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August 11, 2009

Guess I'm a jinx

Can't believe it. I was just on my WBAL show saying that the Orioles had cleaned up a lot of their baserunning blunders, and now Brian Roberts forgets how many outs there were and runs into a double play on the Nick Markakis pop out to shorten the Orioles' fifth-inning rally.

That's embarrassing...and I'm wondering how Roberts got past the third base coach without being told to go back, not that it would have made any difference at that point.

I'll leave it there, because I know there'll be several scathing posts from Mark about this. I don't want to steal any of his thunder.

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Juan Samuel should have never even let Roberts reach 3rd base on that pop-up.
Still a terrible rally killing mistake on Roberts part, hope it doesn't come back and bite the O's.
At least he's having a good day at the plate.

O man Pete.

Thanks for the laugh!

No need to write any scathing posts.

All you have to do is watch him play!

Terrible blunder by B-Rob there. I have watched almost every O's games and that is probably the worst mistake I have seen this year.

It reminded me of the infamous play with Milton Bradley when he threw the ball in the stands thinking it was the third out.

So Pete a Q for you: Whats worse the base running blunder by B-Rob or Bradley throwing the ball in the stands with less than 3 outs?

Pete's reply: They are really the same mistake. Both players forgot how many outs there were, but this one is worse because there was a base coach who apparently didn't do anything to stop him. I guess it's fair to wonder if Samuel lost track and gave a two-out reminder to Roberts while he was at second. Maybe we'll find out afterward.

Yes... how did he get past the third base coach?


No comment.

Is there any doubt we have the worst base running coaches in the league?

Here's one--

The Orioles sign Smoltz. Although his tank is empty, so to speak, maybe he could have the role of a player/coach, and he could school the young pitching talent on how to be a successful major league pitcher.

Just a thought.

Surprised not to see Anonymous' "Fire Trembley" one sentence rant.

Fire Trembley

Roberts had a big hand in the Orioles win tonight but he also almost had a big hand in them losing the game. Not one but two major base running mistakes. I mean who sent him home in the third when the infield was drawn in and less than two outs from third base? A major league ball player should know better but the third base coach is not doing enough to control these situations himself.

Last time I checked, there are signs all over Camden Yards telling everyone how many outs there are. Idiots...

Don't forget getting tossed out at home running the "run on contact" play which makes sense if Chad Moeller is on deck but not with Markakis. Is that on the player, the third base coach or the manager putting on the play?

Don't forget getting tossed out at home running the "run on contact" play which makes sense if Chad Moeller is on deck but not with Markakis. Is that on the player, the third base coach or the manager putting on the play?

Pete's reply: Plays come from the bench through the base coaches.

hey hey what do you say, we won.

The play at home was because you haven't hit a HR in 46 innings as a team at that point, so you manufacture runs when you can. If the SS has to move for the ball at all it takes the play at the plate away. Give BRob credit for going 12-12 on stealing 3rd so far this year though.

Great win though.

the "run on contact" play is designed for runner to get in rundown if the infielder makes a good throw home. Then at least batter (Jones) can get into scoring position w/ two outs. (its a good play to put on w/ one out in the inning, not w/ zero outs though.) But Roberts screwed up by getting too close to home before he reversed field, and couldn't sustain the rundown long enough.

So much focus on the negatives, great job by Hernandez tonight. Was nice to see him get back in the win column after struggling his last two outings. Just got back from the stadium can't believe that was the first win against the A's since 07'. He did a great job picking up Reimold in the first stranding the runner at third. If Jones had hustled to back him up would the runner have made it to 3rd?

Anyway gotta give Reimold credit for making home on that awkward Mora swing. From where I was sitting I couldn't tell what happened, wasn't sure if it hit him or what. Good heads up baserunning on his part, plus he picked up another SB. I'm still amazed by his speed for such a big guy, apparently so are other teams. Jones didn't hit particularly well with RISP tonight but least he was able to get one of the runners across the plate.

David Hernandez, is having a very good rookie year. Almost like when Bergy struggled for a bit, he never lost composure and neither has David. I know I've said this before, but Brad and David, are mature beyond their years.

Juan Samuel in my opinion, isn't a good 3B coach. I am not basing this statement on what happened with Brian tonight, but Juan has made some questionable calls all year long. The funny thing about Juan coaching 3B, is that Dave talked him into staying, as he wanted out, but said he would honor his contract. Good job DT!

