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July 30, 2009

Orioles: The last shoe

The Orioles have a space on the 25-man roster now that George Sherrill is off to join the Dodgers, so look for reliever Kam Mickolio to come up tomorrow to take a place in the bullpen progression that now apparently will culminate with new closer Jim Johnson.

Of course, that presupposes that Andy MacPhail doesn't have another deal up his sleeve before the 4 p.m. waiver deadline that might require a roster spot, but from all indications another deal involving an Orioles veteran seems highly unlikely.

More Schmuck if you look hard enough: While you're browsing the site, check out my "Week in Review" column for tomorrow's print edition.

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What a terrible day for baseball... Rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Also Manny and papi get leaked and Canseco claims a HOFer is on this list of tainted players... Insane..oh and it was bud seligs birthday... the horror...

For a finishing touch, I hope Andy can trade Guthrie for a couple top prospects.

or mora and huff and luke scott and wiggington and pie for halladay.....oh ...ok well throw in chris ray too.......

man i shoulda been a gm

peter what is the latest on chris ray. things have been somewhat quiet as to how his rehabing is progressing. also not much on koji's progress.

Hard to believe, but sherrill was our most consistent and reliable reliever!....never thought I would say that ....

No more trades. We dont have anybody left, except Scott or Wiggs off the bench, that a contender might want.

If JJ fails to hold on to the closer role, what do you do? I dont see anybody else ready to assume the spot. Mabey Meredith can hold it till next year when Ray and JJ (or Perez?) are fully healthy? We do have plenty of prospects for it down in the minors.

So, the Q is, who do you put in the closers role, this year, after Johnson?

I will miss Sherrill, but Orioles needed to address 3rd base for the future and they apparently landed a young power hitter in the process. Would be nice if Johnson succeeds, too. Next: first base.

Is Mickolio seen as a closer candidate?
Personally I kinda like the trade. From what I have been reading, overall, it looks like Bell might turn out to be a real good major leaguer, and anything we could get from Johnson would be a bonus. I love George, but he was not the world beater some posters are making him out to be. He should not be that difficult to replace.

Pete's reply: No, Mickolio will likely be a matchup guy in the seventh inning.

With the young players that the Orioles got it is impossible to suggest the trade was good or bad until several years have gone by. The bottom line is that Sherrill was 32, he had done well here but until the Orioles get more competitive the closer is a bit of a luxury. If he was under 30 or had more history as a top closer he wouldn't have been traded.

It is nice to see that Pie has been hitting well since April (.290ish) in his limited playing time. I think there are a lot of holes in his game and doubt he will improve significantly but he is more than adequate as a backup at this time.

I'd like to see Scott get some playing time at 1B the rest of the season. He is streaky but a number of power hitters have been (remember Lee May?) and has shown enough to get regular playing time. Sitting on a bench, except occasionally, won't ever get a guy on a hot streak. We know what Huff and Mora can do, and if Sherrill wasn't in the future plans, we know those two are not in it either.

I don't know much about these two prospects that we got fro LA, but I do think a lot of fans think closers, grow on trees.

What I loved about George, he could handle pressure, as who will ever forget the game against the Cubs or his amazing All Star appearance, but when he was being hit hard this year, he didn't fold, he came back and was better than before.

Pete, I asked you this question when there was a possibility of George being traded so now that it's done, who is the set up man this year?

Pete's reply: I think they set up by committee with Baez, Meredith and maybe Mickolio and Hendrickson.


(Thank God It's Football Season)

I want to thank Andy MacPhail on behalf of my mother--she is a life-long Dodger fan, dating way back to Brooklyn (like back into the 30s). She never misses a Dodgers' game, so I'm certain George Sherrill's success will help make her happy as she watches her team march through to a certain NL West title.

I want to thank Andy MacPhail on behalf of my mother--she is a life-long Dodger fan, dating way back to Brooklyn (like back into the 30s). She never misses a Dodgers' game, so I'm certain George Sherrill's success will help make her happy as she watches her team march through to a certain NL West title.

