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August 6, 2009

Blue Jay Way

Pardon the fairly obscure Beatles reference, but the Orioles are headed for Rogers Centre and a weekend series with the Toronto Blue Jays, which will feature some very interesting pitching matchups.

Jason Berken, who seemed destined to be optioned back to Norfolk when the O's brought Chris Waters to Detroit, will get another chance to figure things out at the big league level tomorrow night against 10-game winner Ricky Romero. This is what I like to call a Law of Averages play, since Berken has to win one by accident one of these days.

Saturday afternoon, two of the top young prospects in the American League go head to head when Chris Tillman takes on Dunkirk, Maryland native Brett Cecil (5-1). And, of course, Brian Matusz draws the short straw on Sunday, when American League All-Star starting pitcher and fomer Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay takes the mound looking for his 12th victory.

That may look like a mismatch, but I can't wait to see it.

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ok, you lost me here. Why is this a Ringo reference? Thought it was a Harrison song. Did Ringo cover it solo? Besides, when it comes to Beatles drummers this is not the "Best" obscure reference "Pete". I usually keep up with your sixties culture references being within hollering distance of your age but on this reference I am lost in that LA fog.

Pete - Sunday should be an awesome game to watch. I'm actually going to have to convince my wife that it is much more important than the yard work awaiting me.

What was the deal with Maters anyway? I know you are laid up and not as "close to the know" as usual, but that was odd.

Waters, not Maters. (Just another reason I'm not a journalist. :(

Pete's reply: They called him to Detroit, but just to keep their options open, I guess.


not that it matters. But that's a Harrison song.

Pete's reply: My mistake. I'll fix it.

Geez, I guess lucky was bored.

1. Andino should not have been batting in the 9th, Jones should have. What was DT saving him for?

2. Scott should be getting some time at 1B to see if he can play the position. Huff is unlikely to be back. Wigginton can play 3B.

3. DT has gone out of his way to placate veterans who haven't ever won anything and who don't hustle. I can see treading lightly if you take over a veteran team who has won and you don't want to rock the boat but this is stupid. Going out of your way to let veterans know days in advance when they will get the day off?

4. Player development is the goal and not winning right now. Fine but the veterans are setting a bad example with consistent mistakes and rookies are seeing them get away with it. That COULD set a bad trend.

DT I've never held accountable for wins/losses but I have consistently held him accountable for the lack of fundamentals. Going through the motions isn't acceptable.

We have some core younsters to develop around but they need some veterans (minimum of 1 regular and 1 pitcher) to instill the proper way of playing and being prepared to play. Huff and Mora are not the ones to set the example.

Pete-I like to compliment you on your fine blog 'whine cellar'. You have a way to convey the mood and situations the O's and their fans are in . Well done , mate.

I agree , why get all worked up about it? Its not like anyone can control their emotions . The only thing we can do is take deep breath and exhale . Let the events unfold themselves .

I read and hear a lot of people say the Orioles could contend in 2010 and I'm afraid I just don't see it. They will be lucky to win 70 games this year, meaning they would have to improve by almost 20 games to have a chance at the playoffs in the AL. Does anyone really see that happening, especially with most of the rotation in their first full season? I'd be thrilled with 77-78 wins next season and I'm not sure that's realistic playing in the AL East.

We should all remember that at this point we are basically like an expansion team (just with a history that includes 3 WS). Andy McPhail came at the tail end of a horrible ten year span. He is working as diligently as he can to put this together. My hope is 2011 that we can really turn the corner(although realistically with the youthful promise of the arms it could be longer). If the average age of the pitching staff is only 23 then expecting dominance from them may not be until they are average age of 28 or 29.

As for the veterans that are not performing too well they are just place holders. Huff was not that wonderful in Tampa. Mora is older. Scott can be replaced and some of the older pitchers in the bullpen can be replaced. The core is still here however. Jones, Markakis, Reimold (who I still wonder if he could work at 1B, which would alleviate that as a problem area), Weiters and the flock of young pitchers. LF if Reimold could play 1B could then go to Montanez or maybe Pie (who is still only 24). This team is moving in the right direction. Patience is a virtue.

