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September 2, 2009

O's: More bullpen blues

There's been a lot of bad water under the bridge since Dave Trembley went to his bullpen in the sixth inning, and I'm still trying to figure out why he pulled Jason Berken after only 86 pitches with one out and a runner at second.

Maybe there's something I don't know. Maybe Berken let it be known before the inning that he was tiring and only had a few hitters left. Maybe Trembley or pitching coach Rick Kranitz saw something they didn't like. Maybe this is part of their commitment not to overwork their young pitchers.

If so, fine, but from a strategic standpoint, it's hard to imagine that DT felt his best option at that point -- with the score 1-1 -- was to trot out another five or six relievers and hope that all of them would be on their game. This isn't just hindsight talking. I was scratching my head even after Mark Hendrickson and Kam Mickolio got out of the inning without allowing the go-ahead run.

So, basically, the same thing happened that happened last night when the Orioles were up 6-5. The bullpen parade started on Tuesday and two of the five O's relievers faltered -- most egregiously Chris Ray, who gave up back-to-back home runs. This time, it was Kam Mickolio who couldn't get anybody out in the seventh inning and Jim Johnson, who got shelled in the ninth.

I don't know that it would have changed the outcome, but if Berken can throw 20 more pitches and get close to completing seven innings, the equation simplifies considerably, since you only need two or three relievers to pitch well instead of five or six. The O's ended up using seven, but who's still counting at that point?

In mathematical terms, it's called reducing the variables. Again, I don't know that it would have changed the outcome against C.C. Sabathia and the Yankees bullpen, but using that many pitchers is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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fire trembley

Andy McFail, I was a supporter of yours until I saw this team fall apart again this season. Didn't Angelos acquire MASN so he could start spending more on the teams payroll? Why has the teams payroll gone down every year since then. There is no hope for this teams future. There are more holes now then there was 2, 5, 9 years ago. My only wish is that I was never an Orioles fan to begin with. I'm praying to god tonight that he can help me leave this team behind for good.

Totally pathetic night the Yanks hit more in the 9th than we did all game! Fans chanting MVP for Jeter. This team is a total disaster!!!!

I've tried to go easy on Trembley this season considering the hand he has been dealt.

But this team has no pulse. I'm afraid that this second half collapse will result in the assimilation of the young players into becoming losing ball players.

Honestly, is there anyone on this club from Trembley on down who has ever won anything in the majors?

I just don't see Trembley taking the Orioles to the next level.

is phillip hughes the guy that jim johnson is supposed to be?

Another L, more embarrassment, more rebuilding spin and more happy talk from masn...

You don't get worse than this team. Even Washington and Pittsburgh show signs of life.

Bring the spin Pete.... Enjoy the post from the blind faithful that clearly enjoy the continued losing (with their own spin of course).

Anyone buying the hype that comes from this unbelievable losing probably has a losing life, a losing job and a losing mindset in general.

People, it's ok to lose in little league, as it's how they play the game that counts. In the pro's, all that maters is the W. Not the spin, not the hype, not the continued bs........ the W.

Here comes the blind spin.....

Pete's reply: And yet you're still here, still watching, still whining about stuff everybody else already knows. So, really, who's the loser here?

Andrew, where's Andrew with his optimistic sentiment tonight about how the Orioles are merely a few steps away from contending next year?

Everyone knew this season was going to be ugly. The question is, are we on the same trajectory as, say, the 02-03 Tigers? They lost well over 200 games those two years. But when they were ready to win in 2006, they brought in a winner in Leyland.

I remember Leyland crediting Trammel (the 03-05 manager) with laying the foundations for his success -- professionalism, playing the game right, etc. So the question is, is DT seen as setting the right tone for the players even if the on-field results are dismal? It seems that's the main way to judge DT because we all know he sure ain't been given a box full of sharp tools.

Why not bring up Jim Miller from Norfolk. All of the current relievers are so predictable i.e. fastball right down the middle or just can't throw strikes . How bout a change of pace what do you have to lose at this point.

Trembley doesn't do much of anything that makes sense. Taking Berken out made no sense whatsoever; especially when you know what's going to happen. And then, when a reliefer actually goes 3 up and 3 down, he removes him almost assuring a different result. Why is Sarfate on the team? Trembly was a loser in the minors and his success hasn't improved at all. As BigBill mentioned, these kids are developing an awful acceptance of losing. Tell me again the reason for trading Sherril, who was under contract for a while when we have no one who has any idea how to close a game. And now Johnson is losing his confidence. He had zippo command when he came in. Embarrassing, frustrating, disgusting, fraudulent .. these are the terms that this team brings to mind. Peter should be .. well never mind .. just think of ways to make him experience our cumulative anguish.

Plain and simple: the bullpen blew it - again. Whether Berkin finished 7 or not is irrelevent because the Y's would have still hit the pen hard. They have been doing that to everyone this year.

fire the orioles.

Just canceled my reservations at the Marriott & put my weekend tickets up for sale on Stub Hub. I could care less if they are sucked up by playoff crazy RedSox fans at this point.
Just one family but the Marriott is out 3 nights, I'll make a few bucks on the seats I had & no spending anything in the harbor.
Keep rolling out this crap for a team & multiply my family by 2 or 3 thousand & do the math on the economic hurt Baltimore gets from having to put up with this minor league organization.
Last thing...if Trembley is fired for not winning with the losers McPhail has given him...why is McPhail not held to that same standard?

Man .... what a tough crowd! Ya'all make me look like the most optimistic person in the World.

Oh what the heck, I'll check in tomorrow when the Macphail foot soldiers come out to argue the success of the PLAN with me, reminding me of the dividends that new spring training facility down in Florida will pay next year.

Slugger ... out!

I think "reducing the variables" is spot on. I know this is only really obvious in hindsight, but ... besides protecting some of the young arms, what do you think about leaving a reliever in if he's getting outs no matter who is at the plate? We shouldn't be playing situations because there are just too many variables. Leave them in until batters are getting to them, then pull them - we have enough relievers that we can give guys an extra day off if they go 2+ innings.

This late in the season momentum is so big. It can screw you over if the opposing team is teeing off on relievers. It can help you out if they're shutting the batters down. We're not going to win many more games, and it'd be nice to give some of the call-ups a chance to show off. Trembley's job is a bit on the line - I think it'd be beneficial for him to just play whoever is hot, instead of trying to do too much.

What do you think Pete, leave them in until they need to be taken out, especially against some of these hot-hitting teams we'll be facing?

I think it's a wise move to shut down Matusz and Tillman for the year.

Bergesen, Matusz, Tillman, Guthrie, Hernandez, and Arrieta competing for rotation spots in 2010 looks promising.

This team is getting worse fast. Yes, some of the new starting pitchers are an inspiration, but what does it matter when Trembley consistenly pulls them to allow the bullpen to blow game after game ? Seems like the O's keep recycling the same tired names that keep pitching poorly, get sent down, get called back up, and continue to pitch poorly at the major league level. Plus, there is absolutely no "winning attitude" among the players that I can see. They come to the plate, look disturbingly tentative, chase bad pitches, and if they DO manage to get on base, make incredibly boneheaded baserunning mistakes. These guys are in the majors. If they haven't learned to play the game by now, they have no business up here whatsoever. "Potential" is a wonderful thing, but at the end of the day, winning is all that matters.

All right people I’m here to survey the damage on this blog… yes quite extensive but not as extensive as the STOCKPILE of young arms in the Orioles minor league program! This is a minor setback! A fluke! We have a solid plan to be competitive in just a few years err REALLY SOON! Our faithful Emperor err I mean owner Peter Angelos is going to get many big time free agents next season. Also remember we are going to give it our all this September and early October…..GOOOOOOOOOOO O’S
PS Stay on the look out for new MASN commercials and the new MASN television program REAL TIME with Jim Hunter.

What was the background noise during Trembley's post-game press conference? He seemed pretty irritated by it... Do tell...

Pete's reply: The friends and family of the players stand outside the clubhouse door and the press conference room is right next to the clubhouse. Those were kids playing in the basement concourse, and Dave was just frustrated. I don't think six-year-old kids are required to act "professional" when they're up at 10:30 at night standing in a hallway. If Dave doesn't like that, just tell the ushers to move everybody back toward the babysitting room.

jack - you gave up tickets for one night. My family has given up Orioles night for the past several years. We used to all pick one night for an extended family outing. It was up to 30 people, all of the elders grew up in Memorial Stadium, going for a baseball outing. We gave it up in 2005 after the embarrassing collapse. It has turned into a crab fest instead, It's significantly more expensive, but at least you get some enjoyment for your dollar.

Bottom line is, good choice on your part. Go on a trip elsewhere with the family and stay away from "loser stadium". Vote with your feet. I do feel bad for the local businesses. Let them gripe to the pathetic Orioles. Lord knows the fans griping hasn't resulted in much.

it was like a baby or something i think one of the bullpen guys wouldnt stop crying and nobody could shut him up i think it was jimmy johnson. Trembley couldnt focus to do his normal BS routine and lost his temper.

Finally, these posts are saying what I have said for a while. AM and DT are just more of the same in a long line of yes men who's hands are tied by the pathetic PA. Remember, it starts at the top.
And Adam, sometimes I too wish I was never an O's fan. But it's hard to let go after 43 years. Even PA has to go sometime...though he'll probably sue the pants off of anybody and everybody who was within 100 miles in the last ten years when he "expired".

Itis beginning to look as if the plan for this year is to do as poorly as possible for the sake of future draft choices--it seems likely they'll finish 29th of 30 teams. That's a serious accusation, but it's the best explanation for 1) filling the starting rotation at the beginning of the year with pitchers well known to be ineffective, 2) giving away useful players such as Sherrill and Huff, and 3) being ultraconservative in sidelining players for their health. This is mainly MacPhail's doing, but Trembley has to share some responsibility for going along with it. A gutsy manager would have privately told the GM that he could not go along with the team not trying its hardest to win games this year.
I hope I'm wrong--the test will be whether the team is willing to spend millions in the free agent market to address some of the gaping weaknesses or whether they again limit themselves to discards and marginal players.

