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June 23, 2009

Wiggy wigs out

Can't believe what I just saw. Ty Wigginton, who was one of the heroes of this unlikely comeback, making an unbelievably bonehead baserunning mistake that very possibly cost the Orioles the go-ahead run.

He was out by a mile trying to stretch his base hit down the right field line with Gregg Zaun safely at third. Hard to get too upset when he has two hits in his two at-bats since coming into the game -- and the game would have been over a long time ago without him -- but you just can't throw away that out.

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Well that answers my question......

No bench left, pitchers hitting. Still a good effort and it is not over yet, unless something is happening as I type!

Bad baserunning from the Orioles, nothing new here.

Okay, can the top of the lineup PLEASE do its job this time around? Time to make a push for the All Star Game!

You could have also titled this post "Wow", that's how bad that base running was. I guess guys get caught up in the spirit of the moment.

Pete, I have to ask, and if you have already given an opinion on this, I apologize for missing it. But with Koji Uehara, is it maybe time to consider the bullpen for this guy? You said in your other post that he looked gassed in the dugout, and this was after 76 pitches in six innings, a complete game pace.

I know there was a lot of activity and I know its hot down there, but it seems every time he starts, the 'pen gets gets a lot of use and the rest of the rotation is not yet ready to cover for a short start.

I believe that was a reason for not signing Pedro Martinez, that he is a six inning pitcher. Hasn't Uehara turned into a six inning pitcher? Frankly, I'd rather see Dave Hernandez in Koji's spot and Koji a middle man. You'd have to say that would really deepen the 'pen and give Hernandez, along with Berkins and Bergeson, their "try-outs" before the Big Three plus One show up.

Has there been any thought to moving Uehara to the bullpen?

Pete's reply: I'm sure it will be a consideration in the future, but you'll take six innings like that from a starter any day. His stamina is a big issue, however, even if it was a hot night in Florida. He only threw 76 pitches.

I think some of that is his desire to have a bigger impact to earn playing time? No excuse - we're a sandwich short of a picnic when it comes to running the bases...and then Bass walks the fastest guy on the team - hotting all of .230 - on 4 pitches? UGH! jones is going from All star contender to the bottom of the order in a matter of a few weeks.

Not a sure thing we would have won without the Wiggy baserunning brain meltdown, but it surely did not help.

Good comeback, wish we would have finished it off.

Is it Trembly's fault Wiggy went for Second. I say Ty's salary says he should know better.

The weird thing about Adam Jones' approach tonight is that he just seemed to break out of it yesterday by getting two hits the opposite way. When you looked at how the Marlins were playing him tonight, it was always dead pull and he complied by muscling up and trying to pull every pitch.

Still don't understand why it is out of the question for the best bunter on the team, Melvin Mora to not bunt with no one out and Nick Markakis on first in extra innings. The result? Double play grounder.

Aubrey Huff hit in tough luck tonight lining a couple shots at one of better hitting second basemen in baseball but also one of the poorest fielding--Dan Uggla.

It was a game we wanted to win, but let's give the Birds a lot of credit for a remarkable comeback in the 9th. Five consecutive hits. Again, Oscar Salazar proved he is one remarkably clutch guy with the bat. What an underrated hitter.

Let's bounce back and get them tomorrow.

I'm sure I wouldn't be in this situation if we kept Chad Moeller, because Moeller likely wouldn't have lifted the homerun in Saturday night's game, thereby relieving us of having a 5-game losing streak to be snapped by Gregg Zaun's two defensive mistakes in the bottom of the inning. Wiggy's mistake? Terrible and inexcusable. Zaun's? If he doesn't miss that ball in the dirt, we're still in good postition, with only a man on first. Then, he just goes ahead and allows the run to score. Bonifacio is out by a country mile if Zaun only catches Luke Scott's throw. Taking Wieters out worked, but I hate to see Zaun mess up two plays like that when Jesus is sitting on the bench.

Yahoo Sports is wigging out...the Marlins just scored w/the O's at bat? WTF?

I thought pulling Weiters for Guthrie was a bit of overcoaching. It cost us by removing a hot hitter and Zaun did not do well behind the plate. No idea whether Weiters makes those plays, but he has been very good behind the plate. Great effort though. By the way, is there a player in baseball that has more hard hit outs than Huff? I do not blame him for getting frustrated at the end.

A couple weeks ago i said jones looks like last years jones. For the most part, he's reverted to swinging at everything. He's an easy out as now you get him without even having to throw the ball in the strike zone. A couple more o-fers and lets see how DT approaches this one. I mean the O's scored 6 runs tonight with no help at all from him.

But overall, a pretty fun game. Koji and Ray pitched ok, but hey, Baez gives up a granny on the heels of Howard's three run shot. Now Jim Palmer never gave up a grand slam. Somebody call Earl and see what he has to say about all this.Baseball 101-A;Never give up a grand slam if you can at all help it.

Oh Ken, by the way, you forgot to give me your uniform number. I'll be sure to look for you in the dugout next time I watch a game. Oh right, I'll just look for the guy in the dugout with the blinders on and the big head.
They actually make hats that big? I just gotta tell you that your vent-post the other day was nauseating to say the least.

