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June 17, 2009

Wieters: The souvenir

Matt Wieters did get the ball from his first home run. He said he gave the fan who returned it to him a signed bat and ball.

Wieters also got a shaving cream pie in the face from Adam Jones while he was doing the MASN postgame interview.

"Any time you get a shaving cream face, it means you won the ballgame,'' he said. "I'll take as many of those as I can get."

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Brian Roberts should have gotten a different kind of pie in the face for again not running out his ground balls. At least use your speed put some pressure on the fielders so they might make a mistake.

Here's a question for your readers:
If you caught Wieter's first HR, would you give the ball to him or keep it?
If Wieters reaches the HOF like most of us think he will, that ball would be worth a lot of $$.

Pete's reply: If you can prove it's the ball. It's not like a record ball that has an invisible infrared flag on it that proves it's the right one.


Come on, you have to reign in some of the truly imaginative discussion here. Matt Wieters hits his first of hopefully many home runs during what is hoped to be a long and storied career, BUT people talking HOF after 20 games, a 250 batting average and the kids first HR??????
I'm sorry but lets all take a deep a breath, wish the young man well, sit back enjoy his career and talk about the HOF in about 2029!

Pete, how is Chris Ray doing in the minors? I haven't heard anything so was just curious.

Pete's reply: He's shown some improvement in his mechanics and is waiting for a chance to come back.

He GAVE the ball to Weiters??

Weiter's got a king's ransom just to sign here. The Orioles organization paid it. That's two wealthy candidates to begin with.

I would have found out exactly what that ball was worth to him or the Orioles.

I am an O's fan- have been for years. But a signed bat and ball is a ridiculous and insulting recompense for what will likely be a valuable momento in years to come- either to Weiters, the Orioles, the HOF or most likely any sports memorabilia collector.

If the ball wasn't worth some serious change to Weiters, than it wasn't worth anything to him and I would have put it straight into a safe deposit box for 25 years.

Someone got seriously Chumped tonight.

Not just Adam gave the pie...He got double teamed....Robert Andino was in it too...

I'm a baseball fan, so I wouldn't have ransomed the ball, but I do agree the fan should have held out for a bit more.

I would have asked for the signed ball and bat, a signed jersey each from Jones and Markakis, and a bat autographed by the team.

A little greedy maybe, but at least it's baseball gear for baseball gear and not a cash grab.

I had the computer tuned to the Mets broadcast. Met TV announcers Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez like to point the flaws (ad nuaseum) of opposing players. They seem to pick exactly those times when the player they are badmouthing comes through in the pinch. However, last night Hernandez took the opportunity to openly questioned Brian Roberts' "heart" in not attempting to field the ball Huff "muffed" in the first game loss. Do they know something we don't? Or, was Hernandez shooting from the "lip" as he is want to do?

Pete's reply: Probably the latter.

The guy probably could have retired if he put the ball on's probably saying this morning "I did what?"

Hey Pete I like the Sun's new layout but I miss the snapshot of the upcoming 3 or 4 games. I have no clue what the rotation is right now. lol Can you please drop a bug in someone's ear to find space for the snapshot again?

All these comments about the fan holding out for a kings' ransom for that ball are a sad comment on the greed in major league baseball today. Players and agents want more and more money, fans have to pay more and more money, and yes, those who catch an important baseball want more and more. The fan got a baseball and bat autographed by Wieters. Many fans would be happy to risk bodily injury to try to get that home run ball, just to have the ball. Heck, they'd do that to get a foul ball. This fan has more than that and I have to give him credit for not letting greed take over. I wish there were more guys like him rather than those who are far too greedy for my taste.

I absolutely admire that O's fan for giving up Wieter's homerun ball... but personally, you couldn't have pried it from my cold, dead fingers.

That ball represents the most exciting momento of O's history since 2131.

Final analysis: enjoy the signed bat and ball :P

Pete - call me a fool , or old fashioned , whatever . Just give the guy (Wieters) the ball . Period .

