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August 31, 2009

Guthrie's still got it going

Jeremy Guthrie pitched well for the third straight start tonight, for all the good it probably will end up doing him. He worked six innings and gave up just four hits, but two of those hits were a home run and an RBI double by Nick Swisher, and they'll probably be enough to send Guthrie to his 13th loss -- especially after Mark Hendrickson gave up three more runs in the eighth.

Of course, with Andy Pettitte taking a perfect game into the seventh inning and a one-hit shutout into the eighth, Guthrie was never much of a threat to earn his 10th victory, but the Orioles have to be encouraged by his performance. He has pitched 20 innings in his last three starts and given up just four runs.

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Ok, explain to me Wigginton's approach in his last at bat. Down 4, 2-0 count.
Take a pitch? Nope. Swing. Weak grounder.Excellent at bat.
If Pie has to sit on the bench for that junk...

It was another decent outing by Guthrie. He got hurt once again when he muscled up on his fastball and it then went straight as a string right over the heart of the plate.

This is what I have termed stick ball throwing by Guthrie.

But I was encouraged by his effective use of a change up tonight. And he did manage to get out of innings with two outs, which has been a chronic problem.

Wigginton has not impressed with his movement around the bag tonight. A good fielding first base would have left his feet to flag down the two shots that got past him to his right and proved costly.


Way to see the positives. If they kept stats on moral victories, we'd be leading the major leagues. Guthrie added another homerun for good measure, so he can still lead the league in something.

Pete's reply: I guess I'm just a happy guy. Guthrie has given up four runs in his last 20 innings. I'm happy for him. I suppose I could keep ripping him regardless of what he does, as some here do, but I'll take it a game at a time.

Fire Trembley.

Sorry, make that two shots that got past Wigginton to his LEFT.

Oh, if only the Birds could come up with some shots here in the 9th.

Fire Anonymous.

With a chance to redeem himself by pinch hitting Pie for Izturis, DT fails to deliver, yet again.

No winner instincts in this loser. The BOOK must not have a scenario for this kind of situation.

Pete's reply: You crack me up. Redeem himself? So, if he had done what you suggest, you would have written an entry saying he's all good now?

Reimold blasted his first major league homer run against Rivera--into monument park.

Hey, this is the Monumental City.

Come on Nick!

Ok, i'll start by saying that Trembley is not hardly responsible for the play of the guys he puts in the lineup. But someone needs to ask him why he has Itzuris, with an OBP of 294, hitting second. The object is to get your best hitters as many at bats as possible. Is he one of your best hitters? No.
Then why is he taking at bats from someone who is?

Oh well, there was one devastating cutter that needed no help from Marvin Hudson.

Yeah .... closers are overrated, right? I'd give up 3 of our starters for a Mariano Rivera. He put a pitching clinic on Reimold.

yeah what jim66 said,

Pete will any reporter dare ask DT (in a respectful way of course) the following

Why did Pie sit?

Why would you put one of your weakest hitters in the 2 hole?

it is crazy to some of us dolts out here munchin on chips and stuff.

Pete's reply: When I get back there -- soon -- I'll ask lots of questions, but I'm prohibited from driving.

Hey Slugger,
I got a quiz for you
Take a guess at how many winning seasons we would have had out of the last 12 if we had Rivera as closer instead of all the other closers we've had?

Hint-Its less than one

yeah they are overrated
especially when coming in to protect a two or three run lead'
do the math

Wigginton is becoming the new Jay Gibbons of fielders. No matter where you play him the ball will get by him. One thing for sure about Mr. Wiggington, he will never win a gold glove. He and Luke Scott all five foot eight of him are not the answer at first base next season.


Your hypothetical is pointless. Nothing can help a Peter Angelos team. Where would the Yankees be all these years without Rivera. Look at it that way. The guys is priceless.

Nothing like a strong shot of reality to wake you up!

