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July 13, 2009

Report: Derrick Mason retires

derrickap.jpgRavens receiver Derrick Mason reportedly has decided to retire, citing a lack of enthusiasm for continuing to play football. If you want to read Jamison Hensley's story on the Sun website, you can do that right here.

Mason, who was deeply shaken by the death of close friend Steve McNair last weekend, told that his motivation to continue has been in question since the Ravens lost to the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. He's pictured at right speaking at McNair's memorial service last week.

"I have been thinking about this since the season ended,'' he said on the site. Emotionally, I am just not that enthused. I have not been that enthused to get up and work was getting to that point. This decision has nothing to do with the contract situation; I have made enough money, more than enough money. Emotionally there are things that are more important. It's time right now."

Despite his insistence that the contract situation had nothing to do with the announcement, the fact that he did not announce this through the team is a pretty good indicator that there's more to the story. Mason seemed less sure of his decision when he was interviewed on ESPNNews later in the day.

Radio dogma: Obviously, the subject matter for tonight's edition of Sportsline has changed in the last few minutes. If you'd like to talk about Mason's great career, and tremendous contribution to both the Tennessee Titans and Ravens, tune in to WBAL (1090 AM) at six. If you're out of signal range, go to and click on the "Listen Live" icon.

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Yeah, I'm sure your paper will have several articles on the subject tomorrow, yet your organization can't even post the pitchers for the Sunday games. It's becoming a sham.

Mason retires - YIKEEES! Can anyone say Antwan Bolder or the Broncos guy?, Marshall We gotta go get somebody now, unless Newsome can run an out pattern!

1. Derek Mason=Sticky hands and class.

2. How do these two things come together--retirement of a great possession receiver (and a true warrior) and who is pitching on Sunday?

Anyway, this is a surprise.

What are we going to do now at WR??!!


Thanks for the notice. At least we have time to get an adequate replacment. Oh, no we can't. I appreciate his contributions, but he knows he is crippling us by doing this now. Happy retirement.

How much cap space will we get once his salary goes onto the retirement list? Will it be enough for us to sign Suggs' extension and then trade for Boldin or Marshall and give them a contract?

Pete's reply:

Pete's reply: Don't know the answer to that, but we'll follow this up tomorrow.

Call me crazy but I wouldv love to have Acta.

Hey pete lets switch gears for a couple of days. His retirement really leaves the ravens in a very precarious situation. You can't count on williams or clayton to stay healthy and we don't have anybody else. I bet if the ravens knew about this before today they would have made other arrangements in the draft. The timing is not good but he deserves to go out on his terms.

Hmm... Steve McNair retired as a surprise and we thought Oh No! ... Well it all seemed to work out. Perhaps we will have a WR that will pull a Flacco.

Dear Ozzie:

Sign Marvin Harrison, NOW!

What's going on? What's happening in Raven land? Does any one out there know? What about management? Please, somebody tell me something, hello! How can an NFL professional player go from working out in the team weight room to shortly thereafter retirement? OK, enough said already, Mason's retirement should free up some cap space for the singing of T-Sizzle and allow us the Ravens to sign a prime time Marshall.

"Club president Stan Kasten said during today's news conference that he feels the team has underachieved"

The entire Nationals (what a horrible team name) organization has UNDERACHIEVED and has been an embarrassment.

I'm not a Nationals fan but they can easily be a case study for how not to run a sports franchised.

Personally I don't think the area can support two baseball teams.

It's BASEBALL season; screw the Ravens.

Pete's reply: Believe it or not, the rest of us can walk and chew gum at the same time.


Quick comment on Kevin Cowards article . . . and please allow me to rant for a second.

Would Baltimore's sportswriters acknowledge the fact that a large portion of the Orioles fans are also Redskins fans. So when I read articles that liken the Orioles only to the Ravens or compare their success, they are disenfranchising a large part of their readership. I live in Annapolis and by my estimation 70% of the people I know consider themselves Orioles/Redskins fans. An entire generation of people have grown up only knowing the two, and folks like my parents growing up between the cities have always been fans of the two. I just want recognition of this large group of people and more coverage of all local teams. This goes for the washington post too!

Anyway, thats my rant for the month

P.S. Mason was a workhorse for years, sad to see him leave football.

I am sorry to see him retire. He was a class guy his whole career. I can understand the loss of motivation. Time has to have taken its toll and the major loss of a friend and former teammate has to weigh heavily.

I will miss seeing him on the field but I wish him the best in the rest of his life.

