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September 2, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Jones

The Orioles are leaving open the possibility of Adam Jones returning from his sprained left ankle before the end of the season, but that's probably a longshot. As Orioles beat guy Jeff Zrebiec pointed out when he appeared with me on Sportsline tonight on WBAL Radio, there isn't anywhere for Jones to rehab late in September and there really isn't any compelling reason for him to come back for the last five or 10 games of the regular season.

The O's can use his playing time to get even more of a look at Felix Pie, who continues to swing one of the hottest bats on the team. Pie has come on strong in the power department the past three weeks, hitting more home runs in his last 51 at-bats (6) than he did in nearly 400 previous major league at-bats (5). He is hitting .318 since his average dipped to .158 way back on May 6.

Pie probably would have played a lot anyway, since the O's are auditioning Luke Scott at first base and need to get Nolan Reimold DH at-bats to spare his sore Achilles, so Jones' absense probably will also mean more playing time for Jeff Fiorentino. I think Zrebiec was right tonight when he speculated that Andy MacPhail may be regretting the deal that shed minor league outfielder Joey Gathright.

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He has always impressed me..give him a shot.

I see an unfortunate and a bit troublesome trend with Mr. Jones and injuries. Let's hope the O's don't have another Glen Davis or Joey Belle!!

Can somebody rewrite Trembleys baseball book and tell him to bat Pie 2nd??


Who did we even get for Joey Gathright?

Why the heck is &*@(#$!! Izturis batting second? The only person out there with a lower OBP than Izturis is Jason Berken. Wouldn't you think that the ability to get on base would be a desirable characteristic for someone batting second? Or is that just me?


I agree man. I don’t care if they’re up against a lefty Pie is the hottest hitter on the team batting him 9th is Trembley’s SOP either that or benching the best hitter.

Fire Trembley! Today the O's had bunting practice, and when asked DT said it might help us win a game or two down the stretch! What about the first 125 games, wasn't it important then? The guy just needs to go away!

There's no shortage of AAA outfielders around the IL and PCL looking to get a shot.

Buckle up everyone!!! Time for the Orioles bullpen to come in! Stand by its gonna get bumpy!!

Very interesting tactic By DT. Bat your weakest hitter 2nd and your hottest hitter 8th.
this will throw your opponent off because there is no logical reason to do this...

so they will think you are crazy and maybe pitch around izturis

did Mickolio really just walk Jose freakin' Molina on four pitches?!? I mean seriously.

Could the yankers look any more relaxed/loose @ OPACY? It makes me want to puke.

With Michael Young being out for a couple weeks, think Texas would take Mora off the Birds hands??PLEASE!!!!!!!!

WOW Kam just got sacrificed!

if I were MacPhail I'd hire a hit man to go after Damon and Swisher...what are they hitting against the O's?? About .786??? It's not like either of them is ever going to the hall of fame without buying a ticket, but the O's make the two of them look like Ruth and Gehrig!

Buying tickets to see the O's play - $80

Ordering a coke and a hot dog - $10

Watching Dave Trembley perform at the Yankmee show at Camden Yards - Priceless

I think Trembley is rooting for the Yankees along with the fans

This game could have been a lot different if they put Pie in Izzy’s spot. Izzy was an easy out tonight with runners on base and struck out with basses loaded at one point.

Jimmy Johnson!

The O's can't even make you feel good for five minutes. The moment something good happens for them, some gutless relief pitcher (tonight: Johnson) implodes on them. The O's stink, and I am tired the excuses. Trembley has got to go.

0-2 pitch, pitcher's pitch, unless you are a whiny, gutless, excuse-filled Orioles relief pitcher. Orioles stink. Please give us hope by bringing in someone who knows how to teach winning baseball to this team.

Oh Lord! Sarfate is coming in?? I hate Trembley I hate the way he walks slowly to the mound looking fat and constipated doing that finger point. FIRE THIS JO!

I would have been quiet tonight, even though at this point I can't even stand the word "moral victory", but then the ninth inning happnes. The O's give you nothing to feel good about. I think there is more hope for the Nationals at this point.

We pull the starter tied 1-1 and the reliever blows it. We crawl within a run and a reliever blows it again (this time without even recording an out)...

Johnson is clearly not our closer in waiting as he implodes every time there's a smidge of pressure on him. I hope this third baseman we got for Sherrill was worth it.

The fact that I am still watching this dreck proves the depth of my fandom, which in turn proves how deeply baseball affected me as a kid because the last decade has been nothing but a long, pitiful disappointment.

All I wanted from this season was for the team to finish on a upward turn to give me hope that next year was going to be different. Consider that dream dead and buried. Again.

I guess Johnson has a 'tired ' arm and is hoping to get 'shut down' for the rest of the year. The 'tired arm' syndrome is now the ailment of the day, replacing last year's oblique muscle.
Maybe we can just shut the rest of the season down due to 'overall tiredness' or lack of interest, by both the players and fans.
I see that we used a lot of pitchers tonight. Is Trembley's next plan of attack to have guys pitch one inning each?