And one other poster thought Jones has better range for LF, I agree, differing from those who may say that is a crackhead thought. I believe Pie has better speed for CF. Speed cannot be discounted.

Once again this time around: Patience is a virtue. This rebuilding plan is better then what had been done in the previous ten years before Andy was here.

Lets Go O's!!!

Pete, Yes I am the older Halloran from Santa Ana. We met years ago in Seattle, I think with Jane, my little sister.
I am a USD grad so I have been following Brian's career and I enjoy your writing and Blog. We'll keep up from here in Balboa.

Pete's reply: Dennis, great to hear from you. I'll shoot you an email.

Actually, it is the Law of Large Numbers and not the Law of Averages that would posit that Berken will eventually win if he keeps pitching.

Well, c'mon, they promised a transition and here we go: from bad to worse.
That is most definitely a transition.

So let a smile be your umbrella in the perpetual monsoon season of the Weary, Dreary Era of Angeloser. The man is cursed. Everything he touches turns to asbestos.

Pete's reply: Now, Jake, there are two months to go, so let's see whether Andy MacPhail gets some kind of performance upturn at the end. It won't be easy with the September schedule.

This is the most ludicrous Orioles season I have witnessed in some time. Management created a terrible situation hiring Trembley, intentionally sabotaging the pitching rotation then basically saying f*** you to all the vets so they don’t want to try and win games. They are the weakest team in baseball right now. If anybody thinks this team can contend in the AL East needs to be put on medication.. Pawtucket could smoke these JOs

Roberts said he had no idea that this team's record was as poor as that 2001 club's -- and worse than any other he's been on at this juncture of the season.

"I would have never guessed that. I haven't really looked at our record in a while," Roberts said. "It's probably because of the excitement I am sure the fans feel. Even us as players, it is good for us to have that youth come in here and not just any youth, but hopefully youth that will take us where we want to go eventually. I guess that's the only reason it doesn't feel that way."

LOL! Damn It’s tough being an Oriole veteran! Just gotta block out the pain of being on a loser being ran by a guy named Dave Trembley and remember you’re a millionaire

I as a fan am not excited. I think the Orioles stink and Trembley GOTSTA go!!!

I think Angelos got his hands on that gadget from the Men in Black movies and has hypnotized the media, players, and fans into believing his evil plan. Eh either that or he just paid em all off….

Rich - rather you say I was bored than boring lol tho some would say I was both.

Dan - if Pie didnt show better instincts in center field than in left field, his speed advantage might be offset, but I agree it is worth at least considering if his offensive game continues to develop.

Trembley just cannot be fired right now. Sorry. If they go 0 and 10 in their next 10 games they still have to keep him. Why bother? The younger pitchers should probably start producing by seasons end (if they're ever going to) and the O's are more than likely going to win a few games in the last month of the season.

So say we fire Trembley today and the O's go on to go close to .500 or better...there's no doubt that Dave Jauss is the next in line and if he does that well as an interim then he will without a doubt be the manager for a full season next year.

Do you really want that? I say stop crying about it because it doesn't help anything. Trembley won't be back next year. But suck it up and deal with him for the rest of this year or its just going to get worse. I would much rather start fresh in the offseason with a completely new manager that has nothing to do with this organization right now.

PS I meant .500 from the point Trembley is fired on. Not in overall record. That would be ridiculous. Just wanted to throw that out there before I get flamed.

Well the Os are rolling into Toronto with a chance to take 2 from the Jays. I say 2 and not a sweep, beacuse we know they are not going to win tomorrow night! Berken again? I mean, is it, or is it not obvious that after 9 STARTS, he's still starting?? I don't think he should trying to figure things out in a major league game. Thats whats the minors are for!!

When is the Ravens first preseason game??


Minors…. Majors… Its all the same the way the Orioles see it!

I do not think anyone has any false impression that they will contend in 2010. I believe that most people hope they play .500 or better respectable baseball. I think that having a 30 game swing is highly unlikely. But you never know, they could surprise

I think the fans will be restless if the Orioles have another season like this. Look at the Nationals, they just won five in a row, if they can do it, anyone can.

