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July 27, 2009

Hill: That didn't take long

Rich Hill didn't get out of the third inning, giving up three runs on four hits and three walks to the depleted Kansas City Royals lineup tonight, which may have spelled the end of borrowed time in the Orioles rotation. But didn't I say the same thing here after his last time out?

Manager Dave Trembley had no patience this time. He could have given Hill a chance to get out ot the third, but he needs to win these games against the struggling Royals. Brian Bass came on and shut down the rally, keeping the O's within a run.

I've got to believe the Orioles go ahead and try to get Hill through waivers. He has a good arm, bad mechanics and a seeming inability to keep it together on the mound, but the Orioles probably wouldn't mind stashing him in the minors and making a project out of him outside the glare of the major league spotlight.

I'd be surprised if anyone claimed him at this point.

Oh, and about my prediction that he would jack up a decent game tonight? Never mind.

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is it my imagination or did luke scott have about 2 good weeks, and now nothing?
These Orioles are sure making themselves tough to trade.

Say goodbye Mr. Hill. Welcome to designated for assignment.

that's bruce chen on the should be able to pick your lineup from a hat and score more than 2 runs.Pretty sick stuff, even from a bad team...
Thir team needs to be 20 games better to compete in the AL East? Not 5, or 8. 20.
They need to score 750+ runs to stand a chance. Not even close. What exactly is the problem tonite?

Chen is spinning a gem tonight, that's what the problem is! Just kidding...When Wieters swings through an 86 mph fastball to end the inning, things aren't good. It's frustrating to be an O's fan right now, but all the losing should make the winning one day so much sweeter.

Let's play a many automatic outs in the O's lineup tonite? 4?5?

It's really depressing watching these guys struggle against Bruce Chen. Sunday notwithstanding, don't these guys understand that they're losing what's left of the Orioles faithful? When is Trembley going to be an ex-Manager? Sure, it's not just his doing, but how can they do nothing with this horrible streak?

I know good offspeed stuff makes the fastball look faster than it is but I'm a little confused while I'm seeing Bruce Chen "blowing" 88mph fastballs by the Oriole bats. Seriously??? 6 K's through 4 and 1/3.....against Bruce Chen? Seriously????

This team is making Bruce Chen look like a Cy Young candidate. Six Ks through 5 innings. Are you kidding me!

Horrible stuff.

When is Juan Samuel going to be looking for a job? He's the Master of Disaster at 3B.

Did Samuel just send Riemold on the Wieter's single with 2 outs? Seriously????
God this team makes you wanna cry. He was gonna be out by 10 feet the moment that ball left the bat. Samuel is retarded. I know that word might offend some but I can't think of a better one to describe him at this moment.

what do you do with luke scott? And A Jones is regressing. I know he hit a homer, but he's under 300 and swinging at dirt balls. Bad scene.
What's with the Royals playing for one run in the 6th inning? That worked out. I think their manager wants to get fired...

Our base coaches have got to go. And Samuel is TERRIBLE!!!

Juan Samuel just added to the cumulative disaster that has been the baserunning this season... Hard-hit ball + hard-charging outfielder = end of rally. I called it the millisecond the ball left the bat. Very aggravating... The O's are not good enough to waste scoring chances when they have them.

Put that Juan in the loss column.

Someone please buy my Red Sox tickets! I just listed them on Stub Hub. Who needs the aggravation?

I had to chuckle when I read Guthrie moaning about how depressing it is to play at Fenway. He should try being a paying fan watching the O's host the Red Sox or the Yerkees.

Watching the coaching staff blow another game tonight.Error #1)Starting Rich Hill,which makes you use uo your bullpen on the firstgame of the series.Error#2)Putting Huff back in at cleanup,I don't care whether he has two hits,they came when it didn't matter.Error # 3)Having Izturis try to steal with no outs,rather than having Roberts bunt even if If Izturis is safe.Error number 4)Staying with Bass too long.Error number 5)sending Reimold who was out by a mile even after a bad throw.How long do we have to see Juan Samuel and Danys Baez?Errror #6 going back to the same lineup that lost lost 7 out of 9 games on the road.

Pete's reply: Burt, do you honestly think Trembley wanted to start Hill tonight?

Error number 7)Pitching to Billy Butler who already has 4 hits with Baez,who stinks.

I'm sorry but Danys Baez is useless.

We lost our window to trade him.

