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July 27, 2009

Postgame Dave

Manager Dave Trembley would not comment during his postgame news conference on whether Rich Hill had reached the end of his shaky tenure in the O's starting rotation.

"That's something I'm not ready to say right now,'' Trembley said. "The game just ended. Fifteen minutes after the game. I'm not ready to say that."

Check with him tomorrow. This may be a transitional season, but the Orioles are playing a team that was in a deep slump and shouldn't even be able to come into town with an 0-5 pitcher and beat a rebuilding club.

Somebody asked Dave whether he thought Hill's problems were the result of his physical or mental approach to the game.

"I think you evaluate what you see,'' Trembley said. "No matter who it is. No matter who it is, it's the ability to command the fastball and the abiltiy to throw strikes with the fastball. The ability to make quality pitches with two strikes. I would say that didn't happen often enough tonight."

That's quite an understatement. For those who were viewing the first two games of the Royals series as a competition between Hill and Jason Berken to stay in the rotation, I think Hill basically conceded his end of it. Can't imagine Berken failing to top a 2 1/3-inning start, but you still have to wonder how much rope he'll have left if he can't beat the floundering Royals.

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Hill aside, it's a shame the O's can only score three runs. When do you think Pedro Cerrano will figure out how to hit a curve ball?

It begins to look like the O's will pass the trade deadline quietly. The Giants just traded for Ryan Garko, so Huff has one less place to go (and there didn't seem to be that many), there's no market for Mora, and I wouldn't trade Sherrill or Scott unless they get a really good offer. What's your take, Pete?

Pete's reply: I would deal Sherrill for a promising corner infielder. Otherwise, no, I'd wait until the offseason and buy somebody.

Right back at you. Royals fans must be thinking that their team should be able to beat the floundering Orioles.

No second half collapse, right? I figure Trembley will get testier as his job slips away as the losses mount and by mid August the players' attention have turned to where they'll vacation in the off season.

Why didn"t Trembley keep Greg and Ty in the lineup for another day against Chen. Ty could have played 1st and Greg could have dh. What was Samuel thinking about sending Reimold home. He never had a chance. If he had been held up our shortstop would have batted and if he had made the last out. Brian would have led off the next inning. Why allow the shortstop to try and steal a base when we could have bunted him over or let Brian hit away. Its time for Trembley to start trying to win games and save his job. The heck with hurt fellings. His family has to eat to.

Damn another year of killing our guys trade value!

This team, like many of the lackluster editions of the past, seems to have no – what's the word? – personality, chutzpa, team-ness? A handful of vets in decline and a bunch of dumbstruck kids who haven't found themselves. No wonder they find so many ways to lose. There's no psych in this team – nothing new about that. But I don't entirely blame Trembley or McPhail, although the architects shoulder the ultimate burden. Let's put a clubhouse shrink on the payroll. Maybe if they get their heads straight, a decent competitive product can take the field.

I guess we can finally close the book on the Hill experiment.

The Orioles are exactly 20 games under 500 and on their way to dropping 90+ for the 4th straight season.

Weiters has been terrible--thanks for over hyping his arrival. Once the dust settled he is having a season comparable to Brooke Fordyce's last campaign as an Oriole.

The only fairly consistent bright spot I have seen all season is Brian Roberts, Nolan Riemold and Brad Bergesen.

Trade Mora? who else is going to play 3rd? Tyler Henson? Huff has reverted to the 20-80 guy we all knew he was. Adam Jones is either gassed or has forgotten about the plate discipline he exercised early in the season.

Hard to believe but the Orioles were actually better at the same point last season.

I am just wondering if the typical late season collapse hasnt begun a little early this year.

Huff, Scott, Wiggy, Baez, Sherril why are these guys not being shopped???

Pete's reply: Wieters has been terrible? Calm down a little, Canice. He's doing fine under the circumstances and he'll live up to the hype. I like the way everybody is blaming the media and the team for hyping Wieters. This blog had hundreds of posts demanding he make the team out of training camp and ripping the team for being cheap for holding him back until late May.

We need to have a fire sale like Pittsburg. Not a pitcher and Over 30… Goodbye! These guys are geezers and their attitude does not fit into a true rebuilding plan. Oh well I just hope after watching that pathetic mess of a game tonight AM is on the horn right now getting things we need for next season… and of course PA doesn’t block the moves :)

This is almost the ultimate indignity. It would have been just perfect if Bruce Chen would have gotten the win. It is amazing that we can't even hit the Royals. This team is just sleepwalking. Amazing.