Although its been great to see all the young un's being unveiled this season and it is a rebuilding year, we are definitely looking at more than 100 losses this year. I dont see any way around it. Through thick and thin, though, I will be there rooting for the O's! Best of luck guys....

If the Nats finish out with a better record than the O’s I will root for the sox next season.

Actually Peter, since you're a California dude, I assumed you really meant that Blue Jay Way was a Laurel Canyon reference.

Believe me, before Mapquest/GPS, it was a heckuva task trying to find that freakin' street, too!!!

Pete--I believe Matusz will beat Halladay. I've watched all of Halladay's last few starts and he is vulnerable now. This great pitcher is going through a rough stretch.

Blue Jay Way was co-written by all four Beatles. Given Ringo's general lack of Beatle contributions, I think Pete deserves slack.

Of course, you gotta pay yer dues if you wanna sing the blues ...

Can you imagine (not intended as a Lennon reference) the Blue Jays once modeled their expansion team after the Oriole Way?

Berken. Sounds like a verb these days.

Has anyone ever won their major league debut only to never win another game? And if so, what's the record for attached losses?

All things must pass as the O's go down their long and winding road. (Hey, just needed to get Harrison and McCartney mentioned. BTW, "waspman" is a Keith Moon reference.)

Do you think that part of AM's plan is to finish dead last so the O's can get Posey in the draft? About the only thing to get excited about these days since this is hard to watch. Too much "cavalry" at one time, though it had to be done and will benefit the near future.

Any whispers on who might have passed waivers and drawn some interest?

Pete's reply: I don't think they are trying to have the worst record, no. Haven't got any waiver info yet.

Prepare to get Berken’d O’s fans! I got a plan to get people in the baseball world to stop laughing and start talking about the O’s. WIN SOME GAMES! Fire that walking dead Captain Kirk impersonator and get somebody with a pulse! Maybe then all of our local friends will stop being Red Sox and Yankee fans. Not that I totally blame them. This team wants you to hate them.

Guys calm down it has only been 11 losing seasons stop being greedy. It is an organizational priority to get a good draft pick for their hard work this season and the players need Trembley’s strong guidance to prepare the team for the future. Andy Macphail has a plan and besides winning is overrated.

I think the new GI Joe movie looks more realistic and fun to watch than the O’s 2009 season.

I guess the reason we as fans get worked up over this team stinking it up so often, is because it's been 12 years since we had a pulse, and we have had about 3 youth movements since 1997, and each movement never got out of first gear. We stink. Even with the young group of kids we have now, we still stink. Perhaps these young guys can put it all together next year, because we as fans know we'll see them. I think we'll definitely see Matusz and likely Tillman in the rotation. Bergy will be there. Hernandez I am not so sure of. I was an optimist until about a week ago. Go Seahawks :-)

We might catch a break and win 2-3 against the Jays. There's no way we beat Halladay who owns us but right now the Jays are playing poorly. If you think the Orioles are floundering, Toronto is something like 24-43, which is almost Oriole-like. The fans have managed to avoid the ugly Rogers Centre, except when invaded by RedSox/Yankee nation and JP Riciardi has made a series of horrible moves that has left the Jays in total disarray.
I point this out only to show that other teams are in bad shape too. Maybe the Orioles can pass the Jays next year but they still have 3 teams ahead of them.

Actually, the real mismatch is Dave Trembley vs. Cito Gaston.

Gaston has proven he can win with both superior and below average talent. Trembley has yet to prove he can win at all.

This latest 2nd half swoon has me thinking the Orioles need a winning manager to "manage" the talent the club is compiling.

I like afternoon games. The losing is over before dinner and doesn't interfere with the evening's activities

Guys I don’t mean to sound mean but lets flat out be honest and talk about something I am sure we are all thinking about. Angelos will die before this team gets better. Unless a Ripken, Steve Bisciotti or some other prominent Baltimore millionaire steps up some out of town Gekko type is going to scoop this team up and move it to a more lucrative city. I think this is a messy situation because while the fan base is dying Angelos does give the team safety from being moved but he is a proven failure as an owner I dont even understand what they are doing right now.

