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June 10, 2009

Guthrie: No excuses

jeremyap.jpgJeremy Guthrie said that -- aside from those two pitches to Jose Lopez -- he felt good on Wednesday night, even though he had been "out of whack" over the three days leading up to his start against the Mariners.

"Results-wise, I'm not going to say it was a great game,'' he said, "but compared to how I felt during my throwing program the past three days, I thought it was a positive step."

That sent up the usual antennae. Somebody asked him if he was hurting, and Guthrie said that he was not feeling any discomfort, but was having some issues with the way he was feeling the past few days.

"I'm not sure how to describe it,'' he said. "I just felt out of whack. Sometimes you just don't feel good. When I went out tonight and threw my first pitch, I was happy because it felt pretty good."

He doesn't feel good about his league-leading home run total, but insisted that he's not going to obsess about it and try to change the way he throws to avoid the long ball.

"It's the result of pitching in the zone and up at times,'' he said. "I think the track record is different, so I'm hoping to get turned around. I'm never going to focus on not trying to allow home runs, because you'll get out of your game."

Guthrie insisted that he is pitching "100 percent" pain-free.

"I think the velocity shows that,'' he said. "There is no pain. I feel 100 percent. I'm banged up mentally, but nothing we can't fix as professional baseball players."

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Trembley said it best, Guthrie has to stop pitching in the middle of the zone or the home runs will continue. I don't thing Bergeson threw many pitches down the pitches so that is a good example of how Guthrie should pitch.

Guthrie speaks of not wanting to "get out of game." He's missing the point. That's precisely what he needs to do. He needs to show he has the resourcefulness and mental toughness to change his game, make adjustments, grow as a pitcher.

To me this is a cautionary tale for pitchers considering the WBC.

Guthrie's situation is no surprise to anyone. He had a miserable pre season that carried over to a miserable season. The home runs are nothing new. He picked up where he left off last year. What worries me is that the writing has been on the wall for a long time and the same problems still persist with him.

The O's front office have to ask themselves: Is Guthrie part of the team's future? If not, deal him now, before his value goes back to what it was when they picked him off waivers from Cleveland.

It is no secret that he is not even a number 3 starter at this point. Perhaps the bullpen is the right place for him.

Bring the young arms up now and let them gain some big league experience under their belt. The Big Leagues is where they can learn to pitch. If the Oakland A's can win games with 21 year old pitchers, why can't we?

Guthrie could have given up 2 runs and still lost.

Doesn't anyone realize that this offense has scoreda total of 14 runs over the last 10 games (1.4 runs per game).

Not sure why that isn't the story and not a starting pitcher going 6 innings and giving up 4.

Guthrie isn't part of the teams future. If McPhail would have thought so, he wouldn't have given him a pay cut. Bergeson is the only guy who seemingly projects at this point. Tillman could be up in the second half. Patton and Arrietta next season. I think it's a sign of how much brighter the future looks. In years past, Flanny would have inked Guthrie to a 3yr $24M contract.

I love how Guthrie has it all figured out after another horrible outing when speaking to the media...yet when his next start rolls around...he continues to make the same stupid mistakes. If he even tries another high school slider up 2 strikes in the count, Trembley should yank his Stanford thinks too much ass right out of the game. I am so sick of seeing him get ahead of these hitters with serious stuff only to lose everything on his worst pitch. Note to the cerebral one...make them beat you with your best pitch. If that's asking too much...water the tomato's in the bullpen. Next!

I agree with Nils--Guthrie is a closer.

If he can learn to keep the ball down, and use some of his natural savvy, he can come in and blow pitches by hitters in the 8th and 9th inning.

Remember Chariots of Fire? Some guys are distance runners and some a sprinters. Guthrie is a sprinter trying to act like a distance runner.

Guthrie for Closer.

Dennis Eckersley II.

with guthrie's hr total, we have to take into account that he pitches at camden yards and a lot at the new yankee stadium and fenway park, all easy hr stadiums. a curve should be assumed based on the stadium.

just like tex's 19 hrs and damon's 12 hrs should be looked at as skewed because of that ridiculous yankee stadium hr situation.

Note to Jeremy Guthrie: The Bible says the meek shall inherit the earth. It doesn't say they'll have decent E.R.A's.

Gotta agree with Nils. But one other point. Notice how well Guthrie pitches when he's down three runs. Suddenly he's lights out. What Guthrie lacks is the killer attitude. He can't handle the pressure of a tie game or even protecting a lead. He falls behind and takes the pressure off, and all of a sudden he's Roger Clemens.

thank you Paul, for the injection of perspective. And only 3 of the runs were earned.

calm down everyone. guthrie has had six quality starts (3ER or less over 6 innings) so far this year. that's six games he has given the team a great chance at winning. the reason he is the team's number one is largely due to the choices the team had available at the start of the year. he is, and has consistently been, one of the positives on the orioles pitching staff.

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