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June 16, 2009

Bad night for Brian

It's not often that you see Brian Roberts look bad in just about every facet of the game, but I guess everybody's entitled to a night like this once in a while. BRob made that error in the fourth inning that opened the door to a four-run Mets rally, then struck out with the bases loaded in the fifth with a chance at redemption. He finished the night 0 for 5.

"We play a lot of games,'' Roberts said afterward. "It's not the first time I've gone 0 for 5, not the first time I've made an error, not the first time I've done both in the same game. It's not fun, but we play a lot of games in our careers and that happens. I'm going to go home and get a good night's sleep and come back tomorrow."

brianap2.jpgHis eventful evening didn't end there. He had the better angle on the popup that Aubrey Huff dropped in the seventh inning to account for the other two Mets runs, but he had a long way to go because he shading Mets third baseman David Wright toward second base. Huff tried to make an over-the-shoulder basket catch and the ball appeared to glance off his wrist.

Stuff happens, but this kind of stuff doesn't usually happen to Roberts.

Associated Press file photo

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How's Matt looking Pete?

Pete's reply: Like a rookie, which is probably how he's supposed to look right now.

You know what I like about the O's? It's a real team, it's a different guy every night!!

O.K. Here's the thing...

Pete, which of these two players should be hitting 5th
Player 1 .287 7 HR 16 RBI
Player 2 .267 3 HR 16 RBI's

Now, one more stat...Player 1 has had almost half the ammount of at bats as Player 2 and appears to know how to run the bases.

WHAT IS IT WITH MORA HITTING 5th? I would venture he is the worst 5th batter in all of baseball. What is it with this so called loyalty? Is it really so bad to bat Mora 7th or 8th? Oh yeah, he might pout or something...we can't have that....

Please Mr. Macphail, complete this turnover and try to trade Roberts also while your at it...this is just too much... I'll run the ball out for one tenth of what he makes.
Please put your own manager in there. This is driving many of us crazy....

Pete's reply: Why not hit him fourth? His stats are also way better than Huffs over the past few weeks. The answer is that he's doing well outside the heart of the lineup and you can make the case that you don't mess with him.

I thought the Trembley hire was good at the time....
I think the time has passed...
I thought AM should have traded Brob.
I still think he should try.
I think Mora is done....I think batting him 5th is the epitome of insanity.
Oh but who cares what I think.

And don't forget the weak grounder with the bases loaded in the ninth! He definitely looked less focused than usual.

Yeah, I guess these kind of games happen to everybody at least once and this was Brian's turn. About the only thing he did right was to steal 2nd in the 9th inning. Let's hope he makes up for it tomorrow night.

Pete--It was more than that. Brian opened the bottom of the first grounding out to second. He jogged down the line to first. In the 7th, when Melvin fielded the grounder to third, Brian did not bother to break to the bag to take a throw for the force out.

I can understand the failures at the plate. Heck, he's been hot with the bat lately. Not hitting, that's baseball.

But this lack of hustle and this stunning appearance of being in dreamland during certain games this season is jarring.

I asked you recently if you knew if he was hurting and had been given the OK to not run hard to first. You said, as far as you knew, he was not playing hurt. His steals in recent games seem to indicate that his legs are OK.

Why has Brian not seemed mentally prepared during several games this season?

Pete's reply: I don't know. I'm pretty sure he's healthy. I'm giving him a pass on the force play you mentioned. He was playing way over in that situation. The play was to first base.

thanks for the reply, i suspect he'll pick it up in the second half...

There are things about the NY market that bug the daylights out of me. I think they are bandwagoners and over play way too many situations - but I cannot understand why it is nobody in the media can ask, or comment about the plain and simple truth that Roberts is not hustling - only Plamer seems to be willing to make a point of NY Roberts would be Roasted - and moreso because of the contract he just signed. He gets a free ride from everyone but the paying customer. It's diappointing as much as it is Roberts dogging it. The amazing part is the errors we can all live with are talked about, every player bobbles balls - but they should not be a pass for the player ("I have struck out before, I have made errors before etc" - but Brian you dogged it? please answer to that point and stop using your physical miscues to cover it up). All the fans want to know is why isn't he hustling. Errors happen - but lack of hustle from someone who should be a "leader" is unacceptable and he needs to be brought up - I guess only in NY.

