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September 8, 2009

O's make minor deal

The Orioles have completed a minor league deal to acquire reliever Sean Henn from the Minnesota Twins organization. Henn is a 28-year-old left-hander who appeared in 14 games for the Twins this year. He also has had major league experience with the Yankees and Padres, though none of it terribly auspicious.

His career major league stats: 2-9, 7.50 ERA in 54 appearances, five of them starts.

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Nice stats.

He did a great job as Spacolie in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Good liberal too.

What do the Twins get?

What do the Twins get?


These moves......McPhail must be some type of genius. I want to believe that all these moves that make absolutely no sense will one day having me laughing and saying...."So that's why he was acquiring so many useless players in 2009!!" "Now it all makes sense".


Happy Birthday, I guess you won't try any more double moves in the Red Zone. Actually I'll bet, like most serious injuries it happened when you were doing something inoccuous but stupid. I apologize in advance if I am wrong.

I'm going to drop the "Jr" going forward in that although I am a "Jr" I am also 63 and qualify to face the face the "Death Panel" if I become ill.

Pete's reply: You'll always be a junior to me. Yes, you're right, I tore my Achilles doing something fairly innocuous, pulling down a rebound in the paint. Old man basketball will get you every time.

Board Member 1: I've never heard of half of these guys and the ones I do know are way past their prime.
Charlie Donovan: Most of these guys never had a prime.
Rachel Phelps: The fact is we lost our two best players to free agency. We haven't won a pennant in over thirty-five years, we haven't placed higher than fourth in the last fifteen. Obviously it's time for some changes.
Board Member 2: This guy here is dead!
Rachel Phelps: Cross him off, then!

O's and Hernandez look real good early tonight. I think just the sight of Fenway strikes fear into the Orioles. I don't like facing Buchholz at Fenway in September and the first nine have gone down in order.

What is anyone to think of Hernandez at this point? 18 hrs in 79 innings..If he has yet to figure out that this is not AA anymore, and you can't strike guys out trying to throw high fastballs past them. The difference between him and Matusz or Tillman or Bergeson is the difference between night and day. He has regressed to the point where I think he starts next year at AAA learning how to pitch, not throw. At this point, he's nothing but another arm. The object is to have a lot of Hernandez' in your minor league system by default.

Pete's reply: I just think he doesn't have the tools those other guys have, but he does have decent stuff, so he should be able to learn how to be more effective. Who knows, however, if that will happen.

(altered for effect)

[the Orioles General Manager calls retired coach Davey Johnson at Tire World to offer him a position with the Orioles]
Andy McPhail: How would you like to manage the Orioles this year?
Davey Johnson: Gee, I don't know...
Andy McPhail: What do you mean, you don't know? This is your chance to manage again in the big leagues.
Davey Johnson: Let me get back to you, will ya, Andy? I got a guy on the other line asking about some white walls

hernandez stinks

I wonder if a team has ever been no-hit twice by the same picture. Would be another "Great" record for the O's to own.

Looks as though the O's need to shut Hernandez down. He's been ineffective lately.

pedroia enterd tonights game in a 3-28 slump. nothing like Oriole pitching to help him ourt of it. Seriously, what is Hernandez doing?

This is exactly why the O's can't go into 2010 with a rotation of Matusz, Tillman, Bergesen, Guthrie and Hernandez or Berken. At least 2, if not 3 of them should be in the minors next season. Get a solid veteran to anchor the staff (not Koji) so the O's don't have to force these guys next season.

Pete's reply: I agree.


Was this some sort of sympathy trade by Andy for another old team as they plummet out of Wild card contention. Please elaborate on what part of the plan this might be?

Pete's reply: Everybody gambles on players like this, though nobody even notices this kind of move in places where the team is winning. My only guess is that Andy might be stocking up on minor league guys to keep the Triple-A roster filled if he deals some prospects.

I gotta give Kranitz and Trembley credit. How they sit there and watch this is beyond me. They are watching some guys who are ill-equipped to pitch at this level do nothing but get beat down worse every start out. It was awful nice of hernandez to give it a shot, but he's been nothing short of awful. Who gives up 4 hrs in less than 3 innings? You gotta have absolutely nothing to do that.

Hmmm, does Adrian Gonzalez have any 7 run homers in his bat rack? Of course this team needs a couple of bats. But if anyone thinks that this team is gonna pitch like it has the last few years and compete for anything but fourth place...And some folks want to trade young pitching? They don't have enough pitching now...


