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September 10, 2009

O's campaign for Reimold

The Orioles public relations department has sent out a release making a case for outfielder Nolan Reimold to be the American League Rookie of the Year, based on the fact that he leads all AL rookies in batting average (.274), home runs (14), on-base percentage (.364) and slugging percentage (.461). Not bad for a guy who didn't make the Opening Day roster.

The club makes the case that over the last 25 years, only four American League players have led their rookie class in four of the five major offensive stats (RBI is the only category Reimold doesn't lead), and all four of them -- Tim Salmon, Nomar Garciaparra, Ben Grieve and Evan Longoria -- won the Rookie of the Year Award.

Trouble is, none of Reimold's actual numbers are going to jump out at voters, who probably will bypass Reimold and White Sox rookie Gordon Beckham in favor of one of the three rookie pitchers who are likely to end up with 14 or 15 wins. Tampa Bay starter Jeff Niemann, who is 12-5 with a 3.57 ERA and still figures to get four or five more starts, would likely win the award if the voting took place today, but Ricky Romero and Rick Porcello also have 12 wins and a chance to improve on that.

The selection already has taken place for the Orioles' top minor league awards. Brian Matusz has been named Minor League Pitcher of the Year and Brandon Waring has been named Minor League Player of the Year. You can read the particulars in Dan Connolly's story right here.

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Sorry O's

If a rookie pitcher wins 15 games, with an era under 4, he's the slam dunk choice for ROTY.

There can be a debate, but it would be ridiculous. Homers have to sit back and use their heads - at times!

It has to go to one of the pitchers this year ... and don't forget Andrew Bailey of Oakland. He's been their closer all year and is 6-3, 2.06 ERA, 23 SV, 79 K in 74 IP, 0.94 WHIP. And he was an All-Star this year.

wayne -

Reimold obviously has no shot at ROY, but I'm not too sure about your "15 wins, sub-4.00 ERA = ROY" argument...

O's fans in particular should know that that's not always the case:

2002: Rodrigo Lopez - 15 wins, 3.57 ERA, 2nd place in ROY voting



However, how many of those wins were out of the pen? There's a difference with the rookie starters from this year. Quite remarkable actually!

Not to mention, Eric Hinske (who won) had big rookie stats that year.

No comparison to the rookie pitchers this year and Reimold (not to take anything away from him).

wayne -

Completely forgot that Rodrigo pitched out of the pen to start the '02 season. Four of his 15 wins came in relief.


I try to listen for you on WBAL, but the signal seems to be weaker and there is more static. Is that just me or is it the station? Did WBAL weaken their signal? I live in Harford County.

Pete's reply: I'll have to check into that. I don't think there has been any change in the signal.

The Orioles have a PR Department?


As usual you are talking through your butt, but let me enlighten you before you continue to make a fool of yourself.

In 1960 Chuck Estrada, an Oriole rookie pitcher won 18 games with an ERA of 3.58 Incidentally Wayne, I saw him pitch.

His teammate, Ron Hansen, won the Rookie of the year award, while batting .255 with 22 home runs.

I am really tired of your shtick, Wayne. There are those of us out here who have forgotten more about baseball than you will ever know.

Why don't you go take another imaginary tour while sitting in front of your TV drinking a beer.

whether he wins or doesn't win- do you think he automatically is the starting left fielder for the o's in april 2010?

Pete's reply: I would think so, though I'm sure a lot of people would like to see him try first base, which would solve at least one problem. It would either make room for Pie or one of the top bats in the free agent market. There are some outfielders.

Hey Gil,

As Sgt. Hulka once famously said: "Lighten up Francis"

I was with you wayne until the homers part. No one even said something worthy of calling us out pre-emptively.

I think Reimold has the disadvantage of being on a losing team and the battle between the pitchers gets them more attention too. If he broke 20 HR's though, I think he'd have had a really good chance. Voters dig the long ball.

Sorry everyone that this post is so long... I was inspired to articulate my views on the state of the O's based on comments from many naysayers, on this blog and others, specifically about how many national media outlets bash the O's front office. So if anyone is interested, here is my take on the Orioles' season and current situation:

In my opinion, the bashing of the O's front office by the national media is just an easy bull's-eye for anyone to throw... not necessarily aimed at the current front office, but the way the team has been run the last 10-12 years. It is very easy to take aim and categorize the organization as a total "loser" based on the fact of 12 losing seasons in a row.

However, I would think that any comments like this pertain to the entire 12 years of futility, not necessarily to only the past 2 years of trying to construct the Tower of Babel out of 7 bricks and 3 pints of beer.

