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September 28, 2009

O's: What it all means

It's hard to hide from the fact that I have said over and over in this space that there was no way the Orioles would lose 100 games this year...and I believed that because it's really, really hard to do. Now, I'll be surprised if they can rebound during the final week of the season to win three of seven games and avoid slipping below the standings equivalent of the Mendoza line.

The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the few teams that has found plenty of ways to lose to the O's this year, but I'm guessing they'll figure things out over the next four games. My crystal ball says the Orioles win one of the four games at Tropicana Field, which means they will have to win two of three against the Blue Jays at Camden Yards this weekend to stop at 99 losses.

What does it all mean? Not much from a nuts-and-bolts perspective. The season has been a total bust from a win/loss perspective and that wouldn't change if the O's won all of their remaining games. That 100th defeat might come with some negative psychological implications, since it's like a big neon sign that tells free agents to steer clear of a doormat franchise, but it really shouldn't change the way anybody looks at the team headed into next season.

The Orioles still have the same reasons to be optimistic about a more competitive 2010, and the same reasons to wonder if they will ever get off the floor in the American League East. They've reached the point where they're probably better off long-term if they beat the Pittsburgh Pirates out of the No. 2 pick in next year's draft, but who really wants to go there? That is the consolation prize of a truly desperate situation.

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Well draft picks are good. The Orioles just had too many injuries, shut downs and bullpen issues to handle the last two months.

Glad you made it back safe!
Hey Pete, Can you delete the book that someone posted two post ago?

I want the O's to get the 2nd pick. They are already 1 game ahead of the Pirates. The games mean absolutely nothing. 100 losses,99 losses or 101 losses who cares?

We should have sat Mora on the bench after he hit his benchmark game at third. Turner should have been there every day to see what he can do. Montanez should have been here on the 1st as he earned the spot before his injury.

At this point I hope the 101 losses can seal the deal for a new skipper in 2010. Hopefully that new one will be John Harbaugh's baseball equivalent, rather than a cheap old retread. Wish Cal wanted the job.

It doesn't really matter whether the Pirates have the #2 pick or not, they always go for cheap over big talent (e.g. Sanchez at #4 this year.)

Baltimore is going to get the #2 talent in the draft come next year.

The O's have had a great year.

Matt Wieters is hitting. Brian Matusz looks like a star in the making, and soon.

They finally had the courage to make a couple of trade-deadline deals for prospects, and may have gotten a starting third baseman out of it.

They didn't make a single foolish free agent signing. Instead, they saved their resources for when spending can make a difference. Which might be as soon as next year, but could be 2011.

If you can't see the difference between this year and the last dozen, then you can't tell the difference between Brooks Fordyce and Matt Wieters.

Welcome back, Pete. Do you know if Guthrie has already been shutdown for the season, too.



Being away must have helped you to see the light (at least a little better) Pete. That's about as negative as I've heard you about the o's....since AM has been here anyway.

No, it doesn't matter how many games the O's lose! All that matters is that they ALWAYS lose more than anyone would hope or predict.

I've been reading your stuff for a long time Pete, and this isn't the only time you've been optimistic about the's just the latest.

Yes, the national media was high on the O's prospects. Now that they've been up here though, many who were praising have totally backed off. Some have started to go the other way in fact.

The biggest difference in this city, compared to others is...... the media has made it so we celebrate if they lose less than 100.

The spin never ends, while John Angelos hangs in NYC, with not a care in the world.... and some in the media know what I speak!

And guys like Section 34.... God Bless! Stay optimistic. That's your right!


Ok Wayne,
instead of being allowed to post your unsubstantiated crap without diligence, I'm gonna call you on everything. Unless you footnote with links and documented attributeable quotes, I'm take what you post as nothing more than the loud mouth rants of one disgruntled person.
Let's start here...
'Now that they've been up here though, many who were praising have totally backed off. Some have started to go the other way in fact.'

Don't do it Wayne.

Let them do their own homework.

I'll give you one though Jimboy.