Mickolio for closer 2010?

...Don't know about that trade. But MacPhail is the man, no doubt about that.
How about Jose Oquendo next year?


I just read on Rotoworld the ROCKIES have some interest in Mark Hendrickson. How valid is this? Any idea what the return might be? I'd love to see a Trachsel-like trade here.

Pete's reply: I don't think anybody's giving anything up for him, but a couple teams would take him for a song.

Mc Phail leaves me very disturbed when and with regards to the trade he stated "Ididn't like making the trade, but, we will have to endure more short term pain, for what I believe will be long term success". Short term pain, ARE KIDDING ME, do the math you moron, "TWELVE YEARS" and counting, last place and you got a AA third baseman, and am annoucers son, both not looking to break the bigs until 2011. First, I hear rebuild, for 2008, then continue rebuild for 2009, and now more rebuild for 2010, looks like more of the same. Another great pickup from the Cubs, way to go Mc "FAIL", you chocked the trade deal the O's had for two big maybes.

I like Sherrill and I'm sorry to see him go. Not sure how this deal will pan out, but all the negative posts surprise me. Setting aside it's way too soon to know what we have in Bell and Johnson, I'm thinking Andy's earned the benefit of the doubt.

Consider this...9 players traded away and 20 back in return.

Bedard, Tejada, Salazar, Penn, Hernandez, Freel, Olsen, Bierd and Sherril for Jones, Tillman, Sherrill, Mickolio, Butler, Scott, Sarfate, Patton, Albers, Costanzo, Meredith, Andino, Waring, Turner, Freel, Gathright, Pie, Pauley, Bell and Johnson. He also signed Izturis, Hendrickson who may get flipped for more prospects and acquired Bass. Something else to consider is Bedard and Hernandez are both on the DL, Tejada was traded the day before legal problems over steroids began, Salazar is batting .091 since his trade, Penn has been demoted while Andino was great filling in for Izturis and Freel is riding the pine in KC. So in return for that shockingly unproductive list of players, we have an all star CF, one of the best pitching prospects in the game, more than half our bullpen, two potential 3B's of the future, a solid major league LF/DH, a potential closer in Mickolio to replace the all star closer we just rolled over for more, at least three additional high ceiling pitching prospects AND added organizational depth with guys like Costanzo, Gathright and even Pie.

I don't know about you guys, but to me, that seems like the resume of a guy who has both earned his salary and deserves the benefit of the doubt.

I used to think AM had this franchise on the way back to respectability. Now I think he has blown it. He has tried to market "transition." This trade signals regression--back to the Larry Bigbie era. To invite further humiliation--this year and beyond--by trading a fine closer for two Double-A longshots--is to tell the fans that ownership and management are shooting craps. This isn't building; it's crumbling. The beat goes on. Onward to the past.

Terrible move trading Sherrill...Now we have no closer and still no major league-ready 3B. Given MacPhail's poor track record obtaining 3B(Moore/Costanza) I guess his next move will be to extend Mora.
I was against trading Sherrill but might have tolerated it if we at least received an everyday player in return.
In my opinion, MacPhail is doing a medicore job in his so-called rebuild. The only deal he can really hang his hat on is the Bedard deal. The Houston deal is pretty much a wash, his free-agent signings are questionable-(Wigginton/Itzsuris/Eaton) and it didn't take a genius to nab guys like Matuz and Weiters when you are picking first or 2nd.
We are in year 2/3 of the rebuild and we have more holes than when we started including a bona-fide MLB manager. There are positives of course, with the young pitchers but who's going to close out games now and where's the offense gone?

This deal seems to have split Oriole Nation in two as no other has.

Remember, it's possible to like MacPhail and the overall path down which he has led us while still thinking this trade sucks.

We gave Dave Johnson an early Christmas gift, which would be fine if we could afford to do so. Certainly nobody is more deserving. But we cannnot afford to do so at this point in the rebuilding process.

And we gave ourselves a third baseman who definitely cannot field and probably can't hit.