Angelos's sons will inherit the team and may eventually involve Cal in it at some point if he so desires. They aren't going anywhere.

Yeah Pete I cant wait to watch that gem or a match either.. In 2-3 minute intervals during the Yanks and Sox I will flip over to MASN… or I might even just keep track of the O’s by the MLB network bottomline for some comic relief. I don’t see the Orioles getting back on track until they play the A’s at Camden Yards those teams seem to be more evenly matched stat wise I can’t factor faith into the equation O’s will burn you every time.

Bob F,

I hope his sons do the right thing! They could give a positive light to Peter's legacy after all the years of drama and failure. Imagine them selling the team though after all this..

Hi Pete,

September should really be loads of fun. The Orioles have 10 games with the New York All Stars and Boston Rent Sox and 10 games with the Rangers and Tampa Bay. I am going to exchange some of my company's lower reserve tickets for bleacher seats 20 rows back so my boys can get some souvenirs.

It's OK though beacuse if we are going to lose 100 games, let's do it right and give the fans some opportunities to test their arms by throwing back the baseballs that will be landing around them like incoming mortar fire.

Prediction: Trembley has another 10 games to get the team to show some inetrest or he will be filing for unemployment.

Pete, do you know if the O's look at Wiggy, as a potential starter next year or more as a fall back plan?

Wiggy, in my opinion, has some nice power and like Luke, he is streaky, but he is too impatient of a hitter in my eyes, to be considered a full time starter.

Hank Blalock, looks like he's come back to life, after some big time injuries. This is a guy that could easily be the full time DH next year that could be a consistent run producer. The other guy I like is Xavier Nady. If Nady is healthy, he is a good player that played a lot of 1B for the Pirates and could be a nice addition. I know Mark Teahen is being shopped around by KC. This is another guy that is a good player that can play 1B or 3B, without missing a beat. These three guys are solid and I think the O's need solid players, not streaky hitters to go along with the core of young position players that they have.If you have guys that will produce day in and day out, and not just go on hot streaks, you have a shot at being in every game.

Since Wiggy is now getting time at SS can we expect Trembley to make Roberts the closer and Jones play 3rd?


"Blue Jay Way" is a George Harrison song. "Flying", another song from "Magical Mystery Tour", was co-written by all four Beatles.

Hopefully Berken won't look like the "Fool On The Hill" tonight.

P.S. The Walrus is Peter Schmuck.

OK, so in this 10-game stretch vs. the Red Sox, Tigers, and Blue Jays, we have to face 6 of the top 11 pitchers in ERA: Beckett, Verlander, Washburn, Halladay, Romero, Jackson. And you can throw in Greinke (#1 ERA) from the series before that. This is brutal. No wonder we're getting our butts kicked.

AL East, you beat me to Blue Jay Way/Flying correction.
btw, Ring fit that band like a glove. Moon or Bonham in the Beatles? I don't think so!

Don’t put too much faith into Peter Angelos kids we have all heard about them LOL!

The best possible thing for this team is for it to move to North Carolina, Vegas or somewhere in New England and become an NL team. Then in like 3 or 4 years we will get an expansion team hopefully with a good owner like what happened to the Ravens. Angelos is a no win situation.

Yeah why would it be such a bad thing if the Orioles left Baltimore?? Most “fans” seem to hate them even though they keep up with them. It’s like a bad marriage!!

Hopefully the stumbling Jays will give the O's a chance to get their feet under them and win a few games. There is nothing this team needs more right now then a few wins in a row. I think Berken will win his start. He seems to have good potential, but like Smoltz for the Sox, he seems to have one inning every game where he falls apart. Smoltz by the way, probably pitched his last game as major leaguer last night getting pounded by the Yanks.
It's impossible for me to imagine the O's being able to actually compete with the Sox and Yanks by next season, but if they can just win 81, I'll be a happy man.
As for this season, even 70 wins is looking like a pretty tall order now. I wouldn't get rid of Trembley now unless some first rate manager somehow just appeared on the scene ready to come here, but If the O's have any hope of improving he can't be the manager next season.

