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August 9, 2009

Matusz: Short and not so sweet

Rookie Brian Matusz needed 62 pitches to struggle through 2 2/3 innings before manager Dave Trembley went to his bullpen, but I think he pulled the kid a little too soon. If Matusz gets one more out in the inning, he's got a chance to save the Orioles one middle reliever in the game by starting the fourth. And, who knows, maybe he settles down and learns something from the experience.

I'm sure Trembley made the move to preserve the club's chance to win the game, but going into the bullpen in the third inning while you're three runs down to Roy Halladay doesn't bode well for a late comeback.

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There it is Pete! Don’t be shy rip DT.

What is going on at the farm system that is making our guys throw so soft? If we are going to be using our minor league pipeline exclusively for the Orioles instead of free agents it might be a good idea to check into.


Its his second start after jumping from AA, DT wanted to make sure he didn't get demoralized. Matusz was getting his tits ripped off with shots. I actually applaud DT for a change and believe he did the right thing for a very young and impressionable future star!

I wouldn't have taken him out either. Getting him a learning experience is more important than winning a game. Especially when your actual chances of winning the game are slim.

Meanwhile, if I could clone Andino and put him 1-9 in the line up today, I would. He's now 4-5 against Halladay and the 1 at bat he didn't get a hit, he reached on an error.

The O's look bleak. The youth movement even bleaker.

Pete's reply: Do you ever pull a muscle when your knee jerks that hard.

Might as well sit Roberts tomorrow… Heck sit the rest of the vets also lets get this draft pick!

Oh well at least this afternoon morsel will be over before the main course of Sox and Yanks tonight

Matusz, Tillman,and Wieters should all still be in the minors, with Wieters and Tillman getting a September call up, Matusz finishing AA and then shut down.

This year's won loss record does not matter but the health, development and confidence of these kids does.

Macphail is throwing the fans a bone and risking the future.

What has happend to Luke??

agree totally Gil.

I have to disagree with Gil jr.
This learning is very valuable. better this year than next. Matusz and Tillman both showed they have nothing left to prove in the minors. they both were tearing it up. There is a process to making the jump. Not everyone has the makeup of Bergesen.
I think these guys will be fine sooner than you think.
actually the only reason both are here now is called
the "mother of invention"...

bill frederick

What are they learning man how to be losers? This team wasn’t equipped to properly call them up. We needed to use vets and slowly insert the rookies when the opportunity presented itself not just throw the rookies in this mess of a season.

Albers needs to be off this team next season

My litmus test: How the hell does millar go 3-3? he's horrible,hitting 232. Some bad pitching today. Real bad.


What do you think is behind Markakis' errors this year? They tend to be of the non-spectacualr type, little bobbles and such, but that's his 6th. He's never had more than 3 in an entire season.

Pete's reply: I would say he's trying really hard to run up his assist total and he's rushing on some balls. Or just a statistical anomaly.

The Padre's have a rookie pitcher, Mat Latos, he got called up from AA not to long ago. He's 4-1 with an era under 3, I believe Tim Lincecum came from AA as well. So making a jump from AA is not new, hopefuly he learns from his mistakes.

Fire Trembley

Are you being nice to the Orioles to get your kid or a relative on the team like the rest of the media?

Pete's reply: Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I've been told that if I keep stroking them, they'll let my daughter play third next year.

How many of those guys making the jump from AA were in their first season of professional baseball?

8 game winning streak and their run dif is starting to balance out.


I agree that it wouldn't have been such a bad idea to leave Matusz in a while longer. With the state of the O's offense these days the game was already over, so why not give him some time to work out his problems? Still, one of DT's lesser mistakes this season.
This consistent lack of offense is really starting to scare me about next year. I'm actually quite optimistic about our pitching prospects for next season. I think a number of the rookies including Matusz and even, yes, Berken, could turn into quality pitchers very soon, but this current lineup, most of which will be coming back next year as well, just can't score runs worth a damn except for little bursts now and then.
We could have the best rotation in the Majors, but if we are still scoring 3 runs a game, we're not going to be anything close to competitive. The FA market looks pretty slim, and I'm not aware of any big bats lurking down in the minors, so where is the offensive clout going to come from?

