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September 28, 2009

Harbaugh vs. Belichick

John Harbaugh was nothing but complimentary about the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick during his afternoon news conference today, pointing out how the rest of the league wants to emulate the New England franchise, but also wants to roadblock it when the head-to-head opportunity arises.

"That's what the NFL is all about,'' he said on the Ravens' first day of preparation for this weekend's road showdown at Gillette Stadium.

But when he was asked whether, as a coach, he gets an extra charge out of facing a guy with three Super Bowl titles, he played it largely for laughs.

"The good thing about the game is that the coaches won't be lining up and teeing off on each other during the game,'' Harbaugh said. "I don't think anybody would pay to see that right now. I'd like to think I'd have the edge, though. If we were in a hamburger drill, I think I'd have the edge, but coach (Belichick) might not think that."

Frankly, if I knew they had something called a hamburger drill, I probably would have gone out for football in high school.

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Just because the Ravens won more games than the Orioles while you were out of the country you've decided to ditch them. Come on suffer with the rest of us - well perhaps just me.

Who can argue that Bill Belichick has been an exceptionally successful head coach in the NFL? Having said that, I like the changes that John Harbaugh has brought about with the Baltimore Ravens and I honestly believe that people will be saying similar things about him in a few years to kinds of things that are said of Belichick and his ability to win and motivate a team to consistently compete for a championship.

For all of the accolades constantly thrown his way, people forget that Belichick has a losing record (with Browns and Pats) without Tom Brady as his starting quarterback. If Drew Johnson is right (that someday people will be saying similar things about Harbaugh as they do about Belichick) it will have more to do with Joe Flacco than Harbaugh's ability to motivate his team.

Coach H is getting the Lou Holtz thing down.... In the long run, it's the better way to go.

This guys going to be around a very long time!

Coach H is getting the Lou Holtz thing down.... In the long run, it's the better way to go.

This guys going to be around a very long time!

Hey I know it may be only week 3 but the Ravens are giving us the flashes of what they can become. Tom Brady need to look out for the Baltimore Bullies cause we are coming and we are for real. We have the QB and I love the coach cause he is really letting it all hang out on the field. That is the way it suppose to be, watch out for the Ravens!!!

Just 19 games under his belt as a head coach and you're saying that Harbaugh's legacy (if he is successful) will hinge solely on Flacco's success?

Yeah, Flacco was better than expected last year and appears to be on the verge of stardom in the league but you can't make a statement like that about a coach with only 19 games on his resume.

I can see the point on link Belichick's legacy to Brady (but think it's a little unfair anyway). If Flacco has a career ending injury tomorrow - you'd be suggesting that Harbaugh's legacy is down the toilet.

I'll concede the point on Belichick to a degree but it's not fair at all to paint Harbaugh with the same brush. He has no record of failure - (With OR without Flacco)!

Bogus arguments all around.

You can't toss a coach's legacy aside because he "happens to have a star QB". The role of a head coach is to identify and develop the talent on the roster.

In Belichik's case: who do you suppose made the executive decision to keep Brady on the field even though his stats/experience were inferior at the time to a then-healthy Drew Bledsoe? Sure, looking back it's "obvious". But at the time, you've got a Pro Bowl QB in Bledsoe who had already gotten the team to a Superbowl. When evaluating history, you must also consider the information known AT THE TIME.

Harbs, Ozzie, and company were all involved in the scouting and selection of Flacco. To now say that somehow Flacco drives Harb's legacy ignores the role the head coach has in running the program.

And by the way, talented managers know well how to select their Lieutenants and delegate the right amount of authority to them; don't give me the 'Cam Cameron did it all' garbage. Cam's a talented coach, but the head coach has final say on everything.

"Hamburger drill" is another name for "Oklahomas" [citation -]. Not nearly as much fun as you think. Named more for what the players were trying to do to each other (grind them into hamburger meat, as the euphemism goes) than for the grilled / fried treat

Boy, I love coach Harbaugh. He's brought that great ole Baltimore Colt tough, intergerity laced football back to Baltimore. We now proudly call it "BALTIMORE RAVEN FOOTBALL". New England here we come. You better be ready. Baltimore is comming to town baby!

Only one difference between the two that I see: Harbaugh won't cheat to win a game.

Belichick was 11-5 last year with Matt Cassel, who never even played a down as a back-up QB at USC.

I'm loving this new balance The Ravens have discovered. It took the right coaches to bring out the potenial we had. I'll take John over Bill for the simple fact is now we are tougher and getting even more out our picks. The one part of our game that has kept us from building a dynasty is now coming to focus, we are in for good ride this year. John is going to be the Ravens coach for a good long time.

The only knock on Harbaugh so far is the fact that his special teams haven't been as good as you would expect them to be given that he was a special tems coach with the Eagles and that the Ravens have been concentrating on acquiring fop flight special teams players in the off- season. Hopefully, the special teams will build on the decent showing the had in the Browns game.

needed here

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