Pete's reply: I believe I was the one who asked Palmer about it and wrote a column and a long blog item on the subject of leadership and hustle. So, I guess somebody in the media does ask those questions outside of New York.

Someone made a comment earlier today about how no one comments when the team is winning. I noticed the same thing. It's kinda sad, as a fan shouldn't we support them through the good times and the bad?

After tonight people are complaining terribly about Brian, who are you going to replace him with? He's one of the best 2nd basemen in baseball, only a handful are above him.

Hi Pete,
I'm not going to be one of those that says that we should have traded BRob, but this year I have seen more lack of hustling, errors in judgement and overall lack of interest in the game from him. I know he still does a lot in the community but he really does seem like a different player this year. Not saying that it is because he got his Contract, but something just doesn't seem right with him.

I was at the game last night, sitting on the 3B side, so I saw the Os dugout all night. I was looking for some kind of fiery emotion coming out of someone sometime. Guthrie showed some by kicking a bat after an RBI single. But that was it. B-Rob still talks and smiles with anyone who makes it to second. I don't mind a little of that, but when you are a last place team, it seems to me like you say "hi" and play 2B. The "Hey, isn't making millions in baseball great!" kidding around is getting old to us fans who shell out hard-earned money. We want to see baseball, not Barney.

And in the bottom of the ninth, with a rally in progress, there were actually a few players sitting back, arms relaxed, on the bench watching as if they were fans of another team. There were maybe three on the top step, leaning on the fence, who looked somewhat interested. From the looks of that bench, they were expecting another loss, or maybe just weren't engaged enough to show it to teammates or fans.

Conclusion: this team has been reading blogs, press, TV/radio about this being a re-building year. They read that no one expects them to get out of last place. So they play and act in line with that state-of-affairs. They certainly have the talent to win a bunch of games --- and maybe be a spoiler to some teams --- but their body language and actions don't support the possibility.

This team looks, for all the world, like they are a losing team. Too bad. Hope the new kids can shake things up.

We all knew it would be a bit frustrating this year with the O's. I believe the team is going in the right direction. They need to stay the course and continue to introduce young talent into the team. I think part of the problem is the lack of players with winning attitudes. Most, if not all, of these players have never played on a winning team. The organization must develop a " we expect can win everytime attitude". They are not even close in that aspect of the game. The talent is getting there, but the attitude is lacking. Most times they fall apart under pressure. Attitude change might be the most important move the O's can make. Keep the faith, it is getting better.

Wow, the vultures are out! It's great that you all would play for 1/10th of the amount of money that these guys get paid, but remember this NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU PLAY!

I am not a fan of Brian Roberts.....I don't like players who don't put it all out there and he is one of them who likes to half-step far too often for my taste.

Trembly must work on basics and attitude. Never, ever accept losing. Every loss can't be accepted as part of the game. That is a loser. I remember the 1960 Pirates. They were, with the exception of Clemente, just an average group of players. They developed into a championship team by refusing to be the last out of an inning or the last out of a game. They were probably one of the slowest teams ever in baseball. They just tried to excel in fundamentals and they had a true " last man can win it "attitude. Look at Adam Jones as an example. In April and early May, he strode to the plate knowing he would make contact and not chase bad pitches. He attacked the pitches. Recently, he is tentative and swings defensively at times. He lunges at bad pitches. His swing is the same, but his aggressiveness is sometimes missing. Confidence, it's all about confidence and attitude. They will wake up and realize they can be very good. Success breeds success. Until they realize their talent, it will be frustrating.

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