What the O's are going to learn over the next 18 games ? Nothing worthwhile. Nothing they don't already know. They have a couple of good players, they have a couple young players with some promise. Their starting pitching staff is young and shows some promise. Their bullpen stinks.Totally undependaable at best.They have no power, or bona fide rbi guy. The bench is pretty bad. Already knew all this. Let's just get the season over with.

That's three hours of my life I'll never get back. Can't wait until opening day for the Ravens.

Good grief. This team hasn't had a pulse since July.

Real classy of Michael Kay (as in strikeout) to laugh about the Orioles being the first team eliminated from the AL East flag. "But they're still alive for the wild card!," he jokes.

And Kenny Singleton laughs right along with him.

Shut down Jimmy Johnson!

Shut down Andy MacPhail

Shutdown Peter Angelos!

This is F*#%ING pathetic... Hey bullpen, please grow a pair in the offseason. Some competitive spirit and/or pride wouldn't hurt either...

I am absolutely sick, 6 runs in the 9 inning? What a joke. I can't blame Trembley on this, this is the result of your starter going 5 innings and the front office's inability to find relievers than can throw strikes. How many at bats were our relievers 2-1, 3-1? That's what losers do. Did you see CC throwing first pitch balls? Did you see the Yankees relievers throwing first pitch balls and walking the first batter?

This game isn't that complicated, don't give up walks, get ahead of the count.

Go Redskins

Why? Why is he bothering to change pitchers? They all suck. Does he get to submit his walks to the mound for some sort of mileage reimbursement?

They are a laughing stock. The Oriole Way has devolved into this.

Too early to accuse Pie of steroids or HGH??? Seems awfully suspicious that his power numbers are suddenly jumping.

We all know that cycling the relievers increases the odds that the O's will give up runs. I assume Trembley understands this fact.

Perhaps the strategy has devolved to the point that the O's are cycling these guys out there to see who has the guts to stand up and get the job done. All these guys are auditioning for continued employment next year. The depressing fact is very few of the bullpen arms are worth a damn. Hopefully a few of them will step up and grab the opportunity.

Is there really another reason for this many guys being paraded out there tonight?

c'mon now...if you think DT has anything at all to do with this mess, you've been watching a different game than I have.
This ninth inning is a gd embarrassment. It's gotta be embarrassing for him to have to walk out to that mound twice in the ninth inning because there is absolutely noone in that bullpen who can get anyone out anymore, let alone when they need to. Pitchers walking guys. Giving up 2 strike hits. Getting pounded.
Do you think Girardi is any smarter this year than last year, when they were ready to run him out of NY? Oh yea, he took a couple of managerial classes over the winter...Sabbathia 101, Texiera 105, Swisher22. Give it a rest folks.
The Orioles are a good 2 or 3 years from sniffing the Yanks and the Sox. And it has nothing to do with the manager.

jim66--Mark (Swan) Hendrickson faced one batter, Eric Hinske, and fanned him. Then he was removed.

Hendrickson began the season as a starter. Now a situational lefty?

I think his arm is well rested.


You're onto something. This sounds like a theme Djph can use on the next thriller starring Trembley as the Hamburglar and Samuel as the Windmill man.

Most embarrassing team in baseball! I work in NY, watched the game in a bar tonight when the announcers mentioned how the Yank fans in Baltimore were chanting 'MVP' for Jeter.

The bar starts chanting and people start laughing about what a joke Baltimore is.....

That's REALITY Pete! You see, around the country, others don't have to listen to the bs hype the warehouse and media throw at their fans. All they see is a pathetic excuse for a baseball organization, year in and year out.

No one cares that the O's have all these great young arms..... Anyone with half a brain realize only one or two may eventually pan out.

AndyMac is ultra, ultra conservative. Look at his Cub track record. Read story's from the first number of years in chicago. It took him 11 years Pete..... Eleven!

Now he's here and everyone is suppose to buy in..... Question: At what point do you stop spinning? One, two, three more years? 5, 6 7? seriously, how many?

Pete's reply: I'll stop "spinning" when you stop reading. You're obviously looking for something to sooth you here and you keep coming back over and over. I really don't get it. Are you locked in a closet with a TV that only has the MASN channel? Go on with your life. Please. For your health and happiness.

Heard something interesting on the YES network and was wondering if u could verify it

The YES announcers said that the Skanks ans Sux accounted for 40% of attendance at OPACY. Even tho they only account for 22% ( 18 / 81) of gms played there.

Pete's reply: That sounds a little high, but they certainly account for well more than their share.

Barry, I agree. Hendrickson did his job. If he leaves him in to face Molina and Molina gets a hit, people are screaming he should have brought in Kam. Kam got beat on a walk, a fluke double by Swisher who just cannot do wrong against this team, and a bad 0-2 pitch to ARod.