Wow, the comments here regarding Wieters, and the home run ball are ridiculous. People putting the young man into the hall of fame, people wanting to extort the young man for a piece of his own personal history. I think it is only fair for the fan to receive some compensation, but come on people! My first reaction was that receivng an autographed bat and ball was pretty cool. I don't know what I would have asked for, but I would have wanted Wieters to be able to have that keepsake of an important milestone in his own career. The wanton greed expressed in these readers comments is depressing, but unfortunately not surprising. Remember people, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

With regard to Roberts, his lack of professionalism is also depressing. Come on Andy, find some way of replacing Roberts and Mora. Oh, and also get rid of Trembly. His persistence in batting Mora fourth, or fifth is yet one more example of why Trembly is not a good major league manager.

My husband was the guy who returned the ball. He really thought that Matt would want it and that was the right thing to do. He wasn't looking for any payday, he just thought that he should get something for his kids. He had talked to someone after it happened and asked for maybe a signed bat and balls and ticktets to come back and have his kids meet Matt and get autographs. Then when he met Matt, he gave him the ball and got the signed bat and he had gotten a signed ball. When he asked the Marketing woman who was there about the other stuff (the original guy wasn't around and had given my husband someone else's business card) she advised him that the bat and ball were all he had negotiated for. My husband was pretty pissed and couldn't believe the way he had been treated. The Orioles should be ashamed of the way they treated a fan who did the right thing. I would tell every fan from now on to wait until they have a signed contract with the Orioles before they let go of something so priceless or to hold onto it and put it on Ebay. Clearly some collector would be more appreciative than the man who hit the ball.

That's great that Wieters and the fan could have interaction regarding his first home run ball. It is great to see that kind of transaction being made instead of one fueled by greed (especially in these times). Now that fan can go home and admire that bat and ball for years to come and pass on the story to his family.

The problem is one's own values." I would have done this or that with the ball". I teach my children to treat others as you would want to be treated. having said that, i live in Charlotte, NC and when wieters was with Norfolk and i went to a wed. day game just so i could get to see him play. It being a day game after a night game had wieters out of the lineup. I was disappointed him not playing but i did get to see bergesen pitch a nice game. My point is after the game in which he made no appearence, Wieters came out at the end of the game, stood at the end of the dugout and signed each and everything anybody wanted. he took pictures and shook hands. i say how lucky we are to have such a class guy who would take the time to do that after not playing. He could have gone in and showered and left but he knows people came there to see him. A class act!!!! If i would have caught that ball i would have proudly excepted a signed bat and a ball. it would have looked good next to the signed O 's hat he autographed that day. any sense of entitlement for any more is just that. You walked into the yards with nothing and to leave with a bat and ball signed by wieters should have been enough. To extort more from him is pure greed. Way to go Matt!! After signing for us all when you didn't have to makes me a lifelong fan. Now go beat the mutts and win the series!!!!

Tickets, I'd want tickets. Keep the bat and ball, tickets behind the plate and Lot A parking for the remainder of the season and the next 2 or 3. Considering the empty seats at most of the games, that would be a bargain for the Orioles or even for Matt to pay out of his own pocket considering what he made for signing.
Of course I'd give up the ball to the guy, but tickets and parking. Oh yeah, and lunch with Peter Schmuck.

yeah, lunch with peter would be great only if he is paying. have you seen the X 's on that hawian shirt he sports, he could break a guy buying him lunch. Just kdding, always great job Pete!!

I can see a fuss brewing.

First things first, make sure that this woman is really speaking for her husband or, for that matter, is even who she says she is.

Second, if her story holds up, embarrass the Orioles.

As for the ball itself, twenty years from now, that ball is worth a hundred grand, easy. Maybe a quarter million. I probably would have done what this guy did, but that's because I, too, am an old-style chump. But holding out for $25K would hardly make the guy evil. It's about time the fans (well, at least one fan) got a piece of the pie.