The trade that must be made, if the Twins would bite [ probably not.] Wieters, Jones and Tillman for Mauer.

With 28 games left this season, I'm having a hard time seeing the O's winning more than five of those.

A lot of babble on this board but I agree with Schmuck. No one puts a bat in Trembley's hand so you can't blame him for leaving runners on base. He doesn't pitch so you can't blame him for blowing save opportunities with 2-outs in the ninth. But Trembley is paid to put the Orioles in the best position to win games and on this score he has failed. Sure, the Orioles are going with a young staff but that doesn't mean they should be managed like it is a spring training game. Yet rather than stick with what is working Trembley is running every pitcher in his Rolodex out there as if what matters most that he gets one more look at who cannot get a Yankee batter out.

As I see it the Orioles are just 2 new corner infielders, a #1 starter, a closer and a manager who expects the team to win away from being a contender. Now is Angelos ready to spend $40 million next year to fill these positions?

As a consolation prize how about the Orioles only allow Maryland residents to attend home games against the Red Sox and Yankees. Not only will that allow Orioles fans to root for the home team but that would cut the price of tickets by a good 20%

Pete -

Maybe you need to take down this blog. All it serves at this point is our own forum to complain about everything we already know - Angelos is killing the franchise; Trembley is a poor manager; MacPhail's plan has a lot of cracks in it; our prized prospects are growing up in a bad environment; and the end to all of this is not near.....

I hate the fact that my Baltimore Orioles - the team I grew up going to the game as a Junior Oriole with my father, the team I used to boast with pride over, the team I USED TO have season tickets for, is in complete ruins.

MLB and PA let this happen - with no salary cap and with greed. But even so, there are other teams who have risen from this. Not us, not any time since PA has owned this team.

Pete, until this organization starts to show something, we need to ignore it. My last O's post for soon enough about the Ravens.

Petey P

Jeff Z.'s article sums it up:

The last time the Yankee s won as many as 10 straight games against the Orioles was April 21-June 29, 1955, the second year of the Orioles' modern-day existence. The Orioles (54-80) are now 3-12 against the Yankees this season with a three-game series set for next week at new Yankee Stadium where the Orioles still haven't won.

Why not just move in the fenses when the Orioles bat or have the mond closer the plate when they pitch.

Trembley has trouble keeping his cool during his post game remarks because of the crying and laughing of children?

Hey, as we learned in "A League of Their Own" --"there's no crying in baseball."

Apparently, though, there is a lot of laughing. During this 3-game series, that's all we saw the Yankees doing--on the field and in the dugout. And their announcers, Michael Kay and Ken Singleton found a lot to laugh about, too.

And this game, tied 1-1 entering the 7th, became a laugher, too.

Can't wait for a new beginning in 2010.

It would be nice to be able to see the Orioles happy in their dugout once again.

It's been a long time since we've seen some joy.

FIRE TRMBLEY , HE'S STUCK ON STUPID !DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO WIN ! What he did taking out a starting pitcher in a 1-1 game WEAVER WOULD NEVER DO he says so in his booK! GET RID OF THIS BASEBALL BOZO MANAGER TREMBLEY!

As much as people thought Eli Jacobs was an absentee owner, the Orioles' record during the Jacobs years (1989-1993) was 404-405.

Under Angelos, 1250-1406.

C'mon everyone!! Why be so down in the dumps??

I'll be out there Saturday afternoon sitting in my $1 seat with my Boog t-shirt on cheering on some of the guys who will contend for 3rd place in the AL East in 3-4 years.

Of course, it's easier for me to be upbeat - I grew up watching the O's develop into the best team in baseball. For you folks in your 20's now, I think global warming will flood out Camden Yards before you get to see that.

Nevertheless, even way back in the olden days, you couldn't buy a seat for $1 except in the bleachers.

As bad as things look now, young and talented starting pitching next season will make a difference.


Your Nats are 3-13 lately, I think you blew the wheels off the bandwagon when you tried to jump on it.

Tonight was rough though. I was selling the calendars and got to wrap up to see the top of the 9th....I'm not sure what karma Gods I ticked off, but I made it into the stadium on ball 4 to Jeter and...ya.

I think if there is no free agent #1 pitcher, we just need to get one of the young arms to put on an extra 100 lbs. this winter and we'll literally grow our own Sabathia.

Bob W

One Dollar is far too much to watch this team play right now.

Back in Spring Training, when this whole sorry season was shaping up to play out as it did, Peter Schmuck challenged me about why I waste my time caring about the Orioles.

I had to admit to myself that it was a waste of time, not to mention money.

It really did not make sense for me to care more about the Orioles than the man who owns them. The O's could have been a much better team almost at any point that Angelos cared to make them better.

But he doesn't. He prefers to make more money losing than most of the playoff teams that have finished ahead of the O's these many years.

Angelos has wasted the baseball memories of my sons' generation and alienated tens of thousands of other, good fans by milking the brand.

So thanks to Peter Schmuck's wisdom I now see the folly of remaining an O's fan.

With the same time and effort I have lavished analyzing the notorious fact that Angelos is an embarrassment to the City of Baltimore, I could teach myself another language, learn to program linux, or write a cook book. (That could really get Schmuck's attention.)

Baseball was long thought to be a "thinking man's sport." But not as the Orioles play it. An advantage of taking on a new hobby to replace the O's is that any alternative won't require monitoring the inane comments of Dave Trembley, who is surely the stupidest manager in baseball -- as we saw again this evening.

31 more days!!


it could come sooner after tonight!!!!!

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

-Jesse Owens

Bob W--Funny stuff! I do recall in the early 60's the bleachers going for 75 cents.

That was back in the days of Jackie (Flake) Brandt, who refused to wear a batting helmet, settling instead for a cardboard insert in his cap.

And a ball could be belted halfway up the bleachers in right, but Willie Kirkland, toothpick in his mouth, would still give it the old college try and attempt to climb the fence.

get some talent in and bring on the ravens

I mentioned that earlier tonight. The Orioles need about 16 relievers since their starters usually throw too many pitches and now they don't want to over use their arms they are being yanked earlier.

The organization is just so utterly clueless. It is nice to see some improvement in the minors but after 12 yrs, they are the new Bengals/Cards of MLB. Until they win more than they lose they deserve the dunce cap.

Anyone picking what date DT will be sent packing. Certainly will not be coming back next yr.

mospace--Would that mean Flacco on the mound, Rice at third, and Clayton at first?

can we trade for the nationals number 1 pick and give us some thing to root for
how about them ravens
can the o's Play like A Raven

I've been one of the more optimistic guys on this blog, constantly defending this team and railing against the negative waves in which so many posters seem to wallow.

But I don't see this team getting better until a new manager is in place. Every time I see anon and his(or hers) "Fire Trembley" missive, I used to get irritated. But I am getting to the point where I have to believe she(or he) is right. Its not just the apparent lack of intensity and fire. Its the consistent misuse of the bullpen.

Take tonight. Pete went over the removal of Berkins with 86 pitches, and the third of an inning Hendrickson and Mickolio each tossed to get out of the sixth. Mick was destroyed in the seventh and Castillo had to bail him out. So, by the end of the seventh, in a close game, the manager used both his lefties in the 'pen, for a total of 1.1 innings. Baez threw an inning, pitcher number five. Why not leave him out there to work the ninth? It's a known fact closers don't do to well in non-save situations and Johnson lived up to it. By the time the carnage was over, seven Yankee runs were across and three more relievers were used.

If your gonna use both your lefties early, why not let them pitch more than an inning and a third, a total of 14 pitches out of the 186 they threw as a team.

If Baez looked good for his inning, why don't you leave him out there? Isn't he a guy they are trying to get a read on? Instead, he's wasted with an inning's work and and nine pitches. Nine Pitches!!!! Was he tired???? So, Johnson comes in, has nothing and once again this team goes down meekly.

I know Dave Trembley is considered a good baseball man, well liked and well respected by those in the know. He's been around the game for hundreds of years and has forgotten more about baseball than I and just about all of Pete's posters and readers will ever know. Yet his decisions do make us wonder. With all of his knowledge and experience, it does seem the manager makes some strange moves. I know he knows his team better than we do, but that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't seem to know what he's doing.

Anyone care to argue?

O's need to get rid of trembley like the ravens got rid of your boy billick

"can the o's play like a Raven"?

Yes, surely the Orioles can win 10 to 13 games in a season.

But if you're looking for some guys to weigh in at 350 pounds, drive an opponent into the ground, maybe lose a tooth now and then, well that remains to be seen.

This loss nor this season, can be placed on P.A. The guy has done some really crappy things (to be polite), but he hasn't interfered or said peep since Andy came to town. I am a huge fan of AM, and by no means am I giving up on him or the plan nor is this a knee jerk reaction because I argued with Pete two months before the trade, about how trading Sherrill, would put a guy who I don't think can close into the closer role and eliminate the strength of the team which was a solid set up man and closer, and that's what happened. I didn't like the Bradford deal and I don't like the Sherrill deal and it's not because I have anything against Bell, but we had a very good closer, under control for two more years at a reasonable price who liked playing in Baltimore and now, we don't go into 2010 with a set up man and closer, but more questions which we don't need, as this team has more questions than a years worth of Jeopardy.

I think everyone has the saying wrong, as it's not "grow the arms and buy the bats," but "grow the arms and buy the hacks" because Wiggy, is a joke out there and why he is playing over Michael Aubrey, is insane, as this is like what they did with Oscar. No one in their right mind can say that DT, is playing Wiggy because he's trying to get as many wins as possible because no way does Wiggy equal even one win more than playing Aubrey. We aren't talking about Ryan Howard or even Kevin Millar, but a guy who has no patience at the plate.

