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June 28, 2009

It just keeps happening

Remember that Ty Wigginton baserunning error on Tuesday that got everybody all up in arms? Well, Aubrey Huff did almost exactly the same thing in the eighth inning today, getting thrown out stretching at second base in a situation where the risk didn't come close to being worth the reward.

Instead of hot-hitting Nolan Reimold coming up with a chance to tie the game, the Orioles were out of the inning. Can't believe that nobody is learning from these fundamental mistakes. Who knows what Reimold would have done in that situation, but when you're trying to come back from a four-run deficit in the eighth or ninth inning, the focus is on getting in a position where one swing can tie the game. Huff got them into that position with his RBI hit and then took them out of it by overplaying his hand -- and overrating his legs.

This isn't just about Wigginton and Huff. This team has been defeating itself on the bases regularly all season.

With all due respect to comedian Ron White, you can fix stupid, and it's time for Dave Trembley and the coaching staff to do something about this team's inept performance on the bases.

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I've been saying all season long that the Orioles are playing "losing team baseball" and not "winning team baseball." Trembley should've addressed this over a month ago and he should be held responsible because this is a team wide affliction. Time to start pulling people out of games when they make boneheaded plays. With some decent managing this could be a .500 team.

You're right on Pete. But what's extra frustrating are the flashes of laziness some players show -- i.e. Luke Scott today barely making an effort to escape a rundown. Luke is normally great, but I can't stand watching this team hustle only when it's gonna beef up their stats.

It's gotta change.

Pete's reply: If Luke was running on a contact play to keep the team out of the double play, he wasn't the one who made the mistake, but I don't know that and I'm not there to ask. The ball was just too close to first base, so the Nats were getting two outs on it one way or the other. Don't think you can really fault him on the rundown. Once Salazar gets to third, Luke has to give it up because there is nowhere to go. They'll just run him back to third and get one of them.

The cool thing for all the O's last year was having a strained oblique, this year, the cool thing is to run the bases like an idiot. I am not sure what Huff was thinking or if he was at all, but T Bone has to be held accountable as well.

Pete, we are 75 games into this season, and I swear that I've never seen so many base running blunders in my life.

I agree with Jeff, as this team really had a shot at being . 500 for now, but they are so fundamentally unsound, it wont happen and Dave needs to do something about this. I will always root for a guy like Dave, as he coached over 20 years in the minors because he loves the game, but it's getting tougher to think the O's wouldn't be better off with a new skipper. If we were 3 weeks into the season, I accept it, but 75 games in and the same dumb plays are costing us a chance at winning, it's getting tougher to swallow.


I'm floored.

I agree 100%.

Stuff should've been addressed in a much bigger way 2 months ago.

Scott goofed today as well.

The problem is Peter, I think DT's preference for aggression is causing a lot of these baserunning errors.

What they need to do is just tell the slower players and the ones without good baserunning instinces to just play station to station. In the long run the team will score more runs.

Pete - It does seem to be a bit of a snowball effect going on right now with the mental mistakes on the basepath. Something does need to be done to address the problem, but it just doesn't seem like anyone (manager/coaches/players) are willing to step forward to do so.
Curious what you think should be done to address the issue and who is the person to do it?

Pete's reply: Smart baserunning is a mindset. It's not really something you can practice. The manager and the coaching staff just have to get it into everybody's head that you play the game, not the ball you just hit.

Why should the players show any hustle? Why make the right play? Who cares as long as Dave Trembley is the manager and there is 1 quality pitcher? The team is not making the playoffs and if you look at the schedule things are going to get much tougher from here on out with a series next against the sox then massive road trips until July 27. Players know the situation and they are playing like it.

We just witnessed the beginning of the end of DT today. Poor guy he didn’t stand a chance but maybe he knew that going in….

What scares me if the O’s fire Trembley is if they hire the same guy. It seems the O’s have set a standard of managers after firing Davey… Get the quiet inexperienced cost effective guy, one that will be a company man and not get out of line. So I guess they might as well keep Trembley until the team gets moved or whatever.

Sounds like Matty's defense isn't so good.What's up with that?
Just rookie mistakes dropping the throw home and heaving a few into the outfield?
Running wild in the streets...