As the Bill Murray character so aptly put it...It just doesn't matter. Well at least until the better players arrive. The answers to this teams woes are not sitting in that dugout, and some are not even in this organization. 2-8 since the break, and continuing to lose in the same fashion does not bode well.

Oh yea, somebody owes me an apology for citing my Rich Hill comments as representative of the negativity on the blog. Granted, he did live to see another day, but that's, I have no clue why that was. I guess he proved us all wrong. Some guys just don't have it.
Or had it for a bit and lost it and are never getting it back. I want those guys on the other team for a change.
Oh, some are and the O's still can't beat them. Never mind.


You were not being negative enough bro. This team is 11 year old garbage and deserves to be lashed out at until they do something. The fans pay them and we have every right to call them out.

This Paris Hilton mind control /spin strategy the Orioles are using to keep their minimal fan base seems to be wearing off. hahaha

Pete,let me get this right,so what you're telling me is that Trembley is not in charge of writing out the lineup card or deciding who pitches?Then that must fall on McPhail,but that can't be true because you have repeatedly praised McPhail and his exploits on this very column numerous times,reminding us long suffereing fans that there is a light a the end of the tunnel.So then if McPhail is responsible for tonights lineup that has Huff batting back in cleanup,and the Errioles leaving the bases loaded,not once but twice,with Bruce Chen overmatching Aubrey Huff,then why doesn't McPhail get any blame for that?You can't have it both ways,Pete,either McPhail is running the club and deciding who is playing and pitching or Trembley is,which one is it?So I just watched Roberts jog to first base after making a crucial error and going 0-5,and watched Reimold hustle his butt off,look like he beat the throw ,and the turtle never even stuck his head out of his shell(DT).So after the trade deadline passes,and once again,we either make no moves at all,or get a couple of meaningless prospects for George Sherrill,I'll get to hear in the off season,how we're goingto buy the bats once more like the last 12 years,and come spring training,when we still don't have a legitimate 1B,SS, or 3B and resign Huff and pick up Melvin Mora's option,I'll still know for sure that it still is cheapskate Angeloser running the ballclub.He's just wised up and kept a lower profile.And somewhere in the middle of the year,when we are 20 games below .500 McPhail will announce that he is going to be commissioner in 2011,and the revolving door will start all over again.The only constant will be the little Greek raking in all his money from MLB and MASN,and laughing all the way to the bank.I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see it any other way.Brian Roberts as the face of the franchise?Not now,that thought makes me barf.

That last post was not from Anonymous,it ws from me,why this site gets screwier by the day I have no idea.I typed my name and email address in the post.

Pete's reply: Sorry, we have had some technical difficulties, but don't worry Burt, I knew it was from you.

By the way Pete,I timed how long it took my last post to actually appear and it was 67 seconds from the time I hit submit.I know that's not your department,but that could explain the multiple,multiple posts on the last blog entry.Just thought you could let somebody know.You're the blogmeister and all that,but I'm not sure people realize that those technical issues have nothing to do with you.I have noticed a few posters who think you have the power to fix it at will for some reason.Don't take it out on the Schmuckster,he's probably still home on the couch,hopefully.

Pete's reply: It's pretty frustrating on this end, too. I've relayed the issues to the people in charge and we're working on it, but I apologize for any inconvenience. I'm dealing with the same kind of problems.

I like Berken. His numbers aren't great, but he's kept the O's in more than half his ballgames, and you can tell he's giving it his all, as evidenced by last start when he got rocked in the first inning, and proceeded to go another 5 or 6.

I'd much rather see a gamer like that in the rotation than Hill.

Let me begin by saying that I started rooting for the Orioles in 1966 when I was 12 years old, and I will be a die-hard Orioles fan until I draw my last breath. I know that I was spoiled from the late 60's into early 80's, as many of us old-timers were. As we all know, except for 1996 and 1997, it has been real tough to be an O's fan since since the mid-80's, and this year is no different. Yes, I am excited about Jones and Reimold and Weiters and Bergesen and those yet to come, but it is getting harder and harder to watch this team. After watching the last four innings of tonight's game I said to my wife, "Being an Orioles fan just sucks." I'm even starting to get pretty damned frustrated with Dave Trembley, especially putting Nick back in the 2 hole after what he did at clean-up yeaterday - it makes no sense. I keep telling myself it's going to get better and I've been trying to drink as much of the orange Kool-Aid as I can, but tonight was just the pits. Sorry to be so negative, but I just had to vent. Deep breath now - it's going to get better, it's going to get better, it's going to get better . . . Go O's!