Each generation comes up with everyday expressions and one that I'm just sick of hearing but believes applies to the Orioles is that they are what they are! In the most difficult and expensive division in all of the MLB, we are lowest paid, least talented team, and thus we are in last place. Our GM is doing everything he can with very limited resources, this team is either going to make the moves (ie.. spend money) to become competitive with this lot of youngsters or we will continue to be ultra cheap and remain in the cellar. We are much futher away that 1 big bat! Seriously folks, we could use a 4-5-6 hitters who also play 1B-3B & DH along with a front end starter! PA the ball is in your court don't fumble!

The Os got Sean Penn! The Os got Sean Penn! I didn't even know the actor could pitch, but if he brings the same intensity to the mound that he brings to his movie roles.... Oh. It's Sean Henn. Never mind. Come to think of it, we already have a bunch of guys acting like major league pitchers -- and not doing a very believable job. Maybe we just should have kept Heyden Penn.

First off, I expect Schmuck to dis my comments, 'cause I called him on his lack of admitting the real problem being PA. Pete, until recently, you defended PA and AM, suggesting that we (Orioles) are just a sneeze away from contending.
All you posters dissecting individual players' performances... think about it...if Roberts, Markakis, et al played for another team; their stats would be more meaningful. I tire of the O's signing a marque player long term, BS'em into thinking their gonna build a team around them (Tejeda/Huff/(Markakis?). It's all about a winning attitude...which PA does not project.

Pete's reply: Until recently? I've defended MacPhail all along, but not Angelos. You just haven't read me long enough to know that there's a reason why I'm the one local writer whose calls to the law office are always unreturned. The only thing I've said about Peter is that he appears to be more hands off than he used to be, though there is no way to know for sure.

Wow-Sean Henn!!! Who says MacPhail doesn't have a 'plan'. I guess Henn can come to spring training with the other 50 invitees.
Meanwhile, the RedSox are having batting practice tonight and 2 of my least favourite Boston players-Pedroia and Youklis have hit HRs and the RedSox announcers are mocking the O's, referring to their crowded pen and saying that they may all see action tonight(ha-ha)..

Pete's reply: I think it's a little silly to look at some nothing roster move and expand it into some sweeping statement about the long-term plan. Every team makes minor moves like this. They don't mean much either way.

Its Sept 8th and you're 32 games out of first place. Yet there is not one player in the lineup tonight that this team needs to know anything about. Mora, Wigginton, Scott. Got it.
The fact that the O's have noone in the system that they can bring up and learn anything about speaks volumes about the lack of nearly major league ready talent. But we all know that. That said, AM is doing about the best he can.
The lack of talent speaks more to the failure of the previous calamaties, laughing stocks, court jesters...choose any of those, and what the guy is up against.

You're overreacting...
Schmuck should be coming on to say this all in PA/AM's plan to lead the O's to respectability.
(Excuse me while I head to the loo...)

Great. Just what these gutless quitters need - another circus freak.

Wow, where's Wayne when you need him? While there have been some hilarious comments about this deal posted so far, he'd have a field day with it. The orioles make rock bottom look good!

Albers, Andino, Aubrey, Bass, Berken, Castillo, Fiorentino, Hendrickson, Hernandez, Ray, Sarfate, and Trembley have no bids on their Elite Giant throwback jersey's.

Matusz leads at $488.

Too bad someone good wears #14, otherwise I may try to sneak a minimum bid in!

Not to beat on Luke Scott, but he has been plain terrible this second half. Absolutely nothing. Must be painful to even write his name in the lineup card. And he's auditioning for first base? For who? Not the O's I hope.
What's up with him? Just not that good? What could you get for him in a trade? I hope they try to find out.


His numbers look so bad that Hayden Penn would look good! Hey but he's a lefty! Oh yeah, so was Jamie Walker. Also, We are looking for a legit front end starter, that would NOT include Jamie Moyer! Just in case AM gets another case of the cheap and available blues!

i see mccrory did not want to be left out. ortiz was in a 2-23 slump. I'd like to be a fly on the wall in those organizational meetings when some of these guys are evaluated.Whew. Continue walking folks to the door is all you can say.
hasn't mccrory tried this major league thing about 12 times now?
I don't wish anyone to lose their job, but I think bob mccrory needs to find employment in another organization. I mean he couldn't even pitch in the O's pen until September...How bad is that?