Is this his twisted way of honoring Steve McNair? The circumstances of McNair's death undid a lot of the goodwill that he built over a long and distinguished career. Now Derrick Mason is capping a thoroughly professional career with a totally bush league retirement announcement. The way he retired (announcing his retirement via an innocuous online rag and telling the media not to call him for two weeks just hours after working out at the Ravens complex) is more shocking than the fact of the retirement itself. I expected more of Derrick Mason.

Its called the BALTIMORE sun for a reason. Screw the foreskins.

As soon as I read the headline Mason retires I thought the McNair death likely played a role in his decision. It's sad he had such a huge impact on our team last season inspiring others to play through injuries (Suggs) seeing him out there playing with one arm made them question how they could sit out with him out there giving it his all.

This will be a huge hit to the Ravens organization if he indeed stays with his decision to retire. It will either put even more pressure on Flacco with the potential to hurt his development or force Ozzie to bring in another receiver at perhaps an even greater cost than before. Everyone knows the Ravens need a receiver with Mason gone and they are gonna make us pay to get one.

The Ravens are likely only a .500 team and if we are extremely lucky a wild card contender without Mason or a replacement receiver. I can only hope that this is an emotional reaction and he will reconsider. If it is indeed your time Derrick I wish you the best and want to say Baltimore loves you and wish you the best with your post playing career.

Even beyond what he meant to the Ravens, I'm just bummed to see such a fun player to watch retire. He's a really astounding football player and one of the most underrated I've ever seen play the game.

Oh well. Hope he has good luck with the remainder of his life.

A 2 year contract will get him enthused again.

He was on TV a couple weeks ago saying how happy he was with his injury healing.Somethings fishy.

Derrick Mason may have decided to quit because of the lack of press concerning his incredible ability to play through pain. Last season he became a one-armed wide receiver with a shoulder separation and he excelled. He was sidelined with excruciating pain 3 times and returned for the next series each time and made catch after catch and fought for extra yardage each time after his receptions. His bravery exceeded the legendary John Unitas', yet he received very little press in reward. I would be very upset if he couldn't be convinced to return to the Ravens and his loss would make a successful season unlikely. Let's have our newspaper and television and radio play up his incredible talent and courage and maybe he will return.


Your one of the problem. You dont think people from Columbia or Laurel are Skins fans? Yet they live inside the Baltimore media bubble, I'm just saying equal coverage for all major area sports.

I bet you were wearing Burgandy and Gold until the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

who cares?

Pete's reply: I do and you'd be surprised the percentage of Ravens fans that are Orioles fans and vice-versa. Expand your horizons.

Is Denny really whining about the Skins? Who cares about the Skins? By my estimation, 70% of not many. Spiritually, Baltimore is as far away from DC as it is from other drab, so-called "sports towns" similarly filled with white-collar geographic transplants- places like Atlanta and Dallas. Montgomery County and parts of PG County are a different state, face it. If that's the case in Annapolis, it's only because silver spoon sailors can't stomach an association with working class Baltimore. Contrary to Biffy's assertions, it's not the case in Howard County. So Biffy, sip your Pinot Grigio at a Skins game and enjoy watching your dysfunctional franchise flounder away. Blue and white, then purple and black, that's all that ever mattered here. Burgundy and gold? Burgundy, really? That says it all. Subscribe to the Post.

Pete's reply: Hey, don't by trying to run off my readers. If Denny likes the Skins, that's okay with me. My son is also a Skins fan, and I force him to read the Sun.

I dont really care . . . I was just trying to insite some cross state rivalry ... although I think its funny people from Baltimore think the southern part of the state are not Maryland enough

Hah! All in good fun. Any opportunity to rattle the cage of a Redskins fan is a good one.

The southern part of the state is beautiful. I guess it's only Denny who isn't Maryland enough! Just kidding...

Pete, is it possible that you are partial to Denny's point of view because of a subconscious association with the Grand Slam breakfast? Just maybe?

Pete's reply: I'm partial to the "Moons over My Hammy" breakfast sandwich, but yes, seeing the word Denny probably does have a subconscious effect on me.

How 'bout a little respect for all sports fans? No need to belittle other teams' fans. We CAN all get along. When I read how some Baltimore fans berate other fans in the area who comment here, it makes me embarrassed to be from Baltimore. People need to lighten up!

I dont think the Ravens are prepared to replace Derrick Mason very easily this season. I hope they can coax him out of retirement. Mason had a heck of a season for a man playing with only one good arm for half the season.

haha if I had a quarter for every time i got the Denny's reference I could buy the Sun! Oddly enough its never netted me free food, although I did get a coffee cup from there once. No matter our differences we are all die hard O's fans! Lets keep up the banter!

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