Reminds me of the Hayden Penn trials at the end of camp, guy just refuses to win.

So if Trembley goes, the question becomes...who comes in?

Bobby Valetine? Buck Schowalter (ex-Texas guy??)

but me....I'm hoping Detroit explodes, and the management lets Jim Leland go. And the O's get him.

yeah right.

Manny Acta anyone?

One of the more painful games of the season. You take a horrible Royals starter and make him look stellar. You take a laughable Royals bullpen and make them look nasty. And, you take a light-hitting Royals line-up and make them look great.

Chen was always good at avoiding the big inning and he did it again tonight, with an assist from the 0's coaching staff.

On the bright side, we didn't lose to Bruce Chen. Somebody shoot me.


Not that I'm keeping score, but your prognostications aren't doing well tonight! But look at it this way, your batting higher than Melvin Mora!

Pete's reply: Yeah, I'm turning in my tea leaves.

Hey Pete,
What are the chances of the O's looking at someone like Bobby Valentine or Showalter when the inevitable canning of DT occurs? I think Dave makes it through this season, but no way should he be running this show in 2010. We need a manager with a history that commands a little more respect than Mr. Nice Guy DT. These guys need to know that even though the media or baseball gurus say you are going to lose 100 games, it doesn't mean it's ok to do so. The time for puppet managers is over. We need someone who runs the clubhouse, not someone who is just happy to be a major league manager. No more Perlozzos, Trembleys, Mazzillis, or Millers etc.... If we want to be considered a team that is serious about contention, we have to stop being a proving ground for new managers. I know we are a young and up -and -coming team built for 2010-2011, but the lack of focus and the acceptance of losing should not be tolerated. The culture of this team needs to change and that can only happen with a manager who knows how to change it. Maddon did it with Tampa because he knows how to manage people. He may not be the best X's and O's manager, but his team plays their tales off for him. Sorry, about the rant, but the frustration of this season is getting to me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that this team loses a lot, that was expected. HOW this team loses is the issue.
Can't wait for 2010 and the bright future for this team. And, as always, GO O's!!!

Pete's reply: Since nothing is going to happen either way until the end of the year, it's hard to take a realistic look at alternatives.

Bruce Chen? Bruce Chen? gotta be kidding, please wake me up!

Just when you think the Baltimore Orioles couldn't be any more pathetic and depressing.....

P.S: What was it, 5 infield singles to 3rd base for the Royals tonight? That's gotta be some kind of record.

There have been quite a few but in my opinion tonight’s gem gets my vote for most pathetic Os game of the season. Hill should not have been pitching and Brob and Izzy made me sick but the #1 factor of this POS game that puts it over the line for worst of the season is that some dude named chen who had a 0-7 record got his first win tonight and made us look pathetic…

I was reading an interview Earl Weaver did earlier this month and man do I wish DT had some fire like that. Well, I know he does, I just don't understand why he has such a hard time unleashing it.

I know today's game is different the it was back in Earl's day but still. With all the idiotic mistakes being made on the basebaths and bad defense as of late, you'd think he'd be fuming.

What's he worried about, hurting some of the younger guys' feelings? C'mon..let them have it Dave. It couldn't hurt at this point.

Also, Pete I hope it's alright for me to post the link to the interview. It's on Sports Illustrated's website.

If not then just edit it out of my post..?

Pete's reply: No, by all means, post away. Good contribution.

Huff struck out with the bases loaded with Bruce Chen pitching. That's Bruce %#*&# Chen!

all I can see on is that the key infield single came from a rather rotund catcher named Pena. Part of this pain is some bad luck (and part isn't)

John W,

Exactly O’s fans are embarrassed and it costs too much money to go to the ball park only to see the Os get blasted (unless Smoltz is pitching) and get ripped on by out of towners.

Waivers for Hill? Maybe. How about the DL? Dave Johnson and Roch were talking about how he might go there, because he was holding his shoulder as he sat with Kranny after being taken out of the game.

Pete's reply: Yeah, Jeff Zrebiec also had that after the game. I should have picked up on it, but I had moved on to something else. My bad.