I am well aware of [the negative] views on the "reconstruction" project of Andrew, and I'm not here to try and change [anyone's] mind. However, I would not call this endeavor a failure unless 2 years from today, we are still not able to compete with the Sox and Yanks, and he still has not signed any impact free agents. If that is the case, he will not have a job beyond the end of the 2011 season.

Let's face it... half of the 2009 season has been played with former major league cast-offs, and the other half with rookies who in a deeper organization would probably have spent the entire year in AA or AAA. Despite being depleted by promotions, our farm teams have had very good records this season. Which tells me that there are more prospects on the way to take the place of those who do not pan out.

To me, the way these youngsters have come up and competed and showed their level of talent makes this abysmal season worth it. This never would have happened 2-3 years ago, because all of these guys would have been traded for over-the-hill losers. Joe Jordan has to be given an enormous amount of credit for working so hard to draft and develop quality players. And the experience gained by the rookies in the majors this year will provide an incalculable advantage moving into next year. The "loser culture" is hopefully on the way out, as all of these young players have experienced winning on their journey up through the farm system.

I'm not saying we're in a perfect position, but we are so much better off than 2 years ago. Let's all hope that a couple off-season moves are made to help us (considering that the free-agent class isn't very inspiring) and the young O's come out firing on all cylinders next April. Next year we should hopefully be able to compete for a .500 record. If not, the doubts will start to fly from all directions and Andrew better have something up his sleeve or he won't last another year.

Reimold, Wieters, Bergesen, Tillman, Matusz, Jones, Markakis, Snyder, Bell, Turner, Roberts, Izturis, et. al. provide me plenty of reason to be excited about the possibilities for next year and beyond.

Pete's reply: Speaking for everyone, I think, I hope you're right because I don't want to sit through another season like this.

I agree with Jeff in that this team is in a far better position now than just two years ago. However, they are far from being a .500 team as they are currently put together. I don't think full seasons from Tillman, Bergesen and Matusz improve this team by 15-20 games unless they get help for the middle of the lineup, 1B and 3B, the rotation and the bullpen. The O's are still gonna face the Yanks and Red Sox 36 times, how many of those are they going to win after winning what 6 or 7 this season?

I really do think that Nolan has a legitimate shot at the ROY. But the only thing that might hurt his chances are the Os record (in which it shouldn't matter). If he does win, it would cap a very promising season. Best of luck to Nolan!

I am very pleased with Reimold's debut this season, and he had a great rookie year, but no way he wins the award.
Being on a bad team doesn't help him any, and his numbers, while quite good, are hardly spectacular in comparison to the young pitchers.


Well said, however I do not think MacPhail's work will be recognized until he is gone, just like the old regime. You mentioned the two totally different teams this year the one with guys like Eaton and Hendrickson in the rotation and the second half that included all the rookies. Fact is that everyone knew this was a mistake to bring in guys like Eaton, really his track record has gone off the charts (in a bad way) the last several years, Hendrickson has never had much success as a starter, Koji had not started in a few years and Simon even though he pitched one great game in 2008 had not had a proven season. I think that was the biggest mistake that the executives made. Andy most likely will not be here after 2010. I would add that there was a lot of bad luck along the way for the past executives, and the following would have probably made a pretty good staff if not for that luck, or lack of effort;

1. Ponson and his desire to party instead of working out.
2. Beddard and his physical problems
3. Loewen and his bad arm
4. Spoone and his arm
5. Chris Britton ate his way out of any future
6. Daniel Cabrera who had a 10 million dollar arm and a ten cent head, how are you going to judge that with a radar gun

Also please remember the following players were drafted by the old upper level management regime;
1. Nick Markakis
2. Nolan Reimold
3. Matt Wieters
4. Brian Roberts
5. Jeff Fiorentino
6. Brad Bergesen
7. David Hernandez
8. Jason Berken
9. Chorye Spoone
10. Brandon Erbe
11. Jake Arrieta
12. Chris Ray

What I am saying here, is that sometimes you do not see the fruits of your work for sometime. Really every team goes through this. We just made choices sometimes that although they looked good on paper, they never reached their potential,; like Matos and Bigbie.

But lets be realistic, look how long it took some of these guys to get here. The Orioles cannot possibly compete with the current team. Bullpen is up and down, the starting rotation does not have enough experience and the Orioles lack a major run producer. I like the players that are up here. But something has to be done to put a winner on the field.

I do not like to point fingers or place blame on one person. The fact is all the Orioles past upper level executives were pretty good. You see them spread out in Major League Baseball. Andy MacPhail has been in baseball all his life, he is smart enough to know the clubs strengths and shortcomings. If the right starters are available, a good power hitter and a lights out reliever is available this year, it is time to change the plan, if not we will keep hovering at the bottom of the division. .


