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May 7, 2009

Rain ball in the rear view

Orioles designated hitter Luke Scott knew the score when he went up to the plate in the fourth inning last night, and it wasn't just 3-0. The important thing at that point was to make those three runs stand up for another nine outs after the first of several rain delays.

rainlam.jpgSo Scott swung at the first pitch in the bottom of the fourth and launched a 398-foot shot into the right-center field bleachers to make it a four-run ballgame, then embarked on one of the fastest home run trots of his career. There wasn't a moment to waste with the clouds threatening to open up at any time.

"Absolutely,'' he said. "I wanted to get it as soon as possible. I was in ambush mode the whole time."

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire wasn't thrilled that the umpires insisted on squeezing five innings out of such a horribly inclement evening, but the Orioles need all the help they can get at this point. It was their second victory in their last three games, but only the fifth in their last 20.

"The key thing was, Minnesota only comes in here one time,'' said Dave Trembley, "so everybody wanted to get it in so we wouldn't have to play a doubleheader on a getaway day."

Well, not quite everybody.

Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam

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Finally, the Gods smile on the Orioles...

Gardenhire would'nt be crying if it was his team that had been in the lead all night.

Gardenhire can complain, but this karma for their loss to the BoSox on Apr 22nd. Down 10-1 at the start of the 8th inning of the first game of a double-header on that day, the rain came. And rather than be forced to complete game 1 before starting game 2, Gardenhire got to concede the game. He saved an inning of work from his bullpen, and maybe even his team's off-day the next day.

Minnesota comes here only one time because of MLB's cockamamie scheduling. They bore us to tears with 18 games with each division rival, have virtually no games against other teams in the league, and further bore us with the irrelevancy known as inter-league play.

One result is games like last night's, which, as Gardy said, should never have been played.

i hope the orioles offered free tickets to a future game for those who went last night.

Are you going to rename your blog "The Baltimore Sun staff writer stops here" ?

Gardenhire had every right to be mad. They should never slog through four rain delays. That's ridiculous. And my 8-year-old looked at the radar during the first rain delay and concluded it would rain on and off all night.

O's fans who had tix and didn't go last night definitely should be offered a ticket to a future game. That would be a small gesture of good PR out of what was otherwise a horrible decision. (And no, I didn't have tickets last night ...)

I wonder if Gardenhire would have been as upset if the Twins had taken the quick 3-0 lead... once that game started, both sides knew the odds.

Pete... tell me I heard this wrong... :-) I wrote this in another blog...

Schmuck must have been drinking some spiked koolaid last night if he compared Pie to Willie Mays. I heard Willie was pissed too!

Pete's reply: Yes, you heard it wrong. I never compared Pie to Willie Mays in any way, shape or form. Willie Mays turned 77 yesterday and he probably could still put up a higher on-base percentage than Felix.

Pete---I see in the game story, too that "Bass wriggled off the hook." He is one elusive fish.

Nick had some fishing in mind as well when he lined one off the pole.

"Slowey" pretty much describes the night.

This may be tangential, but if MLB had a balanced schedule, then each opposing team within the American League could be played in four 3-game series, two at home and two away.

So in the event of a potential rainout, there'd be more leeway to re-schedule the game, which could prevent the "we're gonna play come hell or high water" approach to slogging through a rain-soaked game.

This would leave each AL team with 6 extra games on its schedule, which could be used for interleague play (3 games at home, 3 games away), extending some series to 4 games, etc.

The NL would have fewer options, but it would give some of these series less of a feeling of getting the bum's rush.

That was an embarrassing win. They should have just resumed playing today. MLB should look into that one. What if the Twins miss the playoffs by 1 game? Im an O’s fan all the way, but last night wasn’t fair.

like the wise man said, " A win is a win is a win is a win. We have so few we will take them anyway we can get them.

I find it very humorous that the Sun writers and photographers, as a form of "protest" refuse to allow their bylines to be printed in the paper. Yeah, that will sure show those big bad nasty bosses! A line from Puck comes to mind "Lord what fools these mortals be."

I fully support The Orioles long overdue committment to a major rebuild, however I wonder how much of a core fan base will remain by the time the efforts begin to bear fruit.

Attendance continues to dwindle. The average announced paid attendance through 16 home dates this year is 20,147, compared to 21,172 in 2008 through 16 dates. I wonder about the fans who have simply moved on, and whether or not they are even paying attention to the fact that the team has many exciting young prospects, some of who may debut this year.

If only winning will bring them back, the Orioles may slide down to about a million a year before then.

What do you think Pete?

Pete's reply: I think attendance will bounce back quickly when the Orioles become truly competitive, which probably will coincide with a better overall economy.

I guess just another case of Manny injecting Manny, eh Pete? LOFL $45M

Jess, one might argue that more people find interleague games interesting, since the attendance goes up during almost all interleague games no matter the park. If it wasn't bringing in the bucks, they wouldn't still be playing it.

Pete's reply: Yes, you heard it wrong. I never compared Pie to Willie Mays in any way, shape or form. Willie Mays turned 77 yesterday and he probably could still put up a higher on-base percentage than Felix.

LOL, I agree with you about Mays. Sorry I doubted you too. I still remember watching Mays stumble around the OF in the playoffs/WS , he was with the A's or Mets I think? His last year or next to last. It was sad to watch...

I get attacked by the Piehuggers as I call them in that other blog BTW...

Pete,couldn't agree with you more about Felix Pie beingcompared to Willie Mays.The lineabout Willie putting up better numbers made me laugh out loud.Too funny!

Here is a unique marketing idea that the Orioles might try since they have admitted that being competitive is out of the question this year. How about trying to get some exposure for the great atmosphere at Camden Yards and the good young players they have in the lineup. They could blitz ALL of the area radio and TV stations with players and coaches making themselves available to ALL media outlets. Everywhere you go you would see and hear from the Orioles. It's a good group of guys from what I can see. Wouldn't this make some sense?

Pete's reply: I think attendance will bounce back quickly when the Orioles become truly competitive, which probably will coincide with a better overall economy.

Was that from Peter Schmuck or Peter Angelos? When the Dow was 14,000 they were horrible and the same poor business decisions were being made.

The Twins had chances to annihilate two of the worst pitchers in the majors, but failed to get the job done. On the other hand, the Orioles scored just enough runs early off that obnoxious Steelers fan Kevin Slowey, who entered last night's game undefeated in four decisions. The Baltimores definitely earned last night's victory. Live with it, Gardenhire.


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