Last week, Jason Stark, ESPN.... 'the problem with teams like the orioles is that they put most of there stock in prospects. That rarely works, and wasn't the way the Rays built their team, although many like to suggest that's how they did it. Yes, the Marlins accomplished it by wining two world series. No one is saying the Orioles have Marlin type prospects however'.

So check it out Jimmy. Find the exact date yourself, and reprint it in its entirety if you have the guts...

Wayne, good post bro! You shame these idiots with the truth!


Aubrey is going to be at 1B next year. You know it, I know it, anyone with a brain knows it.

He's never had power, and has zero stats in the minors that stick out. Yet, people are falling all over the guy because he's done well in 60 at bats for the O's.

Seriously, it doesn't get any funnier than that. All part of the 'Plan'.

Who was it who said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"?

We had a decade of insanity. Give sanity a chance.


I can see how things got out of control over the weekend. Why don't you lighten up a little bit.? This blog is not life and death and people are entitiled to their opinions without posting a bibliography.

I agree more with Wayne than with you, but I can appreciate your opinion also. I would like share your opinion but the empiracal data and Angelos track record does not support it at this time. No one is required to post their fan bonafides, only their opinions.

When you react like that it shows Wayne that he hit a nerve and he enjoys it.

Winning is all that matters, and I expect the team to plan to win in 2010. If you don't, that's OK too, but don't get upset at my expectations because I want to see results in the standings. The organization is out of goodwill, per se, on their financial statement, and you know what that means.

I refuse to accept the prospect that 90 losses next year is progress and will probably harp on it, and Angelos all winter, so relax. I am just getting warmed up.

Fire 100 losses.

Is there something wrong with me, wanting the O's to win, knowing that as soon as Albers comes in, we will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, that Trembley knows we're going to lose and just doesn't care. He is as good as gone.

You suck Matt Albers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the fukc is Albers still on the team? This pen is a clear and present danger!! All these guys need to be cut.

I agree with Jim (though I don’t think footnotes are necessary).. If he's going to make that claim he at least ought to say who he is referring to.. and it's not my responsibility to "do my homework" to figure out what someone else is talking about... If it's your opinion, that'’s fine... but if you're citing someone else's opinion... tell us who you're talking about and what they said!

Worst pitching in MLB: ERA, Op BA, Op SLG, Op OBA, WHIP.

Again tonight, pitcher who is doing better than average - 3 hits & 1 walk in 6 innings & 85 pitches - is pulled. Seems like we need to keep bringing in relief pitchers until we can find one who will have a bad outing.

Are the orioles trying to set a record for guys left on tonight?? I have no idea what’s with this team maybe they are tanking purposely..

Thanks Al,

Good job by the way - Yes, Stark was just one in the national press.

Here's an idea.... the Sun could do what they do for the Ravens by listing 'What Others Are Saying About The Orioles'.

I mean they reported about the national praise when it was out there, right? Where are the stories now? Pete?

Thing is, they wouldn't dare print the negatives...... See John Angelos for the reasons why.

People, I'm not the enemy. It's about the loses. You type night after night after night, asking why Albers, why this, why that?

It's because these are the Orioles! Albers is an Oriole. He's part of the product, the team.

He's what DT has to throw out there, according to AM's Plan.

How much of this crap from the bullpen can be blamed on the pitching coach? How much on Trembley? How much on the organization? These guys are disgusting. I don't want to hear about "roles." Their role is to throw strikes and get outs! These guys are pathetic.

Ahhhh the orioles are waving the human white flag Denys Baez


I have been a defender of trembley...but this team has a losing mindset and that has to change from the manager. Watching a 188 hitter swing at a marginal 2-0 pitch in the ninth (when a walk would put the tiening run at 2nd with your best hitter coming up) just drives me crazy - okay, they're not a great team - but they play losing baseball and DT can't be gone soon enough in my opinion. He seems likeable and is probably a great guy - but the loser mentality of this team is infuriating.


Do you think things got out of control?
I was just having fun.

Being compared to the Iraqui Information Minister was actually pretty funny.

