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June 8, 2009

Orioles offense: Just the stats, ma'am (continued)

It's a team slump, but it's also a slump involving several key individuals. Read and continue to weep:

Brian Roberts

Brian’s in a 2-for-26 slump that has dropped batting average to season-low .279. He hasn’t walked in seven games; hasn’t stolen a base since May 19, a span of 18 games; hasn’t even attempted to steal a base in 17 games; hasn’t scored a run in eight straight games; has gone 39 at-bats without an extra-base hit.

On second thought, maybe there is crying in baseball.

Nick Markakis

Nick’s .286 average is lowest it has been all season. He’s hitting .210 since May 12. In last 23 games, he has gone hitless 10 times. He went hitless just twice in first 23 games. He hasn’t hit homer in 69 at-bats, and has just one homer in last 110 at-bats. He hasn’t scored a run or driven in a run in eight straight games and has only two walks over his last 19 games.

Aubrey Huff

He’s 4 for his last 23 with no extra-base hits in his last 30 at-bats. He hasn’t homered in his last 40 at-bats, and has just one homer over his last 80 at-bats. Has more caught stealings (2) than RBIs (1) over his last 10 games.

Melvin Mora

Melvin hasn’t homered since May 7, a span of 25 games for him, and 97 at-bats. Hasn’t driven in a run in 20 games. He has only three extra-base hits (all doubles) over his past 18 games.

Matt Wieters

Matt is 2 for his last 21. He has scored just one run in eight games and is still without his first major league RBI. He has at least one strikeout in five of his eight starts.

Sorry, but it’s all true.

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just trying to look for a positive here.. even with walker in the first series, i thought the overall bullpen looked ok (although most of these situations were prolly not the most stressful).. here are the numbers i got from the 6 game roadie..

24.1 IP
2.58 ERA
15 K
15 H
7 BB
0.90 WHIP

but you know once the offense gets goin again.. this will blow up..

I am usually very critical about the Orioles but we need to give Matt Wieters a pass so far. He’s been thrown into a terrible situation and probably won’t get better until whatever is going on with the veteran players stops. Pete is Brian Roberts on strike??! Either we need to move some of these guys that are not performing for prospects (if that’s even possible right now) or find some kind of resolution in the clubhouse. Maybe they are jealous of how much hype Wieters and the other rookies got and are being bums but these numbers you have posted indicate there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Good time for us all to go on vacation, Pete. Extended if possible.

All the same, I think Nolan Reimold will be the shining star of 2009 and the greatest marker of progress in this season for the O's.


On to a slightly brighter subject. Any rumblings or inside info on which player the O's might take 1st tomorrow?

Pete's reply: They're saying best available, which would be one of the top three pitchers behind Strasburg.

The silver lining - second pick in next years amateur draft.

Yeah Schmuckster, it’s depressing to read that. I think all but Huff are really mired in perhaps the worst funks of their careers. Huff has torched the ball recently with so many of his “hits” being swallowed up in those 2 enormously pitching friendly stadiums.
I really hope we get sorted out on this homestand.

Another silver lining - the Orioles pitchers will not give up any runs in the first inning today.

Facts are facts, as Casey Stengle used to say, "You could look it up."

Pete--Is Brian Roberts playing hurt? Do you think that's affecting his performance? Has he been given the OK to protect himself by not running out infield grounders? We've all seen his lack of patience at the plate.

I think highly of Roberts and wish to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Let's hope the return to the scent of Boog's Barbecue invigorates the Orioles.

Pete's reply: I don't think he's hurt, at least no more than anyone else. Everybody has bumps and bruises.

There have been two constants in the Orioles organization over the last decade-plus of losing seasons. The obvious one is Peter Angelos. The second has been Terry Crowley as hitting coach. Enough said.

Pete's reply: So you throw out the first two months of the season and pay attention to just the last eight games? C'mon.

i sure hope that roberts doesnt make the team regret that contract. it would be tough to do, but the fact that these are the orioles doesnt help

Is Terry Crowley on the hot seat for the lack of hitting?

Pete's reply: I don't see why. The club has been hitting great until the past couple of weeks.

It's been obvious for some time now that the O's are playing well beneath their level of talent. Is there something going on in the clubhouse Pete? It's just hard to watch a team completely falling apart like this. Do they need to re-sign Kevin Millar to put some fire back in 'em? I have never seen a team so totally flat from top to bottom, in all aspects of the game, as this one right now.

