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August 11, 2009

O's: What a relief

Manager Dave Trembley clearly was relieved after tonight's 3-2 victory over the Oakland A's, for a number of reasons.

He was relieved to see David Hernandez bounce back from his two shortest major league outings of the season with a solid 6 2/3 innings during which he gave up just six hits and struck out six.

Trembley also had to be relieved after getting a string of successful relief efforts by Matt Albers, Danys Baez and Jim Johnson, who combined to give up just one hit over 2 1/3 innings. Johnson recorded his fourth save in seven attempts.

Then there was the other thing Dave was relieved about -- the fact that the Orioles held on to win the one-run game on a night when Brian Roberts made a horrible baserunning mistake that cut short the fifth-inning rally that put the O's ahead.

"I told him after the game that I'm glad we won,'' Trembley said, "because if we hadn't, that might have put me over the edge."

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I think I beat Anonymous tonight. Here we go:

Fire Trembley!

This would have put him over the edge? Really? Just threw up in my mouth.

Kudos to Hernandez for a well pitched game.

Good win by the O's. Great outing for Hernandez. Luckily for Roberts his base running blunder didn't cost them the game. Its good to see the O's win a one run game. Great game overall.

Good to see the O's pull one out and Hernandez brought his A game tonight.. Baserunning- coach needs to remind all of them on every pitch. It makes me nuts.

I think it's the manager joking with a veteran after what had to be gut-wrenching night for them both. For a team that's playing so tight, I thought it was a pretty funny comment.

Being overdramatic just made me throw-up a little, some even came out.

I just read about Mickey Tettleton and the "Why Not" team. Maybe we can get the guys from '89 to rub some of their attitude on this team Friday night. The team needs to chill. Better days are coming.
The '89 team could find all sorts of ways to win, true "Oriole Magic", Is there a magic lamp in the house?

Where has Juan Samuel been this year? People are getting gunned down at 3rd and home left and right, and on the play where Roberts jogged home with one out, why wasn't he telling him to get back?

Already commented on the O's game in the jinx post, but how bout Youk charging the mound throwing his helmet and getting thrown to the ground by Porcello? Been awhile since I've seen someone make such a stupid mistake while they were in a playoff race, wonder how long Bud will make him ride the pine as a result.

Is the fact that he threw his helmet worse than throwing a punch? He seems to be one of those players that everyone would want on their team and whose hometown fans love but everyone else fans/opposing players hate ala AJ Pierzynski

Pete's reply: Throwing the helmet is considered worse, for some reason. I'm of the opinion that if the pitcher can throw a ball 90 mph at a guy's head, the guy should be able to throw at least his helmet at the guy.

B-rob giveth, B-rob taketh be continued. All Trembley could do is look down and kick the floor of the dugout.

I can't tell you how entertaining it was for me to see Youkilis get thrown to the ground by a skinny 20 year old rookie.

Youkilis is the player I loath more than any other in MLB. For no particular reason really other than the fact that he's awkward and annoying. He tries to make himself look like a tough guy with the shaved head and the oversized goatee. Guess not Kevin.

Too bad everyone rushed in before Porcello got a chance to wail on him a couple of times!

djph. Hey I'm with you re: Youkilis...I can't stand him either!!! That smug look, stare down, taking forever to get ready i the batter's box...What a coward throwing a helmet...I wish the kid would have laid a beating on him or he charged the mound with Edwin Jackson or Verlander pitching-they would have pummelled this putz.
Actually the Red Sox have quite a few annoying guys-Pedroria, the over-hyped Drew, lying Big Papi and Variteck-with the Captain's C(does he think he's playing hockey??).
Then we have the always obnxious "Red Sox Nation' who thave nothing better to do with their time and $$ than to travel to other cities and make fools of themselves in opposition ball parks.
I actually cheer for the Yanks when they play each other.

Have to laugh at the comments about Youkilis and Pedroia. Ask anyone in their right baseball mind who would they rather have playing first base/third base, Kevin Youkilis or Melvin Mora/Aubrey Huff? That's a no brainer; Youkilis hands down. And I would take Pedroia over Brian "My heads been in a fog since I signed a big contract" Roberts anyday also. As far as Varitek, he's nothing but media clippings. Laughable that a .240 hitter has the audacity to wear a "C"; and Big Papi is a lying slimebag 'roid user. Screw both of them, but I'd still take Youkilis and Pedroia over what we have in Baltimore any day.

Youk getting his arse kicked was reminiscent of Robin Ventura getting his face pelted by the 'old man' Nolan Ryan years ago. Youkilis and Ventura will go down in history as being a pair who thought they could 'handle' the pitcher. *L*

Was there anyone in the 3rd base coaching box? It's hard to believe Roberts running straight at Samuel and not seeing the 3rd base coach trying to wave him back! Or did he try to wave him back? Or try anything?