I cant believe the O’s rested players cause Doc was pitching.. Pathetic! If this team had a manager it would be dangerous. If they tried they might have just won this game today.

Excuse me! You want to run this by me again. The Orioles are down 4 runs starting the nineth and in desperate need of base runners to start a rally. Mora draws a walk to start off the inning--very good start. Then Luke Scott swings at the first pitch he sees and tries to hit a 4 run home run but flys out to left. End of potential rally. Orioles lose again. And the announcers didn't say a word. I guess they want to keep their jobs next season too.

This team is going through the normal Orioles cycle this season (except more losses) and we will be back to square 1 again this offseason.

Overachievers would be fun to watch. The O's are that rare blend of sloth and weakness.

Will someone explain to me what is up with Luke Scott? Why are we swinging at first pitches each time Aubrey, Luke etc etc help me understand this please???

Hilarious game today seeing Millar sock it to the O’s. He looked really happy out there with his facial hair and all.

The Orioles have that losing edge this year. If Trembley gets hit hard aganst the A’s and Angels at home next week it becomes a gotta go situation.

sucky O's.........

This failed season has some to do with Trembley but also the arrogance of AM and the greed of Peter Anglos. 4 starting pitchers in the beginning of the season were picked up in FA and are gone now!

Pete's reply: Yes, because they were planning on bringing up several young pitchers later in the season. So what's your point?

This team has been so bad this season that in order to keep the fans interested Andy MacPhail decides to throw some bones for fans to chew on, in the form of minor league prospects that are definitely not ready to pitch in the Bigs.

I don't blame him. I'd rather watch the young kids learn instead of the losers we had in our rotation at the beginning of the season. I think the young kids should have been up here sooner. We should have started the season with all prospects in the rotation.

It is apparent that the minor league pitching coaches are not doing a good job. You don't have to come up to the big leagues to know that you can't throw a lot of belt high fastballs or hanging breaking balls right in the middle of the plate.

Pete's reply: Once again, you expect these kids to come up here and be Roy Halladay in their first week in the major leagues. Lighten up a little, Slugger.

Trembley is protective of his young staff. Pulling a starter early is something I support. These young guys arms are being protected and that's a good thing. Why waste a guy when down 3 against a real ace?

In the good old days the O's roster was so good Bobby Grich and Don Baylor spent extra time in AAA. I agree with the earlier post our young guys should stll be in the minors. Now it's OJT at the major league level. The big difference between a contender and an also-ran.

Where did the velocity go?

I thought Tillman & Matusz were supposed to be hard-throwers but in the games I've seen, they are only throwing 88-90 and their fastballs are straight as an arrow (which explains all the homeruns).

Someone asked about this earlier but I haven't seen a reply....

Pete's reply: The radar readings on MASN were different (lower) than some on other sites, so I don't know for sure. I know Tillman was having trouble getting loose early in his outing and looked stiff throughout. Don't think it's anything to be concerned about until there's more info.

Luke Scott has hitting issues that need to be straightened out. Watching him, this might be the coming of the end for him in B'more. He can't hit. He had one stretch of goodness and blew it all there.

As for the young pitchers: They will learn together and either come around together and be a really good unit or else there will be a complete overall in 3 to 4 years. A group like this should stay together and work with Weiters (who will be just fine in the long run). Weiters is already learning to take the bull by the horns with the young pitchers. Even if they get knocked around this year and the first part of next year, they will grow and learn. Example given: Gavin Floyd: young pitcher given up on by the Phillies, now with the White Sox and pitches decent. They learn. At 23 years of age don't expect Cy Yound. At 25 start expecting them to pitch well, at 28 expect dominancy if they are truly that good. PATIENCE.

Pete, You have a daughter who can play 3rd? Why have the two of you been hiding this from us? I bet you have a nephew who can handle first as well.

Oh, you know way more than Andy Macphail? How many years have you been a GM anyway

They've had 2 STARTS!!!!!!!!!!

I guess we should send them back down.

Any chance the O’s pick up vicente padilla? Yeah yeah yeah I know he has that whole machismo thing going but he’s got a winning record and he could really help the rotation. Maybe a 1 year deal just to see if he can be salvaged.