Penn ought to fit right in with the O's BP.

"His career major league stats: 2-9, 7.50 ERA in 54 appearances, five of them starts"

Great! Thank you Andy MacPhail. As B-Rob puts it, if you ain't first, you're last, so the stats don't matter. I'm sure Andy in his infinite wisdom sees the potential in this guy. It's a good day to be an O's fan.

Pete's reply: I'm forever amazed at the simplistic reactions to certain things. Slugger, I agree this is a nothing deal, but turning it into validation of your own negative opinion of the organization is too knee-jerky even for you. Lots of teams make nothing deals to fill minor league slots. Not everyone in your organization is being groomed to be the closer. It isn't even important enough to complain abouit.

Guys our problems are over. We just landed Sean Henn. Did you see him in state of grace or U-Turn?? Hes going to shake things up! Mark it!

Sean Henn saved me when i was trapped during Katrina. Now hes going to save the Orioles. Bless him.

Hello to all you MLB newbies with something to say about the O's trading for some minor-leaguer you've never heard of: There are six-plus teams in an MLB organization, and with the regular turnover of injuries and moves it takes something approaching 200 players to keep it all going. Many of these will never be big-league players. The players know it, the coaches know it, the front-office knows it. So they brought in some guy. That doesn't mean Mc Phail is giving up on Tillman or anything. Unless Henn punches out a photographer or something, we can all forget about him. Let it go.

I wonder if he will start dating Madonna again....

Danny in WV

Not true at all buddy. I just read Sean Henn just figured out the ability of stopping time. Also he can throw a pyropitch.

fire anonymous


You set yourself up with this blog. Combine an incredibly bad team with deals like this that get highlighted, and you're sure to get the responses you're seeing. Maybe if this guy had anything resembling decent stats. Fact is though..... just more of the same.

Been some pretty funny post have to admit!

Pete's reply: Absolutely. I think I'll start making up moves like this just for the one-liners and post traffic.

According to Wikipedia, Sean Henn, a lefty, has had problems at the major league level with pitching and chewing gum at the same time. Rumor has it that MacPhail has decided that Henn and Adam Jones will share a bunk bed next season. Adam's job is to teach Henn how to chew gum, and perhaps teach him how to blow bubbles. Once he becomes a lefty who can pitch and chew gum at the same time Henn will be MLB ready.

Hey Pete,

I am a little confused here. I thought we got our new spring training facility and it’s in Florida not Boston Massachusetts! Also why are we starting spring training in September during an ongoing season of baseball? Oh well at least we got Sean Henn the guy is the ultimate weapon in sports and i loved him in the movie colors.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think Dave Trembley starred in the movie I am Sam with Sean Henn.

I am Sam is the perfect movie to describe the Orioles the last 12 years.

I think it's a trade just to spite you all. Or it's prepping to unload some guys over the winter, either or, but one's more fun.

As for tonight's derby game, someone's point a few weeks ago came to mind. It raises a conflict in me, but at some point someone has to brush some guys back after some of these HR's. Part of me says it makes you look like you're losing composure, but there's no reason to just take it like that over and over. Don't quite go Ozzie Guillen, but it'd make life easier if they weren't so comfortable up there knowing the last place team doesn't want to ruffle any feathers going high and tight on one of the big boys.

Just found a youtube of Sean Henn in action!! Hes pretty damn good.

Pete's reply: That's just wrong.


Major League is on AMC right now. Do they and TBS decide who gets to play it when the O's put one up like they did tonight?

Oh and before I forget, Happy Bday Pete!

Pete's reply: Thanks. they always play well on my birthday.

So when do the Orioles start hiring convicts, mentals and conmen to play? Also can we please get Ponson back for comedy value? I mean might as well... admit it we are not playing for anything for the next few years and he was solid comedy gold.

pretty good when a minor post about a minor league deal generates all the excitement. You could have typed this with your toes for all we know....
But seriously, people getting upset about this is just kind of silly.....

these are the kinds of deals that every team does year round that don't really mean much in the grand scheme of things...

I am quite sure that hernandez will be starting next season in AAA....

It will look like
fill in the blank

I quite like that actually and yes it could lead to .............

Playoffs 2010!!!!!!!!

Go O's!!!!!

bill frederick

Go to a meeting!