I don’t understand why Pie didn’t play tonight or was at least used to pinch hit later on in the game to get some experience. Yankee games are great experience. Wow I feel like I am talking about a rookie qb in a NFL preseason game. All Oriole games feel like NFL preseason games because nothing matters. What a strange horrible purgatory to be trapped in…

where would they be? Probably about the same place
HES A RELIEF PITCHER WHO IS SUPPOSED TO COME IN ANd GET THREE OUTS before the other team scores 1,2,or 3 runs

You know since you already stated that you would trade 3 starters for him that might make you incabable of doing the math on this but it's unlikely that any reliever on any team during any year will blow more than a handful of games
That is plain statistical likelihood.

To come in and give up a run is not likely because that would give you an era of 9.00

Do you get any of that?

33 days left!

"No one can defeat us unless we first defeat ourselves."

-Dwight Eisenhower

Do you with your simpleton mind get it at all, instead of trying to argue for the sake of arguing your pointless simpleton thoughts?

I was pointing out how valuable Rivera is. He is the best clutch closer in baseball history, arguably the best closer of all time. That is my opinion, and it happens to be the opinion of those who will put him in the Hall of Fame. I don't think the Yankees win all those postseason games if it weren't for clutch performances from Rivera.

Slugger the guy is Charles Bronson in the great escape. Yeah He’s the man but a closer like that only works on teams that have it together and little problems. The orioles need so much right now a closer doesn’t even matter regardless of how good.

Jeremy is keeping pace to tie or break the alltime Orioles season record for HRs allowed in a season....he currently has 30 (far and away the most in the AL this year) and the record is 35 held by three Orioles- Robin Roberts 1963, Scott McGregor 1986 and Sir Sidney Ponson 1999.
Jeremy will likely get five or six more starts, so with his flat fastball, he has a good shot I think...

Alright why are we calling up Jeff Fiorentino? How many outfielders are we going to have at one time? Is he also going to cut Pie’s playing time? The Orioles should rename themselves to the Outfielders.

Sir Sidney Ponson LOL!!!!

I went to tonight’s game and it seemed like 75% Yankee fans. I felt like I was in the BX.

When the Sox and Yanks come to town some Oriole fans don’t even wear orioles gear just plain clothes. I met one dude that even wears Yankee stuff so people will leave him alone hahahaha

Latest News

Wed. Aug 12, 2009 Source: RotoWire


News: Ponson technically became a free agent Wednesday, the Royals' official site reports. [+]

Nice to see that Mora has finally rediscovered his home run stroke. It is almost freakin' September, after all. It is so typical that he hit a solo home run in the ninth inning when his team was five runs down. Nobody ever accused him of being Mr. Clutch.

Speaking of clutch, here's wishing a happy 74th birthday to the best player to ever don the Orange and Black--Frank Robinson. Man, could this team ever use somebody with his intensity and leadership. You'd never hear him whine about being "disrespected" by the manager. I don't think there was ever a manager that had the cajones to disrespect F. Robby.

Chris Joseph--Thanks for joining me and offering your candle in celebrating the 74th birthday of our greatest Oriole--the guy who Brooks Robinson in the 1966 World Series victory locker room celebration said to Chuck Thompson-- "Frank was the guy who put us over the hump"--Frank Robinson.


Players like Frank Robinson only come around once in a lifetime. We're lucky he was an Oriole. The young generation has a lot to learn from a guy like him.

I live in SD so I don't get to watch many games.

On trading for Gonzalez, I don't think the Padres will Part with he him. They just traded Peavy, and Brian Giles is at the end of the road, so that's 18 million coming off their payroll, more than enough to retain Gonzalez. Plus it would be a huge PR hit for the Padres. I would be surprised if he gets traded. A player the O's could inquire about, is a kid named Kyle Blancs, also with SD. He's a rookie, stands at 6'6"-285 lbs, and he hits monster Home Runs.

Adam Jones. Over the last ten games, he has more walks than strikeouts. Looks likes he's trying to be more patient at the plate. Yes he's been in a slump since the All-Star Game, maybe he's been trying to live up to the All-Star Hype. ("I'm an All_Star now, I've got to change what I'm doing to produce more.") Rather than just doing what it took to get him their. Besides the fact that every team gets one person on the team.