Amazing comments from the O's fans. I agree with the guy who said to give Wieters the ball. Man are some of these supposed fans greedy. These are the same people who think they are always getting ripped off. Sometimes you just have to laugh at this society.
It is also time to get off Brian Roberts ass. I agree that he appears to be frustrated or has something else going on, but it is time to support him.
He is not a natural leader and I don't think he enjoys the pressure of the spotlight constantly being on him. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt. he's been one of the few assets on the O's for a long time. Losing gets old for even the best of us. When these guys get a little winning confidence and attitude, things will be fine. These guys need a teacher and supporter for a manager right now and Trembly is the right guy at this stage. Watching him the past few weeks, I have gained a great deal of respect for the man. It is obvious that he is also frustrated and it would be easy to just rip some of these guys when they do some of the hairbrained things they do like not covering bases, throwing to the wrong base, etc. Instead, he supports the fact it takes time to learn how to win and rid yourself of all the losing habits of the past. I'm sure he doesn't just let it slide as some fans obviously think. Keep the faith, it is getting better. Confidence and a can't lose attitude by the players and management is what we need. Constant criticizing won't help, it will only hurt the effort.
Go O's..
What do you think Pete. You see them every day. Have they improved?

Pete's reply: Yes, but it's going to take another year or so to be really competitive.

Yeah and 20 minutes from now , we all could be dead. The guy could be walking home, baseball in hand and get run over by a bus. Live for today, not for a kings ransom, not promised tomarrow, All because some baseball hit you at an O's game , you think it should change your life. In case you haven't noticed, the golden goose is dead. Maybe the guy is just a good major leaguer and his stuff isn't that valuable. maybe people come to their senses and stop paying thousands for a five dollar baseball. And yes, holding out for what you perceive to be big money is evil. Thats why greed is listed in the big book as a big no-no.

I hope the fan had the good sense to ask Wieters to put the date under his signature to show the significance.

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor! I'm completely and utterly amazed by the majority of these comments. They are all focused on what someone can get, instead of what someone can give. Unbelievable!

"Clearly some collector would be more appreciative than the man who hit the ball."

I'm sorry Jenn, but your statement "assumes" that Matt even knew about the extra requests, which is doubtful. (You know what they say about assuming....) From kenny's comments, it seems that it's safe to say that Matt would have been happy to have met your kids and given them his autograph.

Honestly, if someone is WILLING to return the ball, s/he should not expect more than a "memento of the occasion" in return. (Memento is defined as
anything serving as a reminder, a souvenir)

I would have given Matt the ball back without thinking of something in return.

That so many people here see others as means to their own potential pay-off years down the road is incredibly sad. I hope that you all don't lead such a shallow life, always on the chase for more more more, in your day-to-day dealings. I would guess not: we see baseball players and baseball organizations as cynical money-grubbers and so we act that way towards them. But it's not all that way.

I would have given Matt Wieters the ball because it's the right thing to do - it means more to him than anyone else. As for getting something in return, getting a signed ball and bat in return is cool, but I would have given it to him for nothing except the opportunity to shake his hand, congratulate him, and hand it to him myself. Anything more than that is gravy.

I'd like to revise my statement:

"Honestly, if someone is WILLING to return the ball, s/he should not expect more than a "memento of the occasion" in return. (Memento is defined as anything serving as a reminder, a souvenir.)"

We shouldn't EXPECT anything. To be given something in return is a ... gift.

The story my wife has told is true. I plan to tell the story on WNST later today!

The O's haven't lived up to their end of the bargain. I just wanted a few balls and bats and a chance to bring my family back and meet him.

They have a chance to fix this, but as of 10:22 am I haven't received a call back!

Return the ball? Absolutely. Ask for a king's ransom? No. A personalized autograph on a ball/photo/bat/cap/whatever should be more than enough for anyone who is a true Orioles fan. Wieters is just lucky that the guy who got the ball was an O's fan; imagine if that homer had come against the Yankees... And stop pressuring the kid by talking HOF; I'll be happy if he hits .275 and can consistently throw out base runners.

