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August 13, 2009

Ravens: One bad break

The Ravens receiver corps took another hit in tonight's game when Marcus Smith went down with a knee injury that coach John Harbaugh described as potentially serious.

"Marcus is getting checked out,'' Harbaugh said. "It could be serious. It could be an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)."

That would be very bad news for a team that already needs everybody to stay in the competition for the receiver reps. Smith said after the game that the injury didn't seem all that painful on the field, but that doctors were concerned that it did not respond well when he was examined afterward.

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Pete...Smith just might be one of those guys who simply can't stay healthy enough to help.

And injuries can sometime be beneficial because some guy might now get enough reps to really show what he can do with 1 less receiver in the mix.

I was also deeply impressed by Michael Oher. He's got a 'I'm gonna kick your a** all over this field' attitude that you dream about having in an O-lineman and I liked the way he went full out until the whistle blew. On top of that he is really a physical specimen...he's downright scary.

Several of the lesser known guys fighting for spots on the roster had good games too.

All in all one of the best 1st preseason games in Ravens history...500 yards of offense, a shutout and only no serious injuries to the starter corps.

Not bad at all.

August + Ravens = Orioles Who?

WOW!!! The Ravens look like I should be putting some $ on them winning the super bowl this year! HOLY MOLY! I bet the skins fans blogs are looking like the Orioles blogs about now!! They got PUNKED but good! Speaking of Orioles - I hope on their night off they watched this game! The Ravens are in EVERY way the polar opposite of the Orioles. The RAVENS have a great Head coach, play with passion, power, enthusiasm, hustle, grit, determination, zest, style, pride and with their fans cheering BECAUSE of this, at the top of their lungs. EVERYTHING about the Ravens says - we are good, we through passion & pride are gonna get better and God help anyone who gets in our way! The Orioles - they play & look like the Redskins did!

C'mon guys, they looked good,but let's not get carried away here! It's the first PRE-SEASON game!! In a month some of the guys out there will be selling used cars. Talk Superbowl after the third game. I do believe that the only undeafeated team in preseason last year was the Detroit Lions, want to wind up like that?

Im not reserving my SB tickets yet, but you have to admit for a preseason game they looked good. I said WOW a few times on the crispness of the O's execution. The D is still the same fast and nasty. Get ready for another outstanding Ravens year!!!

Im not reserving my SB tickets yet, but you have to admit for a preseason game they looked good. I said WOW a few times on the crispness of the O's execution. The D is still the same fast and nasty. Get ready for another outstanding Ravens year!!!


I agree with your assessment. Let's not get carried away. We only beat the Redskins. This Redskins team would probably make the Detriot Lions of last year look like SuperBowl contenders.

I remember the night before the game watching MASN and they were previewing the game....alot of Skins fans were woofing text messages that were scrolling across the bottom of the screen....I didn't see one from Ravens fans....I thought that was rather amusing at the time....after that shellacking last night....I think it's hilarious!!!! Where are the Skins fans now?

Overall for a first look this year, the Ravens looked impressive. Although Marcus Smith got hurt, the rest of the receiving corps looked okay. Some of the balls they dropped looked like they weren't making too much effort to catch, I guess just because its preseason. The defense was solid (as usual) and Michael Oher looked like a beast out there. But the boys looked good. Although its only preseason.

Have to laugh at the purple Kool Aid drinkers like "shoreman". They beat the horrid Redskins in a meaningless exhibition game and now they're going to the Super Bowl. Puts in perspective the same idiots who talk about Andy MacPhail and his plan being a total failure after just two years running things.

Harper is the reincarnation of Travis Taylor. For every one decent catch, he drops five easy ones. Just keep tabs on him to see if he proves me wrong. I doubt it. If the Ravens had five Derrick Mason's, they'd be set.

Lemme guess Factiods,

You're a Redskins fan. I rest my case.

The Ravens will boat anchor like the Orioles.

Hey "factoid" - I reveled in the WAY the Ravens played with heart, determination, passion, pried, gusto - etc etc etc. Now smartguy - name me ONE GOOD adjective that you can use to describe the way the Orioles play???? And 2nd - how much MORE likely is it that the Ravens get to another super bowl BEFORE the Orioles get to the world series, Hell, even get above 500?? Need I remind you the Ravens were one play away from the super bowl just last year and are much better this year! What Orioles true fan of over 50 years wouldn't give his left nut for a manager like the Ravens have in their head coach. Let's all get a chuckle out of saying the team battle cry "Play like an ORIOLE!!" BARFFF! I have had a love affair with my Orioles for over 50 years, used to take Brooks Robinson and then many of the 1980's Orioles goose hunting here on the shore. Now THAT was the way to PLAY ball, with fire and passion like winners. Todays BUMS should turn their heads when they take their multi million $ paychecks! What else ya got??

The Ravens are going to have a problem with depth. They have not done well drafting in the lower rounds for years and they have a tough time filling in as they very little depth.

Non football:

Seems like a lot of baseball teams would rather overspend for draft picks then proven major leaguers these days. I am seeing kids in the 4th and 5th round making late 1st round money.

Do you think this is a trend that will continue? Teams seem to want to go younger but is it smart to spend so much for potential when there is proven out there?

If Gary Thorne makes one more "fireworks" metaphor because it is fireworks night I am going to have fireworks in my pants (the bad kind).

Did Felix Pie just throw to no one? I need confirmation that I'm not losing my mind with disgust and anger.

Pete's reply: No, he overthrew Roberts, but that doesn't make it any better.

Annapolis florist, Are youwatching the same team as I AM. wE SEEM TO HAVE EXCELLENT DEPTH. Maybe wide receiver is not so deep, but every other position , we are very deep and set.

The Ravens should inquire about Crabtree. If he's not going to get a deal done with the 49ers then the Ravens should go after him. We want the Superbowl NOW not next year. We have room on the cap to afford him so why not go get a deal done ? Sounds like a good idea.

What do you think ?

Pete's reply: I don't believe anybody can go after him until next year's draft if he doesn't sign with the 49ers.

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