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May 1, 2009

Orioles: Sore subject (updated)

If things weren't already bad enough, the Orioles may need to call up another relief pitcher before tomorrow's game in Toronto after Dennis Sarfate walked off the mound in the seventh inning with an apparent arm problem.

Sarfate hit Jose Bautista with a pitch, bringing a warning from home plate umpire Tony Randazzo, then looked uncomfortable delivering a pitch to Marco Scutaro. Brian Roberts noticed it first and went to the mound, then summoned manager Dave Trembley and trainer Richie Bancells.

The MASN replay showed Sarfate opening and closing his right hand on the mound, as if he was trying to shake off some pain or tingling. It's not a good sign for a team that needs all the bullpen depth it can get right now.

Postgame update: Manager Dave Trembley said that Sarfate suffered a loss of circulation in the middle finger of his pitching hand. He's still waiting for a full report from the training staff, but Trembley said he doubted the problem would sideline Sarfate for an extended period.

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Sarfate has been awful this year, and Ray erratic. God, can't anybody pitch??

Huh? Trembley's a doctor now? Admitedly I'm not one either, but losing the circulation in one of your fingers seems like the sort of thing that could end up complicated. I hope not, but wouldn't that be just typical for how this season has gone so far?
What a train wreck.

Nope, nobody can pitch.

what's the status on rich hill?

Pete's reply: Pitched okay at Norfolk the other day. Should be up in a couple of weeks.

Hope Sarfate doesn't have to go on the DL. Albers looks scared to throw strikes so far this year for some reason. He'll probably have some serious jet lag going on if they have to bring him back up again already.

While I'm on the "let's bring up the young talent" express, what about Wifredo Perez. That guy was lights out in spring training, and I think he's doing very well a Bowie so far. Either that or I wouldn't mind seeing them make the move to bring up David Hernandez into the bullpen. I've always had a feeling that's where he'll end up anyway, and I think he could be extremely sucessful in that role.

Pete's reply: If you remember, Wilfrido was my dark horse to make the club out of spring training and he did nothing to make me look stupid with that prediction.

As inconsistant as the starters may be, it's a sad situation when one can pretty safely assume that the bullpen will be even worse. I hope Sarfate is ok, but he is woefully wild, he overthrows, and would probably not be on the roster of most teams. For years, I have not understood the concept of a "structured" pitching staff ( meaning a long guy, a set-up guy and a closer ). The problems in the game today all can be traced to the fanatical devotion to pitch counts. I like Nolan Ryan's philosophy - go out and pitch with the expectation of pitching a complete game. Until pitch counts are stopped in professional baseball, pitchers will never develop the strategies and arm strength needed to succeed on a long term basis. Arm injuries seem to be endemic since pitch counting started, whereas 25 years ago, they didn't seem to be as prevalent. Anyone see a connection, other than me ?

Trembley is not the Doctor...he was reporting what the medical staff told him. "He's still waiting for a full report..." The train was wrecked in the off season.

The Orioles are right where they belong "IN LAST" once again. The Orioles braintrust of Dave "Tremblin" Trembley, Andy "FAIL" MacPhail and Peter "MIA, I could care less" Angelos are worthless and continue to be an embarassment to MLB. The pitching staff thrown together is a major league JOKE, the Norfolk Tides could give them a good game, the offense is incapable of holding a lead, evident of the 7 games thus far the Orioles lost while initially in the lead by as many as 8 runs, now all loses, and lastly and most importantly the continued injuries to Mora, Jones, Sarfate etc, etc are indicative of the teams inability to take the game seriously enough to stay health, Mora especially, get rid of the POGE, along with the entire pitching staff, and all of management, they all STINK. 10 years+ and all I keep hearing is next year, next year, lord people it's May 2nd, and the way I see it next year is 11 months away.

Pete's reply: So much for not panicking.

Sounds like it's time for a little blue pill. Of course, if he gives people the finger for more than four hours, he should consult his physician.

Bad news for the O', not Sarfate; Losing the first game of a series - dating back to last year the O's don't do well in a series when they lose the first game.

Their focus at the beginning of the game becomes less and less with each passing inning - count the opponent's number of pitches per inning as the game progresses (or regresses). First pitch swinging is a tell-tale sign.

Getting use to losing is another tell-tale sign.

Having a team-wide mental letdown during the game primarily indicates a management or coaching lapse, and not just a player lapse.

Sometimes management needs to kick a little butt, or else risk finding their butt someplace else.

Agree wholeheartedly with Joe in Cecil. What genius decided that when good pitching is scarce, you should have 13 or 14 pitchers on the staff instead of 9 or 10? That sounds like a system where the worst players make the team.

No. It's not time to panic. We're way beyond that. And it's panic about young players, or seasoned vets. It's about an organization that has perfected the art of accepted losses -- of making losing a habit.It's tought to break habits. And sometimes it means really thinking outside the box. It's an affront to fans to charge major league prices to see what's not much more than a AAA team -- at least the pitching staff. There are some quality people on the team, but m fear is that if losing continues to be the norm, they will lose their will to win. It seems incredibly important to instill in this team and organization -- and in its fan base -- the will to win. Winning can be a habit, just as we've seen losing become habitual over the last decade plus.

SHER "ILL" is a has been, another CHOKE job in the 10th at Toronto. Who in MLB has a closer with an ERA of 5.06, come on "Tremblin" Trembly that ship has sailed just like "Cloudy" Ray, and Sar"fart"e (my correct spelling). I feel for Brian, Adam, Luke and Nick their efforts just won't be enough and like past seasons be swept under the rug by Mc FAIL, and AngeLOSER.

The pitching wasn't important enough to be addressed in the Off-seson. (the O's live in a constant Off-season with this owner and McFail.) 11 losing seasons! Give me a break! Boycott Camden Yards! At this rate, many of us won't live long enough to see another Orioles winning team.

Poppa Bear,
Happy Birthday. Get happy man it's only baseball

Coming from a Jays fan, a tough loss today in Toronto. Guthrie went 8 innings, a strong game. The Jays bats were too much. For sure the Oriole's best starter. He had to go 8 innings anyway...there ain't no bull pen. With all due respect, djph, pitch counts are reasonable yard the minimum it gives you an idea when to start the warm up throwers...then again, it hurts when you've got no bull pen.

Coming from a Jays fan, a tough loss today in Toronto. Guthrie went 8 innings, a strong game. The Jays bats were too much. For sure the Oriole's best starter. He had to go 8 innings anyway...there ain't no bull pen. With all due respect, djph, pitch counts are reasonable yard the minimum it gives you an idea when to start the warm up throwers...then again, it hurts when you've got no bull pen.

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