I guess we could debate yanking Berken in the sixth, but he has shown he's a 5 inning pitcher. You at least know that about him. So when you make a move to get him out of there,you'll be open to criticism if things go badly. If you stick with him and things go badly, you get beat up because you should have known better.
DT has made and continues to make his share of bonehead moves, but when you do the right thing and it blows up on you...If you bring in your best reliever in a 3-2 game and he gets lit up, what are you to do?
When you're the manager of a losing team, there are no right decisions.
The best answer is better players.

You're correct, although everyone gets their point! It's to the point where it reflects on the city of Baltimore.

Trust me, I defend charm city. Afterall, it's not the fans fault. Peter Angelos has done more harm than can be imagined.

The problem is, the Baltimore media has joined him. Why? 1057 the fan and Masn ratings are pathetic! Seriously, sponsors are very upset.

SInce the Sun is different, I wish Pete would tell it like it truly is in Baltimore. It's not being negative if it's truthful! People buy into such and they'd buy more papers. It works....See the NY Post!

It's a shame because Baltimore is a great city!

Thanks for the endorsement Slugger, but for my next piece I wanted to do something more down to Earth and unplifting.

I've been working on a Peter Schmuck biography aptly named "Hope Springs Eteranl: The Peter Schmuck Story"

Unfortunately due to copyright infringments, we must first buy the rights to Pete's seldom seen auto-biographies.

I'm sure some remember the first one "Schmuck-You: Defending the blog from Idiots"

And his most recent installment "Schmuck-Me: Why did I ever leave good baseball in SoCal"

Robert Andino, is very athletic so LF, shouldn't be an issue for him. The kid looked good filling in for Cesar, but his reward, you ask? sitting on the bench because DT, has no concept of how to rotate players unless it's his buddy, Wiggy. Tired of him, talking about how hard Wiggy plays. What games did he play well in?

The loss last night officially took the Orioles out of winning the AL East. We still have a hot at the playoff spot though!!!!!!!!

Watching the Yankee series just reinforces the obvious talent gap. We have some good young players but it is unlikely we'll be able to buy all the parts which will enable us to compete. In the odd season when everything works just right for us and the Yanks or Red Sox run into injury problems, we just might make the playoffs. That of course assumes our pitchers stay healthy. I expect that just when we're about to turn the corner, the arms will start to break down. The Yanks and Red Sox, of course, will just go out and buy some more talent. I love baseball, but it does need fixed. Unfortunately it has no true competition for the sports dollar in the summer. These days are not going to continue forever, though. I remember the 60's and early 70's when my buddy and I had a nice portion of the upper deck at Memorial to ourselves watching the best Oriole team we've ever had. Don't know if the best Oriole team will ever return, but the room in the upper deck will. Watching the Yankee series, it looks like it may be here already.


Pie should play every inning of every game for the rest of the year. We need to keep developing him and finding out what he's got. From what I've seen, once Crow gets his hitting straightened out, the rest of the needed fix is between the ears.

Jones should just rest the remainder of the season. No sense in rushing him back for 4 games at the end of the year and causing another injury.

Trembley really needs to go. I liked him at the beginning then lost faith during this year and decided to give him another chance, but that hasn't worked out too well. He seems to do nothing right, has terrible instincts and only seems to do what he should do after weeks of criticism and probably being forced to. I really feel he will not be able to lead this rebuilding effort, but if he stays I really hope that I was wrong about that.

Thanks for the season of interesting discussions and reporting Mr. Schmuck. I hope to see this blog back next year. As I am a Steelers fan I must put my sports focus on football now, but I never stop watching the O's until the last game. Thanks and see you next year

If Jones keeps swing for the fences as he started doing in the first half and continued in the second half he couild well play himself back to the minors. Had he hustled on the ground ball maybe he would have avoided injury.


Bring Lee Mazilli back..He was the only one who had any backbone to motivate these guys into 1st place, at least till the All-Star Break, then he was left go , when they slipped out of 1st. Way too early they fired him . These boys need some adult structure to turn them into real players. Stop babying these young arms and let them pitch. Jim Palmer was 19 year old Rookie and was expected to pitch 9 complete innings. When did pitchers turn soft?

Nolan Ryan took over the Rangers pitching staff and said they would come out when they weren't getting people out,not because of the pitch count.anybody seen the difference in the Rangers ERA and ours.And the difference in wins.Andy McPhail will fil as GM and be rewarded by being the next comissioner of baseball.How many winning seasons did he produce with the Cubs?Enough said.

Pete's reply: I think you're slightly misrepresenting Ryan's approach. He has increased the amount that the minor leaguers are throwing. He isn't burning up pitchers in the majors. In fact, if you check the box scores for the Rangers over the past seven days, only Kevin Millwood has thrown over 100 pitches. Two starters who pitched well were held under 100 and two others who pitched well were held under 90. Sounds like Dave is managing that staff, too.

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