I know it's just a blog, but when you choose to substantiate your opinion by mentioning what others have written or said, and don't give me the who and what, well why would I believe that?
Then I'm less apt to believe anything you say.

Here, I'll do the same.
I happen to agree with the thousands of baseball experts across the globe who continue to marvel at the wonderful job that the Orioles, and Andy MacPhail in particular, have done in building the foundation for a generation of great Oriole teams.

Wow. That was easy.


Gotta give props tonight to Mark Hendrickson. He had a rocky start but still put up a nice outing and deserved a lot better than a no decision. The bullpen is just a nightmare. I cringe when Albers, Baez or Ray come into the game. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they lose the rest of the games. And yet once again the Orioles are the laughingstock of baseball.




Is there a way to have a member of the media address Wayne's contention that John Angelos runs the Sun's Oriole reporting?

Hell yeah baby the Pirates now have a better than the Orioles!!


Hey jim,

You insult the word dumb!

I mean you really are pathetic in how you never get it!

You think you're clever, but you come across as incredibly rude.

I don't see Wayne being rude to you, yet you continue to act like the loser that you must be.

Anyone.... I mean anyone defending this team, simply comes across as someone who either works for the o's or is affiliated with them in some way.

Just stop embarrassing yourself dude.


With all the choices in the choices, he still goes to Albers. I heard he went into the clubhouse and ate everything in sight.

Happy Open- minded Al,
Yes, I should apologize to Wayne for asking him to stop beating the same drum.
I guess I should also apologize for not calling him a loser, pathetic, or dude.

Please make sure he gets this.


Pete--Two observations: I don't know what you were eating, or rather not eating, on your trip to the Middle East., but you appear in your photos to be a lean, mean Armageddon, fighting machine.

But, you know, as well as I do, that the battle between Good and Evil already occurred.

Have you forgotten, that in the ultimate confrontation in 1993, Jim Gott got Tim Tueffel to foul out to third base?

"I don't see Wayne being rude to you, yet you continue to act like the loser that you must be.

Anyone.... I mean anyone defending this team, simply comes across as someone who either works for the o's or is affiliated with them in some way."

Al, you just discredited yourself.

Sorry, that should have been "Teufel."

What can I say? The Devil made me do it.

During this eleven game losing streak, there have been numerous times late in the games where a sacrifice bunt could have been used to make a difference but was not used. Not once in eleven games. Doesn't that seem strange? It's still the manager's call on most teams isn't? Then Tremebly is not doing his job.

Hey Guys,

You're bantering with people who are defending the Baltimore Orioles!

We're talking about the worst team, with the worst owner (as per SI) in the game.

The worse they get, the more the homers dig in. What else do they have guys?

Leave them to these blogs. Let Pete feed them what they need.

Don't encourage them! I've seen these types in business and they always fall behind due to a complete lack of competitiveness.

Leave them be. This is what they need!

Ok, who's the voice of reason? Wayne? Doug? Al? Petey? After the last post, I'm leaning towards Petey.
Will the real voice of reason please stand up?.

On a purely baseball note, Matt is really stepping it up. The guy has hit everywhere he's been.Nice draft pick by AM.
just my opinion.

Wayne al pete--How about another 18 names and the same sentence structure?

It must take a lot of cleverness to be so successful against "these types in business."

Hey Greg, he could have brought in McCrory
None of the guys in the pen is to be trusted.

I think that's why DT doesn't see the bunt as that much of an option late in games. he's forced to play for more than that one run, especially on the road.


You are correct sir.....

Bugs me though when I see guys like Jim, who act like he knows baseball, praise AM for drafting a guy he didn't draft.

Come on homers..... If you're going to praise continued losing, please know a little bit of 'stuff'.... Just a little!

Sorry Pete!

Three dozen games below .500... I know the talent is improving, but the results stink. It's unwatchable. Even when they have a lead it's clear that someone in the bullpen will falter and blow it. To that end, Trembley has zero feel for bullpen moves... Enough with the matchups. If someone is getting hitters out then stick with the hot hand.

