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July 8, 2009


Luke Scott has set a career high with seven RBI in the game. He has a two-run single, a two-run triple and a three-run home run. He may get a chance to come up again in the ninth inning with a chance to hit for the cycle with a double. (Instant update: Luke was on deck when Nolan Reimold struck out looking in the ninth.)

Who would have imagined that the Orioles would explode for 12 runs (so far) tonight? Erik Bedard came in with a 2.45 ERA and a big performance in his last start against the O's, but he used up a lot of his pitch count in a rocky first inning and only lasted through the fourth. He was on a conservative pitch count after a month on the disabled list.

The Orioles are cruising, for a change, and figure to be in a position to win the series with a victory tomorrow in the afternoon series finale.

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OOOO NO let's not jinx the cycle ;-) I certainly hope he gets the chance!

Great game by Nolan as well. Mora was great in the field, I think he still plays pretty stellar 3b most of the time.

Hendrickson was HUGE as well. Let's seal this one up, it's bedtime lol.

Pete--Now, this game tonight is truly "Relatively Painless."

See how good we play when Trembley is not managing, hire this guy NOW! 10 Years no questions asked, he is the MAN!!!!! Hire him tonight and we can make a run at the wild card! Andy pull the trigger, proof is in the results. Please make this happen. He obviously knows how to make this team click. Do not wait for some other team to see his performance a snatch him up. And he may be cheap right now. Andy, Peter, please make this happen.

Pete--Would it be safe to say that Tom Hallion's favorite movie is "Naked Gun"?

Pete's reply: Yeah, I think the only reason he didn't moonwalk after every called third strike was out of respect for Michael Jackson.

To bad Luke didn't get one more at bat to try to go for the double. It's alright because Luke already has hit for the cycle in his career.r

I'm not a big DT fan; however the man showed a lot of character protecting his players tonight. I have always respected DT the man, and tonight only solidified my opinion of him as a person.

It was nice to see the manager get fired up, something that clearly the players took to heart and responded decisively.

Luke was the man tonight. He looked so psyched in the dugout after the HR that I wish we had more players like Luke. Guys like Adam and Luke, seem like they just love to play the game.

I've been a huge Hendrickson basher, but he really kept the O's in the game tonight.

Huff and Sherrill for Halladay!!!

Imagine Halladay - Bergesen - Tillman - Arrieta - Matusz in the last half of 2010!!!

I'm only kidding. Ricciardi would need more than we'd be willing to give up and Halladay would only stay in the AL East if he has a shot at a ring. But we should start thinking about getting someone to lead the pack next year. Guthrie can't handle the job and Bergesen or Tillman can't be expected to step up in what would be their first full year in the pros. But we also can't just stick an Adam Eaton or Mark Hendrickson or 34 year-old foreign reliever that requires AC to go more than 5 innings in to remedy the problem. The O's gotta bite the bullet and go for someone big and youngish but proven, who'll be around for awhile. Again, we'll probably need a new manager and should seriously consider throwing a huge offer to La Russa. But after the tirade Dave threw today, if he can get the players behind him the last half of this season, maybe we could keep the guy for a while. Or maybe he just needs to get himself thrown out more often so that the people who've played pro-ball can continue playing it.

Pete's reply: If Halladay comes out, I think the Orioles have to make a big play for him.

Peter- I think Trembley will be able to finish out the year, then be sent down to the minor leagues somewhere. What I am thinking about is, who are the likely canidates to lead this team into contention? With Matusz and Bergy, and Weiters/reimold a year older. And maybe Garrett Atkins....this team will be ready. CBS Sportsline did a column on the potential 3 ACE STARTER rotation of Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, and then to think Hernandez and Bergy are 4 and 5, that the O's could be on the verge of a dynasty. I happen to agree, but who will lead them.
I personally think Art Howe is the perfect fit because of his experience winning with youth. But I also have a soft spot for Eddie, and maybe even Bobby Valentine. But...who do you think?

Pete's reply: I'm not ready to pick a new manager yet.

Can't help but think that the fire Trembley showed motivated the team big time.

Peter- Sorry, my page was frozen, so I flipped out and just kept hitting post until it loaded. LOL.

Peter- I think Trembley will be able to finish out the year, then be sent down to the minor leagues somewhere. What I am thinking about...

Wait, did someone already say this?

I had a dream that Trembley was sent to Norfolk and they hired Art Howe. I do not know why that happened...

With the report that Pie and Salazar being on the trading, obviously management does not consider them in the long-term plans. Do you like the moves or should with Pie playing a little better, should we keep him for the entire season just to be sure. Do you think Andino is part of those long-term plans?