Never saw Samuel in the replay, who would know? It's one thing for a ballplayer to forget how many outs there are, it happens, but it's a cardinal sin for a base coach to forget the number of outs in an inning, especially when he's supposed to relay that info when a new runner reaches 1st, 2nd (Roberts) or 3rd. That's part of his job as a base coach.

I guess we'll never know what Samuel was doing. Oh, how I wish I was a reporter asking the tough questions.

Pete's reply: So do I.

Roberts has 10 million reasons to remember how many outs there are...

Sure, Youkilis is better than Mora, but having to watch 162 games of his bug eyes arguing ball and strike calls? Ugh. I can't stand the guy.

Hi Pete: Glad to see Koji starting his throwing program in Florida. Interesting that Dave says he is going to the bullpen, I am sure that will help. Have you heard of any time line? Did not see anything in the Sun, did I miss something?

Pete's reply: His return was projected for September at the time he went on the DL. Don't think that has changed.

Regarding Varitek wearing the "C"... it sickens me that the Sox are so pompous that they feel the need to display this meaningless designation on a player's uniform. At least in hockey the captain (and alternates) are given the authority to discuss concerns with the referees. In baseball the 'captaincy' couldnt be more useless.

Great to see the kid from Detroit more than holding his own by body-slamming Yuck-ilis. I can't stand that guy. There have been times this season when Josh Beckett plucked Markakis where I wish our players would grow a pair and charge the mound.

I agree all the winning teams play that style of tough baseball and when weaker teams like the Orioles don’t protect their players by not retaliating it does play a factor and they lose intensity.

Glad the O’s won a game but it was pretty damn sloppy.. Luckily in this case the O’s are not very popular and those horrible B-Rob mistakes and than triple Nolan gave up won’t be showcased nationwide…

Inge should have blocked Youk before he got to Porcello they showed the replay on baseball tonight and it looked like Inge and some other Tigers could have cut him off its like they were scared or something

Yeah what would Trembley of done over the edge?! Stay up to 1am eating subway? Drink 2 glasses of wine instead of his normal 1 glass? Watch greys anatomy or listen to soft rock 5% louder than normal. Gimmie a break! Hahahahahah this guy is a pitiful lame! Anybody that wants to compare him to the Francona in Philly situation is nuts. Baltimore welcomed this unknown with open arms and all he does is butcher our baseball. No chance Trembley gets a gig somewhere else like Francona did. If anything he will go back to AAA or use his MLB experience and Notre Dame connections to work on the baseball team there. Then Charlie Weis and him can hit up the buffet together forever.

Fire Trembley

Pete's reply: I don't think you're allowed to use the term "pitifully lame" unless you put your name on the post. Criticizing anonymously is "pitifully lame." Come out of the shadows.

The Red Sox had a fight last night with Detroit!!!!!! Geeze, what a surprise. They just lost 4 straight to the Yankees, and they were mad as hell. Now there is a team that will not settle for losing. They might not get into the playoffs, but they play with pride and passion.
Wasn't a great game for the O's last night, but they still managed a win.
Their baserunning is unbelievable. But being 19 games under 500 must make your mind like mush.

Bo n Crabs

This team’s mind is not mush! They are taking the year off. We have to lose now to win later! DUH!!!

I think in the AL East the manager has to be very tough and will not let his team be bullied by guys like Joba and Beckett. Trembley seems a bit too soft to handle the situation. For better or worse that’s the way the game is played now and Trembley refuses to participate and lets the team be bullied.


The Orioles are not the nerdy kid at school getting bullied!! They are the pothead skipping school altogether! It doesn’t even matter if bigger and stronger teams bully the Orioles they never show up each season because the front office and usual bad management. All we do is help struggling teams pad the record!

Epic pitching matchup today

Mazzaro ERA 5.70 REC 3-8

Last appearances:
8/07 at KAN 5.0 IP, 3 ER W, 9-4
8/02 vs TOR 5.0 IP, 7 ER L, 7-2

Berken ERA 6.72 REC 2-9

Last appearances:
8/07 at TOR 6.0 IP, 3 ER W, 7-5
8/02 vs BOS 1.1 IP, 6 ER L, 18-10

Fire Samuel.

The O's don't have too many Latin players left anyway so his main job as interpreter is pretty meaningless and he obviously didn't get trained well for his part-time job as 3rd base coach.

Oh well at least Pedro will be going up against Samardzija on ESPN tonight. It should be interesting seeming them both make their season debuts.

Like the McPhailCare article...
the only problem is that the roles are reversed... If AM was to fit in to the current debate, he would have to make up "facts" and the angry mob would actually raise sensible concerns (unlike your irate bloggers)

AM- have no fear, the Orioles are going to be great. You will never was money on tickets again, since everything is going to be peachy very soon! That is a fact!
MOB- You keep saying that, but isn't it goign to just melt into another mess, requiring more rebuilding later?

