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June 30, 2009

O's Magic and then some

Of course, you had to wonder when George Sherrill hit Kevin Youkilis on the arm to put the tying run in scoring position in the ninth, but Sherrill has been so dependable that it's hard to doubt him.

He struck out Jason Bay for his 17th save in 19 opportunities and I think we know who the Orioles All-Star is going to be.

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Birds should have run off the field with two outs in the 9th (like the sox did earlier). Beating these cocky SOBs (especially Papelbon) like this is glorious!! Heroes up and down the lineup for the Os. Big hits by everyone and the throw by Pie to save a run was HUGE!! AMAZING!! ORIOLES MAGIC BABY!!!!

Wow, this was definitely a great win for the O's. You could feel the intensity because Jim Palmer was so into it he was calling for the umpire to be pulled down to triple A and that he should be ashamed. Ouch!


What's the latest on Adam Jones' injury? Pie came thru big and so did Oscar Salazar. This was the greatest comeback ever.

I think Francona should make the red sox run sprints after the game for running off the field like that. Also it is great news that Jones should be ok according to Trembley.

Youkilis is gonna be sore tomorrow all Boston’s RPs are shot.. We can use this as motivation for Bergy to get a W!!

Trembley earned himself the rest of the year and then some tonight.

I told my son that if the Os came back, I would start going to church again. Uh, Do I have to?

Gawd, I hate Boston, they make Yankee fans look like gentlemen.

A great game and a great comeback.
Everyone contributed in the win.
We are going to still have our growing pains, but it is nice to see a come back like this one.
Bill Bocchino

Yes, Larry, you do have to go back to church. You can't lie to God - look at Acts 5:1-11 to see what will happen, haha

Awesome win.
Oh, and you Mr. Red Sox fan. Yeah, you. I had your car towed. You parked in front of my house.

Nice! Left for dinner and it was 9-1 (live on the west coast), come home and see a picture of Nick next to "O's rally from 9 down" on Yahoo Sports. So weird to see a pitcher as a pitch runner!

Great comeback...


Now Dave will be around until August 1.

That comeback was so amazing. The greatest thing about it though was how fast it happened. Those innings almost flew by because it was hit after hit after hit. It wasn't till they brought Saito in that it slowed down. Then it went to a crawl. Absolutely amazing though! Never seen anything like it. I guess Dave gets to keep his job till the end of this series at least. We'll have to wait till the west coast trip to fire him.

4-6, 6 rbi for the bench tonite. And not one bunt! Incredible.
salazar and wiggy both are swinging the bats, and pie was no slouch.
He smoked that pitch from Smoltz for that triple.People keep ragging on the guy, but he might be the Cub worth keeping.He needs some work, and he needs some playing time, but if that kid develops, you got yourself a real nice fourth outfielder for nothing in return. Abide his mistakes like you do half the pitching staff and let's see what happens.
The manager's job is to put players in the best position to succeed so they do what they can do-no more no less- and those guys have taken advantage.
Weaver always said not to ask a guy to do something he can't do, then neither you nor him will be disappointed. DT gave them a shot tonite.Nobody disappointed.

A month ago, I was lamenting how these Orioles would always roll over at the end of games and showed no heart, as opposed to last year with all those "Defining Moments". Well, starting with that comeback against the Blue Jays, then the Mets, Phillies, and Marlins (almost), I am starting to believe. When they were down 10-1 today, I kept saying "they came back 8-1 on us in April", but then I remembered that they were the Red Sox and we're the Orioles. I started bracing for the pain of a potential sweep.

My bad. This is one for the ages. I won't doubt you again, O's. And neither will the Red Sox...

From Chuck--"Ain't the beer cold!"

From Bill--"It's been a good night, everybody."

"Go Orioles Go...Well you can say that we can't win them all, not at all, let's win the game today, hey, Go Orioles Go...."

People need to stop with the fire Trembley stuff. This team is going to win 70 or so games like we all expected. If the Orioles want to make a managerial move, do it after the season. And we're all gonna be surprised how little difference a manager makes if and when we finally get 3 or 4 very good starting pitchers.

I went to see the Norfolk-Lehigh Valley game tonight (Tides won 3=1) and came home to find the Birds down 10-1. I put it on anyway and boy am I glad I did! What a sweet comeback! I am so proud of the Birds tonight...the good times are coming, they really are. Stick that one in yer pipe and smoke it Red Sox Nation!

Sweet win!

Why is it so quiet here in New England tonight?

Pete,, What move do the O's make when Cesar comes back?? They can't send him down, he's too hot to send down ,, Someone else will claim him

Thanks, Scott

Pete's reply: He stays here, but I don't know what they do to make room. It's turning into a real problem.

Don't think for a minute that Boston's running off the field early in the 6th didn't have something to do with that comeback.

Baseball has a lot of karma attached and that upset the baseball gods...and the Orioles.

Unfreakin' believable...almost as much as Maryland vs.Miami back in the day.

YEAH BUDDY!!! That was awesome. I haven't felt that good about a Baltimore sports win since the Ravens beat the Cowboys in the final game at Texas Stadium. It may not be the same caliber of a win, because the Orioles probably won't be going to the playoffs this year, but a great win nonetheless. This one is going to be hard to top.

I was reading the LoHud Yankees blog and I think the Yankme fans were more excited about this game than their own. Not sure how I feel about that, but this is the most fun I've had listening to an O's game since 97. Pity Joe Angel is away.

Now everyone take off work tomorrow and go to the game.

I am.

Pete,I listened to the post-game show and Dave T. said alot of people were upset tonight on the team,about the umpiring,as bad as I thought it was last night,the guy tonight was even worse,in every aspect of the game.Does anybody remember the play when Melvin Mora checked his swing a couple of weeks ago and the ball hit his hand and his bat?And he was called out?Well,Veritek was definitely swinging at that ball tonight and he was awarded first base.To win a game like that against the vaunted Red Sox,and arguably one of the WORST home plate umpires I have ever seen in 40+ years,and to be the biggest comeback in our history was simply magnificent.I told my Dad after the rain delay that I thought we were going to score some runs,but I'd be lying if I thought we were going to come all the way back.I bash Trembley alot,but I thought the pinch hitting move of Salazar for Mora turned the game around.This guy has to play somewhere everyday,he is just to good of a hitter,that was not a bad pitch he hit for that home run.I think Melvin's days are numbered.Man am I glad I didn't turn the game off.

Pete's reply: I bet a lot of people did.

What a game...

Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit drinkin'!

Impossible to predict if last night's magnificent win will carry over across the rest of the season, but is it not delightful to contemplate the possibilities!!

This game actually makes Trembley's job harder. Pie is showing he deserves more than 15 ab's a month. And Salazar has to play. somewhere, somehow. McPhail could make it easy on DT if he releases Mora when Izturis comes back.

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