Pete's reply: He should have made the play on that throw from the outfield, but he's not the first catcher to miss when that ball skids on the grass. I think his throwing will be fine.

More blunders on the base paths! Its a wonder this team has ever won a close ball game with such terrible baserunning as a team. I know there has been alot of talk about whether or not Trembley is the man to manage this team and I have been behind him for a long time but if he doesn't address these baserunning issues soon, maybe we need to find someone who will!

Besides Huff, let's not forget the other base running blunder by Luke Scott. Also, what gives with Wieters? I can see a rook having problems batting because there's a big difference between AAA and the Majors when it comes to pitching, but as a catcher basics like throwing out runners, catching outfield throws, BLOCKING THE PLATE, are taught throughout the minors. This guy has been nothing short of a big stiff on plays at the plate especially. Can't hold on to the baseball and worse of all, the sweeping tag attempts as opposed to blocking the plate. Rick Dempsey would have to get bowled over for a runner to try to score but apparently Wieters must be afraid of a little contact. This is the guy who is suppose to be THE epitome of catcher? I'll take Chad Moeller behind the plate because he isn't afraid of blocking the plate on a play at home.

Pete's reply: I guess I'm seeing some other Matt Wieters. Ithought he was a pretty good player who had a bad day today.

Trembley isn't the guy making boneheaded plays on the base paths. Who is in charge of base running? If the O's don't have a full time base running coach, hire one. This is getting pretty pathetic. How many games have they lost due to a basic like base running? Frank Robinson wasn't exactly a speed demon but the man had base running instincts; something surely lacking by EVERYONE on the current roster.

Huff's play was a blunder to be sure. But trying to get into scoring position w/ 2 outs not quite as bad a gaffe as Wigginton made, in a tie game and the go ahead runner already on third and only 1 out. However Huff was not even close. I would say poor judgment, not necessarily poor instincts. Splitting hairs? Scott's play on the other hand seemed outrageous, but quite possibly would have been a tagout at second for a double play anyway had Scott remained close to the bag. I think he was in a no win situation there. I like the idea of giving Salazar a start, but it did seem like we missed Mora's defense. Another tough lefty tomorrow, will be interesting to see if Wigginton starts over Scott at dh.

I think you and everyone missed the point of the posters saying BROB should be benched yesterday. Most were making a point that this whole team is making lazy plays by vets and the fans want accountability. In ways I am glad we got our @sses kicked by the Natinals today to illustrate the point that something needs to be done. If this team has to keep losing because of incompetent management so be it sooner or later they will learn from the failures and if not they deserve it when fans stop coming.

Pete's reply: Nothing lazy about the Huff play. He was hustling his butt off, just not when it was appropriate. There weren't any obviously lazy plays today. Just some bad ones.

Pete, I agree. Don't you think this has to fall squarely on Trembley's shoulders? I thought for awhile that Trembley should have some rope without much in the way of players, but he's getting some talent now and a few things, bad things, are apparent. This team lacks fundamental discipline. That comes from a lack of leadership, teaching and practice, which has to start with the manager. Trembley is exceptionally aggressive, ie the hit and runs and the repeated base running errors that continue to occur because likely no one is getting reprimanded hard enough for them, as the manager likes being overly aggressive, which'd be great if it lead to winning baseball. It does not. Trembley seems to have no feel for handling a pitching staff. I do like his ability to keep players ready to play because he does manage to find enough time for most of the guys, even the boneheaded ones, he cannot be blamed for Pie's lack of baseball instincts for example, but he has found some productive uses for him even, pinch running and so forth, but here to me is the most alarming thing, it's largely veterans making fundamental baseball mistakes. B Rob could bunt once in awhile if directed but he's always swinging for the fences. Mora, Wigginton and Huff on the base paths. Zaun's misplays BEHIND the plate that cost us a game. New guys, guys like Andino and Reimold seem much better prepared and they haven't had much time under Trembley's tutelage. These things are clear signs of a lack of focus and a lack of strong leadership at the top. I like the way the organization is headed for the first time in ten years, largely because McPhail has been wise to get rid of old baggage. I'm afraid we may have one more suitcase to clear out before the O's can make a final run at becoming a contender. I'd like to see this happen sooner rather than later as we have so many young guys on the club and coming up through the ranks. What do you think a Leyland or La Russa or Cox or yes a Davey Johnson would do with this club as it is assembled now? I tend to think they'd be playing .500 ball, maybe even a bit better. Certainly they wouldn't be making so many fundamental mistakes. If Dave Trembley's methods are costing us 6 or 7 games per half a year, then he really should go.