Pete's reply: Haven't heard his name mentioned, but the O's do like reclamation projects.

Your daughter might have a shot…

I am not buying this radar gun being off excuse.. in fact I find it pretty hilarious. For Millar to hit one like that the velocity must have not been there.

Pete's reply: Well, I know that at least the Vernon Wells bomb was a changeup.

That it was a s*** plan! It’s a movie or a beer commercial but not a real plan.

We are simply looking for a glimpse of true hope. The real deal. The STUD!
Whether it be pitching or hitting. You know a Murray,Robinson(Brooks would do)Boddiker(Palmer too much to ask for) How about a Belanger, Baylor or yeah Grich. But our kids flounder. No kick butt stuff. No Eutaw St homers.
Very little hope as the calvary looks like F Troop and the old pros are out grazing in the dog days of summer. Hope.
A simple request. But as Red told Andy in Shawshank, "hope is a dangerous thing Andy"
Fear not Oriole fans.

Get off the roller coaster folks. The O's didn't stand a chance of winning this year. It is time to look in other directions, thus the young kids are getting a chance to learn under the gun. This is not bad. It doesn't look like any of these kids have fragile egos. Let them go thru the late season melt down. Hopefully they will get mad and develope a little attitude. God knows this team need it. Next year we will need these guys to be leaders on this team. God knows there are none now. It would be nice to see the O's pick up a good power hitter in the off season. They need to have a couple of guys in the lineup that make the other teams pitchers be cautious. That doesn't exist now and we don't have anyone in the minors to do it.

Have you watched Brad Bergesen? or Reimold...and Weiters is barely even had his cup of coffee yet...same with Matusz and Tillman....
people really need to chill

Its hilarious how a couple O’s fans use references to the movie the shawshank redemption on here. I remember somebody saying a month or so ago Roberts looks like Andy Dufrane in the yard hahah. Oh well maybe one day our prison sentence will be up and baseball will come back to Baltimore..


No, I don't expect these kids to be Roy Halladay, and I'm OK with them struggling, learning and finding their way in the Bigs. The problem I have is that IF they are not being challenged in the Minors and they needed to come up, what did a couple of months in the minors do for them or the team? Nothing in my opinion. If anything we lost valuable time.

I don't look at just this one start. I look at a theme when it comes to O's pitching that dates back to 2005 or perhaps longer. We have year after year been among the leaders in giving up the long ball. Players, coaches and personnel have changed throughout the years, but the one thing remains pretty much constant is the team ERA around 5. That's why we lose.

Angelos reminds me of the warden in Shawshank

So now KyleProBoller is "anonymous" *L*. Some of the posts left here really shows the mentality of "fans" who are already giving up on Tillman and Matusz and MacPhail. Maybe we should go back to B12Miguel, Jorge Julio, Brian Holton and Bruce Chen. That would make everyone happy.

Pete's reply: Once again, you expect these kids to come up here and be Roy Halladay in their first week in the major leagues. Lighten up a little, Slugger.

No Peter.

I do expect them to be Tommy Hanson though.

Is that too much to ask?

Pete, if you were calling the shots, would you let Luke Scott, be the full time DH or would you look for someone more consistent? I like Luke and think he's a nice player to have, but in my opinion, you have to get consistent production from your DH in the AL East, if you want any shot of being a contender. I am curious what your take is.

As far as Brian Matusz, he is about one year removed from being drafted by the O's so I really hope people aren't going to throw him under the bus. Clay Buchholz, was amazing right out of the gate with the no hitter and the accolades, as the next Sox ace, but he struggled so much last year that he ended up in the minors and this year, he hasn't been very good so no way can you judge a pitcher this early on.

Pete's reply: I don't know what to think of Luke's uneven performance. If he sticks around, he'll likely get more consistent.

In real life its Oriole fans crawling thru the sewer and s***, not the players.
We pay. They get paid.
And I agree with Mark.
Tillman and Matusz have been proclaimed the "real deal"
Sorry,not all that impressed here. I wish them both well but how about a fireballer putting the fear of God in some of these hitters who can throw strikes. After years drafting top 5 you would hope for a true stuid or 2.
Look I like Reimold but he will be a Roenicke type. Decent but not an impact guy.
Weiters scares me to death and yes I am disappointed in the most hyped kid in 20 years.