The Orioles lost a game that Bruce Chen started? Break out the 50 Cent and Beck records, kids, the O's are slumping 2005 style!

(Yeah, yeah, I know, light at the end of the tunnel and all that, but we just got beat by Bruce Chen).

There's another person saying Wieters was over-hyped.. Geez give the kid some time!!!!!

Where are all those people who used to rip AM for leaving him in the minors "so long".... he needs seasoning like anyone else two years out of college

In 1967 Johnny Bench hit .163 with 1 HR in 86 at bats.. there are posters here who would have declared him a failure based on that

Same old comments about Matt, that everyone said about Markakis and Jones. Thanks God that Nolan Remold, played amazing right off the bat or we would've heard chants for Gaithright to be called up.

Pete, when the Nats fired Manny Acta, you said something along the lines that while he didn't have much to work with, he wouldn't been able to get the job in the 1s place if the team had been any good in the 1st place so why does DT, have a much longer leash? DT was given the chance of a life time, as he went from being the BP coach to at the time, what was thought to be around a one week gig as the manger, to the permanent manger. I want you to know that I support the rebuilding program 100%, but how would giving the reigns over to Dave Jauss for the rest of the season, have any impact on rebuilding? No way does DT come back so why not see how these guys respond under Dave Jauss for the last two months and go from there? I don't expect a new manager to magically transform this team this season, but if certain guys are playing the same way that they played under DT, maybe you can realistically say, these guys don't belong in an O's uniform for the 2010 season.

Pete's reply: I don't know that he has a much longer leash. I think his situation will be decided based on organizational timing and, of course, the performance of the team over the next couple of months. Just from a theoretical perspective, this is not a good time to fire a manager if you don't have the desired replacement ready to go. Because the team is hitting bottom, and there's always the possibility that it gets on some roll at the end and you're stuck giving an extension to the interim guy that wasn't' your first choice going forward.

maybe we could see Zaun more.

Actually it does not help with Berken but it might have with Hill.

Pete you wrote this post as if you actually expected lame duck/yes man Trembley to be able to give you an answer. You of all people should know that he doesn't get to make those decisions. Nor should he, seeing how just about every decision he does make is wrong.

Normally I think Burt from Essex is a bit of a reactionary but I have to agree with him in one regard tonight. He's the only one who mentioned how Riemold appeared to beat out an infield single late in the game there and as he put it "the turtle never stuck his head out of his shell". Good stuff. And true. You would think that that was a perfect opportunity for Trembley to go out there and get his team fired up for perhaps some chance of salavaging a pathetic loss. But I guess he chooses not to care. Trembley and his staff (especially Samuel) have become walking punchlines.

Pete's reply: DJ, I think you're beating a dead horse here, but -- just for yucks -- I'd like to know what you do for a living. You're anonymous, so you shouldn't mind telling me.


All of this points to one fact--

The Orioles are a bad baseball team.

Pete's reply: As Howard Cosell would have replied, "Thank you, Dandy Don, for that piercing look into the obvious."

Rich Hill apologized to the front office and the team after the game. I'm still waiting for Ray Lewis to apologize for the "limo ride" back in 2000. Best of luck to Rich Hill for being a class act. I sincerely hope he can work on his delivery, find another pitch or two and pick up his career next year.

I don’t blame Rich Hill one bit for anything. If you can make money in this economy do it. Blame the Orioles for being cheap and signing him instead of actual pitching talent. I remember someone on here actually saying Kranny worked with him in Chicago and might be able to fix him… Hilarious.. If Kranny can’t get normal pitchers to win games how on earth could he fix a broken down one with no chance haha?

Pete's reply: The Orioles traded for him. They didn't sign him.

