many W's would that translate to for O's? None, I'll bet. You can't save the game w/out the lead.

Orioles worse!!!!!!

Pete: after a long and tiring season of watching the AAA Orioles attempt to look like a major league team, I have decided to "shut myself" down for the remainder of the season. I was hanging on to see Tillman and Matasz... So, like Matasz, I'm finished for the year.

Pete's reply: Probably not a bad idea.

I don't know what the Orioles do with Hernandez. He was dominant in the minors and he's been terrible in the majors. But he was killing AAA this year. A 12.4 K/9 rate?!? A 4.4 K/BB rate in AAA?!? About a 1.05 WHIP in AAA? But despite dominating AAA, he averaged only about 5 innings per start.

I'd say his future is in the bullpen.

Blanchione... you are really going to cancel your ticket plan if they bring back Trembley? Thats kind of stupid. Of all the lousy things that have happened in the past 20 years, the 2 year tenure of Dave Trembley, who is essentially a long term interim manager who doesn't cost the team much money, is the reason you are going to cancel your tickets? That is as dumb as Alec Baldwin moving to Canada if GWB was re-elected.

c'mon... he just the manager. They make little difference in the grand scheme of things

Not to long ago bob had "a pair" of season tickets. Then it grew to 10, now it's at 15. Sure buddy.

Hi Jeff,

Why you bringing Mora up?

Justin Turner and Michael Aubrey, should both be playing every game until the season ends. You'll never know what you have till you play these guys on a nightly basis. Why does DT, go out of his way to please Wiggy? 8 HRs and 34 RBIs is a joke!

Bass, Sarfate (the D Cab of relievers) and Albers, all need to go after this season. Albers, coud've been very good, but he isn't the same guy since the arm injury and since he doesn't want surgery, what we see from him is what we will get until he has the problem fixed so in my book, he's taking up space. Sarfate, has no control and Bass, wore down in July. I think Berken and Hernandez, could be good middle relievers next season. I am not giving up them, but why not use them out of the pen because at least they would be facing big league hitters and not AAA guys that swing at anything.

I don't see the O's bringing back DT for 2010. The team has played poor fundamental baseball which was supposed to be his specialty and his in game managing, has been atrocious. Looking at the team from month to month, have they improved? I don't think so. On the flip side, if they bring him back and the O's get off to a 3-11 start, he probably will be fired and then you are in a situation where you are stuck giving the reigns to someone that is more than likely, not the guy you want to manage this team. This is a crucial time for the O's and their attempt to move towards respectability so AM, needs to think long and hard about every move he makes this winter.

BTW, I would hate to go into the winter without knowing if that girl ends up with the Bird so text A: they hook up or B: the Bird is just not that into her, to MASN and Jim Hunter, will provide the results after the game.

Hi Rhonda,

It does male a lot of difference, I know it would have helped for three wins, most likely. Does it mean anything I believe so, and it will for 2010, they will have to add in someone more expensive, unless the Dodgers and Orioles have some sort of background deal where we will get him back.
1. Sherrill was a very good reliever that wanted to be here, which we need badly
2. He is a lefty
3. It moved Johnson who was very successful in 8th inning work, and moved him to a 9th inning guy. Since the move he has an ERA of around 7.5 runs a game.
4. all of that together exposed our bullpen, because we do not let our starters go past 7 innings of work. I do not even want to sort through those failures
5. He was cheap to keep.

Bob L, Your making threats again, please just do it.

Hey shamrock and Bms , You are correct when saying he is only the manager, but as a season ticket holder for 20 years i have been a loyal fan who cheered for this team in good and bad times. While i have my doubts about this rebuilding program knowing that the orioles are going to be unable to land the big free agents to suppliment the kids. The breaking point to all of this is the manager, dave t isn't the type of manager that this team needs.They need a manager that the players will instantly respect and not somebody that just talks a good game. Adam jones needs to be reign in a little because his head has gotten way to big, something that dave t can't and won't do. To BMS my brother and myself own 5 season tickets each and our close friends own the other 5 not that i need to explain myself to you. If they bring him back they are telling me and every body else that they don't won't to win , that they just want a yes man something that i won't tolerate anymore.

Hey CB:

In the 9th or 10th post here bobv wondered why he is still playing most games at 3B, and I figured I'd come to his defense a little bit.

I understand that people are sick of him, but his defense is better than any option we have and I think it makes sense that he keeps playing. All of his fielding stats are well above the league average for third basemen.

Honestly, if his attitude has cooled down and we can sign him for a 1 or 2 year deal for less than half of what he is making now, it may not be a bad idea. But no way they pick up that option. I'd be floored if they did.

Hi Jeff Hill,

I think that is great. Too many Jeff's on today, I was referring to Jeff V. I agree with you, his defense has been very good.

I am sure the next 15 games or so will either help or hurt his chances. I think he has a one million dollar buy out. Who knows, it has been a long year for everyone.

Geez Pete, the boot comes off and you give us one in return!

No blogs yet today??

A teenager just after getting the driver's license comes to mind. :)

Pete's reply: More like a guy with 76 days of errands backed up.

Hernandez had commented before this start that he felt like he was becoming a thrower, and not a pitcher.

Which is good to admit and find in yourself, but not when you really aren't doing much to fix it. Hopefully he can start in Norfolk next season.