Plus the whole team was in a slump after the All Star game, so maybe he was trying too hard to make up the difference.

Wiggington seems to be a defensive liability in the field, no matter where he plays, My choice at first would have been Michael Aubrey.

Guthrie, pitched a good game and it's nice to seem him finish strong....Now to the negatives.

I was on the Luke Scott bandwagon, but it's very clear that he doesn't have a future in Baltimore. This is not a guy that anyone can count on to have productive ABs on a consistent basis. Luke, is all or nothing and that might fly with teams that are loaded with power hitters, but when you are counting on Luke and Wiggy, to be main RBI guys, you are out of luck. I would love to see these guys on the next train out of Jimmyville.

Pete, why is Michael Aubrey, not playing, but Wiggy, is playing? Pete, I am not saying that Aubrey, is the 1B of the future, but these are real games against teams that need to win so what better time than now, to see what we have? Same thing this year with Oscar, his bats were given to less deserving guys.

I feel for guys like Justin Turner because he might be lucky to get 2-3 ABs before the year ends and the reason is because the line ups for the 2nd half were filled out at the All Star break so Dave, would have to do something so crazy, so bizarre that it would shatter his world, and this crazy thing I speak of, be spontaneous.

Birdland Todd,

Was that last paragraph poetry or what, man? I liked the words, but I'm still workin' on what they mean.

Bob, it just means that DT, is so rigid, so set in his ways that I seriously don't think he will be able to incorporate the call ups because he seems to be fixated on a certain set of players that will play for whatever reason and the rest, get the scraps.

If I ran my company in the manner that DT, runs the O's, I would be out of business. This guy is going to be fired, yet he shows no willingness to throw caution to the wind. It drives me nuts.

Look at coach Belichick. This guy doesn't pencil in a line up and say well this guy will play because we signed him or drafted him high because you have to earn the right to play for him, but with DT, he had chance to give Oscar ABs, but didn't and now, a light has gone on in Felix, and instead of seeing if this is a fluke or the real thing, he doesn't play him which would be OK, but the guys that are playing are Mora, Scott and Wiggy, not exactly Brooks, Boog and Frank Robinson.

Watching the series against the Tribe, Buck, kept saying that the competition amongst the young players for the Tribe, has resulted in the team improving. Andy Marte, was in the same category as Felix of a can't miss prospect, but Eric Wedge, let these guys dictate who would play, based on how hard they worked and look at how well Marte, has been playing, but with DT, it's based on seniority. Why should Luke or Wiggy, work harder, when they know they will play because DT, doesn't have the guts to sit them.

Birdland Todd,

Trembley definitely does have a pecking order and the career minor leaguers (like himself) and the late-to-bloom prospects seem to be at the bottom of it. He is already telling Pie that he won't play against lefties and Aubrey that he is a bench player if he sticks in the major leagues.

Same thing happened to Lou Montanez last year who won a triple-crown, hit a home run in his first mlb at-bat then was introduced to the bench so Jay Payton & Kevin Millar could play out the string.

Let's see how many of the world beaters are back out there tonight.

Can't wait to see Radimus Liz and Dennis sarfate have some starts. Maybe matt albers too. Thank heavens for the RAVENS. Go Ravens!!


2er in 6innings. Amazing. Definitely worthy of the mention. No mention of the Orioles pathetic display at the plate. Well I take that back we did get the "Petite's not perfect anymore" post. Yay....error and meaningless single....Way to go O's. On our way to a division title next year!

Pete's reply: Jeez, take your meds. If you're really this miserable, go watch The Simpsons or something. You're bringing me down.

I'm sure everyone remembers the loveable 1989 Orioles "Why Not" team right?

I might be jumping the gun here, but I've got an idea for the O's marketing department next year.