Since I am ranting (apologies to Dennis Miller), if Buck, thinks that the O's have enough offense and could live with Cesar, hitting even less than he is now, which is what he said on Tuesday than his drink was spiked by Jimmy Hunter. This team needs all the offense they can get and that includes at the SS position.

intensity passion focus drive thats what I talking about not smash mouth baseball


What's happening has NOTHING to do with DT! Seriously everyone, get off that trip!

This poor man is destined to be yet another in a long line of scapegoats in this organization.

Sure, he shows interesting judgement from time to time, but name a manager who doesn't. While you're at it however, also name a manager who has to throw out AAA SP's each night (with the best one's being shut down soon), along with the worst bullpen in baseball.

Talking whether DT should be fired is simply ignorant and simple minded! Anyone thinking the O's would be in a different position today with a better manager is absolutely nuts!

BUT, this team will fire DT, and people on these blogs will cheer the great plan. The media will spin the bs and MASN will happy talk it to death.

To the O's blind faithful...... Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

Seriously.... do you?

I love everything about John.

As I always say, "Let's play Harbaugh!"


DT cant manage a bullpen or lineups. AM screwed him with bad pitching to begin with but its an all around mess and DT is the manager so hes the one that will take the blame and lose his job.

Anonymous--"Sure, he shows interesting judgement from time to time...."

"Interesting?" That's Jim Hunter's favorite word. For him, it pretty much covers everything.

I think Dave is a good guy. I'm pretty sure Ken and many others you read on this blog believe Dave is good guy, too.

We are looking at the future of the Baltimore Orioles.

In that future, maybe you'll feel comfortable enough to comment and sign off with your name.

wayne--I watch every pitch of every Orioles game.

The only crack I am on is the crack of the bat.

The fact that I am writing now confirms that I am pretty much awake.

What you don't want to understand is that many die-hard Oriole fans believe that another manager--someone with instincts for the flow of the game (not blanket commitment to a schedule), confidence in his abilities, toughness to motivate players to get through each day of the season, and a spirited fire in the dugout to do what it takes to win the game each day--is what Baltimore needs for 2010.

Dave Trembley is a good guy who has done his best.

I join many other Bird fans in wanting a new manager in 2010.

My first choice would be Davey Johnson. Right behind Davey, I would like Buck Showalter.

Again, I am wide awake.

I will always hear the Birds chirping.

This pending Road trip could be disastrous, if the O's cant find a way to win. We were swept by a by a BETTER team hopefully we can play Texas competitively to get back on somewhat of winning streak. Who am I kidding though?

-150 run line - free $$$ - thanks O's

put a ring around that circus - not even close;
Tampa plan - years of high draft picks

Hey Pete
Interesting question..... Lets say the O's somehow manage to secure the number 1 draft pick in 2010. Do they sign Bryce Harper even with Wieters on the roster?

Pete's reply: Interesting question, but I haven't asked anyone about the possibility so I really don't have a clue.

Trembley is the man responsible for the assembly of the bullpen, so "FIRE HIM ASAP". LAUGHING STOCK of MLB, hands down, bunch of eye candy out there, wouldn't give you a wooden nickel for the lot of em. A JOKE of a closer in JOHNSON, gives up 5 runs, can't record an out, Sarfarte also stinks, Mickiolio stinks, Baezz is done, I told you all SHERRILL trade was dumb. They have no one who can shut the door.

~"I know Dave Trembley is considered a good baseball man, well liked and well respected by those in the know. He's been around the game for hundreds of years and has forgotten more about baseball than I and just about all of Pete's posters and readers will ever know. Yet his decisions do make us wonder. With all of his knowledge and experience, it does seem the manager makes some strange moves. I know he knows his team better than we do, but that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't seem to know what he's doing.

Anyone care to argue?"~

I'll take a shot at it Ken. We live in an information sharing age now, that gets bigger day by day. Years ago when everyone assumed that the manager or the CEO or the President for that matter, was wise and respectable just to have obtained his position, and that his awesome knowledge should be given benefit of the doubt in all cases by all the "little people", that was a fairly safe assumption. He was in the know. And he certainly did know more than you.

But as time goes on, and we all have access to just about anything we want to know, a lot of people have been exposed for what they are. Not brilliant, or great people, but ordinary men who by some stroke of luck mangaged to get into a postion of power.

Sure DT has a long resume of minor league experience. But I'm not qualified to say how much he's learned, if at all, from that expierence, or how smart he is in the first place. (I'd love to find a copy of his SAT scores).

Long story short, we live in an age where the average joe is just about as much in the know as a guy like Trembley. My opinion of him is formed as I personally watch and evaluate what I see him doing. I never started off with an inflated opinion of his intellegence or abilities, and he's never done or said anything to make me change my mind.

It's no great mystery.

Wow! This has to be the low point of the season. It is really depressing to read these blog entries, and even more depressing to be an O's fan right now. I will be at the game watching on Sunday hoping that for one day the O's will look like a major league team and pull out a win.
I'll enjoy sitting in the sunshine looking out at beautiful Camden Yards eating stadium food, and talking baseball with my Father. I am glad we still have the Orioles, but it would be great to see this franchise of futility turn itself around.

I am not typically a Peter Angelos basher, but he is the one constant in the 12 years of losing. We can't get rid of Angelos , and we can only influence his hires, so I'll focus there.

Trembly is a TERRIBLE manager!
The man has no grasp of strategy, how to make use of statistics, or the ability to evaluate talent, and use it. He does do a nice press conference though. I hope the next manager will not be a robo-type that all of the announcers and people who say managers don't matter, will approve of. I hope the next manager will be one who isn't afraid to be innovative, because he understands things like strategy, physical conditioning, how to use statistics, and management.

I have mostly been a supporter of McPhail, but the decisions to move Salazar, and Sherrill were questionable at best. I hope the third baseman we acquired for Sherrill will turn out to be very good, because Sherrill was a very good closer. I don't see how we replace him by next year.

I hope there will be some quality free agents available next year, and that the Orioles will be able to sign a stud strating pitcher and corner infielder.

I hope we will not get stuck with anymore journeyman free agents like Wiggington, or Huff, or Ryan Freel next year.
I hope Adam Jones will calm down and fulfill the enormous potential he shows. I hope the young pitchers will continue to develop, and be everything we hope they will be.

Mostly I hope it will be less painful to be an O's fan next year. I do not want to sit in the ballpark and be outnumbered, by a bunch of RedSox fans that are having a good old time sitting in Camden Yards watching their team completely outclass my home town team.

Trembley is done after this year. That's a complete no-brainer. He couldn't manage a one-man pitching staff much less a major league group. Absolutely clueless. He is The Formula Man. It's mind-numbing to watch.

Can't people see he's a lousy manager? Haven't managers in the past 130 years been judged ultimitely by wins and losses? Except Connie Mack, of course. But then again, he owned the team.

Finally, I have to say that Trembley and MacPhail are babying the young starting pitchers. These young guys will NEVER be successful as long as they're under the cursed "100-pitch count". With the bullpen this team has, they should be building up their arms to be able to throw complete games, not fell like they pitched great exiting the game after five or six innings.

Seriously folks, what's the point at getting so upset at this point? Sure Dave trotted out a long string of relievers, just like he has been doing all season, and it bit him in the ass, just like it has all season.
If you haven't gotten used to the Orioles coming apart at the seams in Sept by now you haven't been paying attention. The bullpen is always completely shot by now, and the position players know that even if they score enough to get a lead that the pen will blow it, so they are phoning it in as well.
There have been a few bright lights this year. We have a large batch of promising young arms, and Weiters and Reimold and Pie have been encouraging, but in the end it has just been another long losing season.
It's not going to change now, the rest of the season is going to be more games just like the last couple and everyone on this board knows that, so why get upset about it now?
Trembley is a loyal, hard working member of the organization, but he's clearly not a big league manager, and it's a pretty certain bet he won't be managing next year, so let it go, insulting him now is just a waste of time and electrons.
It's "wait till next year" time in Baltimore, and though we've been singing that song for more than a decade now, what other choice do we have? We cannot, ever, compete with the Yankees and Sox in terms of buying FA talent. Either this team relies on stocking up prospects and building through it's farm system or it does nothing. That approach takes time, a painful amount of it, probably more than the front office would really like to admit to a frustrated fan base, and the truth is we will probably be at best, another Tampa Bay, which can rise up and take a shot at the brass ring every few years, but will mostly wallow in the dust behind Boston and NY. Until MLB does something about a slary cap thats the way it is. Get used to it.

Andrew is right. You guys are all naysayers and nattering nabobs of negativism.

Get with the plan guys. You know how wonderful long-term plans can be. Take for example, all those five- and ten year plans of the Soviet Union. Oh, that's right! There is no more Soviet Union. My bad.

This idea of having this reliever for this inning and that reliever for that inning has never washed clean with me.

Consider that a starter pitches a shutout for 6 innings and has a high pitch count. Trembley uses different pitchers in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings.

The odds are that one of them is off for the night and "bam" he gets hit and you lose...sort of like the last two games!

I agree with those who say you can't blame Trembley at this point. He has got one hand tight behind his back, has been blindfolded and has been thrown as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.

Take Berken's 86 pitches for example. You don't think the directive came from Andy "Shut me down" MacPhail to take Berken out of the game after the 5th?