Pete's reply: Way to keep a good thought. The guy hasn't even landed and is considered a pretty good power prospect and you're already dumping on him and saying he can't hit.

Sorry Andy, no biggie, but you blew one.

Its not hard to find a closer. If Johnson can't do it I remember Ray used to. Look around baseball teams get new closers all the time.

My biggest issue was the same as last seasons. Middle of the line up hitter. I wanted that 1B guy named Teixeira. Everyone told me 'we don't need him we have Huff.'

Huff - .247/ .312/ .397 11 HR 58 RBI
Tex - .282/ .379/ .553 26 HR 74 RBI

And lucky for us there are no worthwhile 1B free agents this offseason. We can keep Huff and hope he pulls a 2008 and not a 2007/2009.

I do like Beltre but he might cost more then he is worth.

I understand the consternation over trading a well-liked guy who has done a solid job for us. But, I simply don't think there is validity in the comments which make bold, unsupported assertions about the quality of the players we got in return. People saying they are "spare parts", "can't field" or "can't hit" just have no support for what they are saying. These two guys are not mid-to-late 20's, career minor league players. They are early 20's guys having success at AA, which is usually the hardest jump in the minors (A to AA). Both are showing growth and improvement (Bell in the field as well as at the plate). Bell's average and power number continue to climb and his fielding has improved. He was MVP of the AA All-Star game. Johnson isn't a junkballer like his father--he is striking out more than a batter per inning and has four legit pitches. I'd venture to say his AA numbers thus far are in line or better than guys we had there last year who are now in our rotation. So, it seems to me the issue of whether we got enough in return for a 30+ year old relief pitcher really isn't close. I am not saying the two players we got will definitely make it, but I am saying there is a good chance they will. There is plenty of support for that statement. There is not support for those of you saying they absolutely won't.

The question of whether we should have traded Sherrill at all is more open to discussion, it seems to me. He did a good job for us and was under our control through next year. He was not expensive, although I think that would have changed after this year with arbitration, but it would have been manageable. In the end though, I think it comes down to a team needing to use what trade material it had to continue assembling the pieces of a contending team. If we were talking about Chris Ray being the one putting up Sherrill's numbers for the past year and a half, I think you really have to pause, but with a guy in his 30's, it's a much easier call.

Two legitimate major league prospects for a relief pitcher. I wouldn't have passed it up and am glad Andy didn't.

"I will miss Sherrill, but Orioles needed to address 3rd base for the future and they apparently landed a young power hitter in the process"

Why do people call Bell a young power hitter? Brandon Waring has a higher OPS for us. Bell hits .212 vs lefties in AA ball. He strikes out a ton. He is defense is horrible. He has serious weight issues. I can;t beleive after Ponson and Britton that Angelos would approve this.

Sherill 's been solid, an All star, and we can't even get an AAA prosepect out of this. We are a farm team for the contenders.

I think this is the worst trade AM has ever made. and that includes giving Bradford away for nothing.

I'm just furious over this. If a guy is over 30 he's done? Cut him, trade away for AA players. This nonsense has got to stop. Players liek Sherrill are not a dime as dozen. Ask Falanagan how hard it is to get a good closer - Bradford, Walker, Baez. We just gave a good one away for a bag of peanuts. A C+ prospect and a guy who struggled in high A ball.

Pete's reply: Doug, I really don't think they judge players in the low minor leagues by comparing OPS against differing competition.

Pete, I just read that Boston and Cleveland are looking into a third team in the Victor Martinez trade. The Red Sox need to move Adam Laroche. Theres our first baseman of the future. We should get involved and put one of our now many pitching prospects into the trade. I understand AMs love for pitching but it is time to use what we have to get what we need.

AM is using these trades to keep his 5 year job security and maybe even extend it! Most MLB teams will fire a GM after 2 -3 years with a losing record…

Pete's reply: Which is why they are losing teams.