If the O's decide to bring back Trembley and end up winning more than 70 games they should put out a DVD called:

Orioles 2010 "Why Not........oh crap there's a swarm of frogs and locusts decending upon us, hell just froze over, pigs are flying and we're all going to die.....that's why not."

Good for Guthrie.

I'm a lifelong Orioles fan. This recent rebuilding project has been fun to watch, and gives me hope. But there's a clear voice of reality that speaks to me when I get too hopeful. A voice of economics.

The current labor situation in MLB means that for the most part teams can spend what they want to build a team. That means the larger markets will almost always field the better teams. There are exceptions to the rule. Oakland and Minnesota were always the examples. Tampa Bay last year was a great example.

But Tampa Bay is also proving the rule this year. They did it right, and have a great team built on youth and wise decisions. But barring a Boston collapse, they will be shut out of the playoffs by the two large-market powerhouses above them. There is NO way that they can extend that beyond one season. Why? Because New York and Boston will always outspend them, and in the end that wins. That is insurmountable. New York has been a perennial contender for 14 years. 14 years!!! There's no way to overcome that without a huge amount of money.

The best the Orioles will ever be able to do is repeat Tampa Bay's success: win for a year. Two if lucky. But once Toronto/TampaBay/Baltimore wins, they get smacked down the next year. It's like playing King of the Hill with two huge bullies. You might sneak to the top once because they are focused on knocking each other out. But once they see what you've done they come after you.

I hate it, but it is reality. Unless baseball labor changes, or the leagues are restructured, we will be perennially looking up to New York and Boston.

It's just plain economics.

Pete's reply: Finally, Bob, we agree on something. It's all in what you want to see...but that's a two-edged sword. You seem to want to see the worst in Adam and others want to see the best. I'm guessing neither view is completely accurate, but if I had to choose, I'd choose life.

"but if I had to choose, I'd choose life."

You ever read the Sword of Truth series Pete ? Seems like a quote from someone who has read it. My favorite series of books by far.

I just saw it last night, $1 nose bleeds?!? I think that can sum it up.

Is it possible to hire Lou Brown?

Mr. Schmuck,
Did any one pay attention to Petite's comment that it "almost felt like being home" after the game comments? I know you can't blame the O's fans for not attending the game, due to the economy and the kind of team we have against the hottest team in AL.
. BUT, I would hope that the powers that be would realize that the FAN'S would at least make a greater attempt to if we can get past this 12 year drought.
The fans need to have a gesture that the FO is going to do something. Getting a 4th rounder from Detroit for Huffy is not it!!!!!!!!!

Trembley benches our hottest hitter, again, and then informs us that Tillman and Matusz are going to be held to two more starts and then shut them down for the year.
Where is all this thinking coming from? Surely the man can manage better than this.

Pete's reply: Actually, Andy made the call on Tillman and Matusz.

I don't care how well "Home Run" Guthrie pitched, last night's game was putrid! Even the frickin announcers were on the Yankee bandwagon! That's all you heard throughout the whole entire game was the gloating of the Yankees. I can understand if the game was shown on ESPN, but I thought MASN was the premier Orioles network?? And I'm not saying that Petite pitched a good game, his was on top of his game. But where was Pie?? The Os hottest hitter riding the pine. And why is Luke Scott still playing?? How do you jack 18 home runs in a half, only to hit 3 or 4 in the other??

I'm so glad the Ravens are playing again.

Well, Guthrie did only allow two runs, which is encouraging, but he also left after 6 innings and gave up another HR, which isn't so great. Still, as has been the case much of the second half so far, the offense just failed to show up. Sure, Pettitte is a great pitcher, but a perfect game well into the 7th? The O's have a habit of making opposing pitchers look good.
This team is desperate for some more power. How many times this year have they scored 3 runs or less?

So Guthrie gave up another homer - a solo homer - so what? He only gave up two runs through six, that's a quality start.

And everyone, for whining about the game being all Yankee fans - it wasn't a sellout. You could have gone, you don't necessarily have to wait for the team to be in the AL lead to show up.