The Orioles are a joke, plain and simple! When are you fans going to stop throwing your money into this team?

I still believe this team has more talent than their record indicates and Trembley is not holding them accountable. We need to bring in a tough manager who demands better play and expects to win.

We also need to fix the corner positions but we'll need to make trades to do that. If you want to be even more depressed, look at the list of FY 10 FAs at 1st and 3rd, Ugghh!


Exactly!! Teams made it a point to do the shopping last season because it was supposed to be the best FA class in the next couple years the fact AM didn’t get anything is a clear signal that things are going to be adventurous the next few seasons.

Macphail has done some good but some bad as well. As a General Manager you are supposed to be aware of the potential Mora Situation and have a contingency plan same goes for every player there has to be some kind of fail safe. Not sure if it is the fact that he is handcuffed to Peter Anglos but while they fixed the outfield and pitching (somewhat we still need a vet) they have got into a horrible situation with the infield. Mora Huff, and Roberts to me don’t seem very happy with what’s happening and Caesar is just to unpredictable. There is still a ton or work that needs to be addressed and maybe hiring a manager that has experience could help take some of the burden on Macphail’s job and make help sell free agents and decisions to Peter Angelos. He needs some help!

The Mess,

I think about that when I write out the company's check every year for $3,200 in Orioles season tickets for our clients.

We have invested 25 years worth in the team so we will keep it up until they win or I die, whichever comes first. Since I am 63 it could very well be the latter.

Gil Jr

Do you hate your clients?

Damn gotta love being an O’s fan… You know its sad when your talking free agency and the draft in August..

I usually get a 13 game ticket plan each year and this season the O’s offered me free tickets to depeche mode and creed at nissian pavilion for having a plan lol

Just a quick recap for all those kool aid drinkers still out there

Week 18 44-60 22 Nolan Reimold is hitting .370 with a 1.035 OPS in the second half, but the Orioles have gone 4-12.

Week 17 42-55 23 The Orioles are 1-16 on the road against their divisional rivals.

Week 16 41-50 23 The Orioles own the AL's worst road record (15-29).

Week 15 40-48 23 By going 14-11 since June 17, the Orioles are threatening to leave the AL East cellar.

Week 14 36-46 23 The Orioles (12-26) have the worst road record in the American League.
Week 13 34-41 23 After losing eight of nine games, the Orioles won nine of their next 14 games.

Week 12 32-37 22 The Orioles are riding a five-game winning streak and have improved to 9-3 in interleague games.

Week 11 27-36 28 At minus-56, the Orioles have the worst run differential in the American League.

Week 10 24-33 25 The Orioles have lost 21 of their past 26 games away from home.

Week 9 23-28 22 The Orioles are
1-9 in games decided by three runs or fewer, and the victory was against Washington, the team with the majors' worst record.

Week 8 18-26 26 The Orioles are tied with the Nationals for the worst run differential in MLB at minus-51.

Week 7 16-22 22 Baltimore pitchers have the third-worst ERA (5.49) in baseball.

Week 6 13-19 22 Baltimore's pinch hitters (0-for-13 with eight strikeouts) are the only ones in the AL without a hit.

Week 5 9-16 29 Brian Roberts has gone 3-for-26 (.115) during the Orioles' six-game losing streak.

Week 4 9-10 25 The Orioles have lost seven of 10 after starting 6-3.

Week 3 6-6 22 Baltimore lost the first three games of its series in Boston to drop to .500 for the first time in the season.

Week 2 4-2 13 Adam Jones is displaying his great talent, and Japanese pitcher Koji Uehara silenced the Yankees in his major league debut.

For those telling O's fans to abandon ship because they have stunk, stink and will continue to stink into the future, I imagine them to be either Red Sox fans or Yankees fans who want more seats when they come to town. As someone who grew up with the team during the successes of the 1970's and early 80's I resent this slide, but I also want to be able to proudly say I didn't abandon this team during the down times when they are successful again. If you quit on the team now don't come back when they are successful. Leave more room on the bandwagon for those of us who stick with them.