Pete's reply: I'm thinking that if they can get something for Salazar, that's the way they should go. I wouldn't be surprised if there was interest in Izturis, but that would be risky. You really haven't seen enough of Andino to assume he can hold down the job permanently.

I'm not high on Pie, but if they trade him the O's won't have a backup outfielder who can play center field. So they either need to get a backup outfielder in return or call up somebody from the minors. Who would that be? Jeff Fiorentino has been tried before and found wanting, but is having a really good year at Norfolk.

Pete - I agree with you when you commented that Trembley should at least , have a chance to manage the O's for second half of this season . You made a good point if O's somehow , improve and win more often , then Trembley should another year vote of confidence by Andy/Peter .

And on issue on expectations , I did read the preseason reports on Os . I did not expect the Os to be Playoff team , much less , go to World Series this year . However I did expect IMPROVEMENT and more COMPETIVE Os team this year . Let me ask you a question : How can two small market , shoestring payroll teams , Marlins and A's , keep restocking their rosters with rookies , and trading/losing their vets , were able to SWEEP the O's with EASE ? Why cant O's compete like those two teams can ? What do they have that our O's dont have? Thanks for letting me vent here .

Ye Gods....ANYBODY but Bobby Valentine!!

Hi Pete:
Good timing on today's Sun column with the O's breaking out the bats. I agree with you "The Crow" is great. He has shown a steady and expert batting instruction, not just this year with Jones, Reimold, Markakis, and even Pie, but for many years. Just ask some of his former "students" on the Twins. Plus he's a humble and stand-up guy whose real concern is player development, not garnering credit. The O's are lucky to have him.
Best regards,


It is no longer acceptable for Luke Scott to sit on the bench.

The Jekyl and Hyde nature of this team may well be do to the number of rookies, but it's the key factor to look at when judging Trembley.
Surely nobody expects the O's to light up the division like a roman candle down the stretch, the team still has several key spots to fill, and we must show some patience.
On the other hand, several of our prospects are now playing, we've finally signed two of our foundation veterans, and at some point the fans have a right to expect to see some improvement.
I believe that a .500 record for the second half isn't asking too much of this crew. If Trembley can light enough of a fire under these guys to make them play up to their considerable talents (with salaries to match for the vets.) and they can play .500 ball in the second half, I'll be happy to see Trembley return. If the team suffers through yet another hope crushing second half collapse, then I feel Trembley has to be let go.

Denny, you're spot on there ... No it is NOT acceptable to have Luke Scott on the bench !

We saw Luke hit for the cycle here in Htown in '06 at the start of his monster season ... and we knew that this guy had a BIG future ahead of him
The 'Stros could sure use his offense this season HAH ... but real glad he's doing so well for the O's

Denny, you're spot on there ... No it is NOT acceptable to have Luke Scott on the bench !

We saw Luke hit for the cycle here in Htown in '06 at the start of his monster season ... and we knew that this guy had a BIG future ahead of him
The 'Stros could sure use his offense this season HAH ... but real glad he's doing so well for the O's

After Trembley was ejected from last night's game, I thought they might switch Salazar to second base and replace Trembley with Wigginton. It seems like one of the only positions on the team Wiggy hasn't filled in for this year. Is there anything he can't do? The man is a gamer!

Just wait, soon he will be taking Rich Hill's spot in the starting rotation. ...

Also, I hope some of that fire in Trembley is still left for the rest of the season. I thought he was going to blow a gasket. It's a good thing the All-Star break is coming up, because I think everyone needs a little break from absurd officiating. For a while now, I've thought Ed Hochuli has been in charge of the Umps.

It's hard to understand why Scott sits down so much. His numbers (even - especially!) against lefties are great and he is a fan favorite. Yet when the baccolades are given out; he is the forgotten man...what gives?

Pete's reply: I don't think he's overlooked at all, other than at All-Star time. He had All-star-worthy stats, but didn't fit the makeup of the team at an NL stadium.


I'm with the masses on this one. Luke Scott should be the EVERYDAY DH end of discussion! It isn't like Nick, Adam and BROB are really tearing it up and they don't sit much! Look at production per AB and Luke far and away has the best numbers on the team, against both RHP and LHP!

Pete's reply: I think he is the full-time DH. That doesn't mean you don't occasionally give someone else a start.


2 day's late on this one . . .

But YES it does you can't give someone else a start. Sitting Luke Scott essentially means you are not giving the team its best chance to win.

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