Of course Pettite is going to say he feels like playing at home when he gets a standing ovation. We have Peter Angelos to thank for that.

The O's still remain a poorly run organization with a propaganda machine that has no rivals in the Major Leagues. They hyped up their prospects all year long, and it turned out that each and everyone one of them is average at best (except Matusz maybe, big maybe). The Organization made 2 steps forward and 4 backwards.

Shutting down their pitching prospects, is another sign of poor management. They should have never been brought up until September. Their work should have been kept in check in the minors and they should have been brought up for a few games in September to get a taste of the MLB.

Trading Sherril, Huff or Salazar, did not make the team any better. No notable trades acquisitions were made. This forces the franchise to try to spend a lot of money next year and put more pressure on a young team to succeed.

We still need a proven manager, first and third power hitting basemen, at least 2 good veteran pitchers, at least 2 good bullpen pitchers, and a closer.

Don't buy your 2010 season tickets just yet and don't hold your breath. I don't see Angelos making all these changes in the next year. This is going to be loooong term plan. And by the time we get good, Markakis, Jones, Roberts, Weiters, Reimold would probably be free agents. I can picture Markakis winning the World Series with his beloved Boston Redsox against Weiters catching for the Yankees.

Birdland Todd and Cameron summed it up perfectly. Trembley is strictly beholden to veterans and malcontents (Mora). That is not "managing for the future".

And for those who feel Pie is too raw to attempt to steal bases, he was 11 for 12 at the major league level with the Cubs.

And its really hard to imagine a 3rd base coach more inept than Trembley's choice for this year, but there's been nary a peep of criticism by DT about anyone in a uniform not named Felix.

And what's even worse is watching Mark "Flash Thompson" Texiera.

I'm praying that next year he'll have that same look on his face that Bobby Grich did when we crushed the Angels back in the 79 ALCS.


~~Of course Pettite is going to say he feels like playing at home when he gets a standing ovation. We have Peter Angelos to thank for that.~~

Angelos is responsible for a lot of the woes of this team but he does not force fans to sell their tickets. Whether the team is good or bad, the fans control whether they buy tickets and whether they sell them on the net. Not Angelos.

~~The O's still remain a poorly run organization~~

Your assessment and most baseball writers, commentators and "experts" disagree wit4h you.

~~with a propaganda machine that has no rivals in the Major Leagues.~~

This is total crap. Such crap that there is no way you believe it and are just saying it to be over the top as is your style. The hype over our prospects come from sources who are independent of our team. The writers, scouts and bloggers who dominate the prospect rating game are not on the Oriole payroll. The Oriole front office has not been particularly over the top about their individual prospects. They usually say some boring version of "building through the fram system, have to give the kids on the farm a shot, see what we have". Show me a quote of AM being over the top about any of his prospects.

~~They hyped up their prospects all year long,~~

No, they really didnt. The whole baseball world has been high on the turnaround in the Orioles farm system and high on the prospects of their young pitching. BUt the team itself really hasnt overhyped anyone.

~~and it turned out that each and everyone one of them is average at best (except Matusz maybe, big maybe).~~

Wrong again. First the book is not written on any of them yet. They are still developing. Second, they came up too fast so most are still developing. Third they came up to a bad team so they were not going to excel from day one. Fourth, the rookies by and large outplayed the older vets, so they are not the reason this season has been as bad as it has been.

~~The Organization made 2 steps forward and 4 backwards.
Shutting down their pitching prospects, is another sign of poor management.~~

I totally disagree. They should not have been here as early as they were so you have no choice but to shut them down. I remember way too many young arms ruined by overuse.

~~They should have never been brought up until September.~~

I am not sure I agree with Sept but in general I Agree with you here. They gave in to know nothing fans and that is always bad for management to do.

~~Their work should have been kept in check in the minors and they should have been brought up for a few games in September to get a taste of the MLB.~~

Not sure I know what you mean by "kept in check in the minors. Do you mean they should have had their innings minimized in the minors? Why? Again, not sure I understand.