Trembley has to stop this switching of Jones and Markakis in the order. There is a big difference between batting 2nd and 3rd mentally. Actually, I think both of them should be batting 3rd and 4th in the order, especially the way Huff has been hitting. Put Izturis up to 2nd in the lineup, followed by Jones, Markakis, Reimold, Scott, Weiters, Huff and Mora (or try Mora in the 2nd spot - he's done well there in the past). We need a consistent lineup that avoids having too many lefty batters in the middle of the lineup. I also like what I've seen of Pie lately. The way Scott and Huff have been struggling, give Pie a few starts here and there and platoon Scott and Huff at 1st, until one or the other (or both) find a clue at the plate and start hitting like they can.

attention orioles fans. this team has been a loser for 18 out of the last 25 yrs and 12 yrs in a row. everyone with a little understanding knew this yr would be no better. however the foundation for the future is being laid now. don't expect any real difference in the w-l record until mid season of next yr. only schmucks keep complaining about the way things are this yr without looking at the big picture. yes this yr's w-l record is worse than last yrs. but have you looked at the orioles outfield. one of the best in the league. shortstop and 2nd base are fine, baseball's # 1 prospect in starting behind the plate. bergesen and hernandez, two guys who started the season in the minors are showing they can be quality major league pitchers. tillman makes his first start tomorrow. matusz, arreita and patton are still in the minors. this organization had zero players in the minors 3-4 yrs ago and now they are starting to build some depth. you don't change 25 yrs of mis-management overnight. what macphail has done is a couple of yrs is outstanding. next yr the team needs to find a first baseman and 3rd baseman, a couple of the minor league pitchers need to step up like bergesen and hernandez have this year and the team needs a manager that has better baseball instincts than the current manager. despite what many of you schmucks think it is getting better.

When its all said and done the Nats will have a similar record to the O’s.


I have to tell you that reading Rich Hill's "apology" on the website this morning did nothing except infuriate me. If you remember back to Spring Training he told the media that he had control problems last year because he was nursing a back injury and he was having trouble with his mechanics. Now, suddenly after 4 months of the season he is nursing tendinitis.

I have two words to summarize his apology. The first work is bull%^&*. The second word is "bye!"

Fkterp pete or whatever your name is,

The only way to gage the team is W&Ls everything else is just hype to sell tickets

Brian Roberts makes me sick. Known roid head (nobody does the stuff just once See Andy P) and seems only concerned about his stats kind of like A-Rod. There is a reason players like that don’t win championships but I guess he fits in on a team that lives off hype and nothing real.

I'll say it again and again...the O's cannot hit lefthanded starting pitching.

When a Bruce Chen can come into Camden Yards and stymie Oriole bats like Sandy Koufax its time everyone started realizing the problem: The O's preparation/game plan for lefthanded pitchers is inadequate...and thats being polite.

Its time everyone stopped waiting for a 62-year old hitting coach, who couldn't hit lefthanded pitching as a player, to suddenly get up from the opposite side of his bed some morning and miraculously have lefthanded starters all figured ain't happenin'.

Crowley needs an assistant or a replacement. AND SOON.

Pete's reply: Dennis, the last time I looked, Orioles had a better record against lefties than righties.

Angelos obviously still has a significant role in the organization :)

Pete's reply: Yes, I believe he owns it.

I have learned over the years watching this team you can’t believe the hype machine and have to assume the birds are the leagues worst until they show you otherwise. As cynical as I’ve gotten over the years I really didn’t expect this season to get this bad.

Can someone tell me why Dave put Markakis back in the 2 spot after Sunday's success in the clean up in Boston? If something works, don't try to fix it! Stick with what works!

Pete's reply: My take. Huff was back in the cleanup spot in the desperate hope that he has three or four good games before the trading deadline. Makes perfect sense to me.

I think many of the in game decisions as far as who plays and who sits, who bats second or third, when to walk a guy or not(ex. Billy Butler in the eighth inning last night), when to force the action on the bases and when not(Reimold on a shallow hit to left field), are just poor judgement decisions by a coaching staff that needs to be shelved at the end of the season. I don't see anyway Trembley gets his contract renewed or should he. The rest of the coaches should go to. The Orioles need a fresh approach to say the least.

Cmon Trembley! He talks about Rich Hill like it matters. 3 runs against Chen is what matters!
And How can he possibly defend Juan Samuel? By saying "Reimold has been a good baserunner all year"? What? is DT an idiot? What does being good or bad have to do with being thrown out by 20 feet??
And yes, DT should have argued the Reimold play at first.
And yes, Roberts did jog to first again, on a groundout to 2nd in the 9th.
But DT can just wag the dog from his team's ineptitude by piling on the Rich Hill funeral train.

I totally agree with howard and FKterp. Both well said. Fix the order of the lineup and keep it that way. there is plenty of good things happening and we all know the measurement wasn't going to be Wins and losses this season but look what we have called up and what we have left in the barn.