Pete's reply: Wow, you are tough to please.

Pete, how about expounding upon the ineptness of our offense in one of your print media pieces. This offensive Juggernaut is 5-39 when scoring 3 runs or less.

The people who proclaimed them possibly "the real deal" are all the scouts in Major League baseball, not hype from the front office and not from Peter Schmuck. I can guarantee you that not one scout or GM has changed his opinion on these guys because of their first couple starts.
It's amazing how you can proclaim exzactly what type player these young guys will be after 2 starts and in Weiters and Reimolds case a couple months.
You don't know what you are talking about.

What do you think is going on with the vets?
I really liked Luke Huff and Mora last season and I am stunned what’s happening to them now. They were playing so well last year we didn’t go after free agents like Adam Dunn that is almost single handedly winning the Nats games this year. Everyone seemed happy at the beginning of the season like Roberts coming on ESPN’s baseball tonight saying he believed in the rebuilding plan but something is really wrong here.

All those prospect ratings are agent hype and marketing tools. It depends on the stability of the franchise for the prospect to succeed or fail.

Feel free to kick me in the nuts. I made a bunch of posts previous to the Red Sox series. You people nitpick this hitter not not doing this; or you nitpick this pitcher not doing this. Do the math. I'm a loyal O's fan; born and bred in Red Sox country. Ownership sucks...if our team needs some positive reinforcement...where is Peter. Peter doesn't give a bleep. By the way...Schmuck...lately you're givin' in to us O's fans in the know. It wasn't too long ago that you were singin' the phrases of the future. Now you're startin' to back off on your optimism. You're ridin' the feelings of the masses...i.e bring on the Ravens. have little credibility...kinda like PA.
Dave Ford...loyal O's fan from Red Sox nation.

Pete's reply: Well, if I have little credibility, then I guess we won't be seeing you around here anymore. No sense you wasting your time on me. Thanks for the time we had together.

They are off PEDs bro!
When Manny got busted they all cycled off and suck now that’s why we cant win any games.

You are correct Bill Frederick.
And I hope I am wrong.
But called it right on Bumbry, Grich,Baylor,Rettenmund,Blair,even Brooks.
Yeah older than dirt here and grew up in Memorial going to 30 plus games yearly.
Reimold will be a nice player but no star, about what your scouts predicted.
Weiters is very very scary.
Rich Dauer was International league player of the year in 76
Hit homers,the whole deal,All-American. Struggled upon arrival in bigs and never ever got over it.Became slap hitter/contact guy and had mediocre career based on expectations.
If Weiters is to lead us to the promised land he needs alot of work, looking for his pitch and to shorten that swing.
Sorry Bill. No studs in this group yet. Perhaps serviceable decent maybe eventually solid cointributors. But you need the STARS to win. See Yankees.

And Bill
I watched McNally,Palmer,Pappas, Mussina, McDonald,Boddicker,Flanagan,McGregor,Barber,Davis and quite a few other Oriole rookies.
All of them had superior stuff to Tillman and Matusz. And quite a bit superior I might add. Perhaps a simple reflection of current talent across the board. I do wish them all well but must add it will take significant signings of free agents to change this ugly losing mentality.

I am growing more worried about Weiters by the day.

Pete's reply: Why? He came into today hitting .333 over the past 2 1/2 weeks and I can think of four or five absolute bullets he hit that were caught.

You guys are amazing. In the course of this thread I have seen people bail on Matusz, Tillman, Weiters, and Reimold. Are you people kidding me? What kind of expectations did you guys have? You have to remember that these players, along with some others in our system, have been rated some of the highest talent in the minors. These guys are barely in pro-ball, didn't spend a whole lot of time in the minors and are stuck with the tag of saviors of the franchise. These are 20-23 year old kids for Pete's sake(no pun intended PS). Stop trying to rush the process, they will learn on their own pace. All I ask is that you wanna be baseball scouts let the professionals grade the talent and just ride the wave this season... better times are coming.