~~Trading Sherril, Huff or Salazar, did not make the team any better.~~

Old subject for me. Those trades werent made to improve the major league team. They were made to improve our organization. AM oversees not a sandlot team but a billion dollar entertainment corporation. Like a Board of Directors, he as COO has to make decisions about how to best use the organizations resources. Sometimes that means reinvesting in the future. Bell might turn out to be a hall of famer, or he might never see the majors. You cannot possibly have seen enough of him, or have the expertise to have an opinion worth our listening to on the subject. Some moves on prospects will work out and some wont. That goes for the very best talent evaluator. But you cant know yet whether we got back gold or pyrite.
~~No notable trades acquisitions were made.~~

Notable? meaning you have never heard of them? So what? Perhaps you would rather have us signing "notables" like Sosa and Cordova again?

~~This forces the franchise to try to spend a lot of money next year and put more pressure on a young team to succeed.~~

No it doesnt. They can continue to build the way they have been. There is already pressure on the kids. I dont know how much more you can put on them than pitching for their careers and livelihood.

~~We still need a proven manager, first and third power hitting basemen, at least 2 good veteran pitchers, at least 2 good bullpen pitchers, and a closer.~~

I still am not sure how much of Tremblays issues are bad managing, how much is bad execution and how much is his being handcuffed by AM giving him goals/rules on protecting/developing the kids. I agree we need a third and first baseman but I think only one of them has to be an impact power bat. ie they could go with Figgins who is not a power hitter at 3B. I do not think they need a starter. I think Matusz and Tillman can be successful top of the rotation guys. I think Bergy and Guts can be successful middle rotation guys and I still want to see more of Hernandez and Berken before sending them down. I sure dont want to see them sent down for some nebulous idea about veteran leadership.

~~Don't buy your 2010 season tickets just yet and don't hold your breath.~~

Thanks for your financial and medical advice.

~~I don't see Angelos making all these changes in the next year.~~

He doesnt have to make them all at once.

~~This is going to be loooong term plan.~~

Which is what AM has said from the start. Short of the Yankees, that is the way every team has to do it.

~~And by the time we get good, Markakis, Jones, Roberts, Weiters, Reimold would probably be free agents.~~

If that is how it turns out, so be it. The league and players association have created the environment where only a few teams can afford to stay competitive year after year. Besides, you said all of our young players were overhyped mediocre players so why would the Yankees or anyone else want them? How silly you look calling our young players mediocre while lamenting the loss of true medicrities liek Salazar and Huff.

~~I can picture Markakis winning the World Series with his beloved Boston Redsox against Weiters catching for the Yankees.~~

Of course you can, because you look for negativity everywhere, even where it doesnt exist. I can picture the Orioles winning a World Series and you whining all offseason that it took them all seven games to win because Angelos, Tremblay and AM wanted to make the extra money of the extra games.


~~Birdland Todd and Cameron summed it up perfectly. Trembley is strictly beholden to veterans and malcontents (Mora). That is not "managing for the future". ~~

Beholden? What does he owe any of the vets? He is "beholden" to Angelos for making him a rich man. He is "beholden" to AM for not immediately putting his own guy at the helm. But "beholden" to Mora or Huff or Roberts? I dont get it. Why is he indebted to any of them?

"They hyped up their prospects all year long, and it turned out that each and everyone one of them is average at best (except Matusz maybe, big maybe)."

Slugger, do you frequently smoke or injest drugs of any kind? You are both delusional and miserable at the same time. Can we trade you for a Phillies Phan?

The O's have not hyped them. The baseball media and fans have. Between the two of them, they have 13 STARTS! That would be like saying Joe Flacco can't make it in the NFL after starting 2-3 last year and the 3 INT game vs. the Colts. After 5 years of dealing with DCab, I think we can give these guys a year or two...