Don't you guys usually do what your boss tells you to do? Even Earl Weaver went through a time when his bullpen was a failure. Asked by a reporter why he kept sending out guys who couldn't get the job done, he said " As long as they keep sending them to me, I'm going to send them to the mound." The Orioles are going no where, we might as well find out who can pitch at the ML level and who can't. How many times does Jim Palmer have to tell us there's a huge difference between AAA and the ML's?

hard to look at this team, both what's already in Baltimore and whose down on the farm and see any way they can make up 30 games on the yankees in the next 2 year, forget about next year.....and all this young talent?.....well, Adam Jones is batting less than 250 since the all star break, in fact if you pull out his May and June stats, he's regressed, no progressed......and Weiters?......I've read alot about some scouts who now say his bat speed is suspect, and they don't know if he'll be able to catch up to major league fastballs with his current swing......outside of Markakis, this team does not have one everyday player who would get time with the Yanks, and there up and coming pitching?......let me know when they finally really start to show up consistently.......bottom line is this team will never contend in the East division without either a salary cap or another owner with pockets deep enough to spend with the big boys.....Tampa Bay last year was an abberation, pure and simple.......this division will continually be owned by the Yankees and the Red Sox unless we can figure out a way to get on the same page financially as they are.......

jamesc 0-3 you have to win 5 out of the next 15 that is playing 333 ball something i don't think they can do.When you make that check out put my dog QUINCY on the memo section, he is a beautiful english springer spanial. 9 & 31 against the yankee's boston, and california 31 1/2 games out, will lose over 100 games so please somebody enlighten me as to what you expect this team to do next year. They will still be 20 games under 500 , so please tell me when do you expect andy's plan to start to kick in.if you say 2011 does that mean we as fans will be satisfied with just playing 500 baseball if they are lucky. I just need somebody out of all you kool aid dreamers to tell me what do the orioles have to accomplish for andy's plan to be successful. I mean if playing 500 baseball is going to be the goal for this organization then they should tell the fans, because we aren't remotely close to either the yankee's,or boston.As a couple of the posters pointed out this team isn't as good as last years team.

Rob Oliver i couldn't have said it any better.You are 1000% spot on my friend.These fans had MR JONES AND MR WEITERS alreadt enshrined in the hall of fame.

The Orioles appeared to be waiting around to lose last night. I left as soon as the 9th inning collapse got underway.

The Yankees are a smart team. The Orioles had Sabathia on the ropes early and were hitting everything he threw up there. With the bases loaded and one out, Molina went to the mound and must have told Sabathia to try something different. He must have said "Don't throw strikes to Brian Roberts and let him get himself out". He did and he did. Roberts fanned on two pitches nearly in the dirt and Itzuris, batting second for whatever bizzarre reason also fanned, taking strike three right down the middle.

It's only one game but it was this season in microcosm: Starter struggles to go 5 innings, can't score with bases loaded and less than two outs, bullpen caves in.

Pete, please cheer me up this morning and tell me how next year is going to be much different. My fan loyalty needs an intervention.

And with this last series, I'm done with this embarassing bunch. No more games for me this season. No more Wayne's World MASN production. No more Jim Hunter happily telling me about another Orioles loss while Dempsey smiles uncomfortably. No more Trembley's suicide watch press conferences. No more Wiggington striking out to end the game. No more watching the bullpen give up home run after home run. No more weak-a$$ "interviews" with Andy Macphail meant to placate the fans a little longer. No more watching Yankee and Red Sox fans take over my stadium. No more listening to Amber Theoharis do advertisements in the middle of the game. No more little-league baserunning mistakes that no other team makes. No more over-hyped prospects. No more idiotic MASN commercials with ugly buck-toothed children, pyrrhic victories, and women who want to get with the f#$%ing Oriole bird.

It's all a huge embarassment. This entire franchise, the brand, the network, the team.

It stinks, insults my intelligence as a fan, and is driving me to the point where now I almost root against them because they DESERVE to get pounded for the sub-par effort they make across the board as an organization.

As far as I'm concerned, this season is over.

Berken was worn out after 86 pitches and you guys get down on Trembley for that. Berken said himself he was gassed. Sometimes that happens. You guys beat up Trembley for not pitching Mickolio the other night even after Mickolio said his arm was tired and sore. You beat up on Trembley when Johnson has an off night and cannot locate pitches. Johnson came out afterwords and stated his location was terrible and when he tried to throw a strike he threw a ball, when he tried to throw a ball he threw a strike. The one thing that upsets me is even 12 hours after the players make statements like the ones fore mentioned, you still attack the manager, the owner or the GM. As Dr Evil said "take it down a notch".

Some of you guys are the most negative guys I have ever seen. Not all of you, there are some guys that understand and get it. But for those of you that are always negative, just go away. You think this team that has a long way to go before they can win on a regular basis is going to win against teams like the Yankees this year? It is not in the cards. Next year who knows, maybe they add a few players that can make them better and the young guys have learned from this year and are more competitive. Also you guys that do not think that teams can go from a poor record to a very good record need to look at the Rays, Twins, Cardinals, Angels, Padres in years past and look at their records a year or two before they were competitive. I know it has been 12 years straight losing seasons, but they are doing what they can now to try to get this franchise back to a winning tradition, not for one or two years, but for a long time. The last time the Orioles were competitive they looked at a 2 year window, with some talented older players that only had a few years left in them, they compromised their farm system for a short window of opportunity and that created this mess.

Adam Jones. Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts, Nolan Reimold, Izturis, Scott and yes now even Felix Pie are pretty good ball players.. Yes they need a run producer that is nothing new and yes a number one starter again that is nothing new. See how the team handles the off season. Most the people in baseball think the Orioles are going down a good path, just need to be patient, try to look at the bright side of the story. .

Why is anyone so shocked and depressed that we lost to the Yankees? They have a better team than we do right now. This is no surprise, and it's no indicator of some need to abandon the team and roll out the guillotine for Andy McPhail or Dave Trembley. From the beginning of the season, we knew this was going to be a transitional year. That's exactly what it's been. No one ever said that in the beginning of a transition the team is going to win. Yes, the O's have been taking their beatings for the past century it seems, but this year, for the first time I can remember, the team has brought up some players that actually look legit. They just need time. The Orioles also need to supplement some holes with good players in free agency in the off season.

Oh, and to anyone who still brings up what Earl Weaver would have done: the guy has been on the golf course for over 20 years. Leave him alone.

I don't know whether Trembley is a good manager. Is Joe Giardi? His team wins. Does that make him a good manager? Don't you think it helps to have good players?

All this second guessing over bullpen moves isdumb. It's as if everyone on this blog thinks the only thing a manager does is make bullpen moves. Did it ever occur to you our bullpen isn't good? Does that make Trembley a bad manager? Did it ever occur to you that for the most of the year our starting rotation has sucked? Does that make Trembley a bad manager? Don't be stupid.

Brian W,

I never thought I'd agree with a MacPhail foot soldier, but I have to agree with you that it is not Trembley's fault. As I said earlier he is not responsible for the players he has, Andy "Shut me down" MacPhail is. No one could win with this bunch of losers. I have to admit, you do sound silly trying do defend anything this organization has done this year.
By the way, why is it that you MacPhail foot soliders never surface on these blogs right after a loss and take the heat from those who don't agree?

It is interesting how people want DT to be fired, yet AP is the one who is calling the on field moves. AP has tied DT's hands at winning by shutting the pitchers down with this stupid pitch count nonsense. DT is a good guy stuck with a line up that does not come close to competing with above average major league teams. DT could win with the Yankees line up too!

Sorry, I think it's obvious which anonymous was me last night. "Remember personal info" my foot.

I agree that everyone needs to hop off the Davey Johnson trip. Showalter maybe, but he just about checked himself in the looney bin with his realignment plan. Anyone have any thoughts on Bob Melvin being a potential option should they go that route next year?

For all the calls for Trembley's head, I think the players need some accountability here. Time after time they just lay down for the Red Sox and Yankees. These players MUST own up to the realization that Baltimore Oriole fans will not tolerate this, and that these games mean even more to us than the average series against the Angels -- even when we are in last place.

They seem to play games against the Yanks and Sox with the same low energy effort that they would put forth playing, say, the Marlins.

There is nothing worse for an O's fan than to loose continually to these teams. Yes they are better teams; I'm not expecting a season sweep. But how about not losing twenty games in a row against these two teams? How about an occasional gutsy win?


I realize you know everything, and yes Brian, myself, and a few others are foot soldiers are we are all employed by Mr. McPhail, he had tasked us to review your negativity when you are blogging how bad things are, and to see if we can turn you around and see if we can show you the light at the end of the tunnel , we get paid tons of money but we had to all report back that we could not succeed at our task at hand, to try to show you some positives, show you that their can be a future. We all were fired of course, because it was a task that could never have success, because of the cards we were dealt. .

Why so negative? We're in the thick of the Race To The Bottom! We're closing in on the Royals and the Pirates.

Too bad the Nats had to go back to their losing ways, but with the O's 8 games up and 28 games left to play, miracles can happen!

Groundskeeper is very funny, and since good humor is based on fact, it's VERY accurate.

The ulgy buck-toothed kid also annoys me, along with his straw-sipping giggly "dad".

I laugh at both commercials because it's obvious that the producer or director thinks that people faking sipping a drink makes them seem more real. But it is very forced looking.

An indictment of the season is the fact that we're reduced to venting about MASN commercials. Guess we're all "vented out" on the Os.

Sheesh. All the fans want is a competitive team. We don't need a winner; heck, we don't even need a .500 ball club.

We just want to see a similarity between major league competitors. After all, they get paid to be pros, right? Next time DT talks about this team "continuing to fight" or "not giving up", I am dumbfounded --- he thinks that giving up is actually a possibility for professionals? Or not fighting to win?

Hmmm...can't think of a single time that I have seen a Ray, Yankee, Jay, or Sox player "give up".

P.S. - One tip to groundskeeper: the word "embarrass" has two r's...unlike Santarone

Good one CB!

I'd love to be optimistic too, but the O's drag me down to reality every night. I'm optimistic about the Ravens and have never come down on them, even when they've struggled, because they show me effort.

With 28 games left this season, I'm having a hard time seeing the O's winning more than five of those.