You seriously are a rude person.

The way you call out certain people who don't agree with you has become very tired.

Wayne's actually a breath of fresh air on these blogs. He holds the team accountable while still supporting them with his wallet.

I actually looked at these post and he actually didn't say anything for you to go off the way you did. Let's see, I guess his saying a rookie starting pitcher with 15 wins and an era below 4 is just crap. Excuse me? What would we be saying if one of our rookie's had such a year? We wouldn't even be talking Reimold for the award. Do you ever listen to anyone but yourself?

No one cares about your 1960 reference Gil. It was a different time, and different era. The game has changed dramatically (neither good or bad - just different in many ways). The fact that you had to dig that deep though, just to attempt to call wayne out, just makes you an old, nothing better to do, loser.

So keep acting like you're the 'source' for all baseball knowledge Gil. Live your frustrations out on these blogs all you want..... But just leave those that actually have something to say alone.


I was tired of Wayne's bloviating know it all style. Maybe I did go off a little, but he made a declarative statement and was simply wrong on the facts. I did not call Wayne any names{like you just called me} I attacked his style, which is nauseating at best.

Have a nice day.

Sorry O's

If a rookie pitcher wins 15 games, with an era under 4, he's the slam dunk choice for ROTY.

Posted by: wayne | September 10, 2009 5:54 PM

Yes, just like when Rodrigo Lopez won ROY in 2002. Ohhh...wait.....

Oops, looks like 15 others already made that point. My mistake.

Reimold has been mighty impressive this year- especially the OPS (higher than Jones'). Despite his production, he's still a long shot to win simply because of the team he plays for. :(

BTW, Pete, read your stir crazy post yesterday. I have just one word for you- FUDDRUCKERS!!!

Pete - glad to hear you are almost done with the house arrest. When you come back to Calvert St. (I work next door) I'll buy you I nice big salad at the Sun's cafe. Good stuff!

Pete's reply: I appreciate that. Be back soon.

Grumpy old man- I live in Harco too... I get awful reception here and there, but mostly when driving past Wawa stations. Its wierd, like they put something in the air.

If the O's had any savvy, they would ( once he gets beyond his ailment ) immediately grooming the talented Reimold to play 1st base. This would open LF for Pie - something I never thought I'd hear myself utter after his disastrous early season start.


I live in Harford also and it has gotten worse over the past few months. It's really bad if you are driving on a road that's lined with telephone poles.
The signal doesn't get better until I get to to around the Rte. 152 exit of I-95.
Something had definitely changed with how they are transmitting the signal. It happened about the time that WBAL-TV was petitioning for a stronger antenna for their digital TV.

If Reimold could have kept socking Homers like he was early on and the O's weren't headed for 104 losses and he had 25+ HRs, he would have it wrapped up.

Damon -

ROY has nothing to do with what team the rook plays for.

Jason Jennings won the 2002 NL ROY on a 4th place team.

Jason Bay won the 2004 NL ROY on a 5th place team.

Hanley Ramirez and Ryan Zimmerman were 1st and 2nd in NL ROY voting in 2006 and they were on the 4th and 5th place teams in the NL East. Dan Uggla and Josh Johnson finished 3rd and 4th in the voting that season.

The only Award that should have anything to do with where the player's team finishes is the MVP Award. And to remedy MVP Awards going to amazing players on bad teams, MLB should create a Player of the Year Award.

Completely unrelated (and entirely insane), but here's how to make this team competitive in 2010...

Sign two players: Matt Holliday and John Lackey.


Great post, Jeff.

The Orioles need to lock up Joe Jordan to a long term contract.

The Orioles had another losing season for the following reasons:
1. Scott, Jones & Huff contributed absolutely nothing to the offense during the second half of the season.
2. The team had rookies starting over something like 80 games, after begining the season with hacks like Hendrickson and Eaton in the rotation. You can't win consistently with that type of starting pitching.
3. When you don't have any decent starters, the bullpen blows up in time.
4. When you don't have a big run producer or producers, you don't win close games. Hence, you lose 100 games.
5. You also can't win when you have a 3rd baseman who only hits 7 home runs and drives in 40 runs while playing a power position.
6. You can say what you want about Trembley, but Abner Doubleday couldn't have kept this team from losing 100 games.
With that said, the young guys got a lot of experience this year that should pay off next year. With the pitching, if you think back to the Atlanta Braves, Schmoltz and Glavin got hit around pretty good at the begining of their careers while they were learning to pitch in the majors, then settled down to be outstanding. Hopefully we will see that with Tillman and Matusz, etc.
I support MacPhail because I think he is on the right track. However, if the club doesn't spend the money to get a front line starter and a run producer to play 3rd base during this off season, I will change my opinion.