If you think a team will leave a gem like Camden Yards? No way. It's still one of the best ball parks and unfortunately a hospitable place for visiting fans with all the hotels and the Inner Harbour. I doubt as many BoSox or Yankee fans would make the trek to old Memorial Stadium.


Keep giving Angelos money for nothing.

There's a fog upon LA,and my friends have lost their way.....

Rumor swirling that Gregg Zaun is on his way to Tampa Bay...true?

The next guy up in the rotation should be Brandon Erbe. Waters has already had a shot and everyone knows what to expect from him. He is no longer a prospect. He would be better suited for the bullpen. Arrieta and Patton have struggled at AAA.

BYE BYE ZAUNY HAHAHA!! we should pick up giambi now for 1st base and have huff play 3rd.

just for fun that is :)

Why in the world would the orioles trade Zaun??????? He's the only one Guthrie can even pitch to!!!!!!!

OMG!! Guthrie is finished!! We should have traded them together!!

Any chance we'll get more than $20 (or whatever we ended up getting for bradford) for zaun from tampa?

Pete's reply: I think so, but getting $20,000 is better than getting a prospect that doesn't pan out, since you have to feed the guy.

What did we even get for Zaun?? Did he want out of here?? Man he wasnt very good but was a decent catcher.. why are we giving players away during the losing streak?? Seems like we give Tampa a player for hardly anything this time each year.

Figured I'd start now.
"Hey Pete, who'd we get for Zaun?"

Pete's reply: I think Longoria, but I'll have to check.


Spin this one I dont understand.

Pete's reply: Doing Zaun a favor while clearing up the talk about who catches Guthrie and relieving Trembley of having to carve out two games for Zaun every week.

No more wins for Guthrie!!

Zaun was the only veteran on this team who played like he still gave a damn. Now none of the remaining vets will bother to leave the batter's box once they hit a grounder.

All for ye olde "PTBNL"- I'm still waiting for them to name the one we got for Bradford.

Not to worry, I hear we're bringing back Chad Moeller.

Maybe MacPhail is bucking for the # 1 draft pick.

Zaun gone for a player to be named?

Greg was about the only veteran on this team who was "old school" and played the game like it should be played. Now he's gone, and won't be here to serve as an example to the young guys.

I can't figure out how to evaluate a trade for a "player to be named." I'm going to try to be patient and hope we're going to get a real prospect in return who will help the team in 2010.

You don't suppose the player to be named is Longoria, do you? JK!

I am sure it’s a cash deal of some sort. I guess this team didn’t save enough money during the off season!

Pete's reply: We're not talking about any significant savings, once you prorate and factor in paying the PTBNL. If they wanted to dump salary, there are much better ways to do that.

The Zaun trade puzzles me. Larry hit it right on the head when he said what's going to happen to Guthrie now. It seems it would have made alot more sense to continue to pair Zaun with Guthrie to help Guthrie improve.
Also I'm still unhappy about the Sherril trade. Waring at Frederick has 19 homers and a decent BA as of the last time I checked. I think he could fill 3B position for the Os in the next 2 years making the pickup of Bell unnecessary. Speaking of Bell, Pete is he hurt? I haven't seen his name in the boxscores of Bowie recently.
The Orioles should have kept Sherril. He is the type of lefty that can probably pitch effectively for 3 to 5 more years and the closer position now is very uncertain.
On a different topic a blogger stated that Pie should be used in CF and Jones in LF because of his better speed. It's not a real terrible idea. But what then do you do with Nolan R.? He seems to be playing pretty well in LF. It's too bad Jones had to give up SS. with the season a total wash, if I was manager I would be tempted to start allowing Jones to take infield practice. He stated around the all star game that he wanted to take some grounders. You would think that he would be the type of athlete that could adjust to SS. And if you played him at SS how much worse can things get for the Os. This year is really just about young guys getting experience.
I still don't believe Izturis is the answer. Some bloggers disagree. But if he makes 3 great plays every 12 to 15 games and one less error saving perhaps 4 runs during that span than an average SS is it better than that same other SS who could possibly hit one or two more homers and have a few more hits and drive in 7 or 8 more runs during that time? Furthermore pitchers would have to give the Os number 8 hitter better pitches to hit thus increasing that player's productivity.