Mora's option will not be picked up under any circumstance and he pretty much wrote his ticket out of town with his reaction to Trembley's poor communication. However, I don't see a problem with letting a guy who has given many good years to an organization during an awful stretch play out the string. He settled down after his tirade and will finish his years playing for a team like Florida who can carry a defensive guy at third because they have a power middle infield.

Personally, although I don't see Trembley as a long-term answer Andy McPhail has seen success with continuity. Unless you bring in someone with instant credibility (i.e. Joe Torre) a new face at the top will just bring anxiety to all the young players who are trying to establish themselves. Give them an off-season where they can mentally relax and see if they are able to absorb what Kranitz & Trembley are preaching to a larger degree. If we see a slow-learning curve and a return to the bungling/unable to execute team of this early season the need for new leadership will become self-evident.

Pete, I guess nobody's watching the O's lose tonight. Are you suprised DB made it through the 8th?

Hey Cameron,

I agree, however they may keep him especially if they do not want to trade prospects away to get a third baseman. Also if they have to spend a lot on a free agent, that may not have much impact, however if they can get Beltre at the right price, that would be great. However his numbers were as bad or worse as Mora's. Melvin Mora will cost the Orioles 7 million next year if the keep him, he gets a million no matter what.. I think the club needs to find a hitter, and they should find the best to fit, regardless of where they may play SS, 3B, 1B, OF or DH. I have a rule of thumb that I follow not to really invest much time into this until after the season ends. Really it would be easier for me to say what type that I prefer the Orioles would not go after, NO PLAYERS OVER 31, and only position players that have the total game, offense and defense. No on Glaus, love to have Matt Holiday but you have to deal with our favorite agent, crazy I see the Yankees go after him, because they can. We have nothing in the minors that are even close to becoming a major league third baseman. If Crede did not have a reoccurring back problem he would be nice to have here. Figgins would be my choice for a new third baseman, and the Orioles just beat teams with speed.
Have a lineup
1 Roberts
2 Figgins
3 Jones
4 Markakis
5 Reimold
6 Wieters
7 Scott
8. Pie (yes I will hear it on this
9 Izturos

The fact is I do not think there is one free agent power hitter that will be available to the Orioles in 2010. A trade that would involve the top pitching prospects. Love Gonzales and Fielder. It would be great to have Holiday here, but really it will not happen, so you might as well go with pitching, speed and defense, and see how Reimold and Wieters do in a full season. Go after relief pitchers that are top notch, even if it is Wagner, who is still lights out at his age. Point is if they can land Figgins they could have 5 guys in a row that have speed after the first go around in the lineup, Pie, Izturis, Roberts, Figgins and Jones. Really not a bad thought. Figgins would not cost the Orioles 20 million a year either.
I know there is a lot of risk having Pie in everyday, we saw that, and we have Wigginton under contract. Maybe some guys like Montanez or Snyder can get their chances also.
Your thoughts?

I'll feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't say that the team not quitting says a lot about the respect for whatever it is Dave T is telling them. A game like tonight says a lot to me. They spot the Rays 4 runs right out of the gate after losing big the night before and they all still battle back. Every starter had a hit, Berken got settled and the bullpen didn't give up a run. They very easily could take the field and play like they just don't care, just ask Sam Perlozzo.

Bob, it'd be a shame to give up the seats because of the manager. If they don't add anybody this winter, then I wouldn't be such a critic of the idea, but I don't see anyone getting much more in this situation. Even with Jones, who I think will come back to earth a bit since this is the second offseason he'll feel like he has something to prove in the spring.


Do not worry about Bob. He will be okay, he will keep his seats, it is like a bad marriage for him, males threats he is leaving, it is just a cry for help. We all know that the team needs help, I am sure PA is very concerned that he will lose 10 more seats. I remember the days when you had to have season tickets to get a good seat. Those days are over, and really if I had to pay to get in I would be complaining also. But really I would be more directed at the front office, not the manager, or the talent they have. Just four more wins and we do not have to hear about losing 100 games. I believe they will lose about 97, not that it is a good thing, but really all the guys that seemed to hope the Orioles would lose 100 would be silenced, but then again I have not heard that in a few days. Brighter days are coming!

CB Coach,

I like the idea of having a pair of fast, high OBP guys like Figgins & Roberts at the top of the lineup. I would bat Roberts second however due to his superior extra-base production.

Your #3-#8 hitters all have 20+ homer potential but only 2 of them have done it in the majors. I would agree with signing a power hitting DH like Jim Thome to give the middle of the lineup a little juice as our young power hitters (Reimold, Weiters, & Jones) develop.

And while I don't really like Wigginton as a regular it is probably better to start him over Pie because Felix brings energy off the bench while Wiggy just keeps whining to Amber Theoharris how hard it is to hit when he isn't getting his at-bats. Hopefully, at midseason we can send him packing to another team for a prospect or reliever and give Montanez the at-bats.

Hey Cameron,

The only reason I was thinking Roberts is because he is really good at stealing thirdand he is not the best of bunters, but I agree you can flip flop and it would not make much difference.

One thing for sure unless Thome retires is that he has to play in the American League next year. However he is 39, and made somewhere close to 15 million last year. I wonder how low he will go, so he can play until he gets 600 career homers. But if they can get him cheap with incentives, it would be nice, because when you start your end of career slide it happens quick.

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