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June 16, 2009

My take on Marshall

abelleAPfile.jpgIf you want my take on the Ravens' iffy receiver situation, you can read my latest column right here. If you want my opinion on whether they should seriously pursue troubled wideout Brandon Marshall, you're already in the right place.

I've been going back and forth on this all day. I've consulted Ravens beat reporter Jamison Hensley, who said on my radio show that he thinks Marshall would be a difference-maker for a team that fell one game short of the Super Bowl last year. I consulted my talkshow callers, who were pretty much split down the middle on the issue.

For me, it becomes a matter of personal consistency. I argued strongly against the decision by the Orioles to sign Albert Belle (left) in 1998 entirely on the basis of his character issues -- and Albert had a small fraction of the off-field baggage this guy would bring to Baltimore.

So, I vote no.
AP file photo

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Pete,I'm with you,it was theAlbert Belle signing that totally turned me off from ever going to Camden Yards again as long as Peter Angelos owned the team.The subsequent ears haven't proved me wrong.If it's a choice between Marshall and Boldin,it should be Boldin by a landslide.

thought that picture was of Marshall... hahaha...

take him... it seems like his problems stem from the crazy broad that he was with. new city, fresh start. I actually like him more than Boldin (Boldin is hurt too much)

get him as long as he isn't facing suspension, the guy is a baller. he gets open and catches everything.

what do they lose in the draft? what other holes do they have? they obviously need a WR (check), eventually D-Line/end help, but they have depth at RB, CB saftey, a freakin' linebacking FACTORY, burn the picks, our 3rd rounders never pan out anyway.

I'll give up the 32nd and 96th picks of the draft for a SUPER BOWL RING! Then trade back a few and acquire more picks.

I agree. Troublemakers and moody athletes seldom help any club win.

I'm with 100%. Marshall seems to be afflicted with a very serious "ME" virus. While he is no doubt a great player, his focus is Marshall and the Ravens could be hurt by a deal if he decides to implode.
PASS (no pun intended) on Marshall. Unless he signs a contract forfeiture clause should he be involved in any trouble.

I agree that the Ravens couldn't make a Brandon Marshall trade work, but unfortunately it's more about money than character. It's the same situation as Boldin. If you don't give him the contract he wants right away, he'll do more harm than good. He, like Boldin, wants a 4 year deal in the 9-10 mil/yr range. The draft picks aren't a huge deal. We won't be able to afford him and keep long time players like Suggs and Ngata. I do think that if we could get him for his current contract price for 1 year and he performs up to his potential (and is eligable to play all 16-20 games) that the Ravens would become super bowl favorites. It's a tough call.

It's just amazing how easily some people throw character issues under the bus in the name of winning. The Ravens aren't going to be a big throwing team no matter who they have at WR.This is a possession type offense not big play.

To make matters worse we have to hear Anita Marks fomenting over yet another malcontent reciever coming here.There's no doubt the Ravens could use another wide out but a 1st and 3rd draft ipck for a guy who could implode off the field at any time is a bad idea,not to mention the contract he'll want.

Ok this trade is really simple...

1. Get BMarsh and become a superbowl-bound team...BMARSH gives us the deep threat and will take double coverage most of the time to open up field for other receivers and RBs...

2. Do not get BMarsh, attempt to win with sub-par receivers (besides Mason, but he's fragile now) and hope Oher is the missing piece that'll be good for an extra 2-3 seconds for Flacco to find an open receiver...



Ngata will be franchised next year and Suggs will receive the big contract when we dump McGahee or Heap...

GET THIS DEAL DONE OZZIE!!! BMarsh makes our sub-par receivers sooo much better because he'll take the focus off most of them and double coverage on BMarsh gives the Ravens so many more options on the field...


When you're talking about a back-to-back 1000+ yds season with only three years experience...well correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds like an elite NFL receiver...the likes of which we have never seen in purple & black...BMarsh will put the fear in the defense we need so they can't stack the box...