I have read on here tons of posts for years and never posted anything but now is time to do so.
I have been a fan for a long time and have been waiting for someone to come along and assert themselves, notice when it is time to let a prospect go, cut a player, trade a player, etc. I am of course disappointed with the cubs trades we continually make, but look they werent pennent changing trades to begin with. They were low risk, high reward, we gave up scraps to get these players. And Pie, as frustrating as he can be maybe, has been solid at best, but this is a guy everyone was dying to get 2 years ago and "untouchable." He can run, throw out runners and his positive attitude is infectious. More than I can say for some of our veterans.
Andy deserves credit for making more changes in the last 2 years than anyone else, and I am very excited for the future. He traded a great teammate, very good closer who walks the tightrope in the few games he might get to have a save for now, for two young building blocked 10 years younger! for a premium position we all complain about not having! look at this potential lineup, mainly because I do not like the free-agent options next year:

2b- roberts (switch hitter)
cf- Jones (becoming a monster)
rf Markakis (mr. reliable)
DH Scott (streaky, but power)
LF Reimold (power and patience
C Weiters (Switch hitter)
1b Snyder (switch hitter)
3b- bell (switch hitter)
ss izturis (def. wizard, switch hitter)

and with a young rotation, koji in the bullpen, there is potential. But thats the lineup i want to see. No more quikc fixes, i am concerned naturally about Bell, Snyder coming up and struggling. But feet to the fire. If we find more temporary fixes, it stunts their growth and more bloggers like who spend all day here bashing moves will just be saying why dont we promote em? I read on here complaining when we gave up Penn for Andino? And Hendrickson has been solid in the pen. I have heard Zaun is bad, well he has been very solid recently and a good mentor for Weiters. When we even got Sherril everyone was complaining that we still had no closer! Let the trade pan out, but the ones that didnt work, were they supposed to be long term fixes? no. Hill, Freel, and i cant even complain about Freel, because we also got Waring and Turner for Hernandez who was utter garbage and was blasted on this blog.
Andy, you are doing great and any Orioles fan that cant see that is really not a real fan and just too emotional and unrealistic. They are the same people that probably said Weiters will bat 1.0000 and walk on water. He will be very good, but not other-worldly

Sorry for 3 posts, computer goofed up haha

Sherrell trade = SALARY DUMP

Pete's reply: I don't think so. He's only got about $1 million left for this year and he would be tradable in the offseason.

I think MacPhail must be a double agent working for the Dodgers

Sad to see him go but llok at the beast we have in CF and the guy that started on Wednesday, and the other pitchers we have sprinkled about our system. It seems to me McPhail knows what the hell he is doing.

Geez- Sherrill is a decent pitcher and good guy. But he's not a Rivera or Papelbon, which is what the teams need to compete in the East. He made the all-star team last year because someone from the O's had to, and was lousy at the end of the last year. O's fans have been so beaten down that we tend to overvalue anyone who performs decently - we've had so much garbage served by Thrift, Flanagan, Beattie etc that hamburger tastes like steak to us. I know it's tough to be patient after 12 years of losing, but only time will tell if this is a good deal.It will make the next 2 months more difficult, though.

I am glad Mickolio, so far, was not included in a trade. He never should have been sent down after what he showed the last time he was in Baltimore. However, the Orioles still need a power left handed arm coming out of the bullpen, who doesn't for that matter, to go after left handed hitters. I think Mora needs to be moved to open up the roster a bit for other players. I don't know how but Pie needs to play more. He has speed, the Orioles designated runner, a good arm, can play all three outfield positions, and his bat has come around. Oh and did I mention he is only 24?

"Sherrell trade = SALARY DUMP"


If you are going to post know what you are talking about. Sherrell was both cheap and under the teams control for several years. That is what made him valuable as a trade chip.

This was an excellent deal that will pay dividends for many years.

I generally like what AM has done in rebuilding the O's. However, I'm not certain we got the max from the Dodgers for Sherrill. Unfortunately, the 3B talent that the Dodgers have stockpiled over the past several years hasn't panned out particularly well. For example, they were very high on Andy LaRoche and look how he's turned out for the Pirates. He's shown absolutely no power at all. DEcent glove but no bat to speak of. Hoping that our new 3B prospect turns out a lot better than LaRoche has. Johnson looks like a decent prospect -- future long reliever, etc. .