Wieters is starting to rope the ball, he calls a good game, and doesn't at all look overmatched. He's getting ML experience under his belt so he's that much further along when the games start to matter (which I hope is next season.)

He's only overhyped if you buy into all of that. Gary Thorne had a good analysis of Wieters' development last night. Give the guy, and yourself, a break, and focus on what actually needs to be fixed on this ballclub.

i guess the only thing that the orioles could possibly do with rich hill is put him on the dl for the remainder of the season since he is saying that his shoulder is hurting. they sure won't get any team to take him now that he has shoulder problems. for the most part it looks like the hot prospects have all gone cold for the 31st trade deadline.

Here is my rant for today:

1. Jones has to be put back in the batting order. I don't care he hit a home run last night. This kid puts a golf swing on every ball like he is Manny Ramirez. Crow needs to work to shorten his swing.
2. Huff has to be yanked of the lineup/traded/put on waivers, whatever you have to do to get rid of him
3. Juan Samuel should not be our 3rd base coach.
4. Markakis should bat 4th
5. Finally, Trembley should be fired.

We can't win at home against Kansas City? Really?

OOps, there goes the old tough schedule EXCUSE, lol
2010 will be Andy's 3rd full season (i wont count 07--Parrish to Sea blockbuster, notwtihstanding)Id like to remind you that the Tigers went from 120 loses to the World Series in 3 seasons, so it doesnt have to take forever--the only thing you need to make it happen is the WILL and INCLINATION- I doubt the O's veracity for either

Pete's reply: I believe the Tigers had three great young starting pitchers bloom that year. The O's could have the same thing happen in 2010. Just a thought.

I wonder where the O's employees camouflaging as posters on this blog are today? I don't see anyone talking about THE PLAN and saying DT should still be our manager.

I think Trembley deserves some credit in how he's handling Hill right now. With all of the imminent talk about Hill, a manager could toss him to the dogs but he's still trying to be respectful and protective of him. The other players see that too. Being treated respectfully esp. through a tough stretch sends a message that the players can depend on the manager being fair.


Yes Trembley treats his players with respect. That's why they like him. The point is does he want to be manager or does he want to be liked. It's like being a parent. Do you want to be liked by your children and be their buddy, or do you want to do your job as a parent?

Speaking of respect. You have a team where perhaps only Reimold and Markakis and maybe a couple of other players play with respect for the game of baseball and the tradition it stands for. When you respect the game and commit to it by sacrificing through the good and the bad, that's when you succeed. When you put on the O's uniform and you strive to prove to everyone that you are worthy of wearing the uniform that Cal, Eddie, Brooks and the rest of the great Orioles proudly wore, that's when you respect the game. Do you think today's video game era kids play with respect for the game? And if Trembley is such a stickler for respecting the game why doesn't he hold players accountable for making a mockery of the O's uniform.

As perrenial bottom feeders the Orioles will need the Hubble Space Telescope to see 4th place in their division by the end of the season.

Just need more r, Adam, and Nolan.

Can Brian Roberts please take a pitch once in a while and please run out a ground ball hard? The reasons: (a) you got a nice, nice contract, (b) lead off sets the tone for the game, and (c) it's the right thing to do!

Step it up Brian - you earn the reputation that stays with you when your playing days are done. Run hard and play hard for all nine innings.

So, Tillman is here as of Wednesday? So we will have Bergesen, Hernandez and Tillman in the starting rotation. Let's bring up Matusz while we're at it and go with Bergy, Hernandez, Tillman, Matusz and Guthrie. With them and Reimold, Jones, Markakis & Wieters, we might avoid the second half slump or not, but at least we'd have reason to be excited and come out to see the O's kids in action.

Tillman for Hill and Arrieta for Berken.


I think we keep Guthrie. We can use him until next June when Matusz comes up to take his spot.

Aubrey Huff -Free Agent year- 2009 salary $ 8,000,000 .

Melvin Mora - Free Agent year (O's hold 2010 option) 2009 salary $ 8,000,000 .

Ok , now can someone let these players know their contracts will expire in two months ?

I was all for bringing up the kids to get MLB experience (learning on the job so to speak) a little earlier this year but now I think it could only hurt. Tillman has earned his shot and it's about time. As far as Arrieta, he's not ready. He's had 5 great outings and 4 bad ones at Norfolk. Not much in-between. He needs more consistancy. Matusz simply will not be asked to make the jump from Double A to the bigs, despite his dominance this year, that's just not how they're doing things anymore. Patton is obviously struggling, but I think it has more to do with the fact that he missed the entire season last year and he just got gassed after a great start.