This is a no brainer in my mind...

We've never had a season in which all receivers remained healthy...time to get some insurance in case a guy like Mason goes down...

ALSO! Forget the incidents off the field...I have no doubt Ray Lewis would keep BMarsh in check...where BMarsh was "the guy" along with Cutler in Denver, well in BMore, RAY RAY runs the show and owns that locker think he'd put up with a cancer-like player? Not a chance, he'll whip him into a team player instantly...

Furthermore!!! He hasn't had an incident since march 2008...almost a year...seems like he learned his lesson....he's not a cat for pete's sake...also, to be fair, I've dealt with crazy girls in the past and his wife seems to be off the deep-end...the incident stems from her trying to blackmail him into giving her money...go figure...

Just having read his "rap sheet" in the Sun, if they take this guy it will be a complete sellout. What's the use of all the interviewing and testing they do of draft choices if they're going to throw integrity out the window when it suits them?

No one can buy something prudently without looking at the price tag. It drives me nuts when Anita Marks says "we must get Antwan Boldin" without knowing the cost. AB is a must only if we don't give up a 1 and a 3! Same with Marshall... what is the price tag here? Would you not make this trade for another player say Clayton and a 3rd?

Hey if Belle did not get hurt, no one would have complained. His first year in Baltimore was pretty darn good. Played injured all the time. Off the field problems are what they are. Most teams have something to deal with. The Ravens had guys that had issues before, but really between the lines those ones that had issues played tough hard football. You can construct a contract for Marshall to include off the field problems. Sign him today because regardless of off the field problems he is a top 5 wide receiver, and he will help the Ravens. Look at Moss going to New England was a blessing for him and the Pats.

I'm split on the issue. It's easy to say bring him in on in, but it's not easy to see down the line when it comes to character issues. This is the kind of thing that makes you look back with hindsight 20/20 on either extreme.

That said, Pete you should put together a piece that lists all of the #1 WR's/playmakers in the league combined with their attitude and character issues. It seems like every #1 WR can give a strong case as to why they'd be a cancer to a team! They are all hotheads and ego maniacs, but I'd be curious to see an actual breakdown. It seems like something that you just have to live with if you want a big playmaker as your #1 wideout.

Pete's reply: There certainly are a few of them, but I'm at the baseball game right now. If I can muster the energy later, I might do that.

agree with john %100 Baltimore needs to sign Marshall, without a big time receiver we will never have a dominate offense. hes the last link Baltimore needs to get over the Steelers in the north and go deep into the playoffs with a potental super bowl birth. Im not a fan of the drama wide recievers, however the Ravens organization isnt like the cowboys or bengals, we dont let our players get out of hand like they do. Also as john said this is Rays team, Ray wont have none of that bs going on in his locker room, and when Marshall gets here Ray will let him know that. Maybe all Marshall needs is a new start and as a huge Ravens fan id like nothing more then for him to come to Baltimore. Hes young, just like Flacco, if they can play together throughout their careers, they could be the next Manning and Harrison

Hey Pete,

Does your vote from last month on Marshall change if Mason follows through on his retirement intentions?

Pete's reply: That's a question we're going to ponder on the show tonight, I think, along with some All-Star stuff. I don't think I change my opinion on Marshall.

Hey Pete,

I don't think it would do us good if we went to try and get Br'andon Marshall. We don't need that type of guy in the locker room I feel strongly that we should give up whatever it takes to get Boldin. People can say that he argued with his offensive coordinator all the time but it was only because he wanted to play. Boldin would fit in well and he plays like a raven.

Pete's reply: Boldin would be a good get, but I don't know if he's even still available.

Do you think Ozzie will be willing to give away Heap, a 1st and 2nd round draft pick ? Would that be enough ? Anquan is still unhappy in Arizona and that move may be the blockbuster trade to get him

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