You haven't received a call back as of 10:22 am? The Orioles offices have only been open for a little over an hour, how quickly do you expect a response?

I would feel bad for you, but anybody that is willing to "tell their story" on WNST with Nestor I have no respect for. Lets give the insignificant one with the frosted tips one more piece of ammo to spew his hatred at the O's.

Sam, great life lesson to teach the children... Greed is King!

BTW, the Orioles do not owe you anything. There is NO bargain for them to live up to. With the way that you are acting, they shouldn't do anything just on principle! This is Yankee fan behavior, not Oriole fan behavior.

I would be happy with a signed bat and ball, a photo with Wieters, and the knowledge that I had that experience. All of these people talking about what the ball may be "worth" some day are getting carried away with greed.


Let's see if I understand - you felt that a team official led you to believe you'd get tickets, and an opportunity to have your kids meet Matt, in addition to what you did receive. And now the team denies that you were promised that.

Do you feel Wieters screwed you, or just the team?

I understand that you are trying to enjoy your 15 minutes, Sam...but give it a rest. The left fielder is the one who really should have caught that ball...

Congrats Matt, I hope its the first of many.

I am getting fuzzy on the details, but there was an old story about one of the game's immortals--Stan Musial, I think but am not sure--who hit a milestone HR. 3 kids showed up at the clubhouse, each claiming to have "the ball." One wanted 12 team-signed balls in exchange; one wanted 6; and one wanted Musial's autograph on his ball. The player said to the last kid, "Yours must be the one." and game up 24team-signed balls in exchange. If anyone knows about whom that story aws told, please correct me.

I understand that you are trying to enjoy your 15 minutes, Sam...but give it a rest. The left fielder is the one who really should have caught that ball...

Congrats Matt, I hope its the first of many.

I have to say, what bargain? Everything was peachy keen last night. Now you have some sort of sellers regret. This is shameful, you got a freakin signed ball and bat from the kid. Do you want him to name his first born after you or something. Just that fact that you want to publically bash the O’s now is despicable, tell your side of the story. I think it’s been told. You got the ball, you gave it to Matt for some things that will be pretty valuable as it is. How much more can you possibly want?

The ball means "nothing" to me. It is Matt's accomplishment, not mine. I think I would have settled for an autographed photo of myself and Matt and asked him to autograph and commemorate the date. What a keepsake that would be.... for ME!!!
The love of money IS the root of all evil. To the gentleman who caught the ball. Did you have a change of heart and now look to capitalize on your perceived error? You received a fair compensation. As a matter of fact, at this very moment, (who knows what tomorrow will bring) an "autographed" bat and ball are worth considerably more than Wieters' home run ball (unautographed). He "is" a ML ballplayer, he "may" be a great one. Time will tell. Have you priced a MLB bat lately? 'Tis worth considerably more than a MLB ball (unsigned). Thank God for putting you there, enjoy your moment of fame and don't turn it into a lifetime of infamy.

Go O's!

At least it didn't take Matt Wieters as long as it did big money free agent Bobby Bonilla to hit his first homer as an Oriole. Maybe that is a good sign.

Kenny said "holding out for what you perceive to be big money is evil". Truer words were never spoken, though this applies more to the players on the field than the fans in the stands.

Lisa, Jenn didn't blame Matt Wieters for her husband getting short-changed, she blamed the Orioles handlers. And if what she is saying is accurate, then I do think the Orioles are worthy of blame.

The Orioles have "honored" their fans with mismanagement and incompetence for over a decade; they can at least provide some modest compensation to their fans who pay good money for tickets to watch a below-.500 team.

In this instance, a baseball/Oriole fan pays for his ticket to watch a baseball game and to sit out in the left field stands, and a professional player that is paid to play hits a home run.

So, why is the player more entitled to the baseball then the fan who caught it?