The Orioles are the clear-cut World Series winners next season. With a robust lineup Sean Henn puts them over the top. Also the starting pitching rotation has many great names and young players to start in the pen and slowly move to starting. Its going to be great and if you believe what I am saying you need to go to the loony bin ASAP!

jeez, you go get a lefty to help you limp into the offseason and they wanna think it's part of the rebuilding plan. c'mon, you know better than that, I hope. Who would you folks like to have running the show?

Who do you think could have come in here and tidied up the place in a couple of years?The place was in shambles.

And stop with the Davey Johnson crap already. Enough. You think he has the patience for these young players? I could see him now taking his last shot at managing and trying to win it all with a bunch of twenty somethings still needing to prove themselves. Father Davey coachin' em up. That's a laugh. There are veterans on this team that just are not fit for every day play. Imagine that scene?

Mock DT and AM all you want.
It can't be easy sitting in that dugout watching what's happening on that field almost every night. And it takes a lot of courage to stay the course and build an organization without taking the easy way out. At least now you get the feeling that they know what the hell a ballplayer looks like.
I know, all PA has to do is spend his way back to respectability. Name some names, put some numbers to those names, then see if that number gets that guy here.Not. Let's be real. Even if the O's are offering equal or more, if a player is coming into the AL East today, he's headed north. Or maybe you'd feel better complaining that he spent too much on the wrong guy cause that's the only guy that would come here, and they need somebody, right? Let it go. This is the deal.

Sean Henn T-shirt night has already been announced for September 7, 2010 so mark it on your calendar its going to be a two bagger awesome night baby!!!


Also this just in September 10, 2010 Sean Henn’s father, high school coach, and priest will be on the orioles rounding the bases segment. Also due to the rave review we are brining back our returning champion special guest Ty Wigginigton’s father will be on to talk about nothing again!

Davey Johnson
Second baseman / Manager
Born: January 30, 1943 (1943-01-30) (age 66)
Orlando, Florida
Batted: Right Threw: Right
MLB debut
April 13, 1965 for the Baltimore Orioles
Last MLB appearance
September 29, 1978 for the Chicago Cubs
Career statistics
Batting average .261
Home runs 136
Runs batted in 609
As Player

Baltimore Orioles (1965–1972)
Atlanta Braves (1973–1975)
Yomiuri Giants (1975–1976)
Philadelphia Phillies (1977–1978)
Chicago Cubs (1978)
As Manager

New York Mets (1984–1990)
Cincinnati Reds (1993–1995)
Baltimore Orioles (1996–1997)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1999–2000)

Career highlights and awards
4x All-Star selection (1968, 1969, 1970, 1973)
3x World Series champion (1966, 1970, 1986)
3x Gold Glove Award winner (1969, 1970, 1971)
1973 NL Comeback Player of the Year
1997 AL Manager of the Year

Sean Henn might not be able to pitch and gew gum at the same time, but can he pitch and coach third base at the same time?? That is the question. I think that's what they mean by adding organizational depth.

Scoring Summary
1st D Pedroia homered to left, J Ellsbury scored. 0 2
1st K Youkilis homered to left. 0 3
2nd A Gonzalez homered to left. 0 4
3rd D Pedroia homered to left. 0 5
3rd J Drew homered to right, D Ortiz and J Bay scored. 0 8
6th V Martinez grounded out to first, A Gonzalez scored, J Gathright to third, C Woodward to second. 0 9
7th D Ortiz homered to center. 0 10

Seems like the jesters are out tonight. Funny stuff on this Sean-Henn-Penn thread. Who could take this stuff too seriously? That this blog is a daily record of a baseball team that loses is something to contemplate. It's got sarcasm, gallows humor, outrage, inanity, stats freaks, hero worshippers, lifelong fans, smart-ass newbies, and more. A five-star menu.

Pass the gravy, Pete

is that the series he won all by himself when the ball went under that guys glove?
Please, for the love of God, stop.
You don't really think the manager is this team's biggest problem, now do you?

27 (26) Orioles 56-81 The Orioles have won consecutive games just three times in the second half of the season.
28 (27) Pirates 54-81 Ross Ohlendorf, who leads the Pirates in wins, is 4-2 with a 2.70 ERA in the second half.
29 (29) Royals 51-85 Billy Butler is hitting .311 with an .878 OPS since July 1.
30 (30) Nationals 47-90 The Nationals have had three streaks of seven or more losses.