As Ronald Reagen said...
"there you go again"
how can you possibly even suggest that all those pitchers you mention (and I saw most of them myself) have superior stuff to Matuzs and Tillman...based on watching them on TV 2 times??? and you can pronounce them inferior to Boddiker and Mcgregor and did you say Storm Davis??...are you kidding me?
can't you at least give them a full year up here before making such extreme judgements on their "stuff" that you know so much about...."how about the stuff of Jamie Moyer??? strung together a pretty nice career, wouldn't you say... how bout Greg Maddux....what high 80's low 90's....not exactly a flame thrower... why don't you look at what he did his first couple years.....I'd be curious...I don't think he came up and won 200 games his first year....I think he turned his stuff into a pretty nice hall of fame career...not bad for a guy who was probably not supposed to be a #1 starter on anyone's board.
again, chill out people...can't these guys at least pitch 100 innings and get 200 at bats before you pronounce them DOA?

I checked Maddux stats for you.
First two years in the league with Chicago...threw around 200 innings era around 5.50 Went 8-18. Boy, what lousy stuff he, he just needed some time and to make adjustments....

good thing some of you are not the GM

baseball more than any sport requires patience


As Ronald Reagan once said, "There you go again'! The plan was never to bring up all these guys, particularly Matusz. In fact Bergesen was the only guy even mentioned in Spring Training, the rest would have been September call-ups! AM failed in getting any decent pitchers in the off-season. We've gone yet another year and Guthrie is still NOT the standard bearer or staff leader/experienced guy to help the younger guys through their trials and tribulations. I really don't know why it's so hard to admit. AM's done some real great things, but the starting pitching situation is what it is because he failed to get a quality front of the order starter. And what is DT asking for next year? Hello, a front of the order starter, imagine that!

which free agent pitcher would you have thrown 60 or 80 million at? and that would have come here? and that would have made any difference?
man, some of you guys live in the past
Texiera wasn't coming neither were any of the top pitchers and free agent pitchers were the last thing this team needed at millions of dollars
glad you are not the GM also

so please tell me what "front of the order starter" did AM miss?


For the umpteeth time, Mike Hampton and Brad Lohse each signed 1 year for $1M! I know they didn't play for the Cubs but then again when was the last time they won a Championship but AM sure likes them!

This isn't too hard, pitching wins games, we appear to have a couple guys who may pitch great in 2011, but they are a ways off (if you didn't notice), but giving up the season before it starts doesn't do much for players moral or the fans interest. You have to spend money to make money and you get what you pay for, this bargain hunting has really turned the corner for the O's!

Who mentioned Tex, you got a man crush on him or what you bring these sad old arguments in everything you write. I've devotely followed this team since 1964 and have seen the good the bad and the ugly and this is uglier!

I've been very fair in complementing AM for his two big trades, and then......still waiting on the following act. Moving forward means winning more games. Next season we need a DH, 1B and 3B, OF is set but OF's are a dime a dozen, power hitting corner infielders are NOT! Pitching is NOT and we don't have enough quality pitchers. It's time for the O's to spend some money and get good talent!

Take a chance, Columbus did!

P.S. How's the plan working out for ya!

Pete's reply: Working pretty good from where I'm standing.

Man, some of you guys are completely insane. Does anyone here have any idea how difficult it is to pitch in the major leagues? More to the point, how difficult it is to dominate? More to the point, how difficult it is to dominate in your second career big league start? If anyone here can name 5 pitchers in the last 10 years that have dominated from day 1 and had almost no setbacks at the start of their careers I'll be very impressed.

If you all hate the rebuilding, and Macphail, and our young players, just stop watching the damn team. No one is holding a gun to your head. If you are going to nitpick every inning that Matusz and Tillman pitch, or every Wieters at bat, you are going to go insane. Give them a chance for the love of God.

Rarely is there a star born overnight. Some of you guys have expectations that will never be met. You should look at the positives and open your eyes. Remember Halladay did not win more than 8 games before his breakout season in his fifth year. Nolan Ryan did not win big until his fifth year, Glavin was 9 and 21 in his first 41 starts, Maddux was 8 and 18 in his first 32 starts and Randy Johnson did not win more than seven games until age 26. Every once in a while you get a Tim Lincecum or a Tom Seaver that comes in and is lights out, but they are far and few between. You guys expect these young pitchers to be aces in their first few starts that is not realistic. Everyone should be happy with the success that Bergesen has had, the possibilities of a rotation that could have success in the near future. I think that everyone wants to see success, but this years success as hard as it is to stomach cannot be judged on wins and losses.