Trading Sherill makes about as much sense as trading Roberts. Both are 31 and as far as I can see, held down key positions and could have been part of any success we are supposedly going to have in the near future. As other pointed out, closers don't grow on trees and while many here dismiss Sherill' importance,overall he did a good job as a closer and many closers can continue into their late 30's(see Todd Jones/Lee Smith/Hoffman Rivera etc). Another overlooked aspect is his happiness with being an Oriole and his character/contribution to team chemistry. This rebuild seems to become a revolving door of veterans coming and going with no apparent plan as to who's going to stay and who is going to be shipped out/traded etc. It has to have an adverse effect on some guys on the bubble. About the only untouchable vets are Roberts, Markakis and Jones(although Jones is hardly that).
Although it's only one guy, losing Sherill can severly disrupt the 'pen as you are puttting guys in unfamiliar roles. Johnson is going to close and Merdith or Baez become the set-up men and Hendrickson is are only lefty.
Overall, while it's only one trade, I contend that it's a step backward. since the Bedard deal,(not counting the draft picks) many of MacPhail's moves haven't panned out too well. I'm talking about likes of Pie/ Freel//Eaton/Wigginton who wouldn't even be on rosters of serious contenders.
In the back of my mid, I almost think that MacPhail makes these type of mid-season deals to justify the inevitable terrible 2nd half. Now he has an excuse for blown saves in the few games that we may have a chance to win.
As sad as it sounds, we may be turning into the Toronto Blue Jays or worse, the Pirates and Royals.

Like all of the posters, I like Breezy but he needed to be dealt as we were wasting him on this team with very few save opportunities the back half of the season.
I would have liked more in return but this is what the value is for a good lefry reliever from the Independent League who was "house money" for AM. We did George a favor by trading him to a contender and it was the right thing to do. No contending team would give him the closing role or that value. He closed for our last-place birds.
Who besides me would have interest in Bedard or BJ Ryan next year?

I don't see how the Sherrill trade helps us more than add a few more 'ifs' to the team's overall future prospects. Sherrill had plenty to offer on the field and in the clubhouse; he's obviously worth much more to us than he is to the Dodgers, where he'll be a set-up man; and it's reasonable to assume he could have been part of the Orioles success for maybe the next 5 to 7 years. Isn't he worth at least a major-league ready prospect? I guess the point is moot.

But it raises the question of what McPhail & Co. see as the path to success? How many more "rebuilding" moves -- which frankly seem to the average fan like break-even moves at best -- do they expect to make? What will it take for the Orioles to jump from the role of nice-guy team sending nice-guy players to contenders so they get a chance at a ring; to a team that competes wire-to-wire and makes fans believe again?

Good posts from Chris and terpfan. I like the trade; we won't know for a while whether it's a win or a loss, but it's the kind of chance we need to take to have a shot at competing.

Someone keeps bringing up Brandon Waring - I'm psyched to see him doing well, but you have to remember he's 23 in A ball and actually not quite putting up the numbers that Bell is putting up in AA ball, and Bell is 10 months younger. More interestingly, Bell is absolutely destroying righties to the tune of .335/.425/.600. Sure, his numbers against lefties are very poor (.212/.297/.269), so maybe we'd need to carry a Wiggington-type still makes Bell (potentially) tremendously valuable. And maybe he can make significant improvements in his switch-hitting from the right side (he's a natural lefty hitter).

(FYI, Bell's numbers are a bit inflated by playing in a great hitters' park.)

peter i think andy did ok with trading george sharrell. he got just about all he could get for him. we can't blame the gm for the way things have been on the field lately. the players have to take the blame for that. just a bit off topic here peter the steroid investigation was needed to find out how heavily they were being used. they cheated,but it is time to move on. like you said peter enough is enough


I do not know where you get it that Bell strikes out a ton. 70 times in 400 plate appearances is about average. He also has 50 walks which is above average. All in all, a very good BB to K ratio to go along with a good OPS of 883. Check the numbers yourself.

john in south bend;

The odds of Sherrill being effective 5-7 years from now are not good. There simply are not that many who maintain their skills until age 37-39. Your being overly optimistic.