AM- Really, if you consider it though, 18 years of the Yankee regime and Steinbrenner are to blame, not me! I did not create this mess!
MOB- Its your problem now, take responsibility!

AM- Competition vs. a competitor with unlimited resources, such as the Yankees or even the federal gov't, is not a bad thing. It will actually make things more competitive!
MOB- Aren't you taught that isn't true on the second day of Microeconomics class?

AM- Once these changes are made, the Orioles will never again post a losing record.
MOB- how will we pay for it?
AM- Uh, well, it is going to be salary neutral. We will sign every top notch Free Agent available to give you the best product on field... that and we will surtax the rich Yankees and Red Sox.
MOB- What happens when they give up and decide to become mediocre? Then who pays?
AM- uhh... well... that's enough "facts" for today! Report to my office if you hear anyone speaking otherwise, we have a way with dealing with them... Gotta Run, bye!!!!

The only thing I hate about pitchers throwing at batters is when they aim for the head or hands. M-Cab had to leave the game last night and might not even play today. It’s a sleazy way to gain an advantage over the other team by taking out their best player. Also When the Tigers did retaliate they didn’t aim anywhere that was going to hurt Youk. If anything Youk hurt himself by fighting. I know the guy gets hit more than anybody but still. Its crazy that the red sox won the game by taking out M Cab and Porcello by being goons.

Bob F,
What good does firing Samuel do right now? If anything keeping him around until the end of the season helps get us a better draft pick. Even if the O’s do fire him they are just going to put in some other F-up. This organization needs to do some serious examination of every management position connected to the team. That and attack free agents with an iron fist.

Speaking of management, what in the world is Mike Flanigan up to these days? He should be finished washing all the windows in the warehouse by now.

Bob F,

That’s a good question.. I think he’s still in the organization but AM took over a large percentage of his job. Maybe because he is such a good spin doctor he helps MASN and coordinates with the Sun. Probably helped Pete write that garbage McPhailCare mess :)

Pete's reply: Thanks for that, seth. Stay classy.

Agreed the yuck take-down was priceless. how come nobody mentioned that dumb-a$$ stance with the hands a foot apart and the bat pointing forwards? he undoes both of those things right before swinging so gimme a freakin' break. yes, the numbers are good but might be better without all the nonsense

I think they should put Flanny and his annoying nasal tone back in the TV booth and take Buck Martinez and his annoying (but informative) nasal tone and put him back in the dugout. Then, they can re-assign Trembley to be the team's p/r director.


Batting stance doesn’t matter as long as you hit the ball. Cal had some interesting ones. My favorite of his was the violin.

If the Orioles cared as much about the team as their PR they could win a world series.

Anonymous -

The Youkilis/Porcello "fight" was nothing like the Ryan/Ventura beat down.

Nolan Ryan got Robin Ventura in a headlock and punched him in the face like 93 times.

Rick Porcello turned and tripped himself and a full-speed-ahead Youkilis.

Youk's a punk though. Throwing your helmet at a guy with zero protection is a coward move.

Turned out well for the Sox though. Mike Lowell pinch runs for Youkilis and goes on to drive in three runs on two homers.

Epic pitching matchup today

Mazzaro ERA 5.70 REC 3-8

Last appearances:
8/07 at KAN 5.0 IP, 3 ER W, 9-4
8/02 vs TOR 5.0 IP, 7 ER L, 7-2


at least Mazzaro is not a lefty, otherwise we'd be toast


Ha! Yeah as crazy as it sounds i think we may have the advantage today.

4 minutes until something magic happens!

Bob F., I agree with you, as Buck Martinez has managerial experience with the Jays and recently was the manger in the 1st go around of the WBC. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I am sure Pete, knows the answer, but when the O's fired Sammy, I think Buck threw his name into the hat? The interesting thing about Buck, is he has an amazing knowledge of baseball plus he seems to be able to relate to anyone. Is it a long shot? Sure, but the guy has been basically scouting the team for years so he would have an advantage.

Pete's reply: I don't recall Buck getting involved at that point, but my memory is flawed sometimes.

Birdland Todd - I think you may have been thinking about Rick Dempsey. I don't remember Buck throwing his name into the sweepstakes with the O's ever.

I don't think it should be a longshot, whether it actually is or not. He does have the experience and I agree that he really knows his stuff and would speak his mind when not bound by his broadcasting contract.

Wow.... I just can't help participating in this one.
I guarantee you that if Kevin Ukelele had stood at the plate holding the bat with his arms extended that far over his ugly skinhead and his gloved hands spread a few inches apart on the bat handle back in the era of Gibson, Drysdale, Ryan, and even Palmer, they'd have all looked at that protruding ribcage and seen on it through their eyes a sign reading "DRILL ME"..... and would have done so with enough frequency to have encouraged him to adopt a more conventional stance.