Posted by: Jon | September 2, 2009 11:52 PM


CB coach. I commend you for your optimism. I've followed the O's since the early 60's and have stuck with them but like many others, I have reached the frustration level. Yes, I realize this was going to be painful year and wasn't expecting much in the way of wins.
What I am upset about is that we are obviously regressing to the point that it's a moral victory just to stay close in games or win 1-3. Logically, the O's should be improving as the season winds down as the young players like Weiters/Pie etc should be more comfortable facing big league pitching. Our young starters should be improving as they pitch more innings so why are we losing?
In my opinion, it's a combination of things but mainly due to veterans mailing it in early-like July in some cases!We seem to have rolled the dice with the wrong vets-Huff/Wiggy/Mora and while there's not much that we can do now, let's hope MacPhail learns from these moves.
I also note your reference to tired arms, which I also noted in one of my previous posts. Why do we have so many 'tired arms',pitchers bailing out after 80 pitches, releivers who can't pitch 2 days in a row or more than one inning?
Have we brought up a bunch of wimps and are these the right guys to take us to the promised land? Sure, I suppose some young starters like Matusz get a pass because he's only pitched for awhile but some of the tired pitchers have been around and why are they so tired? Maybe they need to look in the mirror, get in shape or find another sport/job!

Those who argue that Trembley has been given a weak pitching staff, and therefore should be given a pass, are missing the point.

Dave Trembley is a yes man. He's shown no ability to improvise, think on his feet, or think outside the box. After 2 1/2 years, his players can see through his veneer.

His principal motivation is to keep those players with the most pull in the clubhouse happy. He embraces the media darlings and shuns the less entitled.

Oscar Salazar is a career journeyman. English is his second language. He should just be happy to be in the bigs, right?. So he hits .380 in the minors, gets a callup, hits over .400 with great balance and pitch recognition, and can't get a start. He's batting over .350 with San Diego, albeit in a similar role.

Felix Pie is the young, brash, outcast from the Cubs, resented by the Oriole fans who wanted Lou in left field. English is his second language. He got off to a poor start, was highly criticized by the media, and wham - buried by Trembley. He got 34 at bats in June and July combined; he literally only played when Jones was banged up.

He is just now being begrudgingly recognized as the dynamic offensive force he can be. Blazing speed and pop to all fields.

Would he have gotten a chance to play had Huff not been traded? NO

Would he have gotten a chance to play had Jones not gotten hurt again and again? NO

Pie was recently told he would get the starts against right handers in Sept.. Nice going, skip. Hey, by the way, lets see him against lefthanders too. What do we have to lose, a few meaningless at bats by Wigginton or Mora?

Groundskeeper - Excellent post. That is how most fans that don't write on these comment pages feel. Go Yankess, Red Sox, Tampa and Toronto. Their success just shows the ineptitude of this franchise and ownership.

Slugger, Well lets look at the bright side. Berken once again pitched pretty well, Pie had two more hits and is getting ready to break through .280. Reimold hit his 13th. Did you know that there are only two other Short Stops in the American league that have played at least 80 games that have a better fielding percentage than Izturis? Markakis is first in assist for American League Right Fielders. I know you have to dig deep, but man it can get better or you can continue to not look into the light.


LOL ... you had me at .280. Stop it :-) .You forgot B-Rob's doubles!!!! Matusz career high 8 strikeouts. How 'bout Bergy!!! Oh I feel so euphoric right now.

Go O's!

You're dumb, stop talking about mathematical possibilities.

No shutdown or even consistent pitching. No slugger or even clutch hitter = the Birds.
Unfortunately, there is a Grand Canyon between the the Yankees and the Orioles which I can't see how any GM will be able to close.

Slugger, Thanks now I can go back to Mr MacPhail and demand I get my job back!

Shame on McPhail ... how could he not find a better manager than Trembly? All he has to do is look at this blog, its crawling with great managers.

Davey Johnson
Second baseman / Manager
Born: January 30, 1943 (1943-01-30) (age 66)
Orlando, Florida
Batted: Right Threw: Right
MLB debut
April 13, 1965 for the Baltimore Orioles
Last MLB appearance
September 29, 1978 for the Chicago Cubs
Career statistics
Batting average .261
Home runs 136
Runs batted in 609
As Player

Baltimore Orioles (1965–1972)
Atlanta Braves (1973–1975)
Yomiuri Giants (1975–1976)
Philadelphia Phillies (1977–1978)
Chicago Cubs (1978)
As Manager

New York Mets (1984–1990)
Cincinnati Reds (1993–1995)
Baltimore Orioles (1996–1997)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1999–2000)

Career highlights and awards
4x All-Star selection (1968, 1969, 1970, 1973)
3x World Series champion (1966, 1970, 1986)
3x Gold Glove Award winner (1969, 1970, 1971)
1973 NL Comeback Player of the Year
1997 AL Manager of the Year

Hi TerryP,

The young pitchers are in pretty good shape, most likely they are just not conditioned to this many innings yet. Takes time. You have to remember these guys have been pitching since February from when they started the exhibition season, and the 2 through 5 starters were assigned to the minor league camp and then pitched in Bowie and Norfolk then came up to the bigs Because of their ages and lack of MLB experience some tried to throw the ball harder than they ever had to do before, it is a natural thing. A lot of these college pitchers might throw 100 to 110 innings in a season, maybe 20-30 in the summer and maybe 10-15 in the fall, but really everyone is different. I guess if McPhail and Trembley were not going to shut them down, I would hope that they would at least let them stay in the rotation and treat it like an exhibition game and let them all pitch 3 innings per game. There is no argument I could make or anyone else to keep throwing the young future pitchers out there every 5th day to throw 100+ pitches in a game. Plus I look forward to watching Waters pitch again.

Expanding the rosters and giving Trembley even more relievers to screw around with is just a recipe for disaster. Wasn't the EIGHT that he's had at his disposal for most of the season enough???

The man is CLUELESS.. and those of you who don't understand that his time has run its course here are just as foolish.

Seriously, it's like the guy is rolling dice or something when trying to determine whether or not to make a pitching change and who to bring in.


How close are the O's to competing in this division? How close are the O's to competing in the Little League World Series? Viable questions....both of them. And it particularly shows after the past 3 games.
Remember the O's of the 60's, 70's and 80's? What the hell happened? Angelos? Well that's a huge part of it. He just doesn't care and now I must assume has a certain loathing for Baltimore. You know, there's a definite stigma to "laughing stock". Isn't there any way to get him out of this business? And out of town? We need an owner the likes of Boston and New York. Someone that gives a crap about the team, the town, and not just money (Ripken's?). The O's are going to lose 100 this year and I, for one, know of at least one family that doesn't give a flying fart in fairyland so long as they turned a buck. Bottom line: Talk as much as you want until your blue, green, purple, or red in the face, but this team is a permanent bottom feeder as long as Angelos is around. EMPHATIC PERIOD!!!!!

What groundskeeper said, only moreso.

Since everybody is being shut down, why not just forfeit the balance of the season? That way they'd assure the top draft pick, prevent asny further injuries, and preserve and protect those fragile arms.

Peter: Some say it's better to keep one's mouth shut and appear stupid then to open it and remove all doubt.
You disagree? Me too and it shows.....often. But it's much more fun.

Believe the above philosophy comes out of Philadelphia and Ben Franklin. No way is that guy wrong. Wasn't he the first Phillies fan? There I go again...............

I always enjoy reading the posts. I am in the minority, but I can't think of any other team that will be as interesting as the Os next year.
Really fascinating!


I saw you called the blogger wayne a loser. Fair enough but at this point we all are losers for supporting this team and because you left your home to spin for the orioles I guess that makes you a sell out loser.

Pete's reply: Didn't call him a loser. I turned it around on him when he called everybody who disagrees with him a loser.

I am so sick of all the whining in here.

I've been an O's fan since the early 90s, and feel the same frustrations as everyone else from the last decade.

But how about some perspective people? Yes, the team has looked dismal lately, but OVERALL, they're not too far behind where they were projected preseason.

Everyone is ok with a preseason projection of rebuilding and crappiness, yet in the midst of it, they cry like babies and yell for MacPhail's head. Seriously?

If we suck this much NEXT year, I'll complain, but for right now, as Pete has often there really much difference between 66 wins and 74?

Suck it up and wait till next year to judge the results.


I am tired of saying the same thing every year. Wait until next year but it never changes!

Gil and Groundskeeper,

You guys had two of the best back to back posts i've seen in a long time. Well said.

Watching the game on YES Network was painful. At least I got to watch some of the game with my 4 month old son.

Couple more thoughts. It is my opinion that the Orioles are finally going about things correctly. Raising and trading for the future and not bidding for overprised free agents. We all gripe about the costs of sporting events yet many of us would pay unlimited amounts for guys in a bidding war. Last thing, from every thing I see, the young players we are bringing up seem like the kind of people whom I would like to see representing my home town.

"bottom line is this team will never contend in the East division without either a salary cap or another owner with pockets deep enough to spend with the big boys.....Tampa Bay last year was an abberation, pure and simple.......this division will continually be owned by the Yankees and the Red Sox unless we can figure out a way to get on the same page financially as they are......."

Rob made some excellent points about Adam Jones regressing after a couple of good months, and Wieters seeming to have a slow bat.

Then he goes off the rails with the old cliche about a "salary cap" being required to put the O's on a competitive footing with the Yankees and Red Sox.. Wrong. The O's problem is not a lack of fiscal capacity, it is a lack of fiscal effort.

Look at the Forbes figures. The O's have been more profitable than the Yankees in this century -- because they don't "waste" their revenues trying to field a competitive team. Instead of top line revenue sharing, the inter-team tax should be applied to the bottom line. That would clarify the fact that the Orioles have made a conscious choice to downgrade the quality of players in order to pad the owners' pockets.

Note that Angelos has deep pockets. He does not need to milk the O's for cash. He has already piled up a gaudy fortune by suing asbestos and tobacco companies.

Angelos dosn't care if the O's lose, only that they lose cheaply.

MacPhail's vaunted "plan" is more of the same -- a rationalization for shedding payroll on the rationalization that this will make the O's better someday in the receding future.