When will the O's start the press release for their other candidates for end of the year honors?

AL MVP: Wiggy

AL Manager of the Year: DT

We would've won 3B Coach of the Year with Juan, but sadly they don't have that award.

How bad must David Pauley be that he isn't getting a shot to start when almost half the rotation is being shut down?

Does anyone know how many innings a pitcher can pitch before he's dis-qualified for Roy? Have Bergeson Tillman & Matusz pitched too many innings to qualify for ROY next year.

If the O's had a legit power hitter in the lineup, Riemold would have seen better pitches, they same goes for Markakis. Having a couple power bats in the lineup, would help everyone in the lineup see better pitches.(obviously)

Getting Dan Uggla would go a long way for the O's having an on the field/vocal leader.

I would be hesistant to trade any of the O's young pitching because; pitching in the AL East is the toughest. The O's need to find out who is head strong enough to compete here, and the Yankees and the Redsox are not changing their ways.

As painful as it might be, I would wait at least until the July 31st, 2010. With a logjam of outfielders and what appears to be an abundance of infield prospects, I'm hoping this is where a trade is made.

Pete's reply: The answer is definitely yes on Bergesen. He's eligible this year, but not next. The question remains open with the other two, since the limit is 50 innings. If Matusz makes only one more start, he'll remain eligible. Tillman will lose next year's ROY eligibility if he pitches more than 3 2/3 innings tonight. Good question.


Lopez isn't a good example due to his winning at least 4 games that year out of the pen. Damon, you certainly understand the difference in winning 15 games as a starter, right?

And Gil, I only indicated that it's a slam dunk argument. I didn't say it's never been you so eloquently noted of nearly 50 years ago.

Pete and others, I appreciate you having my back. Really though, it's not necessary. I don't occasionally post to see my name in print or to shove my opinions down anyone's throat.

As someone who has supported this team for years, at home and on the road, I simply feel it therapeutic at times to give feedback on the team.

If i'm wrong about this team possibly being the worst in O's history, so be it! If I'm wrong in thinking they should be spending in the middle of the pack, instead of where they are, so be it! If I'm wrong is suggesting that DT doesn't stand a chance with the teams he's forced to field, so be it!

They're only my opinions - shared by many other loyal O's fans who come to the park most nights in support of this team.

The fact that people like Gil feel differently is likely why Peter S blogs in the first place.... to give fans a voice. The fact that some voices are mean spirited, jealous or as you put it Pete, rude....simply comes with the territory.

Anyway, I'll be heading to Yank stadium in a couple hours, although the weather is currently terrible. The huge buzz in town is if Derek will get the hit that surpasses all in Yankee history. Will be interesting to see how Tillman handles the electric atmosphere.

Yep no reason to watch tonights game unless you want to be apart of Yankee record breaking and watch Jeterness

yo, guys like gil. you need to chill out. instead of bashing certain styles, how about adding something to the blog. i actually find your opinions very ill founded, yet it's cool because you're entitled to your opinion.

give the yanks fans what they give us when they come to baltimore wayne. you're right on with your points by the way. it's just too bad people only hear what they want to hear. and hey slugger......keep it coming man!

chris -

Pitchers are considered rookies through the season in which they reach 50 innings.

Matusz: 37.2 innings
Tillman: 46.1 innings

I think it's safe to say that, unless he gets absolutely shelled, Tillman won't be eligible for the 2010 ROY Award after tonight.


The Orioles are a bad team and have the money to spend to make it better. I have been a supporter of the rebuilding plan and have stated on numerous occasions that Macphail is doing all of the right things so far.

I said only yesterday that I want to hear Peter Angelos and Andy Macphail state that next year the Orioles are playing to win. Not 2011, 2012, or 2013. Next Year. They may not win but the Organization needs to start acting like they want to, otherwise they are planning to lose again. Without the infusion of outstanding proven talent there is no assurance the the rebuliding plan will ever work.

I have been a Baltimore fan for 55 years but I am not a Kool Aid Drinker, nor am I a fan of Peter Angelos. He is directly responsible for the 10 lost seasons we experienced during which time the scouting and minor league systems were allowed to deteriorate to nearly the worst in baseball.

I think he hired Andy Macphail to take the heat off himself in case the rebuilding plan fails. He can then say he tried.

If no major trades or free agent acquisitions are made by the Orioles this offseason the fan base will further erode. And it will mean that the organization is planning to lose again next year. That is just unnaceptable.