Roberts is having an identity crisis. He has to understand that he is a leadoff hitter, stop trying to loft the ball, take pitches, and hit line drives. The fact that he never uses the bunt is also inexcusable, not just for him as a player, but also for the Orioles management that let him get away with this for so long. Mora has the look of a player that is just about done. His arm strength is lacking, his defensive range is not very good, he is not hitting for average, or power, and his base running is abysmal. I didn't realize Huff was in such a rut. I saw very little of the Orioles on the recent West Coast trip, due to the late hours, and their poor play. What I have seen of Huff lately is that for the most part this season he has done a good job of situational hitting. He has hit the ball hard, and played a decent first base. Keep Huff, but move Roberts and Mora if possible.

And the evaluation of the esteemed hitting coach for the team is..........................??????????

Pete's reply: Great for about 80 percent of the season so far.

IS it possible what i said in the last posting has some truth to it.

Pete's reply: Of course it's possible. Since you second-guess virtually everything everybody does, I would have to assume you'd be right a few times just by accident.


Is any of this really a surprise? At the beginning of the season most were hitting way above normal now they have cooled off and are back to normal or slightly under.
Roberts career avg .284, now .279
Markakis career .298 vs .286

Mora is notoriously streaky. Last year he was .232 before the all star game and .376 after. He hit 311/418/306 in July/Aug/Sept.

People just don't understand that baseball is a marathon and .300 hitters don't get 3 hits every 10 abs, they AVERAGE 3 hits per 10 abs.

In Weiters case it may be best that he starts slowly and realizes things aren't easy. I'm sure he will adjust like Cal and others have done in the past. Nick hit .182 in his first 66 abs and then only .254 in his next 71.

Unfortunately most people gotta have it now and that doesn't work well with sports like baseball or in the financial world where you need a deliberate long term approach. Knee jerk reactions, like sending down someone after one bad performance, is a sure fire to failure.

Why are you blogging from your car Schmuckster, the wifey tired of you leaving food under your pillow? ;-)

I should really stop reading this post, it's very depressing.

Brian Roberts' inability or refusal to bunt in certain situations really upsets me. There are times late in a game when the Orioles need a baserunner and the third baseman or first baseman are back that he could lay one down to get on and set the table. For some reason he won't. Doesn't sound much like a team player to me. Also, if I see him not run out a ground ball one more time i'm gonna scream. I know everyone loves Roberts but the Orioles should have traded him when they had the chance.

Seems to me that many of the starters plain forgot how to hit the ball to the opposite field. When they pull everything you get ground balls. Lots of ground balls over the weekend. And incidentally, with the high camera behind home on ground balls, the game was boring.

How about everyone take a half step back and "look for a walk?" Pete, have you ever seen so few walks by the get-on-base crew?

I had the PGA and NASCAR on more than the Os.

E for empty.

Pete's reply: Wish it was that simple. They need to stop pressing, but they still have to be aggressive. Major league pitchers aren't going to walk you out of a slump.

Maybe they all went in to it together, they'll come out of it together. They always seem to suck on the road anyway.

Dragnet . . . I like it!

Hopefully the home cooking will get everyone on the right track. We have a lot of young guys and young guys feed off of the home crowd and maybe getting back to the yard will enegize the baby birds and that will get the vetrans going as well. Hitting is contagious so when it comes it will probably come in bunches.

I did not buy (all) the negativity when things were bleak in early May, neither did I buy all the enthusiasm after the last homestand, as it is a long season. The numbers will be there by the end. The league has made adjustments, its time for our guys too. Couldn't have been at a worse time since I took Wieters and have Roberts in fantasy leagues...which is all that matters!

While the O's have improved with the moves they are making, they still lack experienced winners both on the field and in the dugout. I believe the O's don't have anyone that knows what it takes to win. They should never lose to a team that gets only 2 hits. Three runs being an insurmountable lead is rediculous. The excuses, always the same, are getting old. It's time to stop babying these guys and demand results. Maybe its time to find a manager with a winning attitude that won't put up with some of these " oh well, we'll do better next time" attitudes. Next time is right now.

I think you should give up your delusional writing about the Orioles and just write about Camden Yards and the real hero’s that work there. For example the Coors light beer man. This guy is clutch at getting you beers to forget about the tragic events taking place on the field. He gave me courage to boo Manny last year during his 500th homerun chase at the rented out Camden Yards/ Fenway south… Red Sox fans got mad at me and told the ushers and I almost got kicked out… in Baltimore…. But umm anyway lol

Hitting, like pitching, is psychological to a great extent. Professional ballplayers do not forget how to hit!

I recall that many years ago, the Orioles secured the services of a psychologist (or psychiatrist) to work with Paul Blair after a serious beaning. He became ball shy seriously affecting his hitting.

