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May 28, 2009

Postgame Dave

Dave Trembley has started to crack a smile, and why not. The Orioles have won six of their last seven games going into Matt Wieters' debut tomorrow night. The subject du jour was the guy who came up from Norfolk for tonight's game -- David Hernandez.

"I thought after the first inning, obviously David was excited and he had every right to be,'' Trembley said. "After the first inning he really settled down. his fastball, I think we talked about that earlier, he can elevate his fastball and change eye levels with it. His change up was good, and he worked out of jams three different times. I was impressed."

On Luke Scott: He's a guy that when he's in a groove, he likes that fastball. He usually doesn't miss it. He's been chomping at the bit to come back . He told me he only needed two games at Delmarva and that's all he needed. He's come up with some big, big hits for us."

On a week of Oriole magic: When you win, it's a whole lot of fun. In the last inning I saw nine guys up on the top step and on the rail. Roberts called the home run in the dugout before Scott hit it. There's justg a real good feel about what's going on. Melvin kicks one, and keeps his head up and comes back and starts the big double play. We've got a long way to go but I felt a few days ago that we were starting to turn a corner."

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Was there tonight. Feeling of confidence all night long. Maybe just a hangover from yesterday's game but it was a feeling I haven't felt at an O's game for a long time. It may not last but what the hay, might as well enjoy it while its here.

Let's hope Weiters gets a shaving cream pie in the face tomorrow night. I kinda hope it turns into a nightly event.

I just cast my vote on Andy McPhail's job performance and couldn't believe that almost 90% gave him an "A"! Two weeks ago everyone was bemoaning the status of the last place Birds. How quickly a few wins - and new blood - change people's outlook. I rated Andy, not on what is happening now but on how well he was able to get a Major League team ready for this season by making good choices of free agents in the off season. He knew who most of the position players would be so he really only had to concentrate on signing four starters to go with Guthrie. He came up with one and Koji was a roll of the dice, never having pitched at the U. S. Major League level. The rest of his choice were soon revealed to be the worst of the worst. In reviewing my off-season printout of free agents there were so many, many others who wouldn't have been half the risk than the ones that he signed were. Was $$$ the reason that so many mid-level pitchers were bypassed? The O's sure didn't get their money's worth from the others. They've been lucky that Baez was already under contract and has been able to get in good form and that Albers was able to straighten out by going back down for a couple weeks. Sarfate is still a question mark so Andy doesn't have much to show for those three, or so, months during the off-season spent signing quality pitchers to carry the club until the minor leaguers were ready to come up. So I gave him a "C" and that was based on signing Zaun, Moeller and Izturis. I can't give him any credit for signing Freel, Pie and Andino.

Pete's reply: I think Andino was a good move. The jury is still out on Pie. Freel was a bust, but the deal was a good deal at the time for other reasons. I agree, however, that Andy's grade in that poll shot up when he announced the Wieters debut.

Luke Scott is on the verge of stardom. He's a keeper....even at the trade deadline. There are others that could go ..... Huff for a couple of prospects and then bring up Snyder. Damn, the Orioles would be young and exciting at the very least.

This might be a minor detail but I think it typifies the kind of motivation Trembley has, but I've noticed that every rookie debut when possible, Trembley pulls them out an out shy of the end of the inning. Maybe some might think it's circumstances, but I actually think it's so that the rookie can walk off the mound to a standing O. It's a small gesture but a really big deal that the kid would never forget if it was a good outing.

Pete, Starting tonight the everyday lineup for the Orioles is going to be: Roberts, Jones, Markakis, Huff, Mora, Scott, Reimold, Wieters, and Izturis. I don't see any easy outs in that lineup, do you?

Should the Orioles' pitching improve somewhat (which it's showing signs of doing) and the team be spared any major more major injuries from here on out, with that scary good offiense I think they have a real shot at a winning record from now to the end of the year and even perhaps finish the season over .500 for the first time in a dozen years.

I don't know if you heard the clip of Dave Trembley talking about Matt Wieters that was played during the radio broadcast of the game, but he sounded positively giddy. LOL

The only one associated with the O's I can recall who sounded that delirious with joy was Leo Mazzone interviewed right after he signed the big contract. Leo actually sounded as though he had had a few glasses of wine, and Dave didn't sound too far behind (though he wasn't drinking, of course).

Of course, if you or I managed the O's, we'd be pretty pumped about having Wieters finally make his debut. As for Matt coming through big, I think it's possible, but the wild card in that is Dontrelle Willis, whose loosey-goosey delivery can cause problems for many hitters. I doubt if Willis is going to go too far into the game, just because I don't think he has a real good idea of where the ball's going after it leaves his hand. Matt may have a better shot at getting a hit against a more conventional hurler than Willis.

P.S I heard that for the big premire tonight you'll be trading in your trademark Hawaiian beachcomer look for a suit and tie. Any truth to that rumor? LOL

Pete's reply: Absolutely not, but I am shifting gears. I'll be wearing a golf shirt tonight.

peter- maybe you can answer this for me. As the situation on the Korean Peninsula gets more tense, the Joint Chiefs said today that ofcourse the US could fight a conventional war despite being in Iraq and Afghanistan. It could be a UN matter and we would have "help" (we are always about 80% of the money/machines/men), but if stayed a USA, Japan, and SK matter, and we are still in Iraq for the most part, and the draft is reinstated, are MLB and Minor league players draft eligible? I ask because we have so many younger players. I think the draft ranges from 18-28 year olds.
I know ofcourse Joe D, Feller, Fox, and so many others enlisted after Pearl Harbor, and laughed when I thought about the "Modern Player".
I hate war. I hate that there are lunatics in the world, but every single day, this situation looks more and more inevitable for bloodshed. This nutball cares nothing about UN Sanctions, and he just keeps holding us hostage for more aid.
Clinton should have handled him 15 years ago before he had nukes.
Sorry about the tangent.

Pete's reply: I have to say, this is one of the more interesting posts we've had on a Postgame Dave entry. I don't think the draft will be reinstated and I don't think we'd ever engage in a conventional war in N. Korea.

They're saying one of the young guys has to go when Koji gets back. What happens if they pitch well and Hill has another bad start?

Pete's reply: I don't know yet. I can't look past the Wieters debut yet.

What was going through Trembley's mind pulling Hernandez with 2 outs in the 6th. If these kids are gonna grow lets let them be big boys and work their way out of trouble when they get deeper into the games

What a difference a year makes. Wasn't it just last year that the O's were forced to call up 3 or 4 pitchers from the minors to bail out the failed staff that was here. At the end of the season those call-ups combined to throw 14(?) straight balls in a September game that made the O's the laughing stock of baseball. How come last year's call-ups, collectively, did so poorly and this year's (so far) have performed so well? Did the O's select the wrong guys to come to the rescue or does one year make that much difference?

Pete's reply: The difference might be that these guys are unfamiliar to hitters and may not have good scouting reports following them around....or they're better pitchers than the guys who came up last year.

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