Come Spring I will enter the season with a clean, hopeful outlook for the Birds, but it is increasingly difficult to believe that it will ever turn around.

Ravens: undefeated. Orioles: defeated.

score one for the rants..AM was hired a few weeks after the 2007 draft.

Nothing will change until the O's front office decides to sign no pitchers who cannot put the ball where they must to retire hitters. Until then, Daniel Cabrera remains the archetypal twenty-first century Oriole: all promise and no delivery.

Jim66, It's ok!

Many make the same mistake. I've heard people give AM credit for any number of players - Weiters, Markakis, Bergesen, Reimold, and many others....

That's what the warehouse wants people to think, and the media falls right in line. Just all a part of the ongoing hype machine.

Not your fault though!

Too add actual incite and hope for the offseason: The Orioles are going to have to hope a couple of the young pitchers in the minors like arrietta and erbe can pitch in the bigs and then hope that Berken and Hernandez develop through the offseason. If that happens then a couple of them can move to the bullpen. With that help it could start to relieve the pressure in the problematic bullpen. I just don't see fixing the bullpen in the offseason with free agents. And with Fat Albert, Brian Sass, Belittled Baez, and Sad Johnson the bullpen won't be good next year. Hopefully the young pitchers from the minors come through. That is the only way.

Re the comment about beating the Pirates for the #2 pick: it almost seems as if MacPhail set it up for the team to fold. And the other advantage of weakening the team is avoiding controversy when Trembley is fired. Not only did MacPhail trade key players for negligible value, but the threshold for shutting down players for the season seems suspiciously low. Pete, is there any evidence that Bergesen and Jones were really unable to return at all this season? What supports my cynicism is that Montanez was on the 60-day DL, supposedly too impaired to play any further this year, but when Jones, Reimold and Pie all were out of action, Montanez was declared miraculously cured and reactivated.


Not to mention them adding horrible pitchers like Henn and Lambert. Those guys helped lose a few extra.

Montanez did a very short rehab in the minors consisting of about 20-25 at-bats right at the end of the minor league season.

For all you defeatists out there that claim to be the realists....stop being Orioles fans. What's the point of being a fan of this team or any team if you bash everything about them? Sure it's your right, but if you are so miserable than pull for someone else. It's always disappointing to have losing teams, but it's exciting to see young talent for a change. Yes, the O's have some holes to fill, but they are about to clear nearly 30 mill in payroll. Let's see what happens.

jim66- He still doesn't have to bring in Albers. He still had sauce on his fingers from the McNuggets he was eating.

Guys I have reason to believe that Matt Albers is really.......................PONSON!!!

Hendrickson, did give up the 3 solo shots tonight, but still 6 innings and 3 runs isn't bad for a guy in his 3rd start since being in the BP for most of the season, but the three stooges of Baltimore aka Albers, Ray and Baez, sucked.

It's a shame that the season didn't have another month because Wieters, would have a legit shot at ROY and we could break the losing streak we set in 88, but losing 17 in a row to finish the season, will have to do.

DT, will be fired within 24 hours of the last out of the season. We can't beat the Jays, Tribe and now we leave 14 runners on base and blow a winnable game against the Rays so not exactly the Yanks, Sox and Angels, were are playing.

Anonymous, please post fire Wiggy and his dad. I can't stand watching that wannabe power hitter with his 10 HRs 37 RBIs, sulk back after each AB and worse, every dumb a$$ O's announcer will say every team needs a guy like Wiggy. Where would we be without him? 59 wins?

Actually I thought AM was hired before the draft, but I guess he came in later. From all reports, he seemed instrumental in getting the deal done.I guess I should set the record straight and say that my misstatement was in no way influenced by the FO or the media. I don't think the warehouse would publicize or AM would take credit for drafting/signing guys that he didn't.
Unlike a lot of the drivel posted by people who seem to have one giant axe to grind, those facts are easily checked.
The O's scouting department run by Joe Jordan I believe has done a nice job the last few years. There are some good arms in the system, and now we'll start to see better position player talent.

