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September 7, 2009

Taking a breather

briangetty3.jpgLike the Orioles, I pretty much had the day off today, though I did read every post and e-mail that came my way in spite of the holiday. I guess that's why they call it Labor Day.

I know one guy who labored hard today, so I thought I'd give him a plug. Jeff Zrebiec continues to grind it out every day at the ballpark to keep you informed, and even on the offday he cranked out a big story about Brian Roberts. You'll be interested in some of BRob's observations on the future of the team, his leadership role and his obligation to live up to his big contract.

Roberts is not a controversial guy, but he isn't afraid to stand up to the people who have criticized his effort this year. And he isn't afraid to stand up for manager Dave Trembley, which will probably get him some more criticism.

If you haven't read Jeff's article yet, you can do that right here.

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What BRob said about DT is exactly what some of us have been saying for weeks.

While most are calling for DT's head, and with local media lacking the b-lls to do the right thing, it took BRob to step up.

Not that he could give a damn, but I now have more respect for our 2nd baseman than ever. More important than his doubles and sb's, he showed tremendous character.

Many can learn from what he did....

Pete's reply: Explain something to me Wayne. I've written a hundred times that Trembley is in an impossible situation, but BRob says it and you use it as another unfounded opportunity to call out the media for never saying it. Don't you read anything you don't write yourself?


Thanks for sending the article. I agree with Wayne that it took alot for Roberts to say what likely isn't popular.

Usually, players say such after a manager is fired. Brian however, spoke his mind before the fact, hopefully helping to give Trembley a chance to manage this club when he has pitching that has matured, along with (as you've asked for) a cleanup hitter.

You're right wayne, many can learn from what Brian said. Problem is, get ready for all the ignorant 'fire trembley' post to follow.

Thanks again Pete!

Wow, um, wayne....I completely agree.

I thought it was great and another reason to feel like the losses this year haven't been a waste of time.

Hey - I haven't read the article but I did sit in my $1 seat on a great Saturday afternoon (after having a few $2.50 beers at Pickles with my family) and finished off with dinner at Red Star - a very nice day.

One question - even considering they were playing without M. Young and Crackhead Josh, how in the world are the Rangers in contention for a playoff spot? Their lineup is even less imposing than ours.

Pete's reply: Because Michael Young is like Roberts. Take him out of the lineup and everybody else seems to lose altitude.


Responding to your reply from a previous post....

I must respectfully disagree with your saying I'm suggesting it's all about spending (especially on unproductive players). I've never even insinuated as much.

What I did say was, while building young players was a start, the teams must now be complimented by spending. Not Yankee spending, but spending in the 75-85m range.

Rebuilding is fine, but winning matters as well. With a proper mix, young players can develop while experienced (and productive) players show them how to win.

Maybe such a mix can get this team to 500 next year.

I could go on, but you get the point! BRob gets the point as well. You know it and I know it....

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up as I thought your reply misrepresented what I offered.

By the way, now that BRob has stepped up for DT, it would be great if you (especially with your knowledge of the game) did your own version of explaining to the masses (in detail) how this man has been managing with both hands tied behind his back. As BRob suggest.... it's all about being able to look in the mirror.....

Pete's reply: Wayne, I've written that dozens of times and will continue to do so. I really wonder if you read anything other than the posts. My column was about that on Sunday, too.

Peter, I still think that all of this Oriole
stuff is just a game by higher ups to
keep the salary issues down. The O's
will never spend any money again after their mistakes in the past. They are a
bunch of cheap skates. Amen.

The idea that the team is "cheap" just dosen't add up. Roberts and Markakis got nice long term money and Wieters and Maturz were certainly not underpaid. We need a bat at first base and one at third. Add another pitcher and we are going to see real improvement. It won't be tomorrow but we didn't get into this mess today.

back to normal today O's fans

Fire Trembley

Off the wall "who cares" stat of the day:

Adam Loewen, final 2009 stats for Class-A Dunedin:

.236 BA, 340 OBP, .355 SLG, 4HR, 31RBI in 335 AB.

The future doesn't look bright for this former O's pitcher.

Here's hoping your "army of interns" throw you a great birthday party at Chucky Cheese. HB to you and Z. You both had a great year covering the not so great Os. Next year has to be better!

Pete's reply: Could you send over one of those interns. I think they took a wrong turn and showed up at your house.

