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September 8, 2009

Orioles expand roster again

No surprise here, but the Orioles have added five more player to their already expanded September roster. Right-handed starter Chris Lambert, left-handed starter Chris Waters, reliever Bob McCrory, infielder Justin Turner and catcher Guillermo Rodriguez are joining the team in Boston.

To free up some room on the 40-man roster for the non-roster guys on that list, the Orioles have moved Brad Bergesen and Lou Montanez to the 60-day disabled list, which confirms that they will not play again this season. Also, Adam Jones has been placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive until Sept. 2.

The promotion of Lambert may mean the O's will stay with five starters after Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman are shut down in the next week or so. There had been talk that manager Dave Trembley would go with four starters and a bullpen committee for the times a fifth starter would be necessary.

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Pete, who is this hot shot young left- handed pitcher that Buck was talking about the other evening? I think he pitched at class A this season. I missed this one.

Happy Birthday Pete!!!! Have a good day. :)

Pete's reply: Thanks very much.

I did not hear Buck Donald, but the only "hot shot left-handed pitcher" the O's have in A ball is Zach Britton.

8.4 K/9 and a 3.6 GO/AO ratio.

Happy Birthday Schmuck & Zreb...Missed you again this past weekend while I was at the Yard on Saturday and Sunday, hope the achilles is doing alright and I'll be back next year (if I can't squeeze one more trip up to B'more this year.)

Pete's reply: Thanks. Sorry I wasn't there. Might be back in action next week.

Pete--Happy Birthday to Don Aase, Al Pardo, and you.

Pete's reply: Don't forget Jeff Zrebiec.

Xanadu! Look out, Boston!


It may have been Britton as Jeff V. was suggesting, as he is the hottest lefty we have in the minors. I know Buck was also talking about Brandon Erbe just a couple nights ago after he was a pitch short of a perfect game on Sept. 5th. Erbe gave up a homer to the second batter he faced, but was perfect otherwise and struck out five. He's a righty though, so either it was someone else or maybe you're mixing up Buck talking about two different guys at different times.

Erbe's good though. He finished the season in Bowie 5-3 with a 2.34 ERA, allowing only 44 hits in 73 innings while striking out 62. He only pitched a bit more than half the innings he had in 2008 at Fredrick though, and started this year in Aberdeen which makes me think he must've been injured. Still, Erbe's definitely a player to watch out for.

Doug Corbett, nuff said.

Happy Birthday Pete,

I think the O's should do whatever they have to to get Adrien Gonzalez, short of giving up Matusz or Tillman. Do you think a package of

1. Arieatta
2. Snyder/Bell
3. Patton/Erbe/Steve Johnson

would be enough?

If they could make a trade like that, I think they should. And I think they should do it right away in the off season to make a big splash and show that they're for real.

Then, when they make the trade, give the man an extension for like 7 years 80-90 million. That'll show people that we mean business.

Then, sign Chone Figgins to a multi year free agent deal at 3rd. I think he would be a great addition to the o's. He's a free agent and not many people are talking about him. He's outstanding defensively. Probably even better than Mora and is OBP maching.

We would have great solutions at 1st and 3rd locked up for the long term, a huge run producer and the AL's best run scorer.

But, I wouldn't go after any pitching. I really like what we have.

1. Guthrie
2. Bergesen
3. Matusz
4. Tillman
5. Hernandez

plus whoever's left from the Gonzalez trade, maybe Patton or Erbe. Plus Zach Britton. I think that would be enough to work with next year and i think the O's would be an incredibly exciting team to watch if that was our lineup/rotation.


Pete's reply: I hear the Pads are now saying they aren't going to move him, but you never know. I doubt you get him for those players, but maybe the combination of Arietta, Snyder and Patton.

According to Dean Jones blog, Zach Britton was shut down last week with a tired shoulder.

He is reputed to be as good a prospect as Arietta and Erbe, or anyone else in the system for that matter.

Why McCrory instead of Jim Miller? Miller had a better season at Norfolk and is a better closer.

Pete-Happy Birthday to you . I still check your blogs daily . have they sent you to physical therapy for your achilles recovery yet?

Pete's reply: Yes, I'm in my fifth week.

Happy Birthday, Pete. Cheers.

I said before that the O's will not give up any of their young pitchers or high prospects for anything. Remember, "Grow the Arms, Buy the Bats." I already love what Andy has done for the team and how the O's are getting younger and better. One bad trade and it's back to the basement celler for another 3 years at least. If I wanted A. Gonzalez or Fielder, I would trade Snyder, Wiggy, Montanez, Scott, Patton, and Erbe/Steve Johnson. Patton is a switch hitter, former high prospect and would be in San Diego, or Milwaukee where pitchers have to bat. Snyder can be a solid 1B or 3B, Wiggy is a utility player, Montanez and Scott can hit the ball well at times, and Erbe/S. Johnson are good prospects with lots of potential and upside.

Pete's reply: Thanks very much for the kind words. I'll be interested to see what Andy does this winter.

Some of the lineups and rotations people are throwing out there will guarantee 90+ losses next year. I can just forecast the post we'll see this time next year.... That the Plan is on pace. Wayne was right. I looked up AM's first number of years in Cubland. There's a reason the fans gave up on him there. He's also right that too many baseball fans in this city have learned to accept and be happy with the L' least the fans on these blogs anyway.

What does Andy Mitchell have to do to get a call up? Giving him a shot would be the "feel-good" Os story of the year.


Happy Birthday, and as Fernando says, your only as old as you look, and in those classy and tactful hawian shirts YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!

Good one on ya!

Welcome to Baltimore Adam Lambert!

At this rate we'll see some Bob McCrory in no time!

Speaking of Zach Britton, why has he hit every level in the minor league system?

If he hits Bowie and Norfolk next two years, does he win a free sandwich at participating area Wawa's?

No one wants Wigginton, that is why he is an Oriole.

No one wants Montanez, that is why he is an Oriole.

Lackey is not coming here, going from a 1st place to last place team (unless we give him ARoid money.)

We are not trading for Prince Fielder. Why would the Brewers get rid of him? Much less get rid of him for a bunch of lousy never-beens and sub-prospects?

If you want the best, you will have to give up the best. It is not time to do that yet.

The Orioles are in the playoffs. They took 2 of 3 from Texas, and are about to lose the first of 5 straight to the Red Sux giving them the wildcard.

I feel sorry for Tampa. They have 10 meaningless games against the Orioles. Had some of those games been scheduled earlier in the season, they might still be in the playoff chase.

Well, all you Baltimore fans got what you wanted : Your beloved Yankees and Red Sox in the playoffs again! But I'm still pulling for the Rangers to pull off a miracle.

at least we know the orioles made it safely to won their tuesday night game, 103 - 0.

Hi Doug,

Speak for yourself. Glad you are pulling for someone. You do not like the Orioles leave it alone. So what you are saying is that if Tampa had played the Orioles earlier in the year, they could have been in the hunt still just to get beat up by the Yankees and Redsox.

Shamrock, in a twisted way, I think you meant that in a positive way. Hard to trade guys that had down years or injuries. But Wiggy is supposed to be a 10th or 11th guy that can play multiple positions, if Pie did not have a bad start, and if Mora and Huff did as well as last year, Wiggy would have gotten 25-30 less starts.

What does Mitchel have to do to get called up here? One thing throw the ball 92+

Classic doug. Wins in April count double I guess since it would be more important for Tampa to have played us then rather than now? I didn't realize that the win-loss record was affected by the dates the games were played.

Just wow.

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