So much for Guthrie's personal catcher. Hope he likes pitching to Moeller. My guess is we get the same thing for Zaun that we got for Bradford, cash considerations. Is it because Angelos got heartburn from Zaun's concoction at the cook-off?

But he’s so good at making Mexican food!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Orioles today announced that CA GREGG ZAUN was assigned to the Tampa Bay Rays via a waiver claim in exchange for a player to be named later or cash considerations and selected the contract of CA CHAD MOELLER from Triple-A Norfolk.

No clue why they made this trade.

I think Jones could and would play any position assigned to him. I would love him to try the infield since we have a million outfielders on this team.

Greetings Orioles fans,

Once again it is I Andy MacFail! You b****** think I am messing around here?!?! Let this trade today be proof im going for heavy losses this season so I can keep wheelin and dealin this offseason with that #1! Hahahahhaahhaha

-Andy MacFail

Total cost cutting move. See you fans spend hard earned money and they deal away veterans for nothing. Boycott now before it too late.

Pete's reply: What a silly post.

This season is going from bad to stupid

Who cares if Zaun is gone? This is not going to be covered really by ESPN or SI unless you’re such a geek you check the transactions each day. I only hope this move gives more cause to fire DT and get a good draft pick!

OMG! AM really screwed us now. I hate said it, the Orioles will not make the playoffs now. Maybe he was just not in the Orioles future plans. Maybe he was a negative clubhouse player.

Maybe AM is burning the mother down. ;-)

Can Dempsey go with him?? If not maybe Lenny D and Demp could have a rematch on MASN that might get some fans back.

Zaun is gone because he sucked.

Its not like Zaun was coming back next year. At least this way the O's get something for him. (Even if it is only $10,000 or whatever we got for Bradford.)


Hope that sent a message to Huff and Mora. Good job O's!

I sure hope we got a prospect for Zaun and it isn't another salary dump. Zaun was the only veteran who played the game as if he cared. And what happens if Wieters gets hurt? Questionable move.

"Total cost cutting move. See you fans spend hard earned money and they deal away veterans for nothing. Boycott now before it too late.

Posted by: fix this mess"

Are you serious????

I like Zaun better than every recent catcher not named Weiters, but he's 37, platooning with the future, and hitting .244 with four homers and 13 RBIs in 56 games. That number was lower when he was playing every day.

Only person who has a right to be upset is Guthrie, who played better with Zaun for whatever reason

~~Do you think that part of AM's plan is to finish dead last so the O's can get Posey in the draft? ~~

Buster Posey was drafted by the Giants. Pretty sure they signed him since he is playing for their triple A team in Fresno. Is there another Posey coming up that would be worth considering tanking for? The proposed top of the 2010 draft would be Strasberg if the Nats dont sign him and Bryce Harper if his GED plan works out.

If memory serves, Zaun was on a one year, $1.5M contract. The season is around 2/3 gone. How much money could they possibly save in terms of a major league payroll? Moeller was making something as a minor leaguer so only the increase to his major league salary counts. Could this move actually save $200K?

Heck yeah baby! Dump em all!! Mora Huff Trembley anybody that’s worthless get em out!

Everyone duck the sky is falling again!!! We traded the backup catcher. Oh the humanity....


We really can't put some fans on the waiver wire huh? Let some other teams go ahead and claim them? I'd settle for a scuffed foul ball from a minor leage game in return.

To the MORON poster "andy macfail". Perhaps you still think Tejada and Bedard should have been kept by MacPhail. No ifs, ands, or butts, you are a MORON. Peter, I have to give you credit for being 'nice' when it comes to some ignorant MORONS who leave comments on your blog.

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