Pete's reply: I'm not advocating a change, but if you got your way, who would you hire to take his place?

I agree with the posters. However, you all have forgotten the PLAN which is to lose as many games as possible to accumulate higher draft choices. The veterans who are screwing up due to lack of focus understand they'll all be gone by the time the O's ever get good again. Don't criticize the blunders, applaud them. It's the PLAN.

Pete's reply: Then they're really blowing it because they've won five of their last nine and swept the world champs last weekend.

Well abc123 if that is the plan then the nationals are kicking our backsides at it. They got the highest rated pitching prospect in over a decade and are in line to get a 17 year old phenom next year.

I don't think Hobgood and whomever the O's get with the 4th-8th pick next season is going to match up to that.


Forget the kangaroo court, the mistakes these guys are making as professionals are more than I would tolerate from an American Legion (15-18 year olds) or adult league players (over 18). Fundamentally flawed and this always goes back to the leadership or manager making it his priority! Hernandez pitched well enough to win. Still didn't understand sitting Mora in the Sunday line-up. I too agree with you in that Wieters throws were pretty good, he blocks the plate much better than Hernandez ever did, but he needs to hold onto that ball! Oh well, lets knock out these errors and be prepared for 2010!

So when does he call out Scott and Huff? If he's going to set an example with Pie then why not those two? By failing to do that you set yourself up as nothing more than a 2 bit bully.

I cannot wait until Trembley is fired.

DT's 'To Do' List for ST 2010:

Develop a base running program and implement it thrice a week.

Develop a bunting program and implement every day.

Anyone care to add.

Take Senior's advice seriously: "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

I suspect that Trembley has to start correcting the base running buffoonery by first correcting his mindset. This has been a trademark of his teams from the moment he's taken over. He's never had the team to play this way and does not seem to realize the fact. It's really frustrating for the fans, and somewhat sad because we're watching a class guy stubbornly stick with an approach that could easily cost him his job. Would you want to see these kind of fundamental mistakes giving away games if the team were someday in a playoff chase?

Barely a month into his rookie campaign and already people are calling for Weiters head. I'm a huge Os fan but this is exactly why I will never be a Ravens fan. The fickleness is just off the charts.

Hey Pete,
Sorry I can't agree with alot of the folks on here. Seems they want to blame a loss on base running? Yet look at what the bullpen did or should I say didn't do? Ray and Hendrickson couldn't hold the Nats. Least we should start talking of getting rid of those two? Ray isn't the same as before his surgery. Lannan pitched well, doubt having Brob or Mora helps the lineup today. Hernandez was up in the zone alot today and Dunn showed us what happens, so can't say he pitched well as a few think he did. If anything today, Trembley should have not let Ray come back out to start the 7th. He probably had his first 3 pitch strikeout in awhile. instead he gives up a HR in the 7th. Let alone I believe the Nats had a few lefties starting the 7th at bat. As far as Huff? He was running full speed from the start and never led up. I have no problem with him trying to make something, but there was no coach yelling for him to stop. i'm sure if you talk with him he'll say he was doing this on his own. Will Trembley or a coach talk with him? Sure. Does Trembley need villified? No.

Pete's reply: I can't believe you're advocating getting rid of Ray. If you actually watched the game, he threw one bad pitch for a solo home run. Otherwise, he looked like the old Chris Ray. They've got time to straighten him out. You don't throw away good pitchers unless you like what has happened here the last nine years.

Pete why do you keep bringing up how the O’s beat Philly? That team was injured and having serious issues playing at home. Ryan Howard was hospitalized 2x, Lidge was out and their key players were hitting 200. Come on at least throw a change up in your O’s defense that series was a total fluke.