Frankly I don't want our only hopes for turning this franchise around anywhere near Dave Trembley and this current Orioles roster. I think participating in what is shaping up to be another second half collapse (albeit a small collapse, you can only fall so far from the bottom) would be detrimental to their development. I hope that Tillman has the makeup to get his experience while not expecting too much and take some positives into next year. For the rest of the prospects, there's no point in exposing them to this carnage anymore.

So let me get this straight. A day after Nick Markakis "cleans up" in the clean-up spot (you wrote it, Pete), DT in his infinite wisdom decides to go back to the way things weren't working with Huff batting 4th and Niko batting 2nd. Good thinking, buddy; that's how you get beaten by Bruce Chen. I'm not even going to comment on the base coaches any more, every game on the base paths speaks for itself. I hope that Andy is starting to realize that he will never get the most out of this bevy of talent unless he gets himself a real coach. DT seems like a nice guy, but he is an abosulte fraud of a major league manager. Dump the entire staff (that includes Crowley and Kranitz). I dont have a real problem with Kranitz or Crowley, but our next manager should have the authority to pick his own coaching staff.

Pete's reply: I'll repeat, I'm sure Huff went back in there because the team is hoping he hits a couple of home runs before the trading deadline...just in case somebody needs him.

This hurts. Losing breeds negativity, but I didn't realize the pain it brings. Hope remains, but I'm numb.

This hurts. Losing breeds negativity, but I didn't realize the pain it brings. Hope remains, but I'm numb.


Completely off topic, but it looks like Japanese pitchers can't cut it in MLB. Dice-k and Wang both have really fizzled out, and I dont see either of them coming back nearly as strong as they once were. Koji doesnt have the stamina(albiet he is older). Nomo was good for a couple years, then done. And thats about it, is it because our season is longer?

Pete's reply: Maybe in part, but for the Japanese pitchers it's also that they are so far into their careers when they get here because of the nine-year rule in Japan. So, you're usually talking about a 33 or 34-year-old pitcher trying to step up his pitching schedule from one start a week to one every five days. Not a great formula for long-term success.

Pete: The Orioles have an aura of a losing team. You can sense it through the TV. And I think much of it comes from their core of everyday veteren players. Roberts, Huff, Mora, (maybe Scott) have never played for a winning team in their entire careers. Ther e just seems to be this culture of losing that ,to this point doesn't seem to be changing, even with the influx ofgood young talent. That needs to change. New manager ? Maybe. Huff and Mora should probably go. Roberts should not be struggling to maintain .280. He looks bored and uninterested in way too many games. I guess the habit of losing begins to wear on you. We need the 2nd coming of Frank Robinson. That spark, that intensity, that refusal to lose. It's not there now and I doubt you'll get it from our current veteren core. They've never learned how to win.

I'm really fed up with the Orioles this year. They just keep finding new and creative ways to lose games they SHOULD be able to win.

I hope the front office is not offended that I say it isn't worth it to pay to see the product that is put on the field.

Until something changes and these guys start playing with some fire and competing and actually trying hard to win games, O's fans should stop going to the games.

Show me something like a 10 game winning streak a la the Phillies or at least win 15 out of 20 at some point and then I'll believe we are turning the corner.

Otherwise, next year will be the same junk as this year and so will 2011. I have ZERO faith in the Orioles because I thought we were rebuilding since Brady Anderson and Robby Alomar left. 12 years of losing sucks hard.

I've noticed a lot of bashing these days of B-Rob. He is one of my favorite players, but I also have no problem saying when he has made a mistake. However, a lot of this bashing is not fair. At some points early in the season, something looked a bit off. Lately, he has definitely been hustling and judging him off one at-bat is not fair. I think we have more pressing concerns on this team than how Brian Roberts plays the game. It's funny how no one mentions his hustle when he gets on base 4 of 5 times in game.

Pete's reply: I agree.


You might be right! But it has to be a bitter-sweet victory.

I just reviewed June & July and The O's managed to beat 6 lefthanded starters in 26 starts.

The O's beat 4 righthanded starters out of 21 starts.

The O's lost to 11 lefthanded starters and 11 righthanded starters in these 2 months.

So I guess I overreacted in suggesting that Crowley needed an assistant to help against lefthanded would seem that Crowley is ineffective against both.

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