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May 10, 2009

Orioles: Scott injury sounds ominous

All you had to do was see the look on Luke Scott's face -- and his arm in a sling -- after today's game to know that his shoulder injury is probably no small thing. He was clearly disheartened and talked about the importance of the power of prayer in the situation. You don't usually go there for a simple strain or sprain.

"I dove head-first back into the base and it kind of hyper-extended one of my rotator cuff muscles,'' he said. "Tomorrow I'll go in for an MRI and see what happens."

So, don't be surprised if he turns up on the disabled list before Tuesday night's series opener against the Tampa Bay Rays. If that happens, the Orioles will have to decide whether to replace him with a DH-type such as Oscar Salazar or call up hot-hitting outfield prospect Nolan Reimold.

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I hope Luke isn't out too long. In the event he is DL bound, Reimold could sure use the at-bats.

Nolan Reimhold, its one thing not to rush players, its another to flat out discourage them by holding them back! Reinforce the behavior your looking for, don't impede it!

This organization CAN'T be this stupid! Oh by the way where the hell is Matt Wieters? He's hitting 296 and I'm sure he's asking himself what in the world he has to do to make the worst team in the AL?

My prediction is they'll move Pie back to left because the blind squirrel found a couple of hits today and divide AB's betwen Wigginton and Montanez,because it just sounds like something Trembley would do."We have to get Wigginton untracked".So let's see Zaun finally starts to heatup so you sit him for Moeller,Izturis starts to hit so you sit him for a slumping Roberts,who could use a break every now and then,and you bring in Walker,who hasn't getten lefties out for 2 years.Great managing Dave,100 losses here we come.Can't wait to hear the excuses,ooops reasons he calls them forremoving a pitcher who had thrown less than 100 pitches and just had a 1,2,3, inning the inning before..

Do you think they should bring up Reimold and have him and Montanez share playing left field or DH with Pie swapping in every so often? Hasn't Reimold earned the chance to come up and compete for the spot since no one is claiming it.


Pete's reply: It's not about what he has earned. It's about what is best for him and the team. I think you bring him up if you're going to play him at least four games a week.

It should be about what Reimold has earned. This is a REBUILDING team last time I checked that will probably lose between 90-100 games and almost certainly finish in last. I would agree if this was a team that was going to be in the hunt for the playoffs, then it should be about what is best for the team to win games. The Orioles need to be bringing guys like this up and putting them in the lineup 4 days a week especially when they are dominating at the highest level besides the majors. The time to see if these guys can play is now when the team has no pressure and is not expected to win this year. Let Reimold and Montanez play everyday splitting time at dh and in left and see what you have. Let Wiggington be a bat off the bench or spell Mora at third and stop having these guys take at bats away from players who could be part of the future.

Pete's reply: I disagree. It should never be about what somebody has earned. This isn't a high school team where everybody deserves a fair chance. It's a business where every move should be directed toward improving the product either short term or long term. I'm eager to see Reimold up here, too, but it has to be in a situation that helps him and the team. He can't come up here and sit.

We all love Luke in Baltimore. He is a great scrappy player who cares alot about his team, so i hate to say this... But this is the cure of the problem of "where to put Nolan?

Reimold deserved to be called up just as much as Lou Montanez, so hopefully he can be called up and prove to everyone that he can replace some pop in the lineup

If you get a chance, pass on everyone's best wishes to Luke.

Does anyone remember Jeff Fiorentino, yeah he was hot after 50 ABs in double A one year and he got the call. We have two of the top players in all of AAA, while we languish as the worst team in baseball? Has to make even the O's on the major league roster wonder what it is that management is doing/thinking? If I didn't know better we know of a hot hitting SS in High School that we are trying hard for that first pick in the 2010 draft! This isn't that hard, the best players make the bigs and play, lets quit handicapping the locals and put our best team out there! Bring up Wieters and Riemhold NOW!

Pete, I think Jeff was advocating that Reimold come up and play at least 4 times per week. I don't think anyone is silly enough to say let's bring him up here and have him sit the bench. Problem is that there is still a serious log jam in left. It's great that our starting right and center fielders are so good that it all comes down to this one position, but the debate never seems to end. I was just thinking earlier this week that with all the talk of Huff and Mora being trade bait before the deadline this year, that Scott could bring just as much in return. He's was projected coming into today's game to finish with .300 30HR and 85RBIS. Not too shabby. I believe he will get dealt along with Mora this summer. Sucks because he's a great guy and a a fun player to watch with his left handed power that he adds to the lineup but if you look at it rationally he will be best suited to provide us with more prospects.
I'm proud of McPhail for getting rid of Freel and admitting that his being here in the first place wasn't the right move. I can see a point soon where Wiggington & Pie are both not with the big league club either and you're looking at a Montanez slash Reimold platoon in left. My prediction is that by late August only 12 from our opening day 25 are still with the team.

Pete's reply: Twelve might be a little low, but you're right about one thing. The team is in transition and that was always going to be the case. I think the quick start and the success of the top four got some people thinking that this team might be okay with a few tweaks. There are going to be a lot of changes between now and Opening Day 2010.

If Reimold comes up he HAS to play. It would be very unwise for them to call him up and have him sit.

This is the same thing that happened to Montanez (hitting .429 at AAA) because of the Pie experiment. If you rush these guys here, then they need to play. Period.

Reimold...Reimold...Reimold. Please learn it.

I am not saying you bring Reimold up to sit the bench. He needs to play 4 times a week. I understand the fact this is a business but if you are not going to promote guys that have earned the oppurtunity and you are not getting production with what you currently have that makes no sense. Its not like the guy is fresh out of high school or college and has no professional experience. Wouldn't bringing Reimold up be better for the short term and if he proves he can hit obviously for the long term as well considering he is 25. My problem is you have to see if some of the young guys that are showing they are ready can play at this level so you can improve your production short term and long term hopefully cause the current form is not showing it.

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