I love the Orioles. I always root for them, because I have done so for 37 years. I will continue to root for them if they lose for another 13 years. I enjoy the glory times. I get disappointed with the bad times. But I always stick with them and hope for the best, even if it doesn't happen. That's what being a fan is about.

And pete (nub poster above), the contention that being a positive fan for a losing team relates to being a loser in business is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. This is a past time for God's sake! Based on your analogy and business theory, you'd be horrible at business because you're rude and pessimistic as a fan. Get a grip!

I have stopped watching the Orioles for this year, and I am caught up in the Ravens, just as I do every year when the O's season becomes a distracted limp to the finish line. This time though it may have a bit more finality to it. If Trembly is back next year I am done with being an O's fan. It will be just too hard, as it will signal resignation to perennial loser status for the O's.

There is no way I can prove the numbers are doctored in the "Will Trembly be back?" poll, but there is no way I can be convinced that >85% of fans want the losing manager of a losing franchise back. This is like asking people to believe in fairy t ales. It just isn't reasonable. Whoever doctored the numbers must work for the Orioles, because they botched it. The Orioles need to hit the free agent market/or engineer a trade for a stud pitcher and a power hitting corner infielder in the offseason. This has been said before, and it is spot on advice. Pie needs to be inserted as the starting center fielder, he is playing better defensively than Jones, and I think that Jones needs to have a fire lit under him.

The Orioles have some good young players, but they still have some holes in their roster and in their team philosophy. Hopefully this offseason, both will be repaired. There is no more time. The time is now for McPhail and Angelos to put up, or shut up!

Time to make an honest assessment. The two worst MLB teams reside 35 miles from one another. Let's merge them and have them play half their home games at Camden yards and half in DC. Keep the team in the AL East since those home games against the Yankees and Red Sox are always good for selling seats. To balance the NL schedule the Pittsburgh Pirates would be designated for assignment.

In an instant the National Orioles would be able to field major league talent in both the infield and outfield and while the pitching staff would still be suspect there would be a lot more arms from which to choose.

Pete, Welcome back. BTW, do you pitch?

Pete's reply: Unfortunately, no. All I can do is pitch a fit like everybody else.

Well said Sam, I could not agree any more.

Cyril, I would like to add that after Sept 1 and the MiLB season ended, the Orioles chose to not include Montanez on the expanded roster, declaring his season over, went to Miami to start dance lessons so he could strengthening his hips.


Do you really think the Orioles will fire DT that quick? Also Wigginton was supposed to be a role player, too bad he could not hit a few more home runs, but he did play five positions for the Orioles. The Orioles have him under contract for 2010 and he will not be going anywhere personally since it was a throw away season, I would have rather just see them not sign Wigginton last winter, give that role to Salazar, and take Wiggintons salary and put it towards a pitcher. Considering the huge difference in what the two of them are paid.

It is about the pitching, everyone knew what was going to happen this season. Just hope that the bullpen is addressed this off season. How many times in the last two weeks have the Orioles had a lead until they went to the bullpen, just to see leads evaporate in seconds once Albers, Bass, Henn or others come in? The Sherrill trade put Johnson in a position to fail and his confidence is shot. His ERA is up a full run per game since he was handed the closer job. Since Sherrill was traded, Albers ERA is up over 2 runs per game and Bass's ERA is up a run. Baez seems like one of the few that has remained about the same.

I know what a lot of you are saying it is Trembley's fault these guys are hanging pitches over the heart of the plate.