My question is: If the O's secure the services of a psychologist to work with the hitters, must he secure a spot on the 25 man roster? In an analgous situation, I believe the Cincinnati Bengals had to carry their criminal defense attorney on their active roster a couple years ago.

Oh my.

Peter... why are you making us cry and drink at the same time?

Tears and alcohol do not mix.

I really think that Roberts needs a mental break, and Andino needs to be leading off, while Roberts is number 9. Who knows? Maybe it'll let Brian re-focus. Also, Melvin Mora has to be batting 7th or 8th, he is just not doing ANYTHING in the number 5 spot, and is not even producing there.

I liked the Sunday line-up where Jones and Reimold were the first two guys. But..... I think the lineup should be:


And you expected this team to do what this year? WIN? It's gonna take more than few pitchers in the minors to get this team back to winning ways.. it also looks to me like Brian Roberts is not seeing the ball well at all.. but then again most of them aren't.. i hate to see if they all breakout of this at one time..

The Orioles lineup is soft and over-rated especially when they leave Cam. Yards and have to play in much bigger parks. Of course this is a last place team so what would you expect?

As an Orioles Fan I can at least say, we don't have Cabrerra, Ponson or Gibbons to deal/put up with.

Where's "The Crow" during all this. I thought he was supposed to be one of the best hitting coaches in baseball. He's got to come up with some solutions for these guys quick because this is getting harder and harder to watch and quite frankly I think a lot of people are losing interest. (probably more than the interest they gained the week before, witht all the youngsters performing so well). Leave it the Orioles, whether it be players, coaches, or managment to screw up a good thing.

Until I see Wieters do something, he is nothing but hype. 4 for 28 isn't a good way to start your major league career!

The following link is in response to John's comment. Howard aka "The Coors Light Beer Man" is awesome. And so is Clancy!

I'm tired of all the Trembley apologists.The problem with this team didn't start this past week. It's not bad luck or a slump when you lose day games,Sundays,against lefties,last game of series,trailing after 7 innings etc. This team lacks motivation and Trembley is conditioned to losing and doesn't have the fire in the belly to win and it filters down through the players. They guys don't kill themselves for Trembley and Roberts and Mora still do the jog to first. Reimold must feel like a fool for hustling.Then you have the bonehead baserunning and throwing to the wrong base. How often do you see the Yanks or ed Sox do that?

They are also last in the league in walks. This is nothing but bad leadership and direction from Trembley.Other teams work the starters out of games we don't.
Don't hand me this crap about a slump,they've played bad all year.

This team will never win with Trembley,you'll see.

i have watched the orioles out
here in oakland for the past 25 years.

this by far was their most abysmal
showing i have ever seen.

i thought i was watching a little
league game yesterday.. no hits
and three runs????

trembley is not the manager for
the orioles' future. he is just
too nice a guy, like sam perlozzo.

man i miss the "earl of baltimore"
he was first or second in his
career with the o's...

he battled the umps and willed
his way on some great and overachieving ball teams...

the beer just is flat and warm
now, i expect some players to be
moved on..........

I know exactly what is causing the hitting slump. The Orioles cannot hit lefties. Over the past years, their record against lefties has been abysmal (I mean, actually worse than their already below .500 record). In the last 8 games, I believe the Orioles have faced 5 lefties (4 in a row at one point). The Orioles need to bring back Jamie Walker for batting practice to build their confidence!

This is for Matthew Frieman. The Orioles success, or lack thereof, against lefties should be changing soon. Already this year Scott is hitting much better against lefties and with Reimold, Jones, switch hitting Roberts, and Weiters, I expect things should even out as the season goes on. That being said, I think the problems are much deeper then Crowley. It seems like when the O's are hitting well, they can't pitch, and vice-versa. That is the sign of something being wrong in the clubhouse because this trend has been going on for too long to be coincidence. Trembley has to be held accountable at some point. This team is terrible with the fundamentals and is not playing "winning team baseball" as Trembley promised last year. The buck starts and stops with him.

Regardless of who gets picked in the draft, one thing is certain. The Orioles staff will say "This is the kid we wanted all along. We were surprised he was still on the board when we picked." Save the comment for Ozzie Newsome too come April. To KG: If I'm not mistaken, Ryan Sandberg went 0-32 after being called up from the minors. Give Wieters a break. Would you rather have Gregg Zaun behind the plate the rest of the year?

Awesome post Matthew Freiman. LOL!

O's are back to stinky. Oh well, it's to be expected. I don't think they've beaten Oakland in two years now. Wow, I guess it's next year at the earliest after all. 2009 is baked.