Sean Henn
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Sean Henn

Baltimore Orioles — No. --
Relief pitcher
Born: April 23, 1981 (1981-04-23) (age 28)
Fort Worth, Texas
Bats: Right Throws: Left
MLB debut
May 4, 2005 for the New York Yankees
Career statistics
(through August 24, 2009)
Win-Loss 2-9
Earned run average 7.50
Strikeouts 56
New York Yankees (2005-2007)
San Diego Padres (2008)
Minnesota Twins (2009)

Sean Michael Henn (born April 23, 1981 in Fort Worth, Texas) is a Major League Baseball relief pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles organization.

Henn attended McLennan Community College in Texas, and was drafted in the 26th round in 2000 by the New York Yankees.

[edit] Baseball career
Starting the 2005 season in the minor leagues with the Yankees' Double-A affiliate, the Trenton Thunder, Henn was called up to the Yankees' Triple-A affiliate, the Columbus Clippers. On May 4, he started in the majors in place of Randy Johnson against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He was roughed up, allowing 6 runs (5 earned) in 2.1 innings with 2 walks and no strikeouts. Henn was sent down to the minors, but he was called up to replace an injured Kevin Brown. In his second major league career outing, Henn gave up 5 runs, 4 earned over 4.2 innings, including 7 walks and only 46 strikes over 98 pitches, earning him a second loss. In his third major league outing, which came against the New York Mets, Henn was unable to hold the opposing offense down. Since the Yankees' schedule allowed them to play without a fifth starter, the Yankees sent him back to the Clippers. The roster opening left by Henn's demotion allowed the Yankees to call up Kevin Reese.

In 2006, he was 0-1 in 4 games. In 2007, he beat out Ron Villone in spring training for the final bullpen spot. He threw 4 scoreless innings to begin the regular season. Henn was called up on July 22, 2007, to pitch against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Henn's strikeout in that game would be the last plate appearance by a Yankee pitcher at Yankee Stadium. He was charged with the loss in two pivotal, extra inning games with direct playoff implications against the Angels and Tigers in late August 2007.

In 2008, Henn started the season on the 15-day DL. While on a rehab assignment with Scranton, the Yankees designated him for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster. On May 9, Henn was claimed off waivers by the San Diego Padres. On June 2, he was sent outright to Triple-A. In December 2008, he signed a minor league contract with the Minnesota Twins. The Twins called him up on May 19 to fill the roster position left open by Glen Perkins being placed on the disabled list. He was outrighted back to the minor leagues on July 2.

On September 8, 2009 Henn was traded to the Baltimore Orioles.

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DID YOU MEAN sean penn ?!!

thanks fanboy

Rachel Phelps: I think he'll fit right in with our team concept.
Charlie Donovan: That reminds me, I was going to ask you. What exactly *is* our team concept?

Let's quit messing around. Rotation for next year:
1. Guthrie
2. J. Johnson
3. Bergesen
4. Matusz
5. Tillman

The O's need to stop pretending they can get by with a marginal rotation. Put your best arms out there and let the chips fall.



Johnson is the only shed of respectability in the pen as sad as that is I don’t think he can be a starter. If anything maybe he will go back to 8th inning setup duty when we get somebody more comfortable with the closer role.

Oh well. Just another player in the "has been/never was/never will be" column. Hard to fathom what the reason for this so-called deal was, since Henn certainly has shown that he's not a major league caliber pitcher, and has had plenty of time to develop. It's also becoming apparent that Tampa Bay's season last year was mostly an abberation. After watching tonight's game, it's pretty obvious that unless the O's spend major dollars and make some blockbuster deals this off-season, it's going to be impossible to contend in this division even for a season, much less a regular basis. I keep hearing the excuse that "we're in the toughest division in baseball", but we're always going to be there, and unless Angelos steps up and starts realizing that we need not only top of the line pitching, but also massive offensive support, all of the "rebuilding" will go for naught.

Let's waste Johnson as an 8th inning guy for the rest of his career. Maybe the Cardinals should move Adam Wainwright back to the bullpen, they could use a set-up guy. Oh wait, he is leading the majors in wins.

Barry, I am getting my tickets now for Sean Henn T-shirt Tuesday, but the fact Wiggy's Dad will be there, is icing on the cake!

Pete, happy birthday to you. I hope you had a better night than the O's.