I find it humorous that the "experts" in here all agree that after only two years of Andy MacPhail, the plan is bad and all should be fired. Too funny, and sad at the same time. Then there are those who want the "equivalent of John Harbaugh" managing the Orioles. Ironic how he's a god in town after only one season on the job. Ever think it's the quality of players on the team? These same group of people also worshipped at the feet of Brian Billick too. Then there is the thing called a salary cap in the NFL, which all the whiners and haters don't care to mention. It's a valid fact that a cap works to bring 'equality' to the league and give teams outside the "market" areas a chance. When the NFL gets rid of the salary cap, watch what happens when all the free agents want to sign with Jerry Jones and the money in Dallas. For years the "fans" have been screaming to "play the kids." Now that's starting to come to fruition and yet they still whinie like little children. It's also funny that they will quote "experts" like Jason Stark but turn a deaf ear to real experts like Jim Leyland and Derek Jeter who both rave about the group of young talent on the Orioles and in the system. In less than one full season we got Wieters, Reimold, Tillman, Matusz, Pie, Bergesen in the lineup; only two years now for Adam Jones. The starting outfield is 25 or younger, the rotation next season with Matusz, Bergesen, and Tillman looks promising for the first time in a long time and yet the whining continues. Look at the rotation at the beginning of the season and look at what it will be going into spring training 2010. Perhaps we should all go back to the days of Syd Thrift, Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan. Perhaps we should bring back B12 Tejada (the Astros have sure gotten better with him in the everyday lineup haven't they?) Lets drag out Palmeiro again, and bring back Erik Bedard and his thrice annual trips to the DL. There's still a lot of deadwood on the team which will be thinned out in the off season. You build a team with pieces. Those comparing the NFL to MLB are the ones without a clue. Ask every single person in here whining, where they picked the team to end up back in April. Everyone said last place. And yet, the whining continues. The only thing the whiners are "expert" at is whining. So keep up with the whine and let the real Orioles fans who can see the future looking much better after just two years of Andy MacPhail, keep showing their support. In closing, welcome back Pete.

This is no shocker, but the O's will lose 100 games because that's what they do best...lose.

For the year, batters 3-4-5 have managed just 50 homeruns combined.

The starters are at or next to the bottom in total innings pitched.

Pitching staff is at the bottom in team e.r.a.

In innings 1-6 the O's hit .278, but only .248 in innings 7-9.

Even the team's best player is not focused (Roberts thought he struck out last night after 2 strikes).

They need a shake-up in management. If MacPhail brings back Trembley 2010 will be more of the same.

What does this season mean? Not much. The Orioles essentially asked for a "pass" this year, and, by and large, the media gave it to them.

There should be no such pass in 2010. Accountability has to begin in earnest next April. Fans have a right to expect a serious chase of the .500 mark, with incremental improvement thereafter until the play-off threshold is reached.

A lot of problems will be solved when they move the pitch count up on the starters and get them to go at least 7, maybe 8 innings. As much as we want to lay the problem at the feet of the bullpen, AM and Trembs, if the O's didn't need 4, 5 or 6 pitchers every night, the odds of a win would go up greatly. Prior to the break, and the trading of Sherrill, the pen held it own. We can't fry the pen in April, May and June and expect them to hold things together in July, August and September.

I am not opposed to Aubrey at first, if we can laso a slugging third baseman. I know, more if, maybe and buts, BUT, what else are we to think.


Pull the plug on 2009. I think it was Earl Weaver who said, "If the guy in the bullpen isn't better than the guy on the mound, leave him in the bullpen". But then, what did Earl know about baseball?

I'm trying to get other Orioles fans together to file a class-action lawsuit against the Orioles on the grounds of mental anguish.

Now if I could only find a Baltimore law firm that has a successful record in handling class-action law suits...

Trembley & Kranitz; nite after nite, he goes by pitch count, brings in Bass & Albers to throw gasoline on the fire. What pitcher has Kranitz improved. Where is the bunt? Men on 1st & 2nd, no outs, hits into dble play. situations that screem for a bunt, but ends the threat, as usual.No hit & run, no basic baseball.End of story, good bye bullpen, Mgr. & P- coach.
Results speak for themselves

The most disheartening thing is the late season swoons -- hard to be optimistic when things fall apart so completely right at the end. Not that the beginning and middle were that good.

To everyone -

Jim was half right about Wieters.

The 2007 MLB Draft took place on June 7th and 8th.

After the Pirates use the #4 pick on relief pitcher Daniel Moskos (4.61 ERA in 70 MiLB games!) because they didn't want to deal with Scott Boras, drafting Wieters was one of the biggest "DUH!" decisions of all time for the previous regime.