Lots of angry people on here today... Are you guys really this angry because our team of 20 somethings with mostly less that 3 years of MLB experience got swept by the team with the best record in the majors? What the heck are you guys thinking? As far as "we have more holes to fill now than we have had over the past decade", REALLY??? Were you serious? What holes would you like to plug? We need a 1st basemen, 3rd Basemen and a Starting pitcher to anchor this staff. Seems to me, this team has been much worse off than it is today. Who did we have on this squad besides Bedard, Tejada, Roberts and Melvin Mora a few seasons ago? You guys are expecting every one of these young kids to come out and hit 300, 30 HR and the pitchers to throw 3-hit shutouts every game. Look at the process and transformation that this team has gone through in the last 2 years! I know we have been waiting for 12 for another good team, but you can't blame that on the current "plan". Andy McPhail has stuck to his idea, all be it methodical, and we WILL see the benefits of it, not only in the coming seasons, but it will be sustained for a long time to come. You can't build a perennial winner without a foundation. We have a foundation. Look past the need for immediate gratification and enjoy the ride out of the cellar... As a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, believe me I know what it is like for a team to build a winner and what happens when you abandon what works and go back to trying to "buy" a team instead of building one. The free agents will come, but they will be the finishing touches to this team, not the foundation of it. We have the best young outfield in Baseball. The best catching prospect in the league who is still growing in his first HALF of a season in the pros. We have the makings of a formidable rotation.
All of you short sighted fans need to get ready for football season, chalk this year up to a season of learning and be ready for a more competitive Orioles team in 2010 and beyond. Have faith Birdlovers...

Buck M. said that the Orioles "will certainly miss Adam Jones big bat in the middle of the lineup the rest of the season". Adam Jones is hitting .217 since the all-star break and has reverted back to last years "but give him time" form. So how exactly are the Orioles gone to miss his so called big bat? Unless their young players show vast improvement next season, the Orioles are toast in 2010.

Buck Martinez is a tool. I hear him call the Yankees AL East rivals, I'm going to throw up.

On the upside, anybody notice how well Berken has pitched his last 3-4 starts? Only one run into the sixth inning against the Yankees? Who would have thought that a month ago? I do think Trembley has a tendency to pull pitchers because he's too worried about these guys' "psyches", trying to take them out on an "up note." What he doesn't realize is he's sending the message that, I'm pulling you because obviously if I leave you out here any longer you're going to screw up; that's why I'm taking you out. That could very well become a self-fulfilling prophecy once someone gives these kids a chance to pitch longer into games. They'll be so used to being pulled early, they WILL screwup. As for last night's blowup, well, I've never been a fan of Johnson as the stopper. He's way too erratic. He has great stuff, but he can't control it consistently enough for closer situations...which makes him a setup guy, a role in which he thrived up to the point Sherrill left. So, Johnson isn't the guy. Who is? My guess is, whoever that person is, isn't currently on the club or maybe even in the organization. Koji might deserve a shot at it, as he does seem to have a way of throwing strikes and staying on point for at least 1-2 innings anyway. Finally, I have to agree with some of the sentinment here about Trembley. Yes, he's been dealt a less than superlative hand. That being said, is he the guy to take these people to the next level, someone who has actually won on the major league level? No, he isn't. We need someone who has to show the way. At this point, I have to say, Anonymous is right.

Does anybody know who we are getting for handing over Fred Guzman to the Yankees? I love these player to be named later trades LOL I know hes a minor league player but it seems like thats the bulk of our trades these days.

Does Dave Trembley have any idea how to manage a pitching staff? Noooo! Its time to give him the hook. Bringing in the bullpen with 1 out in the top of the 6th inning while the starting pitcher is still in command shows that he is clearly clueless. The Yankees must have been laughing at us when this move was made while trying to hide it all the whole time. As Peter Gammons once said on ESPN many years ago, about 5 or 6 years to be accurate, "the Baltimore Orioles have been mismanaged for years", and this mismanagement is still continuing. This type of mismanagement is called "Self-Destruction", and the spin from MASN still tries to feed the knowledgable baseball fans who know better more false hope than ever before. Another September is here and its more of the same results as we have had now since 1998. There better be improvement in a couple years as they are promising us. See all the empty seats, are they observing it. You get what you pay for, stop being cheapskates and all of the reclamation projects. Show the fans the committment that you want to win instead of all the same excuses that we have all heard for too long now.

Tony P and Oriole fan in Florida,

Well said. People seem to be up and down on the Orioles this year, it is tough for a fan, and I respect that, but there are certain changes that everyone should be happy about, although no one should be happy with another losing season.

After they had rid the rotation of the veterans that the Oroles were hoping would anchor the staff for 2009 so the young starters would have more seasoning in the minors. The rotation became the most inexperienced staff in recent memory not just the Orioles but all of baseball. Just look at the MLB numbers of what the starters have than started after the All Star Break.
Gutrie 57 career starts
Bergesen 0 career starts
Berken 0 career starts
Matusz 0 career starts
Herandez 0 career starts
Tillman 0 career starts

I cannot remember a team from any year having this much inexperience on their starting staff. Even when the Orioles came here in 1954, they had Joe Coleman Sr, who had over 100 starts. So if you look at this from the start of the Orioles franchise, it seems that they are in the same boat, starting over again..

Another thing is money, things have changed, gone a little crazy with Salaries, you can say it started with Free Agency in the seventies with the Yankees in the 70's but really the largest pay check before A-Rod signed his new contract, strangely was not a Yankee. contract. I do agree with a lot of you, that it has gone way out of hand, and there has to be something done to help the small markets, but they kind of did that, with dividing the divisions and giving middle America small town markets a chance to compete to get to the playoffs, and the fact that teams have rights to all these young guys for a long time. I believe that Bud Selig believes the system works pretty good. Face it the Twins have to work pretty hard to create a winner, while the Yankees just have to simply throw money at the problem.

as a yankee fan, i have no hatred for the orioles. 11 years of losing is 11 years of losing. 2 things i see as an outsider, the orioles can have all the prospects in the world, but their biggest problem will always be that they are in the same division with the yankees and the red sox. and i have yet to figure out what the big deal is concerning andy mac phail.

Below is a VERY sad comment by an Os writer!

"I know what I'm thinking. I'm thinking the Ravens open against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sept. 13, ... but it's going to take a Peter Schmuck T-Shirt Tuesday to get me to show up during NFL Week 2."

BREAKING NEWS: Dave Trembley, lame duck manager of the Baltimore Orioles -- perennial modern-day loosers -- was picked up by the Baltimore City Police, after wandering around Harbor Place, apparently intoxicated. Police were called to the scene and found Trembley half naked, jumping up and down on the deck of the USS Constellation screaming "I do not look like Captain Kirk! I do not look like Captain Kirk!!"

After a night in the drunk tank, a sober and somber Trembley held a brief, apologetic, and rather noisy press conference, the transcript of which follows:

"Hello. Hello? Is this thing on. [TAP TAP]

I figured I would take the time to apologize to all the brilliant, flawless, and faultless Oriole fans for being a disgrace as both a manager, and as a human.

I know, I know -- I'm a foolish man. What was I thinking keeping Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard on the bench all year long?

What's that Andy? We don't have Pujols or Howard? Oh, yeah that's right...almost forgot after reading all those incredibly insightful posts. I'm still a little foggy from that bottle of Yukon Jack last night. bad folks. Apparently we don't have Pujols or Howard. But I fully accept the blame for keeping Texiera in the bullpen all year long.

What? Oh come on, really? We don't have him either, huh? Christ -- did you do anything this offseason but hang out with Angelos at Sabs?

Who do we have back there with some power?

Wiggy-who? Oh yeah, the guy who swings at everything. Nevermind.

Andy, what the hell is that noise?

Sorry folks, I'm back. I was just checking over the roster here, and well, it sure does look like we, uh, don't have, we just don't really have a power hitter. And I sincerely apologize for that. I had Nicky and BRob whack Carlos Pena over the head with one of those dusty, leftover, unopened champagne bottles from 1997. But when he came to, none of us could convince him that he had been an Oriole for the past two seasons.

He just kept holding his head and screaming "Que no es posible!! Que no es posible!!" He was quite adamant, and we had to let the poor fella go.

And about the pitching. What can I say? I'm an idiota, mas grande! Why, oh why didn't I just put George Sherrill in last night? So [slap]...stupid [slap]...of me! [slap]

Listen, can you guys keep it down back there! Shut that friggin' kid up!

What? Sherrill. Well, that figures.

I'll just make sure I spell 'Mariano' correctly on tomorrow night's bullpen roster card.

Andy, please stop interrupting! What? We don't have Rivera either? [Mumbling to self: how many shots of Jaeger did I do last night?]

Go to war Ms. Agnes, who do we have out there in the 'pen these days!? Mikolio? Oh yeah, the Cy Young winner...I remember him...he..what? didn't win the Cy Young? Andy, hush up...I have to get back to prostrating myself in front of our genius fans.

Ug. [Sigh] Well, I've just been informed that we have, well, I don't want to say nobody in the bullpen, but it just doesn't look good. I don't know why I let the entire Detroit bullpen get away at the trade deadline! I just, you know, I thought that we had more, based on the comments here on Schmucker's blog. It's an honest mistake, really.

However, I am man enough to step up and take the blame for RUINING a dominant, veteran, pitching staff...


Sure we do, we have TONS of veterans in the rotation! We have, uh, that guy you got from Philly! Remember, you fleeced them by offering a Slurpee and some beef jerky?
What? He's not here anymore? Cut?...I see. Well, we have Guthrie, the Gutsy, Grizzled Veteran, and we have the, big tall guy, and the other dude who throws 102 miles per hour, right? Oh nevermind!

Yes, yes! I told you I'd wax your Porche later!