There is only one person that can lead the O's back into contention. Only one person who is tough enough to get these so called men to play the game the right way. Kate Gosselin!!!!!

Next year, coming to OPACY, it's MASN's new reality show about what happens when you take the world's toughest Mom, the O's greatest pitcher, Jim Palmer and put them together in a 162 episode series entitled: Kate and Cakes Plus Eight.

I know there are nine guys on the field, but Wiggy doesn't count.

MASN------Be There 2010!!!!!

Cameron does raise a good point but I have to think Johnson is needed more in the bullpen. Supposedly, the O's are deep in starting pitchers (Bergy, Matusz, Guthrie, Tillman, Arrieta) but there is nothing of note in the bullpen.

Only a 7.50 era? Just when you thought the O's weren't committed to improvement.

Only a 7.50 era? Just when you thought the O's weren't committed to improvement.

Wah-Wah-Wah. Unbelievable that a minor leaguer to fill out AAA next year can trigger such dispare.

Can't everyone remember it was never about THIS year but 2011. Because of the excellerated arrivals we have hope for 2010. Wait for the winter trades. Remember the valuable experience that our new arrivals are getting. We have a young solid outfield and catcher. Also a solid middle infield. Matusz and Tillman will be much better next year. Guthrie may regain his form as a 3rd starter. That is much better than last years outlook.

If you thought Wieters would really hit .400 with 40 home runs I understand how realistic your outlook and expectations are. Or maybe you just get your kicks out of beating a dead horse.

This years Orioles remind me of monty python movies

Kate Gosselin is hard as nails compared to fat captain kirk but she is too expensive for Angelos to swallow. Also she might demand accountability that’s something this team dodges with a vengeance.

Everyone points to Hernandez and Daniel Cabrera's minor league statistics and swears that they are not the same. Well, if you compare major league statistics and outcomes, they are the same (i.e. you can not win with either). Knowing the Orioles however, they'll keep him 7 years before dumping him to some team which will dump him after 7 starts.

People, You are making way too much out of this minor trade. I hear he does not even have a locker in Norfolk, he has a duffel bag hanging next to Andy Mitchel's locker.

Because I live in Vt. I look forward to the O's playing the Sox because I can get good reception on the Sox broadcasts. Last night I tuned in a little late, just in time to hear Joe C. staring the 4th say "The Red Sox have five hits, all home runs, and they got 3 walks, all of which scored on those 5 home runs" I didn't even let him finish the sentence, I just turned the radio off and looked for a book to read. Will this season just end please.

CB Coach

I heard he is a vampire and can only play night games

I heard that he started a underground fight club, hes mental and sleeps one hour a night!!

Kate and Cakes Plus Eight. LOL!!!!

Has anyone heard of the new Ponson reality show? Uber Ponage?

Funny- I am sure Trembley is thrilled that the executive team came up with a guy that has the celebrity value of Sean Henn. I am sure DT will welcome him with open arms and let Sean know how much he loved in Fast Times! Hey bud, what's your problem?

Where is Andy Mitchell?? The guy is 11-5! Oh, I forgot, we're trying to make to 100 games. My bad.

Hopefully the player to be named later will be Sean Henn.

We should punish the Red Sox by resigning Daniel Cabrerra so he can hit 4 or 5 batters while actually trying to throw strikes. He would at least glare at the hitters when they celebrated after hitting 450 foot home runs off of him.

He also kept everybody loose, including the umpire and the fans in the first few rows.

D'Cab, where are you when we need you? Our current pitchers are sniveling wussies compared to you.

Hey Pete,

How about a blog about that game last night? Since we don't write blogs when the O's play a 'rival' AL team. I'm sure you can find some positives we can harp on even from a 10-0 loss.

Pete's reply: Sorry, I just couldn't do it. I think Hernandez threw a good breaking ball in the third inning, but I was getting a Diet Coke out of the fridge and missed it.

Hi Slugger,

Positives from last night
1. The medical team has informed the Orioles executives that the pitchers will only suffer whiplash effects for only a few days, however it may take Hernandez 5 days, but they have concern it will reoccur.
2. The game only lasted 2 hours 42 minutes
3. Fiorentino, is hitting .500 now after having a hit last night
4. Turner matched Mora's stats, so he is proving himself ready to play, every day
5. The Orioles were only 0-4 with runners in scoring position
6. Wieters had two hits
7. Sarfate was able to get the triple A late inning subs in order for a scoreless 8th inning

Tough game to watch. My digital recorder was so upset it deleted the game on its own.