The fanbase is supposed to come out and watch games and support the team, even through the lean years. Support the team by cheering their efforts and support the team financially by coming to games and buying merchandise. Then if a fan catches a home run ball that means something to a player, the said fan loses all of his/her rights to the ball that he or she caught in the seat that they paid for?

Could it be argued that every home run means something to the player and therefore no fan should ever be "entitled" to keep it?

The only reason you should get a call from the Orioles is so they can demand that they get that bat and ball back and give it to a fan that really appreciates. Set a good example for those that look up to you. Geesh.

Of course instead of being grateful for what he got and 15 minutes of fame, he is angry about what he didn't get. Could a lawyer be far behind ?? And if you want everything so pure for yourself sam, be sure that if you and your kids meet wieters, be sure to tell them in front of matt how you held the team hostage for more perks of just catching a baseball. How you were cheated out of more, how something was never enough. Teach them that the squeeky wheel gets the grease. teach them that when you have somewhat of an advantage on people that they should suck everything they can out of the situation. be sure to explain to them why they are standing in front of matt getting to meet him. But as us parents tend to do with our kids, we sometimes shield them from the truth for their own good.
And people bad orioles decisions/ baseball for 11 years have nothing to do with this. One man not satisfied has everything to do with this. To address this in this manner after the fact is classless!

I would expect a 50% ownership stake in the Orioles and a signed, 7 year contract as a starting Oriole next season to the position of my choice for return of the ball. Plus, homes on both coasts.

A handshake and thank you from Matt would be all I would ask for, anything more than that would be just an added bonus. Or maybe I would just ask for Roberts to run out a ground ball.

We were sitting a couple of sections over from where this guy caught the ball. To me, he didn't look too willing to part with it. Lots of fans (us included) were yelling to give the ball back. All of these comments about expecting something in return for returning the ball is just a sign of the times we live in nowadays. Good grief, how sad!!!

You know what -- You're lucky to get anything at all, there was NO WAY to confirm that ball was in fact the first HR of Wieters career...Had you not done the right thing and gotten the ball to the O's there would be 100's of Matt Wieters' first HR balls flooding the market.

It gets old hearing how altruistic the fans should be. Kindness is a two-way street. When the clubs and players start considering the fans first, perhaps the fans will respond in kind.

In the meantime, the clubs and players have only themselves to blame and are reaping what they have sown.

Oh Kenny and the rest of the similar-stating ilk, get off your self-righteous rants.
This siding in favor of "what's obviously right"- that is, giving the ball to the man who hit it because it means something to him and it is rightfully his and this represents greed on the fan's part and it shows that they don't love the game and their heart isn't in the right place- is just misplaced outrage and Baloney to boot.
Are all of you who are using the argument of "the love the game" somehow overlooking that every player out there (including Weiters) began playing baseball- yes, because they love it, but at a certain point it became a business for them with agents and negotiating for the best terms and most money.
Are you saying that the fans, who must Pay to watch the game because these players require being paid, and paid HUGE amounts of money, somehow are being greedy but the players aren't, by negotiating themselves if they find themselves in a position to negotiate? You know, negotiate just like players and owners do?
And that this awareness that they, the fan might possess something of value- just like a talented baseball player becomes aware of this and negotiates the most for it- makes him somehow Not a true fan and a greedy person, but the Player remains a true, pure, untainted lover of the game who would play for free?

It's easy to sit back after the fact and say what should have happened. Remember - just because you think it should have happened a certain way doesn't make that way right - it just makes it "your" way. That said, it would seem to be very fair had the fan asked for Wieters' game worn jersey from that day, dated and autographed. I don't think that would have been greedy, and it would have given the fan something unique and special. The jersey would in fact come to be worth a lot, whereas now the jersey will get worn all year and won't have the significance. I would have asked for the jersey, as it would have been, for me, as special as any novelty item I have and I could have passed it down. I would not have asked for money.

By the way, if I caught a ball hit by Mark Texeira, and he wanted it back, I'd ask for a million dollars.