Pete's reply: So whenever they lose it's because they suck and whenever they win it's because somebody else sucks. I'll try to remember that.

What’s the Orioles problem? I’d say that there is no urgency to become a contender. Veteran players know this fact, the manager knows this, and the fans know it. That outlook has everyone just going through the motions. It looks like the O’s have found a way to profit or at least brake even on fielding bad teams with MASN and playing in the AL East.

It doesn't matter whether a dumb fundamental mistake cost the team a game or not. These things should not happen, period, even if a team is 20 runs up. repeating myself here: Whatever it is a coaching staff can do to keep players focused on the simple things, this staff is not doing it.

Pete's reply: Nothing lazy about the Huff play. He was hustling his butt off, just not when it was appropriate. There weren't any obviously lazy plays today. Just some bad ones.

If players continually make mental/lazy mistakes the manager has to take action to kill the infection. He can bench players, try to talk to them, give extra instruction whatever it all depends on the style is of the manager. Hopefully Trembley does something to make this mess stop but if he has lost the team....

Obviously there's no big name sitting there, though Leyland's contract expires and that would be perfect, but I'd look to someone who can develop young pitchers and work well with the fundamentals. We have Crow and Kranitz, so I think the coaches for arms and bats are in place. Catchers make great managers, especially ones that played under other great managers. I'd take a look at Allenson from the Tides because he knows these guys coming up and has helped develop them, but outside our existing system, and barring a given, why not look at Dempsey. He played for Weaver and Lasorda and did pretty well in the minor leagues. I'd also look at Dave Duncan and Bob Melvin.

Pete's reply: I'd almost like to see Leyland here, because in two months there would be dozens of posters here saying he is the dumbest guy on earth.

Nobody is saying Trembley is stupid. It’s just a bad situation and there is plenty of blame to go around about now.

Even if it doesn’t work out Trembley was brave for taking this job. Joe Girardi and the more popular managers knew how hard it would be to manage the O’s and wanted no part.

PS Jim Leyland just signed a new contract so hes not going anywhere

ummmm how about any manager with previous major league experience? That should have been a prerequisite for the position in the first place…

Pete: Thanks for putting it out there in a honest way, Well this is an interesting problem. Is it the base coaches that are the issue? Is it the players trying to do too much because of the stress of losing? Base running and being aggressive on a team that wins is okay, but a team that is always trying to scratch a win, it is inexcusable. Someone somewhere down the line had to tell these players when down by three or more runs you have to go one base at a time. The first base coach has the responsibility of holding back the runner. I If the coach is sending him on that, he needs to get a plan on handling game situations. If it is the players, demand smarter ball, if not the bench.


If the O's want a manager, I'll go back to the starting pitching we had in the beginning of the season, you get what you pay for! Also, who would come here, while the prospectus is very good, the last 11 years have done nothing but offer a stiff challenge. I think we need to abandon the "players manager" and get a hardass kinda guy! Buck Showalter is out there, Bob Melvin and Tony Larussa's contract expires after this season. Another thing about coming to B-more, our managers never gets to bring his own staff. While many guys on the staff are O's lifers, as Bill Parcells once said, if your asking me to cook the meal, I'd like to be picking the groceries!

Keith Rowe,

I agree with everything you said man!!

What do Camden Yards and the Baltimore Aquarium have in common the next few days?

They are tourist spots! Hahaha I kid the O’s

Everybody seems to be letting Matt Wieters off the hook today. Not a bad word out there. We have to admit he single handedly lost the game. He personally gave up two runs and produced nothing (0-3, K). I think the Baltimore Sun can hand it to him when he deserves it. And today he deserved it. Don't be afraid guys. Tell it like it really is and stopping sugar coating his continued lack of production and fielding skills.