My company has invested for years in the Orioles and the Ravens, before that the Colts. The only people who ever call me for Oriole tickets anymore are my out of town clients who want to fly in to see the Yankees or Red Sox. I can't give Oriole tickets away to my own employees. That is pathetic.

The past 10+ years have been sad times for Orioles fans. We absolutely stink. We can only hope this ship turns around next year.

I do not get it. Why do you want to groom Reimold for first base, he actually is a good outfielder with a strong arm.

As far as the Rookie of the year is concerned. Unless Reimold has a real strong finish, I do not see it. Like what he has done, but the numbers do not support it. That is okay though do not look at this as that important just go back in the last ten years and see how many former Rookie of the Year players have had impact and are out of the league already.

Just glad that he is in the running, and so many of the fans support and need that.

Reimold may have a future but it ain't as ROY. The stink-O's are looking down the barrel of another 3 game obscene butt kicking at the hands of a team that actually tries to win. The way the season closes the O's probably will lose 100+. Hey, you gotta be good at something even if it's losing.

Awesome post Wayne! When will you will on 1057 the fan? I doubt they'd let you on, due to the O's calling the shots there, but you'd be huge!

I cant wait to watch the Jeter lovefest tonight....

CB -

Actually, ROYs from the past ten years have been pretty strong. Several of them are perennial All Stars and Award candidates. And only two of them (both relief pitchers) are no longer in the bigs...

NL: Geovany Soto, Ryan Braun, Hanley Ramirez, Ryan Howard, Jason Bay, Dontrelle Willis, Jason Jennings, Albert Pujols, Rafael Furcal, Scott Williamson

AL: Evan Longoria, Dustin Pedroia, Justin Verlander, Huston Street, Bobby Crosby, Angel Berroa, Eric Hinske, Ichiro, Kaz Sasaki, Carlos Beltran

Not a bad class.

Talk about some Kool Aid drinking. People defending wayne because other people call him out all the time. I mean his first comment to this post basically calls some fans braindead idiots, but when someone takes offense to it they're the mean spirited ones?

OK. Berooa, Hinske, Williamson, and Grieve have not done much of anything. Kaz and Ichiro, it is not really fair considering they were paid professionals for 10 years before they came to the MLB, but they are very good.

And you are correct the others are good.

Gil- great post. that is exactly how it is.

cbcoach- from your list of talented players that were drafted by the old upper level management regime, onlt 2 players would start on most teams.

Roberts was drafted by Frank Wren in 1998.

Markakis drafted in 2003 by the dynamic duo of Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan. They also drafted Reimold (too early to tell) in 2005.

Weieters (too early to tell) was from the fantastic Duquette and Flanagan era.

So the Orioles get one good player every GM.

"Really every team goes through this?"

That is not true. The Orioles ranked 23 in draft talent over the past 10 years.


That is funny too early to tell on Wieters.

I agree that it may be a little early to judge Reimold, but right now you have to say he is a pretty good pick, considering he is in consideration for ROY.

Yes there have been some bust. A lot of teams go through this. You can go through every draft and see players that teams draft high that never play a second in the majors, then you see some like Ripken, a hall of fame guy that was drafted low.

Also Beddard was one of our picks, not a high pick (6th round) but we got Tillman, Jones, Sherrill (now Bell), Mickolio. and I cannot remember the 5th guy.

What I think the old GMs or President of Baseball have done well is draft good pitching over the last five years. Even the SI article points that out. And my point being is that everyone had a hand in those picks, it was not just Beattie and Flanigan, or Duquette and Flanagan or MacPhail. Look closely at what your SI article again, and it is a positive statement.

SI on Orioles: Lowdown: It appears that the bleakest period in the history of a once-proud Orioles system is over with the emergence of outstanding talents in Markakis, Wieters and a dozen live young arms.

EC, Sometimes you do not know exactly what you have when you draft a player for several years. Look at the 2004 draft, of the first 11 players drafted only five have made it to the big leagues at this point. My point was that your success cannot be judged for several years, that is what has happened here and everyone does go through this. And there are a lot of ex Oriole front office management that are spread out in baseball.

Yes the Orioles had their fair share of flops, Smith, Hale and several others, but many teams have that happen to them also. Then you have your failed trades John Maine for Mrs. Benson. It gets ugly sometimes.

The ones Angelos got rid of because of their insistance on having control were fired. Wren (I'm not waiting for Ripken) and Gillick (don't stop by trades) have jobs in baseball because they were good and Angelos disn'y like their independent thought.

Flanagan, Duquette and Beattie aren't in baseball.

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