Sorry folks...back. Again. I know this sounds like an excuse folks, but apparently our staff ace has a 5+ ERA and nearly 15 losses this year. And, well, the rest of the rotation is -- APPARENTLY -- rookies. And not even our best rookies in some cases. But still, I'm sorry for being such a moron and not turning them into 200 inning/200 strikeout guys. I just didnt' think we needed that kind of production, so I told them all to eat cannolis from Vaccaros and to stop watching film. I needed them to keep up with Don Draper and the rest of the crew from Mad Men. That Draper guy! He gets more tail than Jeter!


That said: I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for not signing Sabathia and Burnett, and for personally blocking the trade for Halladay by having Sir Syd pass out on the hood of his Lambo, naked.

[Chuckling]: Oh, that guy just kills me! He'll do anything for a double cheeseburger from Five Guys.

But I digress. One thing I can't take responsibility for is the baserunning. We told Huffy to just stand on the bag until Juan tells him to run, but he just wouldn't listen. I'm sure it's Pie's fault, somehow.

In conclusion...

Andy! Andy, the season is NOT over! We have 28 games left! Put that luggage down! You CANNOT go to Bermuda yet! We have a month of baseball left, and you have to keep doing those happy "tow-the-line" MASN interviews. Who's going to do them if you leave? No, we can't get Jimmy to do them -- no one believes him anymore. Hang on, wait, I'm almost done. AND SHUT THAT KID UP!

. In conclusion, I just want to extend an olive branch to the fans of the Orioles, for not, uh, well, you know. For not scoring more runs, or pitching better. It's pretty much all my fault.

Oh, and to all you Ravens fans -- sorry about busting up that Brandon Marshall trade. I didn't think Syd was even allowed into the state of Colorado anymore."


Nice to see some optimism from a few people.

To all of you "realists" who think MacPhail's plan has failed, why don't you just stop watching? You complain and make yourselves miserable. You overreact to the struggles of the young pitchers, calling them failures after 6 or 7 starts. You overreact to the struggles of the young position players, calling them failures before they've even had 350 at bats.

To all you: You are not realists. You are shortsighted pessimists. Not that you can be blamed. You dealt with a meddling owner and several inept, unqualified GMs for 10 years. But how about some perspective?

There's more young talent in this organization than there was in the mid 90's. Adam Jones and Nick Markakis are set to man center and right field for the next decade (if the O's play their cards right). Brian Roberts is locked up for a few more years. Jeremy Guthrie is showing signs of returning to '07-'08 form. Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz have been improving with every start. Felix Pie looked like a failed experiment in April, but he's hitting .319 with a .930 OPS since May 2nd.

See. If you actually look, there are a lot of positives.

And regardless, you all were predicting the O's to lose 100 games before the season started. And now that it's actually happening, you're freaking out? Something's not adding up...


I agree whole heartedly! The O's seem to be playing with self-confidence and they should, they have one of the best outfields in baseball, they have a spectacular offense on the right side of the infield, their DH is tops in MLB and the prospect behind the plate is very high! These young pitchers are truly providing quality starts and Guthrie seems to coming together! So the presumed strength we opened the season with, our bullpen is actually lagging behind with only Johnson and Mickolio showing any consistancy! Yes it is time for the O's nation to rise.


There is nothing money can cure right? How much money have the Yankees spent and how many World series have they won since 2000? Great return on investment, right?

Remember as the great Reese Bobby once said: "If you ain't first you're last".

Awww Wayne found a friend. That's cute. Start the carpool to Nats games. I'm not sure they have a blog as good as Pete's, but one can hope. I'd say I want to be a fly on the wall as you guys rant on the O's all the way to DC, but I think the fly would escape from the window, fly out ahead of the car and aim itself right for the windshield and call it a day.

"I'm sure you're successful at what you do." Please. "I complain and whine a lot." Ya, that's a method to success.

And I'm still here Slugger. Pot calling the kettle black on when the Orioles win and the whole dark side has to take some time and roll back the DVR to nitpick something to gripe on still. Not you per se, but there are some others *cough*Bob*cough* who aren't as quick to get going sometimes after a win.

I hope everyone takes a look at Texas when they come in this week. Their manager is Ron Washington. Who? Ron Washington. I know, I don't remember him from the '87 O's team either, but Wikipedia says it's true. They also didn't add much more than a year of experience and picked up about 25 wins from last year. Oh no, another Tampa Bay anomaly that can have no relevance anywhere else in baseball.

I also still love everyone's rant on shutting the young guys down early. Do you guys throw stuff at the TV when Joe Flacco gets pulled in the preseason games? Are John and Ozzie big dummies for saving him for the regular season? How about when some starters get rested in the 4th quarter? I don't think I see many rants on resting Ray Lewis when the focus is shifting to the next game.

Oh and I agree with putting to bed the Earl Weaver suggestions (thanks Brian). Same for Tom Kelly. Won't happen. Just like Davey Johnson. I mean did you guys see how well he did in the WBC? He had a varitable All-Star team and got SMOKED!!! He handled the pitchers well too right? In two minutes of looking I found quotes where he admitted he didn't get pitchers up in the bullpen early enough to get ready. Jake Peavy and Jeremy Guthrie were sure primed for success after the ways they were used this spring too. Where are those WBC stats Anonymous? How about anything after 1997 that would make him relevant to 2010? Luis Sojo outcoached him in the deciding game this year. They're a lot alike, I mean that's an understandable loss I guess.

Reminds me of a coversation I heard:

Man 1: "Well losing straight up to Luis Sojo in the WBC isn't too bad. I mean Luis is on the same level as Davey Johnson. He's a pretty successful Major League manager himself and all."

Man 2: "Ummm, not really."

"Oh, well he's in AAA then right? He's being groomed somewhere I'm sure."

"No. He's not a AAA manager either."

"AA, has to be AA. I think I remember hearing about it now."

"Nope, not AA. He's actually Single A."

"....oh, well it's Single A Advanced though. Give the man some credit."

Rumor has it the Rangers are looking for a replacement for Michael Young. Hes out at least 2 weeks with a strained hammy. This would be a great time to trade Mora and let him go to a contender. Everyone will be happy.

no more melt downs! should change the team name to the Sprinfield Isotopes!

What about Johnson? How can a closer let 5 batters get on base without an out? IN the top of the ninth and when the O's had just come back to within one run? Great stuff my arse! Get'em swingin or throw strikes!!! Maybe Johnson would rather get an autograph from Jeter than get him out.......

Pete, awesome answer to "whiny" wayne!

if the orioles fired trembley where would the orioles find someone to manage.all of the good ones have been sent packing and to get another rookie manager,he would only be putting together a resume for when he would get fired from the orioles as for the pitching,i would like the nolan ryan program put into practice. all of these pitchers developing tired arms or tomy john syndrome. have the pitchers mentally and physically do activities in the off season to build their arms up so that they don't run out of gas when the season comes to the end. melvin mora should have been shown the door when he got on his high horse. the only thing that i feel dave trembley did not do as a manager is show more dicipline to the players. with all of the bad base running blunders and other mental errors comitted by the players this season the player need to be held accountable.

Davey Johnson
Second baseman / Manager
Born: January 30, 1943 (1943-01-30) (age 66)
Orlando, Florida
Batted: Right Threw: Right
MLB debut
April 13, 1965 for the Baltimore Orioles
Last MLB appearance
September 29, 1978 for the Chicago Cubs
Career statistics
Batting average .261
Home runs 136
Runs batted in 609
As Player

Baltimore Orioles (1965–1972)
Atlanta Braves (1973–1975)
Yomiuri Giants (1975–1976)
Philadelphia Phillies (1977–1978)
Chicago Cubs (1978)
As Manager

New York Mets (1984–1990)
Cincinnati Reds (1993–1995)
Baltimore Orioles (1996–1997)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1999–2000)

Career highlights and awards
4x All-Star selection (1968, 1969, 1970, 1973)
3x World Series champion (1966, 1970, 1986)
3x Gold Glove Award winner (1969, 1970, 1971)
1973 NL Comeback Player of the Year
1997 AL Manager of the Year


Keep it coming baby! Don't be intimidated by these yahoos.

James C,

I was wondering where you were. So many people agreeing with me on this blog, I was looking for some kind of balance.

Good to read you!


Where is your Juan and Trembley skit for batting Pie 9th?


Don’t let that overweight bully in women’s clothing call you a loser. He probably had a focus group come up with that response for him. Call him out and don’t give up bro.


I was hoping Djph would come up with one for that. I'm working on a new plot where the Hamburglar loses his cool as a result of a baby crying in the clubhouse. He sends the Windmill man back there to spank that baby silly, which gives the Windmill man a new nickname: "The Baby Killer"


DJPH needs to hurry up and do that soon cant waste good material like that before people start focusing on the next blunder Friday.

Your current project sounds funny man get that thing up here lol

Also are you the poster Trembley?


No, not me, but that piece was hilarious.

I cant take credit for this one i heard the other day. Cash For Clunkers-What the orioles offseason acquisitions consist of! By the way Pete how is that condo in Jimmyville doing?

The richest one percent of this country owns half our country's wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It's bullshit. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, bloggers. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you bloggers are not naive enough to think we're living in a democracy, are you Oriole fans? It's the free market. And you're a part of it. You've got that killer instinct. Stick around bloggers, I've still got a lot to teach you.

How many times do I have to come on here and tell you mopes this? I have no plan I am just wheeling and dealing living a great life. You Want details? Fine. I drive a Ferrari, 355 Cabriolet, What's up? I have a ridiculous house in the South Fork. I have every toy you could possibly imagine. And best of all kids, I am liquid. So you think I care what the fans think? I don’t care if we lose 50 years!

-Andy Mcfail

Thanks for the endorsement Slugger and Seth but for my next piece I wanted to do something more down to Earth and uplifting.

I've been working on a Peter Schmuck biography aptly named "Hope Springs Eternal: The Peter Schmuck Story"

Unfortunately due to copyright infringments, we must first buy the rights to Pete's seldom seen auto-biographies.