All of the Wieters critics out there must be the most short sighted people on the planet. Just stop it really. The guy has been playing major league ball for a month. And the blocking the plate issue, what are you thinking. Frankly I don't give a damn if he makes a sweeping tag at every single play at the plate the rest of his career. It's better than having someone plow into your potential franchise player at full speed. I'm all for aggressive hard nosed play but that's just rediculous.
Whoever said that Trembley's downfall will be his "player's manager" style is dead on. I get the impression that inside he's a little insecure and wants everyone to like him. Maybe it's not all his fault. Maybe the players should know better, but the situation is what it is and it's not getting any better. I don't see the downside of starting fresh with someone new at the helm. As far as the impact that a manager has on the game, I really don't think you could do much worse than the current situation. (Not to be mean or overly negative Pete, just my honest heartfelt opinion. Now you can tell me why I'm wrong)

Pete's reply: I will always disagree with change for change's sake. The "anybody will be better" approach is the pathway to doom. If you don't like Trembley as a game manager, that's fine and it becomes an issue as soon as this team is in a posiition to contend. But if you like what Reimold is doing, or what Bergesen is doing, that's where Trembley is the right guy for this job right now. You have to look at the whole picture.

Keith Rowe-i like your point on how find new manager and to let him assemble his own staff , you said it well .

As for Mr Trembley ? I 'advocate' O's let him finish this season before handling him the pink slip . Firing Trembley now or before the season ends could give prospective managers the wrong impression about the O's .

Seems like it's all the future free agent vets making the baserunning blunders lately.
II'd like to see Bobby Valentine managing the O's.

On Trembly - overall it seems like he's great with the younger players which is pretty important for this team going forward

sure woontz
scrap the bunting program because bunting is for losers

instead, try a home run program
home runs are for winners

Institute a program for bloggers that convinces them to stop begging for more bunting.
Any bunting at all is almost always too much. Write that 1573 times in chalk on your driveway. So you see it when you leave and when you get home. And try like hell to remember it.

Matt Wieters is going to make mistakes, he is a rookie. I've been impressed with Matt since he got here. He is probably under more pressure than any other O's rookie in the history of this franchise. Look at how much 24/7 media coverage, blogs, twitter, etc., are out there. No blogs when Big Ben and Moose broke in with the club.

The complaints sound like the same things people were saying about Markakis and Jones during their 1st couple of months. They turned out well so let's give Matt a chance.

Pete, is Hendrickson as good as gone when Koji comes back? David Hernandez pitched a really good game in my book. I would like to see him finish the year as a starter and let him have his ups and downs now. Koji could really help the BP out because the only times he gets into trouble is when he is tired. He could be pretty dominant out in the pen for a few innings.

Pete's reply: I really don't know that. Depends on whether Uehara returns to the rotation and, if so, whether the club wants to move Hernandez into the bullpen.

Let me add my own take on Matt Wieters . I was excited when the O's AND signed him . I was not among those posters who wanted Wieters to be called up by O's last year and again this spring training . Most folks were begging O's to start him RIGHT AWAY . Didnt this kid just got drafted just TWO years ago this month?
I was not surprised to see Wieter's having a bad game today . It HAPPENS , its baseball . Wieters been here , what one month ? And we want his head on a platter ? I am happy Wieters is our catcher now . If Wieters gonna make rookie mistakes , this year being 'transitional' year is good time to make adjustments and kinks out on his skills . Hang in there , Matt !

Birdland - I agree with you on David Hernandez . He seemed more relaxed and improved from his 1st stint with O's this year . He gave us 6 innings and giving up 3 runs . This may not jump at anyone but.....isnt this kid a ROOKIE starter ?
Im sorry guys , my head still spinning from last year's O's starters , Liz , Olson , Traschel , Burress , Cabrea , need I say more ? Hernandez showed me hope and promise of O's future .

lol... Leyland wouldn't care, and he would instill that in this team. The basketball contests that loosened the Pirates up, the fundamental teaching that took a similarly young, talented Tigers team to the World Series, instills far more confidence in a troop of players than a guy who is afraid to bench a "star" like Scott, but can manhandle a rookie like Pie. Leaders lead. Losers lose. Trembley is a caretaker, but the thing is, the Orioles are no longer a corpse. That's why everyone is so aggravated. We've waited a long time to see some talent assembled on the field. Here it is. They have some promise, and we need a wet nurse and a leader to make the next progression. Not a gambler.