To paraphrase Roberts, "Yeah, they gave me the money, I've paid my dues for 8 years, I don't care what the public thinks, we don't have the talent to compete, so leave me alone and I'll play second base every day the best that I can".

The resignation exhibited in Robert's words are mixed with loyalty to the organization that gave him the opportunity to excel in the Major Leagues.
Trembley has become a foil for the organization's failures and Robert's recognizes that.

When the Orioles were headed for their 10th losing season I heard Brooks Robinson interviewed on WBAL radio one evening while driving home. He was asked about the Orioles current status. Brooks said, "10 losing seasons in a row, that's pretty hard to do".

How about 12 Brooks?

Pete - Happy Birthday to you and Jeff. Thanks to both of you in the great job you do with your reporting of the O's.

Pete's reply: Jeff, thanks very much for the kind words.


What kind of quality free agents do you think the Os are capable of attracting given that they,

a- are coming off a 12th straight losing season.
b- lost close to 100 games,
c- have a rotation of kid pitchers whose potential has not yet been realized.

A prediction. The Os will sign a free agent or two, but not of a particularly high caliber. Perhaps a couple of guys who can fill in at first, third and DH in a platoon with Wigginton and Scott.

I do think you are right that if AM can put together the right mix, and Bergesen, Matusz, Tillman etc step up, we can be close to a 500 team. Only then are we going to be an attractive place for quality free agents to sign. It is one thing to want to spend the bucks, but quite another as to whether anyone is willing to take it.

I'm not a huge Trembley fan, but I gotta agree with BRob. I don't think even God could have won more games with this team over the past 2 1/2 years--and He probably would have known what pitches were coming ahead of time.

Bob W
I think the crackhead Josh was very uncalled for. Until you have walked in his shoes DON'T JUDGE.

Gotta agree with Wayne Pete. He's been pretty consistent, yet people want to bash him just because he speaks a different view. A view many/most agree with by the way. I've never seen a post where he says it's all about spending, yet that's always the come back. Seems that people just want to hear what they believe in. Anything else gets twisted and spun differently. Too bad because I think wayne speaks for alot of us, even if he is pretty blunt at times.

Pete's reply: I've got no problem with Wayne's various opinions, but when you throw in a line that says, essentially, the team will never win because the owner is so cheap, I think it's fair to correct the record. The owner is a lot of things, but cheap really hasn't been prominent among his faults. He has spent tons of money and run up some huge payrolls with little result. Wayne is calling me out because I excised that phrase and disputed it. It wasn't about whether he was talking only about spending. It was about being accurate and not propagating incorrect information, which gets picked up by others and passed along. I'm not defending Angelos. I think he's done a lousy job of running this team, but not because he's cheap and wants to make a big profit. The guy has about a billion dollars and he's in his late 70s. I doubt he cares about making a couple more bucks. I think he's rather have people admire him for running a winning team.

Happy Birthday, Pete.

Pete's reply: Thanks very much.

Hi Bob C,

Here are some good reasons they can get some decent free agents.

1. Most people in baseball, believe that the Orioles are heading in a good direction
2. The economy is still bad, that eliminates a lot of teams to get into bidding wars
3. The Orioles show commitment to players, that want to be here. Example: Markakis and Roberts

The real issue will be what is available, and I really never look at that until after the World Series, but I can pretty much guess there will not be a Tex out there this year, but you never know.

Also, any trade they make for a guy that can hit like Gonzalez or Fielder will be tough because the Padres and Brewes will want Matusz or Tillman and some of the other pitching prospects and that would just be foolish on the Orioles part, and more foolish for the Padres or Brewers to trade for the second tier of the Orioles prospects.

I would not be caught by surprise if they exercise the option for Mora. If they buy him out it will cost them a million. I also would not be shocked if they bring Huff back, even though I do not support either move, it could happen. The Orioles have loaned players before, who knows.

Of course the Orioles could just pass on major trades or free agents, and go with what they have in the system, Bell and/or Snyder, but I am sure the Orioles want do that yet. They might want them get one full year at triple A. Bell has weaknesses on the field, and Snyder has had a tough time adjusting but seems to have improved.

B-Rob a leader? Give me a break. He sounds like a spokesman for Andy MacPhail, reading from the script.

Robert's quote "I care what the fans think, but in some respects, I don't.". WTF does that mean?

