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August 22, 2009

Roster expansion just around the corner

The roster limit rises to 40 on Sept. 1 and the Orioles are expected to bring up a handful of players the Triple-A Norfolk roster. They aren't talking, of course, but it's fair to speculate that infielder Justin Turner, outfielder Joey Gathright and catcher Robby Hammock are likely to join the club for the final five weeks of the season.

It's standard procedure in baseball to add at least a catcher, an infielder and an outfielder. The Orioles conceivably could take a look at corner infield prospect Brandon Snyder, but they figure to have enough trouble making room for Turner, Hammock and Gathright on the 40-man roster. There's little chance that pitching prospect Jake Arrieta will get a look. It's really not practical for non-contending teams to stretch their top minor league starting prospects into September.

Depending on the Dennis Sarfate situation, the O's could add some bullpen depth. The most likely candidates who are on the 40-man roster would appear to be Bob McCrory, Chris Waters and Jim Miller.

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fire trembley

Okay okay... call me a broken record because I am going to say it again. We should try rotating Roberts to cleanup because he’s on this hot streak then maybe try him at the 3rd slot to give Pie a chance to be leadoff. Roberts is a great leadoff man but he’s getting older and because he is such a smart hitter I think he could work at a different spot in the lineup like what they did with Hanley Ramirez at Florida. I see Roberts becoming like Pedroia at Boston. Pie is meant to be a leadoff man with his speed and he’s coming around now. If this could work the Orioles could tinker with Nolan at 1st and if that doesn’t work try to get a free agent like A-Gon or Prince Fielder. Also a vet pitcher. Not sure what to do at 3rd though…

Yeah....Fire Trembley

Fire Anonymous.

Off topic but just to show how desperate teams can get for starting pitching.
From the Denver Post -

The Colorado Rockies will place starting pitcher Aaron Cook on the disabled list today and call up reliever Matt Herges to provide pitching depth.

It is unclear at th moment who will take Cook's spot in the starting rotation. There are at least two candidates: Adam Eaton and Josh Fogg.

WAY TO GO O's! Finally - you are playing with conviction and pride - what, Did Huff Daddy take the team's "DOG" with him? Pie looks like he has worked to make himself a player instead of a "Prayer"!! Wiggington - God, please don't let Andy STICK us with him full time at 3rd or first next year. A part timer at best! More he plays worse he looks both in field and at bat!!! Jeremy Guthrie - hey boy, you gonna right your ship yet are ya?? WOW wouldn't that be nice! We need a BOOMER with attitude from somehwere - for the middle of the lineup for next year! Promise IS there! If the young guns keep developing it could get interesting with a few new major players! Pete - did you pick out a new dog yet?


Wow! Harsh times in Rockland.. They are winning the wildcard also lol

No pitcher wants to go to Colorado. It’s a death sentence.

Can the Orioles put a letter B back on their ball caps again? I mean maybe like the 1955 cap that looks like the Budweiser B or the 1965 cap that had the normal looking B. Honestly I hate that bird logo on the caps now the cartoon one was cool but this one now looks like a minor league team and don’t get me started on that O’s hat.


No. Angelos gave you Baltimore on the away jerseys. That’s all your going to get for now. Yes both hats look like s*** but suck it up.

Orioles and the White Sox are the only ball caps in MLB not to show off their home.

Houston, Cleveland, and Toronto, use symbols but have alternate caps that showcase their home.

tonights lineup, no Pie against the lefty starter:

B. Roberts 2b
C. Izturis ss
A. Jones cf
N. Markakis rf
N. Reimold lf
M. Mora 3b
L. Scott dh
M. Wieters c
T. Wigginton 1b

"Orioles and the White Sox are the only ball caps in MLB not to show off their home.

Houston, Cleveland, and Toronto, use symbols but have alternate caps that showcase their home."

Angels? Athletics?

I'm with everyone else, I hate those O's hats as much as I hate the Sox hats with two socks!

Just more propaganda to get people to buy this stuff! Keep it simple stupid!


I don’t think Angel fans even know where that team is located at this point and if I owned the A’s I wouldn’t want Oakland anywhere near the uniform hahaha

Orioles should call-up Josh Bell to see how far away he is from making it to majors. The decision of which free agent to sign could heavily depend on that.


anyway, i agree about the hats being lame. the goofy bird was better. id go for a B hat also. maybe in 2011 when we go ahead of the sox for the pennant, we put an orange B on our hat.

I think the Nationals uniform is hellspawn. That red uniform looks exactly like Cincinnati’s, the away stinks but the patriotic one is kind of decent. With all that said though the ballcap is better than the Orioles. Yes it looks like a Walgreens but it at least is a recognizable symbol of the city of Washington.

sherrill gets a save in LA. he did put two batters on, single and a walk, but got it done. they flip flopped the regular closer broxton and sherrill. maybe to have broxton face the heart of the order, which included bradley (switch hitter, better against lefties) and lee (right handed).

Does anyone think Chad Thall would have a shot at getting called up? His numbers have been pretty solid as a lefty specialist in Bowie this year.

Why the F_*k is Mora still playing every frigging day ?!?!?!?!

Now would be the time to evaluate Aubrey at 1b and let Wiggington play 3b.

I guess you get your way when you are a crybaby in Turdland


Research project. I am wondering how many times this year the O's have sent a starting pitcher to the mound with an ERA of 6.00 or over? It would also be interesting to see what their record is for those games.

Pete's reply: I'll get my crack research team right on it.

Adding Turner, Gathright, and Hammock won't be difficult. Montanez, Uehara, and Hill are all out for the season so just move them to the 60 Day DL.


If the Orioles hire Dempsey I will root for the Sox just to spite them. The Orioles dont need another clown they need a real manager with exp!!!!!

Re starts with ERAs over 6.00: I did the math on this a few days ago, and it was 46 at the time (counting Hendrickson, whose
ERA was 6.35 when he was dropped from
the rotation). There have been no more since; the next will be when Berken starts tomorrow.

Thought I had accidentally pulled up a Project Runway blog with all the sartorial discussion but that sure aint Heide Klum's pic up there on the right :)

Nice research glad it was you not me. How many of those games did the team win?

Mora better not mad dog the White Sox like that! Oz might order a hit on another oriole!

jason c

Wiggy sucks worse than Mora. Mora cant hit but Having Wiggy at 3rd is a clear and present danger. Heck having him play any position is! Wiggy is a utility guy at best.

peter if sarfate did not have a very good rehab session.could they put him on the 60 day dl and bring him up on september 1st or sometime after that dae.

Pete's reply: No, if you put the guy on the 60-day, he would be done for the year since DL assignments can be retroactive no more than 10 days.

Hey Pete, I was thinking Fiorentino instead of Gathright, or maybe that would hurt the the Orioles by moving Fiorentino to the 40 man roster, because if they move him off maybe someone will claim him. Your thoughts?

Montanez! Bad thumb! What's the story? Guys have come back from arm surgery faster than this!

Pete's reply: I don't think it makes sense for anybody here to question medical decisions about an injury we know little about. I believe Montanez tore the ligaments around his thumb and required surgery to fix them. He doesn't get to make the decision on his return. That's made by the surgeon, and obviously the surgeon doesn't think he's ready yet. It's one thing to question a managerial decision, but unless you're an orthopedict specialist -- or stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night -- I think you defer to the real experts.

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