After what I witnessed tonight game, what is the logic in constantly flip flopping Markakis and Jones in the lineup, yet leaving Huff in cleanup. With Hill obviously out and Berken pitching tomorrow, Trembly may be faced with the dilemma of shipping out two so called starters. Bring up Waters 8-4 AAA, Mitchell at 9-2 in AAA, Arrieta 3-4 AAA, even AA prospect, Matusz tonights line ANOTHER WIN(W, 7-0) 7.0 4 0 0 3 6 0 1.59 anyone would be more interesting than this carnage. The bullpen, like this time last year, is burned out, and a mess. blame the starters, manager, pitching coach..doesn't matter. Simply put giving up 70 more runs than you score thus far this year won't compete anywhere in the AL East... maybe we can switch leagues to the NL..doomed to last...ARE YOU HAPPY ANGELOS..moron!!!

the orioles should have put bruce chen to sleep in the first inning. what a lackluster performace tonight. the royals had some lucky breaks too.hill wouldn't make it through wavers. i don't think boby valentine or buck showalter would do any better as manager for the orioles.

Tony P in AZ,

Dude I hate to say this but I really think since Angelos fired Davey hes not trying to get a cocky experienced manager that can make things happen. Angelos MO is to hire in house.. I think that guy that managed when Dave had his 2 game suspension is next in line then maybe if Dempsey keeps lobbying he might get it which would make things really hard to watch hahah

Pete's reply: Just to be accurate, Peter didn't fire Davey. Davey demanded a contract extension and then resigned with he didn't get it.

The more I watch this club, the more disgusted I get that half of this team even can say they made it to the major leagues. This so many before them, is a disgrace to what was Oriole baseball.
Enough of running out has beens like Hill...bring on an entire new staff of wonderkids as the hype would have it. In reality, this new & improved group of saviors will probably amount to much ado about nothing. The sad part is, as Oriole fans, we want so much to believe we have the secret weapons at our disposal...ready at a moments notice to be called up & completely eradicate a decade of horrendous baseball. If we were to believe all that was written by "those in the know", Matt Weiters would have 12 homeruns, 34 RBI's, he'd be hitting .307 & would have thrown out 60% of the runners that took off for second. The reality of Weiters numbers tell a far different story. My fear is that the myth of the Tillman's, Arriata's & Snyder's of this franchise will also far outlast any semblance of reality over time.
The Baltimore Orioles's are a study of hope, dispair and well spun fiction. The reality of their ongoing futile exploits is continually overshadowed by the premise of a better day tomorrow. For this hope Oriole fans should be commended...for this destruction of what was once a model organization by uncaring players, unknowing management and an never-ending spin of what we have down on the farm...Oriole fans should be up in arms. This team, top to bottom, is a disgrace.

I think in order to keep fans motivated the O’s need to have a promotion where Brob fights Ray Lewis MMA style. If Ray Ray defeats BROB we don’t pay his smug !@# ever again and he leaves bmore but his wife stays.

This team has stockpiles of cash from MASN and the cheap tickets that out of towners (and pissed off locals that have became yanks and sox fans over the years..) eat up. They are way under on payroll and sell tickets to the meager fan base with the well spun fantasy that they can contend in the AL east in a few years. The only positive… The coolers light beer man will get you tanked. Kidding but with all this big talk of the 5 year plan if it fails fans are sooner or later going to wise up and root for another team. This team has no ace pitcher for next season, manager, guaranteed pitching talent until we see otherwise you have to assume this team is going to be more of the same.

The fat lady sang.

Pete,let me get this right,so what you'r telling me is thatTrembley is not in charge of writing out the lineup card or deciding who pitches?Then that must fall on McPhail,but that can't be true because you have repeatedly praisedMcPhail and his exploits on this very column numerous times,reminding us long suffereing fans that there is a light a the end of the tunnel.So then if McPhail is responsible for tonights lineup that has Huff batting back in cleanup,and the Errioles leaving the bases loaded,not once but twice,with Bruce Chen overmatching Aubrey Huff,then why doesn't McPhail get any blame for that?You can't have it both ways,Pete,either McPhail is running the club and deciding who is playing and pitching or Trembley is,which one is it?SI just watched Roberts jog to first base after making a crucial error and going 0-5,and watched Reimold hustle his butt off,look like he beat the throw ,and the turtle never even stuck his head out of his shell.So after the trade deadline passes,and once again,we either make no moves at all,or get a couple of meaningless prospects for George Sherrill,I'll get to hear in the off season,how we're goingto buy the bats once more like the last 12 years,and come spring training,when we still don't have a legitimate 1B,SS, or 3B and resign Huff and pick up Melvin mora's option,I'll still know for sure that it still is cheapskate Angeloser running the ballclub.He's just wised up and kept a lower profile.And somewhere in the middle of the year,when we are 20 games below .500 McPhail will announce that he is going to be commissioner in 2011,and the revolving door will start all over again.The only constant will be the little Greek raking in all hismoney from MLB and MASN,and laughing all the way too the bank.I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see it any other way.Brian Roberts as the face of the franchise?Not now,that thought makes me barf.