Here are some other guys who probably should have been dumped became too much trouble:

Maddux, G (1st two yrs) 8-18 5.59
Johnson, R (1st two yrs) 10-13 4.48
Koufax, S (1st five years) 28-27 4.16
Glavine, T (1st two years) 9-21 4.76
Smoltz, J (1st year) 2-7, 5.48

Please think before you type, or just stop altogether, people from other cities may read this and think all O's fans are morons.

One question about Guthrie and the lousy arbitration offer he got...

2004 $300,000 12-8 5.00
2005 $325,000 10-13 4.52
2006 $385,000 9-10 4.74
2007 $1,825,000 9-18 5.55
2008 $2,875,000 8-10 5.25

04-06 Scattered call ups
2007 $380,000 7-5 3.80
2008 $770,000 10-12 3.64
2009 $650,000 9-13 5.18

By the slotting logic, Guthrie should get PAID next year...

Listen up everyone! Slugger knows exactly what he's talking about! From now on, starting pitchers get seven starts to prove themselves and hitters get 350 at bats!

Here are a few players that would have been deemed "average at best" by Slugger after the end of their trial period:

Hitters through 350 AB:
Brian Roberts: .252 avg
Chase Utley: .260 avg
Adrian Gonzalez: .231

Johan Santana: 9.42 ERA
Chris Carpenter: 8.42 ERA
Jake Peavy: 5.09 ERA

Please refer to Slugger for the complete list.

In defense of Slugger, Peavy and Santana are on the DL and the O's are trading a pile of sub-stars for AGonzo.

P.S. - It's understandable that you're so miserable about everything Orioles related. But don't be so shortsighted that you:

A. can't give a good pitcher credit for throwing a great game


B. can't give legitimate prospects a fair shot at proving themselves in the bigs.

Oh, right.

I forgot about the Hendrickson, Berken, Baez, Mora, Wigginton, Andino and Moeller for Adrian Gonzalez trade...

"One question about Guthrie and the lousy arbitration offer he got..."

Guthrie wasn't eligible for arbitration last year. This will be his first eligible year.

DCab was a super two player but Guthrie wasn't.

boys, boys, please remember who's getting paid to do what. the players have to play and perform to get paid. granted the union has upped the anty for poor production. and careers have been extended with the designated hitter.
yes, the O's are again a woeful team;unless you're a stockholder- if i remember, correctly, there are 8 , in addittion to mr. angelos-you're disappointed in what has happened on the field.
watching the yanks, sox, tampa, detroit
and othersmakes us mad to be in the same condition as pittsburg, sd, and others.
but, it's not our money-don't go if you don't like the product-smart consumers don't buy bad products!!

Matt P... thanks for the explanation. I guess DCab had 3 lower years like Guthrie will. I accepted why they lowered his salary this year, but didn't know why I did.

Heck... I think they should extend him. Offer him a 6 year deal at 5-6 mil a year. Still cheaper than a Chan Ho Park or Darren Driefort deal. back load it like Markakis' deal. Holding onto him until he's 35. 5-6 mil a year won't kill the O's, and he would be set for life.

now onto trading Guthrie straight up for AGonzo...

I like Guthrie. I think he's good #4 starter. But I wouldn't offer him anything longer then four years and say 16 mil.

He doesn't have a good enough upside to risk his getting injured or becoming ineffective.

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Peter Schmuck wants you to know that, contrary to popular belief, he is more than just a bon vivant, raconteur and collector of blousy flowered shirts. He is a semi-respected journalist who has covered virtually every sport -- except luge, of course – and tackled issues that transcend the mere games people play. If that isn’t enough to qualify him to provide witty, wide-ranging commentary on the sports world ... and the rest of the world, for that matter ... he is an avid reader of history, biography and the classics, as well as a charming blowhard who pops off on both sports and politics on WBAL Radio. That means you can expect a little of everything in The Schmuck Stops Here, but the major focus will be keeping you up to the minute on Baltimore’s major sports teams and themes, whether it’s throwing up the Orioles lineup the minute it’s announced or updating you on the latest sprained ankle in Owings Mills. Oh, and by the way, that’s Mr. Schmuck to you.

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