As for Pedroia.... I think the fact he was chosen MVP was a joke.
Better than Roberts?
No way.
He simply plays on a better team, which affects not only his play, but the way he's pitched to.
I am really tired of people under-rating Roberts.
I really don't think there is any second-baseman any better defensively nor are there any better leadoff batters.
Brian simply needs to lead off for a more consistently potent lineup.

Finally, I'm tired of people under-rating Trembley.
Baseball-wise, he's the best and smartest manager we've had since Weaver.
He's had a multitude of inconsistency and lack of dependability by his players.... especially his pitchers.
I think he handles the 2009 media and his players as well as any manager I've ever seen.
When the team begins to develop some consistency over the next year or so, I think everyone will realize just how good he is.

Joe Torre's first teams which he managed weren't so successful either.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Go to an AA meeting and shut your mouth.


C'mon man! I can appreciate making an argument for defending Trembley, but to even mention his name along Weaver and Torre is a stretch. You're comparing a career minor league manager with no winning to speak of with a legendary Hall of Famer and legendary Hall of Famer to be. Let's get real.

As for Pedroia.... I think the fact he was chosen MVP was a joke.
Better than Roberts?
No way.

ROFL! Roberts doesnt know what day of the week it is!!!

ok, we are toast anyway.

Why on earth do people just blindly assume that Trembley is this baseball genius? If so why didn’t any other team show interest in hiring him as a MLB manager? What at all has he done with the Orioles to keep his job? Yes I understand he is managing a team that is of questionable quality that’s not his fault but the manager must take accountability for the bad. I truly believe this team has more depth than is being showcased and we need to try someone else to tap it.

at least we can blame losing this series on the tough road schedule

I blame myself for thinking Berken could win it....

Trembley.Smart.Really? Are you sure?

Is your next post going to be about Jessica Simpson was just named a Rhodes Scholar?

Pete's reply: Hey, hey, hey. We don't allow any Jessica Simpson-bashing on this blog.


The O’s don’t believe in being accountable for anything.

I predict the Angels sweep us and Trembley is relived of his duties as manager.

What is the issue with hitting someone on the hand? I know it has the potential to put a guy out for a while, but how do you hit someone on the hand on purpose? It's the easiest part of the body to move out of the way of a pitch.


All pitchers have to do is aim for the back or buttocks and there is no problem. I just hate seeing players miss time and possibly have the outcome of the game affected.

Pete's reply: OK, we just had someone mention Jessica Simpson, and now you are talking about aiming for the buttocks. I don't like the direction things are going right now.


Get control of your life.

Don't look now but you just mentioned Trembley and Weaver and Torre all in the same sentence yourself, didn't you?

If you'd go back and pay a bit more attention to a little thing called context, you'd see that what I said was that I think Trembley is the best man for the job SINCE Weaver who, by the way, was a career minor-league manager and coach himself before coming to the Orioles to coach under Hank Bauer in 1968. Earl was hardly a legend at that point.... and I stand by my statement about Torre as well. As a manager, he was fired more than once because his teams did so poorly.... hardly a HOF resume at that point as well.

I for one do not assume that Trembley is a genius, nor did I proclaim that. Again... context, my man... context.

Of course I'm sure you knew all the time the Braves and Mets were sucking under Torre that he was one.... right?

I've never drank or used mind-altering substances in my life.
If there's one thing I hate, it's being accused of it.
When a person who knows nothing about me makes such an implication immediately after accusing ME of not knowing what I'M talking about, the ironic hypocrisy is obvious.

Nobody cares Bear just shut your mouth

Yeah seriously Bear, give it a rest. By your logic any fairly new, struggling manager is the next Weaver or Torre. This arguement is rediculous.

Obviously, once you've researched and come to understand the concept of "context", your next project should be the term "logic".

It's obvious that you WANT to disagree with me because it just makes you feel better to do so.
At least learn to read and speak accurately enough so that I and others can actually understand what it is specifically you think you're disagreeing WITH.

I think it could be argued that there were even guys on his own team more deserving of the MVP than Pedroia... much less the rest of the American League.

I don't care for the batting style of Youkilis. I think it borders on hot-dogging.

I like Roberts.

I like Trembley.

Now.... either put up a legitimate debate about any of these opinions of mine or just go take a nap.

I don't like it when people use personal assumptions about a person in order to present an argument with that person and that's what you guys did.

Your couch with the fluffy pillows is waiting.... or perhaps your floor... or wherever the hell it is you nap.

Bear I really dont care hahah but keep having meltdowns on here its pure comedy bro

Your persistent responding tells me different. dee dum tee deee.... OK, and after "context" and "logic", please do look up "meltdown".

Hyperbolize much ?

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