B-Rob had been hanging out with Aubrey Huff too much. I got news for him. As a fan that's the last thing I want to hear, even if there is some merit to it at times. That's what's wrong with these players. You play this game for the fans, and you should be thanking God every day for those fans. It's because of them that you have a job, ungrateful jerk.

This is why this guy will never be a leader. It's exactly this kind of mentality that is troublesome:

"I answer to myself, I answer to God, I answer to [manager] Dave Trembley and [owner] Peter Angelos. And if they've had complaints, I'd certainly talk to them about it "

Roberts approaches baseball as his job and not his passion. That's another reason he can't be a leader. This is coming from a guy who a year or two ago did not want to sign with this club unless he saw some commitment to winning. Even though he has played well, he should come out and apologize for the poor performance of his team, instead of patting himself in the back. That's what leaders do.

Happy, Happy Day Pete

Pete's reply: Thanks very much.


1. Most people in baseball, believe that the Orioles are heading in a good direction

That is a very subjective comment. Read baseball writers across the country and they opinions vary. The Orioles as so far from being a competitive team, free agents will have to sign 10 year deals to have a chance at winning.

2. The economy is still bad, that eliminates a lot of teams to get into bidding wars

The Orioles will use that excuse and the fact attendance has dropped. This however was caused by a decade of ineptitude on and off the field. Free agents don't want to come here because of the front office. You have probably nvere heard of Russell Smouse and Alan Rifken, by they are the ones that get with Angelos (who has not met just about all the players) to negotiate contracts. It's not MacPhails call there. Ask anyone in baseball and they will tell you those guys as miserable to deal with.

3. The Orioles show commitment to players, that want to be here. Example: Markakis and Roberts

Can't refute those two, but the key is getting quality players that want to come here. When teams go after free agents they do it with vigor, creativeness and passion. The Orioles make an offer and wait by the phone while every other club interacts with the player and agent.

Unless the O's get Lou Pinella, Jim Leyland, Joe Torre, Earl Weaver or Casey Stengel's ghost, I vote they stay with Trembley for at least another year. His managing hasn't cost the O's many more games than any other manager has cost his teams.

He can't be fired for not living up to the decent start the team put up early on.

Good stuff GregB!

Again though folks, I don't put a tremendous amount of stock in the Brob, Markakis signings. Even small market teams have to keep a few players for some decent bucks (and baltimore is not a small market compared to many). If they didn't give these two good money, their payroll would be down with the Marlins. They have to spend a little as to appear a major league team.

Slugger, I agree about BRob. He's actually very fortunate to get the money he received. He's good, but below the Hill's, Kinsler's, etc. I do appreciate him standing up for DT however. That showed class, and is probably something AM didn't appreciate him doing.

Happy birthday Pete! Still hoping you do commentary of what DT's really been up against. I know it would rattle the warehouse, but it seems the right thing to do.

I like Roberts a lot, but I do hear a lot of resignation in his comments, as I have in the past. He has said elsewhere that the amount of wins don't matter unless it gets you to the postseason, but I think that's wrong. It should be about winning every day. I think Roberts DOES play to win every day, but I also see the cumulative effect of many years of losing games on his psyche and his motivation.

As for Trembley, I agree that he cannot be blamed for the Orioles' poor record. I do sort of wonder whether a change of scene might be appropriate, however, given the team's culture right now. I think it would all depend on what happens in the offseason: if they plan to make some big moves (trade a big pitching prospect for Gonzalez, which they should do as long as it's not Matusz) then they should get a new manager. If they see 2010 as another holding pattern year, then keep Trembley on for 1 more and see if there's improvement.

"Taking a breather"

To me that means taking a break from the rest of the O's season. Since I was torn on which team I'd rather see win this past series against the Rangers (and hence pressure the red sox), I figured it was time to give up interest in the subsequent games. I'll still look at the box scores.

Not much good can come from these remaining games, as I doubt the O's can dent the red sox playoff hopes. It's like training for a marathon where in the last week or two, there are no more gains to be had and the only thing you want is to avoid injury.

The off season is now what matters.

Hi to you CB Coach;

I am not saying the Os cannot sign some decent free agents. After all, their money is as good as anyone elses. I just do not see any top level ones this offseason. They have more choices and are likely bound for proven winners.

Do not get me wrong. I am bullish on the Os. As you say, the young talent we have is making baseball people sit up and notice. I just think that Bergesen, Matusz and the rest of the young pitchers are going to have to put up some numbers for a whole season before the Os become an attractive proposition.