This season gets stranger and stranger. Last night the Orioles don’t even show up to Fenway but manage to conduct spring training all over the place. We acquire Sean Penn and the Ripken statue gets stolen. What else could possibly go wrong for this team? Its just funny at this point…

Looking for a silver lining in the Orioles situation including last night's game reminds me of a story once told by Ross Perot:

It seems that farmer walked in the barn to find his 10 year old son on his hands and knees furiously digging through a huge mound of horse crap.

When the father asked the boy what he was doing the boy, still digging frenetically replied, "Daddy with all this horse crap here, I just know there must be a pony in there somewhere".

Word on the street is that Peter is focusing his powers of spin, happy, and misinformation to the max to justify this new pathetic loss.

Pete's reply: Yes, that's true, but I fell asleep.

There is an all hands meeting today for the media at the Warehouse. AM and PA want to get damage control first hand. LOL

Sean Henn, Sean Penn, Hayden Penn...who the heck cares any more. These idiotic trades are non-sensical & are made just for the sake of looking like this Front Office is more pro-active than the last 3.
I wouldn't be surprised at this point to see McPhail try to sign William Penn in his next move.
Maybe there's a chance the Rays will drive Bradford back to Baltimore & drop him off at Boog's on their way out of NY. Stay tuned...Andy is dealin' now!

Why is everyone freaking out about this insignificant deal? They're shutting down 40% of the starting rotation: they're going to need someone to pick up the slack. Would you say the right move is to pay $200 mil to the Yankees to buy away Sabathia to cover for the rest of September? Come on! The O's need bullpen depth for the next few weeks. This guy's cheap and good enough for the purpose. Every move doesn't have to be a blockbuster!


Take it back!! Take it back man. Did you see Sean Penn in Mystic River? He was such a badass he got Tim Robbins character to take responsibility for crimes he didn’t even commit!

It doesn’t matter how many bullpen guys you trade for and call up. If they are burned out and or of marginal talent you could have 5 or a million its all the same.


The jokers that attempted to steal the Ripken statue were going to hold it for ransom until the team finally trades for some talent!!

Sean Henn was asked today about his new role with the Orioles and he said it reminded him of his movie Dead Man Walking.

I wonder if the Ripken statue thieves Matthew Rayner, 20, of Essex; Jason Stoneberner, 19, of Essex; Patrick Reynolds, 18, of Essex; and Gary Parker, 19, of Southeast Baltimore ever post on this blog

It is all good. These kind of moves, makes it fun. Watch Henn do well, and the Orioles look like geniuses. If he fails it is just called filler for 2009. So no one will lose on getting this guy. One thing for sure, he will keep Weiters in shape when he pitches, considering he is as wild as a pitcher can be. Wilder than Stevie Wonder, if he was on the mound.

I've wondered that myself Walt. Guess [Andy Mitchell's] ERA isn't high enough and he hasn't given up enough HR's.

Posted by: Inquiring Minds Want To Know | September 9, 2009 9:19 AM


Actually, Mitchell's ERA is 5.24 and he's given up 13 home runs in 113 innings.

So really, his ERA is high enough and he has givne up enough HR's...


An ERA of 5.24 in the minors is pretty good for the orioles. Hes ready for the call up.

C'mon O's, we are looking for a feelgood story like Andy Mitchell to get us through the last few weeks and you trade for this guy Henn? So Trembley can have another lefty-matchup guy? Let Mitchell come up, get knocked around a bit, then live the rest of his life.

Are the Orioles really saying he isn't good enough to pitch out of their bullpen?


Nice to see you. Didn't know you were part of the pessimistic crowd here:

Jake Arrieta: 3.42 ERA in AA/AAA
Brandon Erbe: 3.76 ERA in A+/AA
Steve Johnson: 2.84 ERA in AA
Cole McCurry: 2.71 ERA in A
Zach Britton: 2.70 ERA in A+

I'm sure I could find some more, but I think you get the picture.

It's really okay to be excited about the future of this team. No one is going to hurt you.

I bet Trembley is in love with this 20 man bullpen. Yesterday he was nothing but smiles even while getting shutdown hahahha

I think it was a birthday present to himself to just open the forum for you guys to relish in defeat a little longer with no moderation.

