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June 11, 2009

The fat cat in the hat

The Orioles are giving away floppy hats to the first 25,000 fans 21 and over on Friday night, which may be why they are calling it Floppy Hat Night, though it could just be an amazing coincidence.

In the interest of public safety, I acquired one of the reversible floppy hats in advance and tried it on in the press box tonight. I think it will be fine for normal-sized heads, but one size apparently doesn't fit all. Even the Orioles public relations staff thought I looked like Mr. Met, and they gave it to me hoping to get some publicity for the giveaway.

This, by the way, is part of a series of blog entries in which I test items around the ballpark. I test-drove the $11 crab pretzel on Wednesday night. It was a little pricy, but it tasted way better than the hat.

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Peter, why didn't Trembley pinch hit Wieters for Zaun in the 9th? Why didn't he pinch hit Wieters OR Huff for Andino, a righty facing a right-handed closer?
It was a two-run game, and Trembley gave up. The least he could do was let the poor fans who sat throught the rain AND DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SEE WIETERS START see him get an at-bat.

Two things to sum up:
(1) Greg Zaun has been terrible this year and no one will say it because he's related to Dempsey. And he's playing too much now that Wieters is here.
(2) Trembley has REALLY been testing our patience lately. At least he isn't hitting and running every single time we have runners on base anymore....

Pete--When you get the go ahead to sample the crab cakes, please let me know. I would be happy to be of help.

What in the world is with all this bunt talk???Hey, I'll tell you what's with all the talk...I think Markakis should bunt every time he gets up. I love the bunt. I love to say it. I love to see players bunt. I love to see the bunt sign. I love to watch players field bunts. I love to watch players catch the ball from the player who fielded the bunt.Bunt. Bunt. Obviously I like to type the word. Bunt.
There I go again. I'd like the O's to lead the league in bunts. I'd like to get the best bunter in the league and have the O's sign him to a long term inflated deal just because he's such a good bunter. And let him bunt. DH him. He can be the Bunting DH. I don't like to see people fake the bunt. If you're going to bunt, might as well lay one down I say. When in doubt, bunt. Yay for the bunt!!

Hey Pete,

This isn't related to this post...but do you have any idea what happened to Jim Palmer? I feel like he hasn't announced a game in a month.


Pete's reply: I just think it's a scheduling thing, but I'll try to check tonight.

A couple of things I have come to believe: Uehara is not a starting pitcher. He should now become a middle reliever. I am still saying that this team does not seem to play with too much HEART. You have to want to win games and you have to will yourself to come through. It just seems to be that the O's are just lulled on the field. I cannot pinpoint though if is coming through from the manager or if it is just that bad of a slump. Usually teams take a week or two but the O's are going on 3 almost 4 weeks. We seemed to be playing team-like before Wieters came up...Not sure why that is. And when Felix Pie was playing we were actually hitting better as a team. That is strange.

Colorado just fired a guy better than Trembley and they are winning as many games as the O's are losing….


Funny you should mention pinch hit. My kids and I and the other 500 fans in attendance were all wondering why Dave Trembley did not ph in the 9th. It makes no sense. You can use the argument that you do not have a back up shortstop. but really if you do not score three in the 9th you are going to the showers anyway. I believe in managing towards a win, and that strategy was not there last night.

Sorry about the hat Pete. How are they going to handle the hat giveaway? I think they will have 25k by the next home stand. It is unbelievable. I looked out in the stands and saw at least 15 sections with no one in it. Some guy was sitting at the top in the left field corner by himself. Did they announce early the lineup would not have Huff and Wieters earlier in the day? so the fans did not show.. I know in the old days back ten years ago, when I was a season ticket holder there would be 40k at minimum on a day like yesterday. On a bright note, my kids and I picked up three tickets for 15 bucks in section 28 10 rows back behind home plate from a guy looking for ripple money, that is cheaper than Bowie. But really this is pathetic, I know they announced the paid attendance at 12k but there was less than half that there. Bring back three dollar night and see what happens!..

What? No picture of the Schmuck in the hat?

Pete's reply: Sorry, I didn't record that for posterity.


Don't know if you ever visited the market up Eutaw St and had one of those MONSTER Crab cakes, you would never eat at the Yard!

Dave T is wearing out his welcome quickly, he seems like a real nice guy but we all know where they finish! How bout a little small ball, maybe quit putting in the "B" line up on the last game in a series and then saying you don't know why we play so bad on get away days!

Dave needs to show a little excitement, it may rub off. But with little thought, I like Buck Showalter or even Bob Melvin!

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