Does a string of a dozen great starts by Bergesen prove he is for real. How about a couple, and hopefully a couple more before the season is over, by Matusz. Can the others fill out the rotation.

I am up in Toronto. I remember the free agents who came to town and lifted the Jays. When Jack Morris decided to sign, he did not see a bunch of pitchers with great promise and potential. He saw the likes of Key, Hentgen, Wells, Ward and Henke, proven commodities already there.

We are not there yet, but have the potential to be. I see 2010 as the year that it starts to come together.


I think what you are hearing from Roberts is frustration, not indifference.

I do some volunteer work in the community and Roberts is one of the first and few Orioles who will make every effort to visit a hospital, visit a hospice for the terminally ill, or sit with lonely old folks at a home.

I know, I know, I didn't like his comment about the fans either but he is a player who is second guessing his decision to stay and play on.

Slugger, things have changed since we were young. Players from our era, even at the amateur and college level never joked and fraternized with the other team when they were on base.

Yes, he does some things that I do not care for, but I think he is one of the good guys.

bob c -

Here are a few free agents that could make this team A LOT better:

1. Adam LaRoche - Annual .270/20/85 line could improve in a better lineup and hitter's park.

2. Adrian Beltre - 25 homer pop and excellent defense. Huge upgrade over Mora.

3. Randy Wolf/Jarrod Washburn/Doug Davis - Each in their mid-30's. None have overpowering stuff but go out there every five days and would be solid mentors for the young guys. Should be able to pick up one of them on a one or two year deal.

So if the O's can pony up one or two year, $7-8M per year contracts for LaRoche and Beltre and a one or two year, $6-8M per year contract for Wolf, Washburn or Davis, they'll only be spending another $20-24M next season, which is a pittance if it makes this team competitive.

I don't know about you guys, but I kind of like this team:

Starting Line Up:
1. Brian Roberts - 2b
2. Adam Jones - cf
3. Nick Markakis - rf
4. Adam LaRoche - 1b
5. Adrian Beltre - 3b
6. Luke Scott - dh
7. Nolan Reimold - lf
8. Matt Wieters - c
9. Cesar Izturis - ss

Starting Rotation:
1. Wolf/Washburn/Davis
2. Jeremy Guthrie
3. Brad Bergesen
4. Brian Matusz
5. Chris Tillman

Pete's reply: I like Beltre, but LaRoche in the four hole? I thought you wanted to catch the Yankees and Red Sox.

You can't really blame Roberts too much. Sure, he may have jogged down the line a few too many times on routine groundouts and maybe he's not a 'leader' but overall, he's put up good numbers. It's not his fault that the O's overpaid for his services and that the team has been lousy for so long.
His 10 mill/yr contract doesn't mean that he can perform miracles.
As far as whether the O's can attract big name/quality free-agents, I'd have to say I doubt it. Players want to go to winners and right now, we are probably perceived as not much further up the food chain than the Pirates/Royals and Nats. Not too many big names signed on with those teams; of the top of my head, I can think of guys like Adam Dunn and Gil Meche. I'm not even sure that either qualify as a 'marquis' free agent but Dunn would certainly be welcomed.

There has been a lot of talk, a lot of it pushed by Pete, that the O's need a power-hitting corner infielder to be contenders. While I'm not disagreeing, I think McPhail is and should be focused on getting a proven starter.

Packaging one or more of these high-level pitching prospects in a deal for a guy like Gonzalez or Fielder is not a good idea because all our guys haven't really proven themselves and we don't know who will and who will not have success learning to pitch in the AL East. Some may say that the lack of big league experience means some of the prospects could be overvalued and could end up serving us well in a trade. While that's likely true, finding out who isn't worth as much as we thought is harder than it looks. It would serve us much better to hold onto as many of them as possible until we see how they react to the major league batters.

That being said, involving one of the top flight prospects, and perhaps one of the others, in a trade for a proven starter that could lead the rotation would be worth it. No player with all the minor league/college "stuff" in the world is worth proven big league talent for an organization. Multiple year contenders aren't built on a stellar AAA team graduating to the majors to join three or four proven, big-contract, franchised players. You need multiple veterans, not just to lead drawing from experience, but to lead by offering consistent high-quality production. Right now, we have that defensively in Mora, Izturis, Roberts and Markakis, and Sherrill, believe it or not, was probably our most consistent guy in relief (it was safe to assume he'd give up a run or two, once or twice a month, and he's even been better in LA - he's no Rivera, but then again, only Rivera is Rivera). Other than these guys we haven't had one consistent guy in the rotation this season and the case could be made that Izturis has been our most consistent batter (we'd been told he'd hit around .260 and that's where he's been for the majority of the year). While that does warrant a look for a stabilizing RBI-producing first baseman, it is our rotation that is in the need of the most help.