After last night though, maybe Pie wasn't who Samuel was talking about afterall. Feel bad for Hernandez a little since there are no more minor leagues now to hide in for a couple weeks.

20 pitchers on the roster at the moment. If we're lucky the starter can give us 3 innings and then just an out each for the relievers.

Pete's reply: I was entitled to take my birthday off, but chose instead to write a Ravens column and just answer some of the mail. Sorry for only a couple of blog posts, but the response to that one-paragraph mini-move may inspire me to similar slothful behavior in the future.


~~The fact that the O's have noone in the system that they can bring up and learn anything about speaks volumes about the lack of nearly major league ready talent.~~

Thabjs for putting your IQ in your screen name. No one in the system to bring up? How many rookies have come up to Baltimore this year? 8? 9? BUt no one to bring up for a look because the system has so little talent? And this posted within 24 hours of Turner, Waters, et al being called up? Rant all you want (and this thread shows that you will) but dont say stupid things and not expect to be called on it.


~~First off, I expect Schmuck to dis my comments, 'cause I called him on his lack of admitting the real problem being PA. Pete, until recently, you defended PA and AM, suggesting that we (Orioles) are just a sneeze away from contending.~~

At the risk of bieng called a Scmuck, your post deserves to be dissed. He has blamed PA when appropriate and has defended him when appropriate. Much more honest and balanced than you appear capable of being. Same with AM. And he has never said we were a sneeze away from competing, literally or figuratively. He has said the path we are on has improved our chances of competing in the future. I dont know how you define "a sneeze away" but I dont recall him saying the team would compete in the AL East this year or next year. He has commented on the process and the direction, not predicted the timetable, from what I have seen.

Pete's reply: Thanks for the help. You are correct about my comments on The Plan. I've said over and over that I don't know if it will work -- especially in the AL East -- but don't see another approach that has a better chance. Nobody can give the fans back the last 12 seasons, but getting out of this mess is going to take some time. I'm just hoping the team makes a couple of moves that make it possible for the rotation to shore up, which might make the team much more competitive next year.

Happy B-day, Pink Richard!

They need to shutdown Luke Scott for the rest of the year, his ABs are putting me in a slump :-(

The O's brought all this hoopla about Sean Henn on themselves. This is such a minor deal that it shouldn't even have reached the media. My team keeps shooting the itself in the foot.

"Look at this &@#king guy!"

7.50 era... He will fit right in... you can't have to many of those guys...

No apologies needed Pete. It was quite fun watching the natives get restless. They ranted all they could and then it turned to Jon & Kate for a while. Actually, that was a little weird.

I was thinking though if you did want to buy some time, you could do a quick pre-game post on nights you won't be posting much during the game. Chum the waters so to speak.

I think it's 'kind of silly' of MacPhail to waste his time picking up other teams' retreads/washouts-such as Henn, Lambert,etc. He should be making moves that will actually improve the team, to the point that we don't constantly be embarrassed like we were last night.
If they don't have a chance of even making the O's pitching staff and are being used as minor league fill-ins,then why bother? I always thought the minors was primarily a place for our young pitchers to develop.

Pete's reply: Why bother? Because it's hard to get through a minor league season with a five-man pitching staff. They've brought up a lot of players and have to fill a lot of rosters. Every team does this. It's not like MacPhail is going to acquire anybody of note in September. This guy is a space filler.

What Pete said.

Oh Lucky,defender of Schmuck! the fact that you mentioned Chris Waters as part of calling me out is pretty damn funny.Turner?
Position players called up: Reimold, Weiters. Can I not count Salazar?
Bunch of pitchers, true.
What I was saying if you actually read the entire sentence was that Wigginton, Mora and Scott will get significant playing time, and if the O's had anyone at those positions that they felt might be major league ready they might be up here getting that time. Scott has hit 170 since the break, and Mora's numbers speak for themselves.

Pete's reply: Hey, what's wrong with defending Schmuck. I'm all for that. You're right that there aren't players to fill first and third right now, but that isn't evidence that the Plan isn't working. Nobody has a major league ready player at every position in the minor leagues. They need to acquire somebody good to fill one of those corner positions, and maybe push somebody up a little early (June or July) for the other.

If I missed what you intended to say Jim, I apologize. Rereading it now I dont see it any differently but I take your word on what you meant to say.

lot about you

lot about you

lot about you

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