Junk ball pitcher who gets better with age: Wakefield (not a 90 mph fastball). And he did not start coming into his own until later in his career. Miracles do not happen...Look at the finishing statistics at the end of the year. Wieters should be around .280 for the year (not bad for a rookie at 23 years of age).

As for signing free agents that were what was needed, there were not too many. AM's hands were tied. And you don't want to spend on Texiera yet. As for trading for those big names: Do you really want to mortgage the future, considering where the team has been? the idea is to build a winner.

And the team is slowly getting younger and younger: Average age if Mora, huff and Baez leave is roughly 26/27 years of age. And while we all want to be in the WS, logically speaking the peak for performance is around 30. That means the O's should be getting competitive in 2 years and actually have a WS expectation in 3-5 years.

I keep saying this: PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! Keep the faith in the team and AM(he does not hold a wand).

%$#@@!! with the zeros!!
Can't wait for the first Ravens preseason game!!

What a bunch of whiners! This team has a better future than at any point since 1997. For all those folks expecting instant success from the youngsters, how short is your memory?

Here's Adam Jones's rookie year:

.270, 9 HR, 23 walks, a .400 slugging percentage. 132 games, more than 500 plate appearances...and he'd already had > 150 PAs in the majors.

Here's Matt Wieters's rookie year, so far:

.263, 3HR, 12 walks in 187 PAs

and, as Pete pointed out above, he's hitting quite a bit better recently. I would have loved to have seen him become another O's ROY and obvious future hall-of-famer...but anyone calling him a bust at this point is being ridiculous.

Add in the nice surprises of Reimold and Bergesen, the trade for Bell and Johnson, the and the future has actually gotten brighter during the year, despite the team's dismal record.

Now, if only Billy Rowell would turn it around....

Love watching the Baby Birds. Losing or winning, who cares this year? Finally watching these guys after hearing about them for so long is a GREAT way to spend the end of the summer. Thanks Andy for bringing some life back to a tired franchise!

The whining, moaning fans scattered above aren't worth the pixels of their posts. They'll be the first one's lining up to sing the praises of these guys next year and the year after. Everyone wanted a youth movement, here it is, warts and all.

No matter, arrogance has a very short memory (plus you can always change your posting name and climb back on the bandwagon which they will surely do once the wind blows the other way). It makes me want to say to these guys, let's meet here in two years and see who was right. Good idea. Pete, why don't you set aside the more negative posts for a public review evaluation this time next year. Any change in your opinions gets scrutinized, wouldn't it be nice to turn the tables for once?

Pete's reply: I don't blame people for being frustrated, but I tire of the people who -- deep down -- are so bitter about the team that they really are hoping the youth movement fails because it will make them feel like they were right all along. That's sad, petty and pitiful, but it's there for everyone to see.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but I felt before the fact that it was too early to bring up Matusz, and his first two starts have born that out, IMHO. He needs to work to keep his pitches down in the strike zone - he looked the same to me against the Tigers as he did against the Jays. High curveballs and change-ups get you hit in the majors, and he was lucky not to get more home runs hit against him by the Tigers.
Having Matusz finish the year in Norfolk would have been much better for him, hopefully helping that team into the playoffs. I can't really see how being here is a benefit, unless he works well with Kranitz.

Even though I'm pretty sick of watching the O's lose, the future of their prospects takes priority over wins and losses. It's too early to say whether Matusz and Tillman came up too soon, but I hope that management won't be too proud to send 'em back down if they realize that getting rocked is damaging their psyche. Of course, I'd rather they start taking their lumps right now instead of next year as long as there's no long-term damage.

As far as Weiters is concerned, have some patience. The kid's been playing ML ball for three months. I think it's a little too soon to be expecting PudgeRod numbers. I don't know what the average league batting average is for catchers, but he can't be too far off.

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