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June 10, 2009

Orioles: Pregame Dave

trembleyap.jpgManager Dave Trembley gave an update on Dennis Sarfate, who is playing catch every other day now and is tentatively scheduled to throw off a mound on June 25. If all goes well, he would go out on an injury rehab assignment on July 4.

Chris Ray is pitching regularly at Norfolk and, according to Trembley, making progress on several fronts.

"I've gotten reports from (Tides pitching coach Mike) Griffin on him,'' Trembley said. "His delivery is better. He's pitching every other day. His slider is good and his tempo is better. When he rushes his delivery, that's when he gets in trouble."

The Orioles have to make room for Koji Uehara before tomorrow night's start, and Dave wasn't giving anything up today. The speculation is that David Hernandez will go back to Norfolk when Koji comes off the disabled list.

Trembley confirmed that Adam Jones and Nick Markakis will flip-flop in the lineup depending on the opposing pitcher.

"I spoke to both of them,'' he said. "When it's a left-hander, Jones will bat third and when it's a right-hander, he'll bat second. That's the way it will be when both of them are in the lineup. I don't want to have Markakis and Huff back-to-back against the lefties."

Finally, Trembley said he expects to see the real Jeremy Guthrie tonight, not the guy who couldn't get out of the first inning his last time out.

"Everybody has a day like that,'' he said.

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Lets get the batting order straight and not juggle it every night...we need some consistency (haha!)....but, as long as we are in the experimental phase....let's try this order and see what happens......

1) Markakis
2) Roberts
3) Jones
4) Scott
5) Reimold
6) Huff
7) Mora
9) Andino

Markakis leading off will give him good pitches and maybe he will concentrate , again, more on contact and getting on base instead of HR's.

Roberts in 2nd slot will force him to be more selective and he still swings a good contact bat.

Jones is the best hitter on our team. 3rd slot is a No Brainer.

Scott is/was hot. Ride it!
Reimold is hot....ride it!

Huff in 6th slott till he gets hot after the break then move him back up to 4th.
Mora already peaked so its downhill from now on ...

Wieters needs time to adjust then he will be ok and can also be moved up in the second half...
Andio or that other ss to round out the lineup.....

This lineup is pure gut feeling and has nothing to do with the righty/lefty bats. Put the hitters where they can best contribute to the lineup.

I would love to see a Jeremy Guthrie changing speeds and one who does not give up home runs on fast balls smack dab over the plate.

Will the real Jeremy Guthrie please stand up.It's amazing how dave t continues to sugar coat everything. Everybody has a day like that , very true except for the fact {outside of 1 game} his whole season has been bad.

I like the Adam/Nick 2/3 flipflop idea. Now if he would exchange Nolan and Melvin the lineup would be set.

Pete, Flip-flopping Jones and Markakis makes sense. He might also want to consider moving up Reimold in the lineup against southpaws.

As for the earlier discussion concerning whether Trembley should have lifted Bergesen, I can see it both ways, but would have liked him to at least given the kid a chance to start the ninth. It was a three run lead, after all, and he could have pulled him the first sign of trouble, but it worked out for a win so no complaining.

Short of letting Bergesen pitch the ninth, Trembley could have let him take the mound to begin the inning, but come out for him as the first hitter approached the plate. That way Bergesen could have left to the standing ovation he so richly deserved. (Note: I was away from home for the last few innings of the game, so if in the eighth the crowd, sensing that Sherrill would be coming in for the ninth, gave Brad a warm hand as he headed for the dugout, scratch my last comment.)

Pete's reply: I would have been fine with that.

Miley Cyrus broke up with her boyfriend. I thought everyone would want to know.

You're welcome.

Just wanted to document that before that HR in the 2nd by Lopez that Gary Thorne and Company were mentioning how thick the air was, and how that fact may benefit Guthrie who has allowed a lot of HR's this year.

Do you ever talk to these guys?? If you're around them, I feel like they're oblivious to what they're doing to the team and they need to be stopped. haha

O's will come back tonight... Let's Go O's!

I am wearing thin on Guthrie...He gives up too many homeruns. He should start watching Bergeson a bit more.

The sheer genius of Dave Trembley is on display once more! It only took him 2 and 1/2 months to realize that Markakis and Huff back to back against lefties is not a good idea. Man, that Trembley is one smart dude!
I've got him ranked one spot ahead of the cast of The Hills on my top 100 "Why the hell are you famous" list.

It would make sense to flip Jones and Markakis depending on pitcher if they were equal as hitters. But Jones has much more raw power. Nick as a lefty is ideal for 2nd spot with the first base hole open when Roberts gets on. And then Huff - Scott can hit back to back sliding Mora down to 6 or below. Regardless of pitcher, Markakis should be in the 2 hole. i'd like to know what Palmer thinks. Where's Jim been?

Pete's reply: I don't know. Not my week to watch him.

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