Bell brings to mind a talking point that I brought up a week or two ago. If Bell is a "natural lefty" and so much better from the left side, why is he even bothering to become a switch hitter? I think the pros of being a switch hitter are often outweighed by the fact that many switch hitters are far better from their natural side.


Pete's reply: Kenny, that was his split for this year at Double-A. I don't know nearly enough about him to have a real opinion on that.

I'm confident JJ can handle the closer job. He has the double advantage of throwing ground balls and being able to strike guys out. Plus when he's "on" he's more consistent than George, although George did a really good job.

Trading George opens opportunities for the other pitchers by moving everyone up one spot in the pecking order. Which is good, but I still have reservations about what they got in return.

I would have thought that if a "star" like a Miggy or Bedard brings 4 or 5 guys including at least one major league type and other major league ready guys, then a good reliever like Sherrill would bring at least a prospect and a guy who's on the cusp of the majors. But he brought only 2 Double A guys, one of whom is kind of a middling prospect. So I guess I and others here misunderstood the market in this respect, because I'm sure AM got the best return he could.


I think the Sherrill trade is a excellent one if you're looking at 2010 and beyond.

We're losing with him this year anyway, so the prudent thing to do is to get a corner infielder for the future. Steve Johnson is a bonus who will probably benefit from being "home."

The last half of 2008 was not good performance-wise or health-wise for Sherrill. If we had kept him and he did a deja vu what value would be left at that point for a 33 year-old reliever with only two good first-half performances on his resume?

Andy MacPhail is definitely playing the percentages. Good things are coming.

McFAIL blew this one good. We should have atleast been able to work out a three way with SD to bring A. Gonzales over.
Angelos is up to his dirty tricks. (continue irrational ranting)

Way to go AM... trade them while they are hot. Too bad they couldn't have moved Scott two months ago... we could have got Mickey Mantle!

Now if we could only put Mora's glove and Huff's bat together, we wouldn't have a problem next year. I predict a good finish and big year next year for Huff.

It seems to me that AM is out to get some goodwill from the dodgers because he did not get much else for Sherrill

I'll admit I'm unenthusiastic about this trade. But we made out a heck of a lot better then the Indians did in the Cliff Lee deal, who held much greater value for the Indians then Sherrill does for the Orioles.

I'm okay with this trade. I like Sherrill, but there's really not much left to "save" this season, so his value to us this year is limited. Maybe we didn't get all we could for him, but getting two players 10 or so years younger for a relief pitcher ain't bad (consider what we got for Bradford).

Also, Sherrill fell off last year around this time, and there were quite a few grumbles then about not being able to trade him when we had the chance. If he had started faltering for us this year, his trade value would have been even less, and his value as the O's closer would have been diminished as well.

When you factor in the market value for the badly-slumping Huff, Mora, et al., I think the Sherrill trade is at least a draw in terms of getting a potential cornerman for the near future and a home-town pitching prospect to boot.

Well Pete, once again we see O's fans reacting to one of their "favorites" being traded. Any GM here probably knows that when they deal one of them, they're going to hear it. Only time will tell if this deal works, but you'd think George was Mariano based on the comments. Do any of these people really believe this will have any significant bearing on W-L results for 2009-2010?

This trade could work out well...It sounds like Steve Johnson could be the closer of the future. I am still lobbying for Reimold at first base untill someone steps up from the minors. That would leave Pie as either the LF or CF. Pie really has shown good signs recently. Two big hits yesterday as the most recent example. That only leaves 3B as the hole. And if Bell can fill that spot that would be great. These guys are young, lets give it a chance.

See what happens when the humidity gets high in Baltimore? It pushes anger and stupidity out.

Sad but good trade.

the last shoe,gee. we have to get murphy out of baltimore. bergesin now on the dl. all of the hot prospects that went to ice cold for the 31st deadline. what is left that can go bad for the orioles.