I'm sure some remember the first one "Schmuck-You: Defending the blog from Idiots"

And his most recent installment "Schmuck-Me: Why did I ever leave good baseball in SoCal"


Funny you mention "Schmuck-Me: Why did I ever leave good baseball in SoCal"

I found it while i was on the crapper at work yesterday next to the George Hamilton bio

So, here is my list of managers that will interview to take over this young squad next year.. Who is the frontrunner?

Davey Johnson
Joey Cora
Don Buford
Buck Showalter
Doug Melvin
Eddie Murray

I love the idea of getting Eddie Murray involved with the Orioles. I dont think he could be a manager but he should be invited to come in and take some position and learn. I think Davey Johnson and Billy Ripken would be great to take over this team fans would get more involved even if they lose.

Every time I see someone use McFail I think of Family Guy. I'm paraphrasing:

"Olivia: Blah blah blah Andy McFail
Stewie: Ha ha ha! Oh gosh that's funny! That's really funny! Do you write your own material? Do you? Because that is so fresh. You called Andy McPhail Andy McFail. You know, I've, I've never heard anyone make that joke before. Hmm. You're the first. I've never heard anyone reference, reference that before. Because that's what his name sounds like, right? Isn't it? You are Andy McFail. And, and yet you've taken that and used it out of context to insult him in this everyday situation. God what a clever, smart girl you must be, to come up with a joke like that all by yourself. That's so fresh too. Any, any Titanic jokes you want to throw at me too as long as we're hitting these phenomena at the height of their popularity. God you're so funny!"

Yes the O's are a bad baseball team this year, and I do not believe the future is going to be much better. One thing to consider though is the Yankees have the largest payroll in MLB by a huge margin. With the line up they can field night after night it was an accomplishment that Berken held them to 1 run, while Guthrie held them to 2 runs.

Good job wayne!

Wayne - no, not the worst organization in all of sports. Severely neglected until a year or 2 ago, but not the worst.

That title would go to Little Danny and the Washington Redskins hands down!!

So, here is my list of managers that will interview to take over this young squad next year.. Who is the frontrunner?

Davey Johnson
Bobby Valentine
Joey Cora
Don Buford
Buck Showalter
Doug Melvin
Eddie Murray

Bob F

Dont be stupid. Snyder does suck but his redskin teams are most the time 500 or playoff bound lately. Also he may spend like a fantasy owner but fields good teams. Angelos is the worst owner in sports he beats everyone even al davis. Al Davis has won a SB Angelos has done nothing.

All I hear about is protecting young arms. Does anybody even remember Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Tom Phoebus and the other real Oriole pitchers who would go nine innings as Rookies. Palmer was 19 when he started for O's. Why are they babying these guys? They are making more money than I will ever see. They spent time in the farm system, can't say that about Palmer. Why are they babysitting these guys? They need experience, not bench warming. McPhail is making them into a bunch of wimps. Shame on him.

Anonymous, I mean Pete,

I really think we need to give up this Johnson as the closer business. He was doing a pretty good job as a setup man and I'm fearing that this failure will begin to crush his confidence. Why not keep someone where they are comfortable. FYI, I really think Perault at Norfolk could have a future at this spot, he has pretty good stuff.

The Orioles should handle the rookies like the yankees did the Joba rules or the Sox did with Daniel Bard. Start them off in the pen then when they start to look good promote them but just be carefull about the starts and make sure they keep throwing.

Anonymous -

.500 in the NFL doesn't mean squat with the forced parity they have. With all the money he spends, his team should be in the Super Bowl every year.

If MLB instituted a salary cap and parity became the norm in baseball, Angelos would no longer be perceived as the worst. Contrary to the belief of some of the posters on this blog he does have one of the best baseball minds out there in Andy M. AND he has left him alone. The Orioles have solidified their minor league system over the past couple of years, which is no small task.

If they were on a level playing field with the Yankees & Red Sox, they would eventually compete with them every year, as they did quite well prior to the free agency era.

at one time bleacher seats were.75 for adults and .25 for kids. sodas came with wood shavings in the ice, most hotdogs were served cold and rare. but none of it mattered.
good to see so many ranting about another bad season.
having demsey,in the dugout,along with murry, ripken,palmer and brooksie will fix everything.
brother lo behind the mic with john miller will make it alright and richous

I got your back on that last comment. I also have an 81 game plan so I also pay to watch this train wreck. Pete is paid to watch this mess and he needs access. We see what the O's do to media members who criticize too much, and I guess Pete didn't want to take the risk. Can't blame him, I guess. But to call paying fans/customers who love baseball and merely use his forum (for which he gets paid to monitor)losers is over the line. Maybe he's cracking. I hope he enjoys his next dinner with Andy.
BTW, I don't blame AM, either. He's doing the best he can with what he's got. This fish rots from the head, and until all of the Baltimore media begin to call that out, nothing will happen. In the meantime, I am a paying customer because I love baseball and have hope. Pete, you need to call out the owner. Step up. Risk losing your credentials.

"For those who keep mentioning names to replace DT, I suggest the following: You've obviously been scape goating your entire lives. Time to mature, man up and take responsibility for your own failings..."

You're kidding, right? If not, I sure hope you're not a psychiatrist...

The word on the street is that it wasn't a baby that was crying during Captain Kirk's press conference, but Jim Hunter and Wiggy's dad because they were informed by Juan and DT, prior to the game that in honor of a real ball player, there will be one more T-shirt Tuesday and it's #23, Wiggy!

I think it's appropriate because the O's could've had Dunn, but elected to go with a player who is versatile, but sucks at each position, stocky, doesn't know how to take a pitch, run the bases or sacrifice. If you listen to Jim Hunter, he keeps saying that Ty, is the type of guy that you want on your team. How can he say that, as guys like Wiggy, have been killing the O's for years. There is a reason that we got him cheap and for 2 years because he sucks!

Birdland Todd

Jim Hunter is the worst. That smile, the fact he can never call a game correctly and his terrible spin. Whoever is in charge of this t-shirt night should have to be retrained. They have no idea what is going on with the few Oriole fans left. No Wieters Tillman Matsuz etc but we have had Mora Wiggy Izzy hahah crazy!!


I didn't realize it's a city wide conspiracy to hide the fact that young players all called prospects for a reason and nothing in professional sports is guaranteed. I think your issue with MASN might have more to do with the fact that they've either a.) Played the game b.) Worked around the game for years c.) Have some more credibility that someone who at best, thinks they know what they're talking about.

I go to games, I watch games on MASN and I listen to games on 105.7 and I've seen Palmer be critical and have heard Dave Johnson too. If you want to call both of them posers, go for it. Same goes for Viviano & Bulldog and Ken Weinman and whoever else on 105.7 you think is a shill just because they understand players make the manager. It's only the same thing Sparky Anderson is famous for saying all the time. What does he know? No one in baseball respects that hack right?

I'm apparently just as bad as them with my head stuck somewhere because I can see the issues facing a team located in a city of 650,000 (or being generous and saying a state of 5,000,000) and how that ties into revnue compared to NYC and its population of over 8,000,000 and it's national appeal that is admittedly far greater than that of Baltimore. I seem to be stuck on how a small media market can generate the same revenue as the world's number one market. I mean apparently Baltimore should be doing this. Some people even think Angelos is making the same money as the Yankees and Red Sox, but he's just keeping it. Sure that makes sense. Less=More right? Those MASN sales department people don't get it I guess if they're not bringing in YES or NESN money. Wayne wants a $200 million payroll this year, so they need to tell Geico it's going to be $45 million to sponsor the 15th out of Oriole baseball in 2010.

I'm sure Jesus enjoys the company while you go ahead and nail yourself to the cross about once a day and boo hoo for you that there is this thing called the reality of life that means 10 years of damage can't be undone in 2 years. Woe is wayne that there aren't 32 CC Sabathia's, AJ Burnett's, ARod's, Jeters, Papelbon's, Lee's and Manny's. The Orioles should have all these guys because no one else in the league wants to pay them anything.

Plus, fans really were lied to when McPhail said he was going to grow the arms and buy the bats huh? There's only about 6 potential starters in the wings and a lot of talent that is respected around the league (by professional scouts that again I'd guess know more than random internet guy). Should McPhail write you a letter or bake you some cookies because they can only get major league experience while pitching in major league games? Should he also apologize that every GM protects young pitchers and that young hitters are streaky and take time to develop? Does Bud Selig know this is going on? How about the Player's Association? These young guys are being "rested" just so they don't ever get good enough to command big money I bet. The conspiracy thickens.

If you think the facts of life like young pitchers needing to be groomed, hitters going through struggles before they become consistant and veterans performing well not being guaranteed are all lies from management then we should all just get the tin foil hats and lock our doors.

The world does not revolve around kissing your uptight...and I'll be the one to say I'm sorry about that. Don't you dare tell me I don't know anything about competition because I choose to look at the life of the franchise, not the life of one season. Winning no matter what is great for textbooks and movies, but doesn't hold water in real life. Move to New York or LA if you want your franchise to try and operate that way, but how often have they been winning it all lately?

I prefer my reality where I can see the logic behind protecting your investment when a season is lost and not think I'm being cheated. Using some of your logic, if a NASCAR driver who's a lap down isn't redlining it and skipping scheduled pits to make up the time then he's been lying to his fans and his sponsors. Sure doing so risks the engine seizing up and damaging the chances for future races, but boy it was important to get back on that lead lap just to feel better about yourself when it was done.

Maybe you're not a loser, but you do seem to take pleasure in the Orioles losing because it proves the always negative points you want to make and I kind of feel bad that you can't find happiness in the things that have improved because you overshadow them with the negatives. I'm not saying chug down the Kool-Aid, but just slowly back away from the ledge and remember it's ok to smile sometimes.

James -

You hit the nail on the head, my friend.

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