Pete's reply: Try to remain calm, Burt. Yes, MacPhail gives Dave the pitchers and Dave has to start five of them. That's on MacPhail. Does that mean his rebuilding plan isn't working. No. Doesn't mean it is working either. But Dave is handed a roster -- though I'm sure he has some input -- and he has to manage that roster. If you're having one of your blamestorming days, just place the right amount on each of them.

Pete can you explain to me the logic of not walking Billy Butler in the eighth inning when first base was open and it was still only a one run game?

Pete's reply: No, but I also can't explain the logic of Billy Butler getting five hits against anybody.

I am hearing that Rich Hill is having Shoulder issues? Is this a ploy to keep him off waivers and get him back down to the minors? do they do that sort of stuff?

Pete's reply: Well, Charlie, I wouldn't casts aspersions on anybody in a situation like this, but it's obviously a very convenient time for Hill to come up sore.

Stop on the Trembley talk. He is not out there pitching, hitting, running bases or fielding. He also did not have much to say about Pie or Hill and their roles on this team. This was McPhail experimenting at the major league level. Very good time for Hill to come up with shoulder issue, so we can DL him for 60 days.


That is the way it goes. The decision to hand Pie the starting job and Hill and Eaton in the rotation was the GM. DT is not a total puppet though, he makes the lineup.

Kind of surprised at what you stated the Orioles have a real good shortstop. Next year they have to fix the corner infield but up the middle defense will be as good as anybodies in baseball. The O's corner outfielders have great arms, so it is not so bad.

Well, the roster spot decision making room for Tillman should be a little easier today...

Pete - I wrote you a few years back after Perlozzo got fired about bringing in Showalter. He has been responsible for rebuilding the Yankees and building the Diamondbacks, into World Champions. He is a perfect, experienced choice to manage young players. If he has the support of his GM and ownership, he has a track record of building winning clubs.

I grew up in New York and watched Showalter restore the Yankees from the sorry sack, last place, no minor league talent club they were, into a legit contender in a difficult division (remember Toronto and Boston in the early 90's - pretty good.) He brought pride and a sense of the tradition of the Yankees back to them, and instilled the responsibility of wearing that uniform. Perople forget, in the post- Joe Torre era, that the foundation of the Yankees, and later the Diamondbacks, was laid by Showalter. With Andy McPhail's plan, he would be perfect to help execute the on-field progress.

My inclination is to support DT, but something (actually, many things) has to change. I agree with Tony P from AZ on this one.

"He has a good arm, bad mechanics and a seeming inability to keep it together on the mound."

Ooops. Though I'm sure the DL is face saver for MacPhail.

I'm still not running away from my 58-win prediction. Are we still on for din-din? (We are if 73 wins magically appears.)

And I still think the Orioles are heading in the right direction. I've seen the Baysox (awful name for a farm team) and the Tides this year, and the pitching looks good -- even by those whose names don't get the frequent ink. The minor league fielding looks good, too. Too bad the offense down there is loaded with singles hitters. (They do run the bases well -- something in short supply by the parent club.)

Sox/Yanks/Sox are one thing. Bruce Chen? Dominating (sort of)? I can see 8 wins in August and 8 more in September. I wish I couldn't, but I can.

I hope some of the many, many people who are making fun of Bruce Chen understand that he gave this team a couple of rather good seasons awhile back when he was pretty much the only pitcher on the team doing so.

Had Leo Mazzone not come in trying to force everyone to use the exact same philsophy - nibble at the corners - Chen might still be here. Probably not, but oyu never know,.


I think Hill started to develope shoulder pain after the game, when DT started bitch slapping him around a little. What is your take?

Pete's reply: I think it was a little earlier than that, but I put up my take a while back on the main page.

LOL Pete thats called being fired in baseball

Before anyone gets too upset. Take a look at the teams career stats. Then you will see that you can not expect very much from these players. Excusing the rookies, N. Markakis, B. Roberts and A. Jones.

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