I think the Cla(y) Meredith deal was phenomenal as well...

We got (stole) a decent young reliever with local ties. his rookie season he had a sub 2 era (I think) and has been around 4 since. Plus he has 7 years on Salazar. Lots of room to grow.

Note how 2 dodgers' writers think they got screwed. That's always a good sign.

Pete why does no one believe this is a job JJ can take over?

Over the last 2 years JJ has a lower ERA, lower WHIP, higher K/9 and lower BB/9 than George.

Seems to me the GM is starting to assemble a pretty good young team. Besides Pie it's hard to be critical of any of the trades of late, including this one. Folks have to remember that they aren't all going to turn out - you are actually trading with another time trying to maximize their value as well.

Sherrill was a good closer but not a great one. He filled a role here and we should be happy about that. He wasn't going to be the answer when we actually field a team that is worthy of postseason play. If we ended up with a 3rd baseman who could be part of that team it was a good trade.

Its easy to be down on the O's after so many bad years, but it does amaze me that every time the GM does anything folks rant and rave about what a horrible deal he got. A week later the same people are complaining that we aren't doing anything to make our team more competitive. The inconsistencies are tiresome.

Orioles Magic!

So is it karma that the O's trade their closer and then their best Starting Pitcher goes down on a freak play?

am i the only one worried about JJ being the closer? the past two games he's been lights out... BUT he has been struggling mightily this season

since Brad Bergesen went on the DL today, any idea on who will be his replacement?
will it be a Brian Bass or Matt Albers
or will they call some one up from Norfolk to make several starts?

Pete's reply: See my latest post.

Maybe Andy now resigns BJ Ryan as our closer. At this point...nothing would surprise me.
On another trade I wish we explored was sending our current shortstop & some other typical Oriole throwins to Pittsburgh for Jack Wilson. The Pirates essentially got the same player in return. I personally love Wilson's approach to the game. I think he & Roberts would have worked great together.


Bedard was flushed for a reason --at his peak value--underachiever who thought he put in a good days work after five innings---afraid something might go wrong---opposite of the guy we just dealt--sherrill had heart---bedard is a cream puff---i'll be surprised if he lasts more than a couple of years----hell i'll be surprised if he lasts more than 6 innings...NOT a leader---which this team definitely needs---

Last week , when Andy made the Salazar for Meredith trade , many on here were crying that O's didnt give Salazar a chance , that we gave .419 hitter away . Go check the San Diego team website , look up what Salazar is batting since trade ?
As for the Sherrill trade , i think we have wait year or two before we can really analyze the trade. This is really buyer's market . You dont believe me? Look at the Toronto's effort to dangle Roy Halladay out there , they dont seem to be happy with trade offers . But I believe we got two solid prospects from the trade .
In MacPhail we trust .

Peter, I watched the late trades all afternoon.Based on the talent being exchanged by other teams, I firmly believe that Andy MacPhail made an excellent move. That makes, what, six legitimate "prospects" for Bedard... But just in case I'm wrong in my assessment, how is ol' Mr. W. Perez doing in his recuperation process. Any prognosis on the fireballing southpaw?

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Peter Schmuck wants you to know that, contrary to popular belief, he is more than just a bon vivant, raconteur and collector of blousy flowered shirts. He is a semi-respected journalist who has covered virtually every sport -- except luge, of course – and tackled issues that transcend the mere games people play. If that isn’t enough to qualify him to provide witty, wide-ranging commentary on the sports world ... and the rest of the world, for that matter ... he is an avid reader of history, biography and the classics, as well as a charming blowhard who pops off on both sports and politics on WBAL Radio. That means you can expect a little of everything in The Schmuck Stops Here, but the major focus will be keeping you up to the minute on Baltimore’s major sports teams and themes, whether it’s throwing up the Orioles lineup the minute it’s announced or updating you on the latest sprained ankle in Owings Mills. Oh, and by the way, that’s Mr. Schmuck to you.

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