Zaun did everything he could on that play at the plate. Like Buck Martinez said, his only hope was a quick swipe because the runner was bearing down and he had to get over and block the plate.... which he did an outstanding job of, just unfortunately missed the short-hop on the throw. If he takes his time to field it cleanly, runner scores without a tag.

I disagree... putting a pinch runner in for Wieters was the right move, as he never would have made it to 3rd on Wiggy's single. Then he would've had a tough time scoring from second on Salazar's. The kid has amazing tools, but speed is not one of them. He's probably slower than Huff!

Oh, Jim, Jim, poor, misguided Jim. Is the 66 the year you were born, your age or your IQ?

Wiggy was banking on the RF throwing towards home to cut off the go ahead run. Bad assumption, especially in an extra innings game. But we should give him a pass and expect that he will NEVER make that mistake again.
Jones is pressing for sure.
Luke Scott made the throw of HIS LIFETIME and Zaun couldn't handle it. One question...Why didn't Zaun lose the mask in that situation?? He had time to ditch it and re-establish position in front of the plate. Overall, a great game!!

Jim,the only thing I can imagine is when Barbie and Ken divorced he got the computer,that's the only thing that makes sense.A winnable game lost because of overmanaging,bad baserunning,poor situational hitting,and 2 poor defensive plays.Oh yeah and don't forget Baez,Trembley's favorite.Take a look at his ERA in June why don't you?I said early in the year he was overused and it would look like Perlozzo's Baez come summertime.His trade value is plummeting.

Chad Moeller SHOULD be the back up catcher because Zaun's strength was his defense which has been awful all year and again tonight. Luke Scott threw a heck of strike from left field and Zaun didn't hold onto it. Chad Moeller knows what it's like to be a back up so he wont complain or go nuts like Zaun, plus he is far more athletic than Zaun.

Eaton's job was to buy time for the young pitchers in the minors and Zaun's job was to buy time for Matt. He did that so it's time for him to go.

Pete, which coach is primarily in charge of base running? Juan or T Bone? Clearly, Wiggy make a dumb decision to try to make it to second and if this was the 1st base running error, it happens, but this is beyond absurd. These guys have no clue how to run the bases. Pete, I have never and I mean never, seen a team this bad at running the bases.

ken, your condescending tone is getting old. To answer your question, not any of those.


Aaaaaahhhhh. If there was a cop behind me he would have pulled me over for road rage for screaming so loud at the car radio....

The Orioles have run themselves out of more innings - and more games - than any team in the majors. O's baserunning is an embarrassment. Just think what their won-lost record might look like if they won just 2 more games a month because they didn't run themselves right out of the game.

Somebody needs to shake up this team. What's Frank Robinson doing these days?

It is amazing that a baseball player can come this far and still not know how to run the bases. That is comparable to a doctor graduating medical school serving his internship and then choking his first patient to death with a tongue depressor.

I just ripped Wiggy for his baserunning gaffe in another one of your blogs, Pete, so I feel a bit bad. Wiggy played a nice SS last night. I'd rather see him getting some playing time instead of Melvin, who Andy is hopefully trying to move in a trade.

There is an old baseball saying that I used to use when I was teaching softball, never make half a good play.

Perhaps someone should remind Wiggy to not play half a good game.

How about placing some of the blame for Wigginton's base running blunder on John Shelby? Didn't anyone ask Shelby what happened on the play? Isn't a coach suppose to tell the base runner to stop or go? What's Shelby's take on it? Why didn't anyone ask him?

Hey "Level Headed" what game were you watching? Wiggy was thinking the RF would throw home to prevent the go ahead run from scoring? Zaun was on FIRST BASE when the ball was hit, and he went to third. Why would a RF throw the ball home with a runner on first base on a single to right? Methinks you would have been thrown out at second base for that thinking too. The RF threw to the correct base and Wiggy/Shelby are to blame since they had the play right in front of their eyes and screwed up.

How many times in that situation have you seen the RF, or any outfielder for that matter, lazily come in on a grounder and lob it in to the cut off man?? I've seen every Oriole OF do it at least once this year. In that situation the cut-off is usually the 2B but sometimes the 1B, and when they receive that throw, you best believe they're turning and finding the LEAD runner.
In my opinion, Wiggy turned on the jets ASSUMING that scenario was going to play out based on the way the RF went after his grounder. Dumb assumption. Hustle without brains is worthless. I'm sure Shelby, with one eye on the play being made, had just enough time to say "ST...." as Wiggy came motoring by.
What I want to know is how are these guys being held accountable? Once I would like to see Trembly rip into someone in the dugout after a bonehead play like that.

Well, I'm sorry, Jim, I certainly didn't mean to offend you. NOT

As for you Burt, at least I was married to Barbie. Don't be mad at me because the best you could do was jim66. But I can't blame you, jim66 was probably the best looking woman you could find.

To be honest, you two are pathetic. All I read is negativity, nothing this team does is good enough for you. You wear your misery and gloom like a tiara. You actually sound proud of yourselves. What rot. You two clowns think you know everything there is to know about baseball, yet your posts prove you know nothing. You add nothing to these discussions except the usual tripe. Do us all a favor and zip it.

Live in New Orleans & get very little O's info - just tried Sun for first time - good stuff. Have been O's fan since 1st game at Memorial Stadium in 1954. I wonder though, why do we get so few prospects from our area, considering LSU is a great program, and O's pitching is so bad?

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