I attended the battle of the beltway game this season at natinal park in DC and out of nowhere I heard HEY BEER MAN COORS LIGHT!!!! I thought I was having an acid flashback but nope he was there selling beer. What a trooper! The guy came out to do his thing at DC. I might just write him in on the all star ballot.

How many days off have these players had? Could Trembley be relying on them a little too much? We have a halfway decent bench for a change; I'd like to see it used a little more efficiently. Furthermore, it's a long season and I'd hate to see the "big guns" get run into the ground by August. I mean, heck, look at how much the time off helped Luke Scott.

when the hitting goes good Crowley gets the credit where is Crowley when it's bad he made out to be such a great hitting coach; so why hasn't the hitting being fixed. the pitching is still pretty fragile it needs a lot of support.

Being a huge fan of the Orioles I love to talk about them online, at work, lunch wherever. Many casual fans keep saying the same thing about the O’s “Oh well we could be the pirates”. Are we or any other small market team worse than each other? I don’t think so at all especially comparing the Pirates and O’s rebuilding plans. The O’s history of not pulling the trigger at moving older players when they are most valued and not being able to produce players stands out. The Pirates may be making questionable trades but they are getting a ton of prospects they can mold into MLB players. Also the Pirates may be landing that 16 year old shortstop that everyone is comparing to AROD. Don’t do this O’s fans the only team we can truely say we are better than is the Natinals.

Batters pressing: am I way off base to imagine they're playing for their agents & those contracts, rather than for the team? Isn't there lotsa pressure to perform for your agent, so he can peddle your stats in the next contract round or free agency? Baseball is very different from 30 yr ago: watching the batters eager to hit during the 1970 WS on MASN is light years from batters eager to stay uninjured; which don't work anyway.

Pete: Team slumps happen. They will get the bats healthy soon. Good pitching beats good hitting most of the time, right?

Professional athletes do not need their manager/head coach to be another friend. Trembley lets these guys do whatever they want. The lack of walks equals a lack of plate discipline and that's the reason they're in this offensive funk. Does Trembley do anything to stop this. NO. He just sits in the dugout and smiles. In my opinion he is serving no real purpose at all. I mean I think anyone could fill out the lineup card each day with the players McPhail tells him to, and then become a spectator for nine innings. And despite being everyone's pal it sure seems that he doesn't really know any of them that well. Especially the pitchers. He's always taking them out when the should stay in, leaving them in when they should come out, and bringing in the wrong guys from the bullpen in the wrong situations.
Dave Trembley should be the next piece of dead wood to join Eaton, and Walker in the unemployment lines. I have no simpathy for him at all, he definitley deserves it. I don't think McPhail has had a problem pulling the trigger on these types of decisions so far, but he tends to let things play out a little too long. Trembley will be gone soon. If he starts getting tossed a lot in the next couple of weeks you'll know it's a last ditch effort to save his job.

Unfortunately, when everyone breaks out of their slumps offensively, that will be the cue for the pitching to fall apart. Despite Hill's recent walkathon, the pitching has kept the O's in several of these games when they couldn't buy a run. Good teams, like NYY and Boston, will put together several long stretches when pitching and offense are hitting on all cylinders. The O's haven't had that happen in 10 years.


You're giving a pass to Crowley. He's got a job to do like the rest of us. And right now he's not making the grade.

Baseball is a game of adjustments, and the fact that practically the entire team is in the same funk indicates that pre-series scouts from the opposing teams are doing a better job adjusting their pitching plan than Crowley is doing adjusting to these changes.

This coaching miscue normally reers its ugly head after the all star break, but with our top players starting out so hot, opposing scouts seem to be zeroing in a little earlier this year.

Bottom line is this is Crowley's bailiwick, and he needs to produce.

I wish they would stick Mora in the number two slot because he takes pitches and it will allow Brian to be more aggressive on the bases. When Brian gets on, he really has an impact on the opposing pitcher.

Congrats to Gary and Buck for winning awards. Gary and Buck, make the games better in my opinion.

of course the problem is Trembley. He spends all his energies projecting baseball knowledge to whomever is listening/holding a mike in order to justify his status as mlb manager. However, he is incapable of raw emotion or an original thought. He fancies himself as the great communicator because he "talks to the players", whether to establish bullpen roles way too early in a season or a batting order in spring training. And he therefore becomes locked in to premature determinations. He seems to me more a suck up than a leader. As to Mora and Roberts not running out balls, I think Mora's legs are toast; he's prone to pulling hamstrings or quads. I don't get Roberts. I don't get Roberts at all.

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