McPhail needs to get a guy who will win more games than he'll lose and keep his ERA under 4.00. If that costs him Arrieta (or Tillman for a guy who's a lock on around 15 wins), I believe we could all live with that. All that I'm saying is that our efforts should be toward filling out a productive rotation. McPhail's aim to grow the arms and buy the bats should not only be taken literally, but as a governing philosophy of developing a rotation and plugging holes in the lineup as needed. If we give away one or more of our pitching prospects for a bat and don't have another pitching prospect we'd be willing to give up in a trade for a real starter, we're just asking for another decade of below .500 ball in Baltimore (as Pete likes to say). I just don't want our 2010 rotation to start out:

9-12 guy
Matusz (or Tillman, whomever is left)

just so that we're able to watch Prince Fielder come to the plate four times a game.

If we're trying to contend next year, then buy a bat. Indeed, we are in need of a proven corner infielder, but we can wait a year if we must. We absolutely need a guy to anchor the rotation, and we need him by Spring Training '10.

I think that offers of over 20 million a year are pretty serious. I am assuming you are referring to Tex, which also turned down a solid offer by the Nats, he wanted to be a Yankee all along.

My point is that things change year to year. The Redsox, Yankees, Mets Phillies, LA and Atlanta dove pretty deep this season and last. The Orioles found out a lot this year, and as I said most people in baseball think they are headed in a good direction and I am not speaking of writers. But when you have the young raw prospects the Orioles have, and mix some more experienced guys in, they can and should get to .500 ball next year.

Fact is a lot of us can be right on the future of this team, the good thing is there are several paths to chose from.

Gil Jr.

Don't get me wrong. Despite the strong words, I like B-Rob and I'm a fan of his.However, he has gotten on my last nerve lately with some questionable comments.

Call me cynical, but I think he it is is all forced. It looks as if he is being pushed into a leadership role because he is one of the longest tenured O's. I don't think he has the makings of a leader.

I admire and commend B-Rob for what he does in the community. When it comes to baseball, he does not have to be a tool in the hands of the organization. Cal Ripken Jr. never was. You lead by example. Not saying B-Rob hasn't, but if you're going to create an image for yourself be mindful of the fans. I don't ever remember Cal or any great Oriole comments like that about the fans.


So, the Post offers you $10 Million a year for 4 years and your Sports Editor is a nice guy who doesn't get on your backside for late or incomplete articles, I would defend him too!

While Brian is correct in saying DT hasn't had the horses, his line-ups, substitutions, pitching changes, fundamentals,baserunning and BUNTING are ALL on DT. Please add our pitchers holding guys on first to that list.

I can't see a Cal Ripken Sr team playing like this?

Pete's reply: Cal Sr's winning percentage as manager of the O's was .402. Trembley's is about .420. I don't know what that means, except it's hard to compare stuff that is really unrelated.

I Like Brian, an all round good guy. He is not a leader for a reason as simple as this; When I see him dumping a bag of sunflower seeds in his mouth before a pitch is thrown during a game when he is on the field...... That is not leadership but a lack of focus. For DT to stress fundementals, that is the first fundemental to success, focus! Leave the seed bag in the dugout!

Pete's reply: No, you're right. He should be chewing tobacco so he can get oral cancer, but look like a leader out there.

Keith Rowe. I agree; Roberts is paid to play and Trembley is paid to manage. Roberts is doing his job and Trembley is not.
If MacPhail doesn't see this, then he's not as astute as most here think he is. Trembley has been given a marginal team but there are fundamental mistakes made time after time. That has to fall on Trembley's shoulders, especially since he preached that from day one. He also said that they would be taking infield practice on a regular basis-anyone know if that is still happening?
The bottom line is that Trembley hasn't managed any better than guys like Perlozzo/Mazilli/Regan so why shouldn't he be let go after this season?