This is rich -- people are saying the guy should have just handed the ball over to Wieters. Well then maybe Wieters should have just agreed to sign for whatever the team with the #1 pick in the 2007 draft was offering, and he never would have fallen to the O's in the first place.

It doesn't sound like the guy is exactly asking for a king's ransom. He just wants the chance -- which the Orioles offered him - to have his kids meet Wieters. I think that sounds nice and should have been a great PR opportunity. Instead, it's turning into another PR fiasco, which the O's seem to specialize in.

Good for Matt Wieters. He and Reimold are a breath of fresh air. They play the game the right way and go all out instead of dogging it. We need to get more of the "kids" into the everyday lineup. Salazar was hitting .372, for God's sake. Get him in the lineup at 3rd base. Bring up Brandon Snyder and install him at 1st base. Trade Mora and Huff for whatever you can get. Let's get youth and enthusiasm into the regular lineup. Maybe it's time to move B-Rob as well.

And after the All-Star break, how about rejuvenating the pitching staff as well? Let's see what a staff of Tillman, Arrieta, Patton, Matusz and Bergesen might do for the team. Get them some experience in the "big time" so they won't be overawed next year coming out of Spring Training.

A staff like that, with a lineup including Reimold, Jones, Markakis, Salazar, Snyder, Scott and Wieters would bring a tremendous reinvigoration to a stodgy old Orioles team. Izturis and Andino are very capable middle infielders, too.

Come on, O's! Let's get on with the rest of the makeover!

All you guys bashing the guy (Sam) who caught the ball need to get over yourselves, and off your high horse.

Many have said they'd have asked for money- and lots of it. This guy obviously spoke with Orioles officials- and was willing to hand over the ball for IMO, a very small pittance. Tickets to the game and a chance for his kids to meet one of their heroes? I mean, was that really to much to ask?

Some of you just seem to side with the O's blindly- shooting down anyone who speaks ill of them- rightfully or not. I could care less about nestor Aparicio, but if Sam was promised something, and then rudely greeted with "That's all yiu negotaited for," I WANT that message to get out there.

Tickets to an O's game?? Is that really too much to ask for a team that can't sell out without the Yankees or Red Sox being in town?

If any one of you chumps was in this guy's position, you'd feel deceived too.

The Orioles are sad if they don't honor this guy with tickets. Shoot- if I was the O's- I'd let the guy throw out the first pitch- TO WIETERS- to promote that type of generosity and selflessness. What the O's are doing is backwards!

Geez, all I would have asked for is a kiss from Amber T.

I don’t think anybody can truly take a stance on this unless the situation happens to them. His intentions might have been pure at the time but I’m sure people ripped him so much he felt he was cheated.


I would take that over bats and other BS hahah

How many of you fans commenting about "IF I had caught it ..." were out at the stadium loyally and selflessly supporting your team?

errrrrr I meant Rob K

to those who say that by skwering this guy is self rightous or whatever, there is some truth to that, i can handle critical debate. However, he and his wife put himself out there, goinjg on radio, writing on message boards defending their greed. To say the players being greedy makes the fans greed receprical is just assinine. The players actually have a rare talent and whatever that skill brings to the table then the market will bear that out. nothing lucky about having the talent to get to the big leagues. How much skill is there involved in catching a ball in the stands.I guess you could say bringing a glove to the game and thats about it! You know what i don't hear enough? The guy who wins the lottery should be complaining that the state should buy him a new car too. If they guy says the orioles offered this and that and didn't produce, then he should treat them like any other business. If you don't like the way they treat you, take your business somewhere else. he wasn't an employee, they "owe" him nothing!!! We as a society rather bitch and moan instead. Self entitlement and greed are the downfall of this country so it doesn't surprise me that some people defend it. however, the orioles are a business and should act like one. Your dads orioles and our love affair with the game as we knew it are long gone. i guess being "lucky" enough to catch a bonus babies first homerun should be looked at as a business too...good grief! And by the way, nobody is "forced" to pay anything.. nobody held a gun to this guys head to go to the game but it sure seems ok to some that he hold a "gun' to the orioles head to get as much as he can. Whatever happened to being grateful for what we have and get ? But hey, let's make it a sport to extort as much as we can get because the orioles pay their players millions of dollars. I would have loved to hear wieters say, just another ball, good luck playing with it with your kids and then the perception of power would have never been GONE. i wish he would have hit his first in wrigley and problem solved, ball thrown back! I guess the only nice thing i can say about a bum like barry Bonds is that was his arttitude with some of his"historic" homeruns. he refused to be extorted over a baseball. of course he knew the last 300 or so where playing with juice, i mean house money anyway and nobody deserved to be paid off....."deserve", 'entitlement", "greed", "gratitude or lack of", "PR opportunity".... all over a i said before, could a lawyer be far behind......he should have spilled hot coffee on himself instead of catching Weiters first, he would have had a better chance of getting paid for his actions....Jeeze!