MacPhail's part came later, after his mid-June hiring, when he took Boras to the 11th hour and avoided signing a record deal or a major league contract. Think Flanny and Beattie would have had the balls to do that?

We're forfeiting the rest of the season.

Wayne tells me to do my homework. Well, I did it. It seems that as suspected, Wayne twisted the quote to suit his bias. He said that Koji said everyone in Japan knew Cal Ripken but not the team he played for. A google search shows that Koji ACTUALLY said that everyone knows that Cal Ripken played for the Orioles.

And the question was asked about the general population. So I stand by my assertion that Japanese ballplayers, seeking to play in the US major leagues, have the internet, agents and american teammates to learn about our baseball team. Doing your homework isnt worth much if you turn in failing work, intentionally misquoting to support your position.

Rebuilding involves getting worse before getting better. For ten years this team refused to allow that. Patching and plugging accomplished nothing. Finally Angelos hired someone to do a proper rebuild, starting with tearing down the decrepit structure. I have no idea if it will work but I do know it makes more sense than the old way of doing things. adding a new coat of paint to fool the fans into thinking the underlying structure was sound. Whether MacPhail takes us to the World Series or even the playoffs, his total rebuild was necessary and proper. We do not know if Wieters is an impact, carry the team type of hitter but we do know none of the others seem to be. If this generation of Orioles matures and the owner does not approve, or MacPhail does not execute the obtaining of thta kind of superstar, we will know that all the naysayers were right. Until then, I believe MacPhail is going about things the right way and only way that makes sense. The pitching is showing the promise we were led to expect. NO one knows if it will stay healthy and mature into a top staff. YOu never know until it is in place. But that doesnt keep you from doing things the right way. And that is exactly what MacPhail is doing.

A previous poster said insanity was doing the same thing and expecting different results and that we had been doing the same thing for a decade. He was technically right but wrong in his underlying point. The O's have sucked for a adozen years. For the first ten, ANgelos wouldnt allow a proper rebuilding so we did the same thing for ten years, signing name free agents hoping the big splash would fool the fans into ignoring the underlying rot. For the last two years, they have changed directions. Tearing away the rotten structure and rebuilding with Joe Jordan drafting, finally expanding international scouting and addressing the seeping wound thta has been our spring training situation. So while we did the same doomed to failure things for a decade, that has changed. Will it work? None of us know. BUt for once, the team is not trying to placate us with whitewash over rotting boards. They have torn down the whole dilapidated team, starting at the foundation (the acquisition of talent), moving to the first floor (development of talent, where we are now) and hopefully leading to the penthouse (competing annually for the playoffs with the Yanks and Sawx). Moving in now would leave us without a roof and result in the whole thing falling down and rotting all over again.

The poll question is not "SHOULD Trembley be back?", but "WILL Trembley be back?".

There is a world of difference between the answers to these two questions.

In the Sun poll listed before the season started I predicted that the Os would win 60 games. 2 weeks ago I thought,"well looks like I was wrong". Now, I believe that I may know my stuff better than I thought.

Pete: Andy had the goal of the Orioles being better at the end of the year than they were at the beginning of the year. In your opinion, did Andy realize this goal?


Here's your difference:

Team History
2009 60 96 710 852
2008 68 93 782 869
2007 69 93 756 868
2006 70 92 768 899
2005 74 88 729 800
2004 78 84 843 830
2003 71 91 743 820
2002 67 95 667 773

Progressively WORSE, and folks like yourself want to paint a silver lining on a 100 loss team....COME ON, Orioles are still BIG FAT LOSERS!!!!


Welcome back, interesting to see attendance numbers but on the number of losses, don't say I didn't tell you so in April. Just a reality of who we brought in as starters before the season. It's hard to say that with more losses we made progress but we have, but AM's work is far from done!

1B, 3B, DH and front end starter! We need immediate help just to get to .500. Wish they could finish a little better, and I believe Dave has about 5 games left as the O's manager!

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