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August 11, 2009

Reflecting on the Rios deal

The rumors were true. The Chicago White Sox claimed outfielder Alex Rios off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays and didn't have to give up anything to get him -- unless, of course, you count the $60 million or so that was left on his contract. Of course, the deal didn't get done fast enough to help the Orioles, who heard the same rumors as everybody else but watched Rios stick around with the Blue Jays just long enough to hit two home runs against them over the weekend.

The Rios salary dump is just the latest repudiation of the Blue Jays' contract frenzy a few years ago. They also released B.J. Ryan with about $15 million still guaranteed on the huge deal he signed after leaving the O's for free agency, and still are on the hook for much of the mega-contract they gave Vernon Wells.

It's hard to tell if J.P. Ricciardi's willingness to give away Rios is part of some kind of trend in baseball during these hard economic times. The Jays also shopped Roy Halladay a year ahead of his free agent eligibility, and the Indians did some downsizing at midseason, so maybe there is more of this to come this winter.

That might bode well for the Orioles, who need to fill some holes, but don't seem to be in sync with the upcoming free agent market -- which is heavy with run-producing outfielders at a time when the Orioles need a big-bat corner infielder. The O's have been "conserving resources" under Andy MacPhail, so they should be positioned well if some other teams start shedding high-salaried players.

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Fire Trembley

I think in the off season they should trade whatever it takes to get Gonzalez from S.D. (even if it were to include Tillman, Matusz or Arrieta)

They need a big bat in the line up in the worst way. At the rate they are going this year, they will probably set the record for LOB's.

I'd even settle for Kouzmanoff for third base. (at a lesser pice, of course)

I take that back about the LOB's. They probably won't get too many runners on base to leave on from this point forward as the rest of the season will inevitably be mailed in as always.

Wouldnt it be nice if O's could make waiver claim if certain player was available via waivers?
This way , the player would had come here whether he likes it or not .
With Free Agency market , all the top prizes can avoid the O's or use them as bidding leverage .

Pete's reply: Because of their place in the standings, they'll get one of the first cracks at anybody that comes through.

Allan, if they claimed someone off of waivers, they'd probably retire. *L*

It only takes a few teams to whore up the market and unfortunatley two of them are in our Division.

I do think that PA and Andy Macphail may feel some sense of urgency this winter to actually becomee competitive in 2010 while rebuilding, which Macphail promised would happen this year.

Things did not work out that way this year and I think even they would agree that the fans deserve better, sooner.

I think the O's will hit the FA this year for a big bat. McP is ready and so are the O's. Maybe we can move Reimold or Jones (to protect his health) to 1st base to open up a spot in the OF? I also believe that we can attract some FA's because they know, with the young guns we have (though we still need a vet for leadership), that the O's will become competetive again in 2010/2011. IT WILL HAPPEN!

(Dont forget, this is only the 3rd yr of the 5yr plan, so we are going in the right direction)

Rios would fit right in with some of the O's vets as this guy quit playing hard a month ago. Not only that but he got into it with some fans who were tired of his lackluster play which was the final straw. Of course, now he'll 'find' his stroke again and the WhiteSox will come out smelling like a rose.
JP Ricciardi will likely get his walking papers soon and rightfully so. This self-proclaimed genius set the Jays franchise back a few years with some of the worst signings ever-Wells, Ryan and Rios for starters...
Let's hope the Roberts and Markakis deals don't turn out as bad. Nick seems to be holding him own but is Roberts going to deteroriate before his contract expires? There are a few warning signs-less stolen bases, hustle and overall he gives off the impression that he's tired and/or fed up. The worst thing is that all these bad 2nd halves are taking it's toll on him.

jongermany. I disagree with your suggestion to move either Jones or Reimold to 1st. Moving guys to other positions will weaken us defensively and despite popular thinking, not anyone can play 1st. For example, the Javy Lopez/Piazza/Carlos Guillen moves there failed and a good defensive 1b is worth his weight in gold. Besides, Jones is a possible gold glover in CF and Reimold seems to have to have the tools to play a decent LF. We need to find a 1B somewhere but moving guys around isn't the answer.
Maybe a guy like Casey Kochmann becomes availablea nd for once, we promote a corner IF from within...

LOL. I just busted out laughing reading Anonymous' "Fire Trembley" comment. S/he is either someone who waits for Pete to post or someone who works across the cube from Pete who knows Pete has just posted a blog and rushes to be the first one to make his/her irrelevant point. Nevertheless, you're a great fan Anonymous. Keep it up!

The O's are well positioned for last place the next 5 years also....

Fire Terembley

This would all be a moot point if they would have signed Tex. He was the perfect fit. Hometown kid, 1B with a good glove, young switch hitter perfect for the #4 hole.

Roberts, Jones, and Markakis would be seeing much better pitches right now.

I think we should go after Hank Blalock in the off-season and give him a two year deal if possible. He puts up big power numbers and would do well at Camden Yards. He was injured not too long ago but I think those injuries are behind him now that he is playing 1B. Let Brandon Synder stay in the minors until he proves he is ready.

I think we should go after Hank Blalock in the off-season and give him a two year deal if possible. He puts up big power numbers and would do well at Camden Yards. He was injured not too long ago but I think those injuries are behind him now that he is playing 1B. Let Brandon Synder stay in the minors until he proves he is ready.

My Q: In the third year of the rebuilding process, why are we trading solid major-league performers for single-A and double-A prospects, most of whom (historically and statistically speaking) will never make to the Big Leagues?

Ditto Slugger on Anonymous who should put on some ruby slippers, close his eyes, click his heels twice, and wish himself to Kansas City. I think Trey Hillman could use a buddy right about now.

we need Prince Fielder. He would hit 55 HRs at camden yrds

I think we need to fire Trembley. His BA hasn't been above .220 all season and he might not even break 30 RBIs for the year. On top of that his ERA is 12.51 and his K::BB is 1:12!!!!

What do you think of going after Chone Figgins to play 3B next season?

Pete's reply: I'd take him, but I've heard he's staying in the Southwest.

Lots of troll comments. Typical Baltimore woe-is-me-ism.

Not sure I see the well-positioned part -- if there is a dearth of corner infielders, wouldn't that raise the bidding price? Or is the idea that we could get a salary dump trade?

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