If I had caught Matt Wieters first home run, I would have been so grateful that I would have paid him $1,000 for the opportunity to meet him to give him back the ball. Anything less than that is pure greed.

Nothing says being self absorbed like suggesting you should suck dry a rookie on the biggest achievement in his life basically up to that point. Like Pete said, that ball isn't distinguished from 100 foul balls that night. Take the street value of the first homerun ball for Sosa, Bonds, Aaron and their value is about $0. Even if Barry himself hands me a ball and says it's his first HR, how do I know he didn't just swap it for another one? While you're at it, do you people want to go break into Matt's house, steal his little league trophies and put them on Ebay too if he doesn't cough up $1 million, season tickets and get you the Oriole Bird costume to wear at your kid's Bday parties?

Would tickets and a family meeting be nice? Sure. It hasn't even been 24 hours though. Do you think Matt Weiters is going to wake up and check voicemails to make sure the guy he got his ball from is happy with the way things worked out? Give him time to get to work and see how he and the O's handle it from there.

I hope they do give this guy tickets still though. It's good PR and it sounds like it could have gone a lot worse for a young man that just wants a momento of something he's worked so hard for his entire life if any of the vultures here were in those seats. If this guy ends up on the radio running down the team, then I hope they still give him tickets at Will-Call. Just stuff an envelope with Metro cards, Nats tickets and they can go wait for Strasburg to show up.

The Mayfields are dorks! Its a stupid ball! Whats funny is we want these guys to take pride in playing for Baltimore and maybe living here like Markakis is planning. Now Weiters is thinking he may have these clowns for neighbors.

hey mayfield, you're a loser.

We know management under the current Orioles ownership are never deserving of any benefit-of-doubt, but if the blogs identified as from Jenn Mayfield and Sam Mayfield are indeed from them, then I'd say folks in that family are a bunch of whiners. And I agree with the Joe whose blog is timestamped at 10:35 AM in that - no matter HOW TERRIBLE Peter Angelos has been for this franchise - anybody who thinks Nestor ('It's all about me, me, me!") Aparicio and WNST represent "the good side" or "the true fans" of Baltimore is AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT. Got that? AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT.

My apologies Peter for the name-calling on your site, but there's been SO, SO MANY times that people in this town ridiculously carp over stupid things (and I'm a 45 year old native who can recite great moments from the 70's and 80's like the next guy).

Wieters could have a career-ending injury tomorrow and the ball would be worthless. There are no guarantees on his career and the HOF is not inevitable for him.

The thrill of catching the ball, another autographed ball and bat and the chance to meet Wieters would be more than enough. But everybody wants to hold out for the cash cow.

He sounded like a billy from Dundalk in his MASN interview anyway.

life axiom-think befor you talk!

Hey the point here is the following:

The first person from the Orioles front office who went up to this guy offered more than the signed batt and ball. So who wouldn't be upset when the agreement was changed at the exchange. Ever hear of " bait and switch?".

He didn't want money but only wanted his kids to meet Weiters at an upcoming game. Lame.

Lesson learned: don't give the ball back and sell it.

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