We need a leader - someone to win 13+ games, and I'd give Tillman, Hernandez or Berken, and some change away for that. Halladay and Verlander are probably out of the question or would require a lot more but one of those guys would be real nice. Scott Baker is an interesting thought, though he's probably too young to really lead and the Twins probably won't part with him. It'd be nice to keep Tillman, but if we can use him to get a big-name starter in Baltimore, I think we'll have to. We need to hold on to Matusz though - the kid has "ace" written all over him. If we can find a guy to lead the rotation next year, Guthrie will step up as a solid number 2 guy without feeling like he has to hold up the entire staff. Rounding out the rotation with Bergesen, Matusz and Hernandez would look really good. As for the bullpen, I'd let Uehara, Johnson, Ray and Mickolio try out for the set-up and closer roles, keep Hendrickson and Bass in long-relief and fill in the holes where necessary.

Wieters. Moeller as the back-up. He's worked really well with Guthrie, offers a bit of experience, and his character seems to be a better match, than Zaun, in relating to and leading the youngsters. Not that Zaun would come back, I just think Moeller fits the job description well.

First Base:
Luke Scott, ladies and gentlemen. Have him start the season at first, but let him DH every once and a while. Use Wigginton and/or one of the prospects as a back-up.

Second Base:
Pamela Anderson. Er... I mean, Brian Roberts. Have Andino back her, I mean, him up.

Third Base.
Barring a major free-agent acquisition, start Wigginton at third. Bring 32 first/third base prospects to Sarasota in Spring 2010 and let them compete to be back-ups. Let the rest duke it out in Norfolk.

Cesar Izturis. Andino as the back-up ... nuff said.

If Reimold's healthy, he should know that he has the starting job. Pie will be the back-up for each outfield position and DH as often as possible.

Center - Right
2110 (should be 1021 but I guess that doesn't sound as good)

Your everyday 2010 Orioles lineup:


Not great, but not bad at all. If we could get consistent production from Jones and Pie, if Wieters hit .280 with 20+ homers while juggling the pitchers, if Reimold's numbers improve slightly and if all other things remain the same, we could have a formidable lineup. This year, we are 4th in the majors in hits and 6th in average but 11th in total bases and 16th in RBIs and Slugging Percentage. A big bat would definitely help those stats, but I believe that not only will our power numbers improve, but so will the number of hits as Jones, Pie, Reimold and Wieters mature.

It all looks pretty good to me. I think we're probably just a good starter away from a winning season and pushing around the Yankees and Sox. If we're in contention near the All-Star break next year, maybe then we could pull off some blockbuster trade for a power-hitting first baseman. But until then, I say we don't get hasty, focus on getting a big-name pitcher, and be happy with close to 90 wins in 2010.


The Orioles' ranks in the team hitting stats you refer to are misleading because you are including the NL, where the pitchers bat. If you rank the Orioles among only the 14 AL teams, their hitting stats are not as impressive:

hits - 3rd,
average - 4th,
on-base % - 7th,
doubles - 6th,
triples - 9th,
total bases - 8th,
RBI - 11th,
slugging % - 11th,
runs - 10th,
HR - 11th,
BB - 11th,
OPS - 10th.

So it would seem that we can get men on base decently, but we're not as good at bringing them home.

We need at least one more big bat and some better clutch hitting.

As you mentioned, this may improve as our younger hitters gain more experience, but we'll need to do much better next year to provide run support for our young starters.

2010 Lineup


Catcher - Wieters (need a better back up
1B - Reimhold or trade or free agent
2b - BRob
SS- Isturiz, Andino
3B, Free Agent or trade, Wiggy back up
LF - Pie or Riemhold
CF - Jones
RF - Nick
DH - Need Free Agent or Trade
Bench: Andino, catcher, Montanez Wiggy
SP: Need Front End Starter
RP: Need a closer
Need a lefty
Berkin - Long guy
Hernandez - set-up
Johnson - set up

Lots of needs, PA better get out his pocket book and AM needs to cut some deals for minor league assets.


This is a public service announcement, we play in the AL East. Names like Wigginton and Luke Scott are spare parts not everyday players on good teams in great divisions. We can do better!

Pete -

I do want to catch up with the Yanks and Sox. But unfortunately, there's not much available at first base this coming off season.

That's why they should sign LaRoche to a one year deal. Because then they can sign Adam Dunn after the 2010 season.

Pete's reply: Do you think LaRoche is going to accept a one-year deal from the O's? If he has any value at all, he's going to do better than that elsewhere.

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