I am glad to see Chad Moeller back. If you listen to coaches and broadcasters from around the league, they say Chad is like a teacher behind the plate. I don't care if the guy hits . 190, I like what he brings to the table and would like to see him back next year. Guys like Chad and Chris Gomez, don't come around too often, as they play hard when they are called and don't moan when they aren't playing. Look at the Ryan Freel fiasco and you appreciate what these guys do even more.


I was at the game tonight and many of those signs were not working for some reason lol its still no excuse though. B-Rob got it hard though from the fans for that move...

I nominate Slugger and Anonymous for the Laurel & Hardy award on this blog...unless you're the same person.

Chuck in Hawaii's comments are right on. How does the 3rd base coach let this happen? Remind's me of my little league days when the 3rd base coach yanked me back by the arm while I was at full speed (I tried to run through a stop sign because I thought I was Rickey Henderson and could score on anything). I would have paid good money to see Juan Samuel tackle Roberts as he tried to go home. It still would be an out but it would have been worth it.

Where in the world was Juan Samuel?? I guess he thought it was 3 outs too, he must have been already in the dugout! I think he just sealed his fate. You can't even switch him with T Bone! He probably send runners on first before the ball is caught!

"Slugger, "Anonymous" and KyleProBoller and his inane fire trembley comment are one and the same. THIS JUST IN: Orioles hire KyleProBollerSluggerAnonymous (and any other moniker he can't think up in that "intellectual" head) as new manager and third baseman. O's finish season 0-49; he blames trembley. *L@U*

Juan Samuel has been asleep at the switch all season at third. If the O's don't lead the league in having men thrown out at home it's only because they get so few opportunities. Another great start by Hernandez though. I am more optimistic then ever about our rotation for next season, but am getting more pessimistic by the day concerning our offense. Oh by the way, a suggestion to Mora.
When Mike Lowell of the Sox was upset about not getting enough playing time, he made his point in a slightly different way. Last night, after being called in to replace Youkilis, who had been tossed, he came off the bench and homered twice. I'll bet a buck he starts tonight. Wouldn't it be nice if an Oriole would try that tactic for getting back on the field?

BRob must have look really convincing coming around 3rd for Samuel to have not done anything

B-Rob and Samuel have no excuse for the play last night, but I'm not sure it was the worst baserunning blunder of the season. I was at a game against Toronto a month ago where Mora got picked off first because he wasn't paying attention at all and the pitcher tossed over to the first basemen before Mora even noticed. Mora redeemed himself later that game with an extra inning walk off homer.

This isn't the first time that Roberts has made a bad decision. Just think back to the times that he has made outs at home plate. I wonder if Roberts pays much attention to the base coaches.

You guys are funny!

No I'm not the same person as Anonymous. But that guy does crack me up. I'm not KyleProBoller, and I don't remember reading his posts. For those morons who still support Trembley, I would say they're in complete state of denial. The reason he is not getting fired is because Angelos does not want to give his critics anything else they can use against him. The knock on Angelos has been that he gets rid of managers for no reason. While that was true in the past, it needs to be done now. But because of the lack of credibility in the past, he can't pull the trigger when he really needs to. Therefore he will just let this loser ride the rest of the way and quietly let him go.

stoopid!!! which describes our team mentality..or lazy...a friend told me that roberts was "numb" due to double digit losing seasons...pleez!!! should'nt we, the fans, be more like DUMB-- for continuing to show up and watch these amateurs---and I'm not talking about the rookies...fine example of leadership B-rob...i notice you don't have an attention problem when the PA system is playing "your" music prior to stepping into the box...footwork is great there...and you always seem to know when to adjust your cuffs "just so"....honestly---and Roberts, to his credit admitted that the fault was his(well who the hell else's fault could it have been!??!?!?!???), but that kinda stuff should've been worked out in Spring training...along with a team-wide inability to bunt, or to move a player up with a ball to the right side...I heard Trembly was'nt happy w/Roberts' base-running on the pop-up...but whose dumb-@$$ idea was it to "run on contact"?? by the way, in this afternoon's game, Roberts just got caught between 2nd and 3rd but managed to get back to 2nd----the bigger question for that one is...whatthehellareyoudoingout there??? I remember Roberts saying earlier this year..."we think we're a pretty good team".....well I'm all for positive thinking, but I remember August....don't whine about not enough talent...these guys are NOT motivated---draw any conclusion you want from that---i honestly DO things are getting better, but to be leaders, you gotta be a leader...somebody step up and lead by example...HINT; Roberts--- watch how Izturis plays the game.

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