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August 4, 2009

Matusz in, Mickolio out, Mora at third

The Orioles finally made the recall of Brian Matusz official, optioning reliever Kam Mickolio to Triple-A Norfolk to make room on the 25-man roster. That seems to explain a lot about the team's plans for the second roster move, even though it hasn't been made.

Since Jason Berken only lasted 1 1/3 innings in his last start, it appears the O's will keep him active in case the club needs some mopup work, then activate Chris Waters to take the spot Berken will vacate in the starting rotation. That is, unless forcing Waters to visit Detroit is some new kind of organizational discipline.

Apparently, the club is not quite ready to give up on Melvin Mora, who is going to start tonight's game at third base. He and manager Dave Trembley have talked since Melvin expressed his frustration with Trembley on Sunday -- and there has been no verbal warfare since -- but I would be surprised to see them at dinner together on the offnight Thursday. Maybe the thing will blow over...and maybe it won't.

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This years O’s is a broken down poor mans cowboys team

Everyone knew Mora was staying since last night. MASN came out and said both sides cooled down before the game started. Not sure why the Sun kept making a big deal about it today but I guess you have to find an interesting O’s story somewhere!

Pete's reply: Though the MASN postgame show is usually right about everything, I'm not sure this situation has been completely resolved.

I hope the Mora things dies down. Melvin is just realizing he is on the down side of his career and he still feels he has a couple of years left. He really wanted to retire an Oriole because he loves Baltimore and now he knows that won't happen and he lashed out inappropriately. I'm sure he regrets it but whats done is done. He was a real trooper in the heart of the worst years in O's history and I thank him for his service in a time when we had NO third base prospects, which has been the case since the Ryan Minor fiasco.

TED, I think you mean that this years O's are a broken down poor man's O's team of the last 11 years!!!

The sooner Mora is history the better. He has NEVER been remotely close to being a TEAM man. He did the same thing to Perlazzo, cried and boo hooed anytime he didn't get preferentual treatment over what was best for the team! He is strictly a ME ME ME guy. Show him the door. 3 home runs and 23 RBIs - 1/2 our pitchers would have that many in same # of at bats and more! HIS attitude is EXACTLY what IS wrong with this supposed T E A M ! ! LOSER attitude.

would prefer they had kept mickolio up and dropped berken now, mickolio was looking pretty solid, while half the other short relievers seem to be tiring.

I hate what Mora said. But at this point, do you want to just release him and get nothing in return? He can still be productive somewhere.
May there be some truth to what he said?
I look at this team, and think talent-wise, we are not too far off. It's time to let the young guys know they can win. It's time to kick the butts of the vets that are going through the motions.
DT's job is not to develop's his job to win. Leave the development to other folks in the org. It's time to let these young guys know that they are not just here to develop. They are here to make the O's start to develop a winning attitude.
They are good enough to win. Stop making excuses and just do it.
Pete---whenever I write, I ask for your thoughts--let me know what you think

Pete's reply: And you generally get my thoughts, though I can't answer every single post. I don't have a problem with Mora staying, of course, but the O's aren't going to get anything for him one way or the other, so it's a matter of whether he is a plus or minus the rest of the year.

OC Jay...helpful hint...the posts take a little while to upload....

Great example that DT and AM sent to the youngsters that you can complain and rip your manager in public and still have a place in the lineup...

Looking forward to seeing Matusz pitch tonight. I'm a little shocked that poepl are already saying that Tillma, will be a solid 3rd or 4th picther, but not an ace? The scouting on here is quick, as I thought it might kae a while to see what type of pitcher, Chris becomes, but now, I know, he's just going to be ok. Let's get real and give these kids a chance, a REAL chance.

Pete, I know you can say that this is the least f the O's problems and you would be right, but do you think the O's might explore getting a guy like Michael Young to play SS via trade using some of the prospects we have or a veteran that can hit or do you think this team, can survive with a light hitting SS like Cesar?

As bad as Mora has been this year I don't think that it is fair to place the blame on him for this awful team. I am all in favor of the youth movement as it's the best idea i've seen in 11 years, a painful 11 years as most of you know. The Blame for Last place is on Hill, Eaton, Uehara, Guthrie and Hendrickson, this starting 5 is enough to kill off any diehard O's fan! Mora has awful numbers and we should give him back to the mets now however he is not to blame for this starting five having an Era of 7.00. I doubt that even Babe Ruth with Brooks Robinson could overcome that starting era. Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, Hernandez and Bergensen sound just fine to me. Let's play all the kids the rest of year, may as well bring us Snyder and Josh Bell, what the heck.

Respect Mora? How about getting a golden contract you never deserved, and then bit**ing about being sat down when you can't hit a double to save your life? Don't forget when you got on Perlozzo. "I'm an All-Star" ...3 years ago..Deadwood,that's all he is

What a mistake! Mickolio was not nearly as bad as most of the guys in the bullpen.

They should have released Mora. He is part of the losing history and needs to go. Hopefully Andy won't exercise the option next year.

Respect Mora? How about getting a golden contract you never deserved, and then bit**ing about being sat down when you can't hit a double to save your life? Don't forget when you got on Perlozzo. "I'm an All-Star" ...3 years ago..Deadwood,that's all he is

If I was Mickolio, the next time the Orioles need a fresh reliever to come up and cover for the Baez's who continually are not doing the job, I would tell them to stop jerking me around and disrepecting me. It seems to have worked for Mora. There is absolutely no justification based on performance to play Mora at third tonight or send Mickolio down to triple A where he has dominated for the last month and also he has been unscored upon by four different teams at the major league level. This sets a bad example on both counts.

