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August 30, 2009

Felix the bat

Felix Pie's hot streak keeps getting hotter. I was a little worried that the night off and the hamstring strain might cool him off, but he just jacked that two-run homer in the third inning and remains on a tremendous offensive roll.

Don't know if he can keep this up for an extended period. If so, the Orioles will have to start thinking outside the box as far as the configuration of the team in 2010. To keep him in the everyday lineup, the club would almost have to consider experimenting with Nolan Reimold at first base next spring.

Of course, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Pie's latest power burst still only leaves him with seven home runs and 23 RBI in 183 at-bats, but that's a big improvement over his power and RBI ratios coming into this season. He had just three homers and 30 RBI in 260 major league at-bats with the Cubs.

Though you have to be impressed with the progress he seems to have made, let's see if he can keep cranking against the string of contenders the Orioles will face over the next three weeks.

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Pie should play everyday

no-no through 4

all the naysayers, please post your retractions regarding the following
you wanted to run Pie off the team before he even had like 50 at bats.
you wanted to run "macfail" out of town for his boneheaded move of bringing Pie here in the first place.
also retract if you've be, weiters and company up here.

Cubs gave up on this guy far too soon and the Orioles almost did too. Pie just needs time and patience from everybody. I know it was hard to watch him earlier this season but he’s going to get better and better long as he keeps working hard and gets support from the coaching staff and the fans.

If Pie keeps showing signs of improvement Brian Roberts should take him under his wing and once he feels ready lobby to make him the new leadoff man.

Ty would've been safe if he'd slid into home, but that would've been Toregas fault for not coming at him to allow the run. The throw was definitely there in time. He shouldn't have been sent home. That was yet another bad call by Juan Samuel. We really need to find someone else, that was all his fault. He needs to take responsibility for that call.

If Nolan can play 1st and we can get a 3rd basemen and a starting pitcher this team could be watchable next season.

way to jinx it frederick.

Not every close call is a mistake. With a four run lead and your pitcher dominating maybe it is ok to be aggressive. If Wiggy slid maybe he was safe but if Wiggy slid, maybe the catcher doesnt back away slightly. Why cant it just be an aggressive coaching move that had a close play go the other team's way? Why does everything have to be a sign of the apocalypse.

Sometimes four oncoming horsemen are just Moe, Larry, Curly and Shemp . . . not Death, War, Famine and Pestilence.

This is the Matusz we've been hoping to see. Knock on wood. I think its significant he guaranteed he'd be better this time, like he figured something out.

Perhaps had Pie been acquired as a big piece of a blockbuster trade, conventional "wisdom" would have changed before now.
Recall that Markakis and Jones struggled mightily their first couple months.

Pie's upside is every bit as high as Jones or Reimold.

Let's hope he gets an equal opportunity, and isn't forced to play flawless baseball just to get the time. So yes, playing everyday seems warranted for Sept.; he had some big hits off lefthanders last week when AJ was hurt.


If Pie stays hot and finishes '09 strong, why wouldn't the O's consider trying Reimold at 1B next spring? Or would they?

Pete's reply: That question has been asked a few times and, so far, they intend to keep Reimold in left.

Having 4 great outfielders who can hit is a good problem to have. Answer: DH one of them almost every day, maybe one day off each every 10 days or so, they are all still fresh in September. Problem solved.

Pie is by far the most animated and enthusiastic player on the team. I do tire of these overly serious, nearly morose stars (Markakis comes to mind) and appreciate the hustle and joy of playing the guys brings to the park.

Adam Jones' OPS: .801
Pie's OPS: .791

Very interesting, isn't it?

seems Pie has figured out how to cure his baserunning problems. Hit home runs!! I jest. Pie seems like the more he plays, the more potential seems to get exposed. Baseball is not like another other sport, these young kids need time, at bats and innings pitched to show if they can make it. But, if this team is not competittive and I mean play at least .500 baseball in the 2011 season, there will be a note that says, will the last fan out of Camden, please turn off the lights. It does seem like this group of young players are the real deal.

First I would be careful how you use the word great, the Orioles do not have four great outfielders. They have two good ones and the book is still out on the other two.

Second, enthusiasm is great, but talent, focus and determination wins games, plus I think that Jones is pretty charismatic I think he shows a lot of savvy, heart and hustle and the same goes for several players including Roberts, Izturis and Andino.

Markakis did not struggle for long on the big league level. However every player is different on development. Remember Pie had about 300 plate appearances before the Cubs gave up on him. The book is still out on him and really Reimold also. There are unknowns with both of them. Hope it works for the future but they are still not proven players yet. Really Montanez is in that boat to, just unfortunate that he had such a bad thumb injury.

I do not think the Orioles will go after a permanent type DH, I believe that they will look to Luke Scott to continue in that role in the future, but you never know maybe the move to first will work, but the Orioles have to look for someone that will produce runs more consistently than what has been out there this year, and regardless of position (left fielder, first baseman or third baseman), they have to make a deal. Scott and Jones were red hot earlier in the year, then cooled off. Reimold started hot and has cooled down some. Pie had a horrible start now is hot. Really need more consistent hitters. You cannot have success when you go in two month slumps.

I agree with you Daryl, but really they need to strive to have success next year, add the players that will bring a winning tradition back to Baltimore. They need to be above .500 next year. Another losing season is just not going to work with the fans. The good thing is I have not had to pay for a game in seven years and it is really easy to get good parking (unless the Red Sox or Yankees are in town. Face it if they keep the current pace up, and continue this type of play, the few LOYAL fans will be gone. Face it our young guys are good, but are a clearly not as talented as the other teams. There is not a stud front line starter, left handed reliever, third baseman, shortstop, first baseman or left fielder in their system, so they have to plug some of these wholes externally. Just hope that they start doing something about it. You do not have to have an all star at every position, but need run producers.

Can Reimold play third base?

Pete's reply: I don't know, but he has not played an out there in pro ball.

See, this is why Oriole fans aren't as intelligent as, say, Cards fans, Yankee fans, Bosox fans, etc.

Instead of converting Reimold to first or third, if there's a surplus of outfielders, trade one of 'em as part of a package for an established first or third baseman.

None of this conversion stuff....Reimold would need to hit 30+ homers to justify such a move.

Is he in the same class as Howard, Fielder, Pujols, or Gonzalez? No? Didn't think so......

The earlier suggestion that Roberts take Pie under his wing is a scary proposition. Pie hustles on every play regardless of result - I'm sorry to say the same cannot be said this year about our beloved Brian Roberts. Whoever Pie is hanging out with now is fine.

If he keeps it up, we'll need a PieChart to show the improvement over the whole year.

This is what has become of O's fans? This team has been so bad, for so long, that you actually are excited about this dude? Lead off hitter? Has anyone seen his career base stealing %? Seriously people..... how about attempting to raise the bar a little? How about having a little pride, instead of always accepting being at the very, very bottom of all of baseball, each and every year.....

Quite unbelievable! This is how low the O's have become. You all are so used to seeing such a lousy overall product that this dude is actually looking promising to you. Leadoff hitter? Has anyone seen his base stealing % during his career? Seriously, the rest of the country is used to seeing the O's as one of the worst teams in all of baseball each year. That's no reason for O's fans to accept mediocrity and below however. Raise the bar people... have some pride!

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