Way to go Pete! Hold the manager's, coaches' and players' feet to the fire on this fundamentals stuff. I'm not a fire DT guy, I just want him to do what he said this team would do when he was hired. I want to see a well coached team that hustles and executes. Is DT the long term solution, probably not (especially if they keep playing the way they are playing now). I don't care what anyone says, but its still not about wins and loses right now, its about building towards '10, '11, & '12...and they are NOT on the right path when it comes to being a disciplined and fundamentally sound team. Leadership and accountability in the field and on the bench is severely lacking. Everyone here seems to hang on one play or one game. It wouldn't be so bad if Huff made a base running gaffe once a month, but the team has multiple ones each game! If the young millionaires don't know how to run the bases, hustle, block the plate, execute a but, etc, etc, now, how will they win when the team is ready to compete? Gotta look at the big picture down the road and fix these problems now. Keep the up the pressure, Pete!

Don..The Tigers recently extended Leyland so he's not an option. I'm not convinced that Trembley is ever going to be a solid MLB manager and you can bet that when the O's let him go, he won't get another shot(just like most of the former O's managers-see Mazilli/Perlozzo/Miller).
As far as a replacement, I have no idea but surely there are worthy candidates elsewhere? Isn't that part of McPhail's job as well-to scout the bushes for fresh managerial talent?

Does anyone remember that Walter Alston managed for 20+ years on a series of one year contracts? That could never happen today; two losing seasons and he'd've been canned.

Trembley is barely past the novice stage of major league managing, and like in any profession, knowledge, skills and experience must be earned over time. I do think that he relies too much on "the book", but remember that he is developing and honing his managerial instincts. Let him develop with the team; two years from now, if the mistakes continue to be made, then maybe we should consider a change.

On Sunday afternoon I got to catch the end of the Braves-Red Sox game on TBS. The Red Sox eventually lost 2-1, but they went down trying in the 9th inning with SUPERB baserunning.
One out (I think),Youkilis on first, Ortiz hits a weak grounder to second, Youkilis stops and forces the second baseman to throw to first. Youkilis gets in a rundown and is safe at first because of heady and hustling play. Result? Red Sox get another batter up,rather than game ending DP. Varitek drives in Youkilis to make it 2-1. Braves finally get the last out and Red Sox lose, but the play of Youkilis in that episode is brilliant. That's the difference between a team engaged in something and the Orioles. When a player could have just gone through the paces, but doesn't know how to.
I wish the Orioles would have a little of that drive I saw in a brief episode from Youkilis.

Pete, given the old baseball axiom that managers are hired to be fired what do you think of Rick Dempsey as an eventual replacement for Trembley? He seems insightful, in tune with the game as played today and seems to offer great suggestions about all facets of the game from pitching to defense to the nuances of hitting. He's a Baltimore fan-favorite and would bring an energy and enthusiasm to the position that we haven't seen around here since Weaver. And as a first-time manager, he could grow-up right along with his young and talented ballclub. What do you think?

Pete's reply: I like Rick a lot, but don't think they view him as the manager of their future.

Peter, it seems we just can't see eye to eye. You refuse to lay the blame on Trembley. You think his mis-management in game and lack of discipline or leadership will only become a problem when the team starts to contend. What day are we scheduled to start contending? I'd like to mark it on my calender. I was under the impression that with Trembley we'd never get there.
As for me, I simply can't see any reason to think that Reimold or Bergesson's sucess really has anything to do with Trembley. I know what you're thinking, I'm giving him all the blame for the bad and none of the credit for the good. If you could explain how you attribute anything from Dave to their sucess I'd love to hear it.

Pete's reply: Sure. This is a transition year and Dave isn't chopping up the young guys to get every possible win. He's taking your criticism on a nightly basis for taking pitchers out too early, and he's doing that so they remain confident and continue to grow instead of having every good outing blow up at the end. He's doing a lot of things that you don't see. He also has failed to address a tremendous lapse in fundamentals, and I have said over and over it will be his undoing if he doesn't get a handle on it soon. Now, you explain to me how firing the manager and replacing him with somebody else from Triple-A (which is what you probably would do until the end of the season) is going to make Aubrey Huff and Melvin Mora smarter baserunners.

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