BOB F Yeah, I KNOW that. I only hit post one time---nice snide comment though, Roberta. lol BUT, do you agree with what I said?

seems odd to send dpwn a guy who has not allowed a run in his last relief appearances.

Rumor has it that Trembley and Mora were able to pack things up after a Beer Summit at the White House.

All the same, it doesn't really matter in this horrid season whether he is released or stays to the end of the season. He *WILL* be gone after the season - that is all that has been determined by that debacle. And just as well - we need an upgrade there. And I really won't miss that 'I think I pooped my pants' look on his face when he steps out of the batter's box, or (rather rarely), is on base.

How many times has Mickolio driven past My house in Arlington in the past 3 months?
I like Mickolio and what he's done but I think Berken needs to face Major League hitters. The O's aren't going anywhere this year anyway.
Can someone put a shock collar on Wiggy's neck so he'll stop swinging at the first pitch?

It oughta be Chris Ray goin down. He's terrible! I don't understand the moves- Mickalio's actually been one of the better things out of the bullpen. maybe its because he has more options left.


Great, so waste an option on Mickolio so you can keep 'Malcontent Melvin' on the club for 2 more months. Nice freakin move...

Pete's reply: They already have used the option when Mickolio was sent out in the spring. You don't "waste" any after that until next year. He can come up and down as many times as the team wants without using another.

Let's ease off the Mora talk-maybe he will disappear...The Orioles have far more pressing needs than to worry about a guy like Mora-the same guy who wouldn't play for his own country in the World Baseball Classic because they wouldn't let him play 3rd, the same guy who whines to the press when things don't go his way . And someone suggested that Mora is going to the Orioles Hall of Fame!!..Please, that's a real stretch...
As far as the state of the pitching staff, might as well throw them all into the fire this year. I'm mixed about Matuz though as it may be early but who knows? Tonight will be a real test as he'll be facing a veteran-laden Tiger lineup who can put him down early if he isn't sharp.
I'd love to see Adrian Gonzalez in an Orioles uniform because we need a big bopper at either 1st or 3rd (or preferably both) but I'm sure SanDiego will try to keep him at all costs as he's probably one of their few drawing cards left.

Personally I think if they can get even a average prospect like C rating or so and agree to pay almost all of the remaining 3 Million on Mora's contract it would still be a win for the O's no point in keeping him around at all.

Pete's reply: If they could get someone to pick up $2 million of the $3 million, they would send Melvin there in a limo.

I AGREE WITH SCOTT, lets see what all the hype has been about, were not in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the O's are dead last. Make it worth turning the tube on Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, Hernandez and Bergensen sound just fine to me. Let's play all the kids the rest of year, may as well bring us Waters and Josh Bell, what the heck. This could be the lift the City of Baltimore needs YOUTH AND HOPE!!!! I've really looked forward to the FIVE big callups, Reimold, Bergeson, Wieters, Tillman, and now Matusz, WOW make it happen, this could be an unreal ride to something unbelievable!

Waters can't make it in Norfolk's rotation, why is he going to be in ours? Pauley must have pissed in DT's coffee during spring training.

Pete's reply: Did you see what Pauley did in spring training? He averaged almost three baserunners an inning, and he's still allowing way too many.

TerryP-I think what you said about Mora makes sense . And i was one of top Mora bashers here .
Its good news to hear Trembley and Mora agree to peace treaty . The bad news (for them both ) is they will be shown the door after this season .
One reason the O's are tolerating Trembley and Mora is they dont be seen as mistreating both guys .
Because soon as this season ends , the O's will begin manager search as well shopping for free agent 3B stop gap player .
Will Mora make the O's Hall Of Fame ? Good question .

Pete's reply: Yes.

Who will pick up Mora if he is released from Baltimore?

I can't think of 1 team that needs an "all defense" third baseman.

Chances are it will be the Nationals. They love former Orioles. Mora wouldn't have to move his family.

This Mora thing is way overblown. It will all be okay. He will not be released, he will finish the season, but will not receive the club option, if the Orioles think they need him for next year, they will ask for a great reduction in pay, and Mora will have to make a decision. The good thing for Mora is the Orioles do not have anyone in their system that is even close to being Major League ready, and I do not think they want to spend 15 million on a 34 year old to be a stop gap. I guess Mora and Wigginton should both prove they are second half players like claimed and see how it goes.

He might as well finish out the season. I think he will
adopt a lower profile for the remainder of the year and now
go quietly after season end.

I blew up really big-time at work once. We had just put out an embarrassing product, a raise I had been expecting died in the pipeline, several other things happened over a short period of time, and then a toilet overflowed and ruined my office carpet, so I had to move into the hall for a week while they replaced it. I blew up at the boss, the office manager, the carpet guys, and everybody else, then came home and unloaded on my wife. Going back in the next day was really tough, but everybody involved had seen someone lose it before, and apparently they felt like I was valuable enough to keep around. Unlike Mora, I did not make national news. I'm just saying, the guy is an athlete, not a diplomat. If you've never seen someone crack up with frustration before, you have led a very sheltered life.

I have the perfect solution for the Melvin Mora situation. Trade him back to the New York Mets. Then he and Omar Minaya can go ballistic at each other. Both of those guys really made fools of themselves last week.

Do you think the Mets would give us John Maine back in return?

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