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July 30, 2009

Orioles break even

Certainly can't get too excited about splitting a four-game series at home against the Kansas City Royals, but I guess it beats the alternative after the Orioles continued their post-All-Star break RISP slump in the first two games.

Throw in the injury to Brad Bergesen, even if it doesn't cost him a start, and Orioles fans just have look at the split and say "we'll take it" and move on to the weekend series against the Boston Red Sox at Camden Yards. John Smoltz, the only Red Sox pitcher the Orioles beat in last week's series at Fenway Park, will face Jeremy Guthrie in the opener.

There were some good signs today, most notably the big three-run double by Aubrey Huff that really opened things up. Matt Wieters extended his hitting streak to seven games and the Orioles again kept the heat on in the late innings, But, at the risk of seeming negative, everybody has kept the heat on the Royals bullpen, which has run up the highest ERA in the major leagues.

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So i am hearing that flat brim got traded to the dodgers for bell and ebert?

Pete, Well the good thing is that the Orioles' bat have begun heating up at the right time. You just hope the hitting carries through in the Boston series.

I just saw a headline reading "Met's Minaya apologizes to beat reporter," which is a lot better than had it read "Met's Minaya apologizes for beating reporter," don't you think?

Pete's reply: Indeed.


The Dodgers shored up their bullpen Thursday by acquiring Orioles closer George Sherrill in exchange for two prospects, third baseman Josh Bell and pitcher Steve Johnson, according to baseball sources.

A club official could not confirm the deal.


It appears Steve Johnson who has pitched as high as Double A is a reliever with a great Hits + Walks to IP and a strike out guy and is from the Baltimore area!

steve johnson is dave johnson son

He's Dave Johnson's kid

As I feared, trading Sherrill for a class AA infielder and a pitcher who has played 'as high as class AA' indicates that the front office is thinking a few years down the road, not 2010. Why else would they trade a guy who would be a huge part of next year's team for a couple of prospects who might--or might not--be here in two or three or four years?

Pete's reply: Fair question, but maybe it's a Moneyball move.

Nashville O's fan, the answer is simple, because the O's are gonna need to put somebody in the uniform's at Norfolk next year, as most of those young guns are here or gonna be here! I LOVE THE DEAL! We can buy a closer n the offseason!

I think it's great - I really do - that Andy was kind enough to reunite Father and Son Johnson, but since the other kid appears to be equally as mediocre, I hope MacPhail chooses his Christmas gifts a bit more carefully next time.

We'll know if I'm right tomorrow, but I see no reason for the Dodgers to make this deal simply to use Sherrill as a set-up man. So I'm thinking that the whole things is part of a flip to the Blue Jays as one component of a Doc Halladay swap.

If this is so, everyone will make out but us. I am normally a big fan and defender of A-Mac, but in this particular case, I have to wonder what Andy was thinking when he made this lousy deal.

Pete's reply: I don't know. I think Bell has legit power for a 22-year-old, but he's probably 1 1/2 years away.

It's great to have a Crusie in the organization!

Any other St. Paul's alums ever played for the O's?

Pete...any thoughts on what the O's can do to harnass Bergesen's "home lightning" for his road starts?

He hasn't been horrible on the road, but 7-1 in 10 home starts with an ERA around 2 and 1-4 in 8 road starts with an ERA above 4.

Definitely a stark contrast there...any chance they try to work it so he gets more home starts?

Great win today. Hochevar looked tough, even got his curve ball over alot.

Both games Pie has batted second this week have been lopsided victories - the whole lineup has gelled.

Very encouraging to see Huff bang the ball - to center field no less - and Wieters sure looks like he's starting to get it.

The Sox are in a bit of disarray right now, and they may be catching the Orioles at the wrong time.

first on the trade. i think it's a good trade. last place teams really don't need closers. they have too many other holes to fill. the o's don't have any quality 3rd base prospects in the minors and johnson could be a quality pitcher. i think he would go to bowie and maybe matusz goes to norfolk. i understand he's dave johnson's son. dave johnson is a really good race caller for espn and down the stretch. i think lou montanez could be next yr's first baseman. in regards to the hill injury. sounds like to o's management might be in on this. they still think in time hill could be good and by saying he's hurt gets them off the hook to waive him. hill said he has had the injury since he was signed. i guess the orioles medical team is head by dr. vinnie boombatz. ooh i'm telling ya. may the schmuck be with you

Pete's reply: You can't criticize the medical team because Hill says he's sore when he needs to go on the DL to stay in the majors. The doctors and trainers can only go on what the guy tells them. They don't have Superman x-ray vision to see if somebody has a frayed labrum.

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