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June 2, 2009

Hernandez deserved slightly better

David Hernandez might have put together another pretty effective start with a little more defensive help, but he gave up a lot of hits on a night when the Orioles didn't figure to score much against Erik Bedard.

Nevertheless, he got the club into the sixth inning, showed some grit and was better than his pitching line. This is a lot easier to watch than those Adam Eaton starts, but it would be nice if the Orioles could work out some of the kinks on the bases.

Of course, there's not a lot of second-guessing to do when the offense has been shut down almost completely over the past three games. The Orioles are just lucky to have won one of them.

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Not too concerned about the hitting. They've run in to some very good pitching. The baserunning is not helping, of course.
You had to think this is the one the Mariners had to win, with their best starter at home. So you move on, and try to take the series tomorrow.

Weiters and Reimold,two rookies,work Bedard hard for a walk,and with a chance to change the complexion of the whole game,you have Luke swing at the first pitch,Unbelievable.

Pete's reply: He just missed it. It's not a perfect science.

BTW,on a sadder note my condolences to the Mike Woods family on the passing of Mike today.He was a tough nosed tough hitting LB,who never complained about his lot in life,being in the wrong place at the wrong time,trying to rebuild his relationship with his father.And condolences to the family for having to live with the fact that the punk who shot him and eventually cost him his life,only served 7 years of a 15 to 60 year sentence.Sometimes there is no justice in this world.

Yes, the base running has been pretty sloppy again this season. This has been a trend over the past few seasons. Not a good indicator of playing the game the right way.

Bedard certainly pitched well. For the Birds, one clutch hit would be a welcome sight.

Jet lag usually kicks in big time on the second day. The Birds look like they're aching for a Serta right now.

Let's see,I'll march out to the mound and get Walker to get out two lefties even though they are hitting .429 against him,and then he proceeds to give up 2 2 run homeruns to put the game out of reach for sure.Why is this guy still on the roster and why doesTrembley insist on using him.Batting practice time for the Mariners.I could hit Jamie Walker.Ureal.Now Pete,let me hear you defend this decision?

Pete's reply: Walker looks like toast. No doubt about that.

Jamie Walker does a pretty good job of chewing gum.

He was once a good relief pitcher. He has not been anything close to good for two seasons now. The pop is gone on his fastball and his breaking stuff has no bite.

It makes no sense that Walker is still pitching for Baltimore. Eat the contract and say Thank you, Jamie for the good times.

My mistake,Griffeys homerun was a solo shot.Walkers giving up so many hits it just seemed like more.My bad.He sucks and needs to be released asap.Koji comes back,Walker gets released and we can only hope somebody we play picks him up.

Another effective outing for Walker. I can't imagine whatever lefty pitching in Triple-A right now can't do a better job than Walker, who can't get out lefties and isn't any better against righties. Maybe he can only get out the ambidextrous.

Do you think the old jamie finally pitched his way off the team? He should book a flight for June 10th!

Pete's reply: I have to think he's very close.

I liked Jamie Walker two years ago but I think he's done now. Pay him to stay home rather than to lose games. I like Reimold over Pie but he needs to work on his D. Take a pitch Luke.

If Reimold makes the makes the play in the bottom of the first on the "double" Lopez hit the game is so different. I'm really not sure how he missed it, and didn't see a replay. Rookie pitchers need everything they can get, and he didn't get enough help from his defense. I thought he threw pretty well though. I also thought the O's hit Bedard hard, but into a bunch of bad luck. Don't get me wrong, Bedard pitched very well and made some guys look bad , but we had some very good swings against him. I didn't expect to win this one, but the final score doesn't reflect how close the game was. looking forward to tomorrow night's game and it's supposed to be another beautiful night in Seattle. Go O's

Now Jon,let's not start disparging ethnic groups or sexual preferences,lol.Ambidextrous, Dad would either ask where they were from or what sex they preferred.This is a man who thought bilingual meant you liked both men and women,lol.

Barry, you should've seen Baseball Tonight's "The Buck Stops Here" segment Tuesday night, as it was all about how baseball players suck at running the bases nowadays, with nary a Oriole during the feature (it mostly focused on the Yankees and Tigers). So it's not just the Orioles that can't run the bases, neither can any other team in the Majors.

You knew Bedard was going to get us. With all the media attention about who "won" a trade, sometimes it's just best to realize that there are pluses and minuses to all deals, and it's not a zero-sum game. Bedard's a great pitcher.

I don't accept the excuse that the O's have run into good pitching. Nobody is insoluble, you just need to find the chink in the armor to have a fighting chance. In Bedard's case, that chink is pitch count, and the Os were nowhere near patient enough with a guy who threw a lot of first-pitch balls and ran a fair number of full counts. Against a guy like that, an 8 pitch SO can be better than a leadoff single.

Is Alberto Castillo still at Triple A? I know he wasn't excellent last season but has to be better than Walker at this point. I was at the game on Saturday night and it looked like Walker was throwing b.p.

Why not give Waters a shot. You know Castillo will be mediocre and Walker is no longer able to pitch. Waters was great in some spots previously and is pitching well at AAA.

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