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May 27, 2009

Orioles: Reimold rocks

What a finish. Nolan Reimold has wasted no time establishing himself as the go-to guy in left field, but he outdid himself in the 11th inning today. That three-run shot ended the Orioles sweep jinx and handed a victory to Danys Baez, who had pitched well for three innings but appeared to be headed for defeat after hanging a splitter to Aaron Hill in the top of the 11th.

Give Reimold extra credit -- along with the obligatory pie in the face during the postgame show -- for keeping his head after getting called out on a very low strike in a big situation in his previous at-bat.

Truly a great victory for the rejuvenated O's, who have won five of their last six and rallied from an 8-3 deficit in the eighth inning before rallying again for the victory in overtime. Jim Hunter is trying to keep his composure during the the MASN postgame show, but it can't be easy. I don't think he's been this happy since Jimmy Jr. was born.

Shameless plug: Tune in tonight at six for Sportsline on WBAL (1090 AM), where we'll be rehashing today's game. If you're out of signal range, go to and click on the "Listen Live" icon.

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felix who?! lou who?! NOLAN!

That game was a slugfest! I am besides myself on how we kept at it and watching Mora jump for joy, well, I was jumping along with him and the rest of them. Great win!

Aaron Hill?

Confused with Adam Lind?

Pete's reply: Oops.

I am drinking the Orange Kool-Aid now. Two comebacks in one game. I think the Birds paid the Jays back for the one-run losses in the SkyDome.

Nolan really redeemed himself after a questionable 3rd strike call. A big 3run HR for the game winner put the sweep on the Jays.
The Orioles have brought up 3 rookies since the season started and all 3 have given a shot in the arm to the team.
Now David Hernandez gets his chance tomorrow against the Detroit and then it's Matt Wieters' turn Friday.
Gotta say with all these moves and the early success of all the younger players I feel energized for this team and feel the excitement also.

You think the players are energized by the impending call up of Weiters? Seems like this team (or at least the offense) has woken up ever since Andy made the announcement. Especially, after seemingly sleep walking through the past couple weeks.

Awesome comeback.

You gotta believe!!!

There is no question in my mind that this team could and will be a playoff team when the pitching improves. Any day that we get a quality start (6 innings, 3 or less runs) we have a great chance of winning. Hard to kept things in perspective after such a big win but in my mind the future (maybe even near future) looks extremely bright.

Aaron Hill*, but I'm not upset about that. We won!!! BIRDLAND!!!!

Perhaps Mr. Hunter is sensing, as many Orioles fans are (albeit with some trepidation given our history) that maybe...JUST MAYBE...we are in fact witnessing the true "turning of the corner." I think it is obvious that Mr. Reimold is not going ANYWHERE other than to left field at Camden Yards. A great victory and great stepping stone to tomorrow's game with Dave "14K" Hernandez and Friday's coming of the Oriole Messiah, that Obama in shin protectors, Matt Weiters (okay everyone, if he doesn't hit an 8-run homer in his first at bat, let's not all be disappointed). Go O's!!

In other news, the Blue Jays have made history by genetically combining Aaron Hill and Adam Lind. Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi was upbeat about the move after his team lost to the Orioles on Wednesday. "We really think this move is going to make us more versatile. Combining Aaron and Adam's skill sets should give us one of the best players in the game."

Pete's reply: I have fixed that mistake, but thanks for the clever heads up.

So, the starting left fielder in today's game was Felix Pie. Say what?!!!!!!

In a lot of ways, Reimold is in a position to have a very nice rookie campaign I believe. Think about it.

He's a highly talented top prospect in his own right, but he comes up in a situation that's very low pressure. No matter what he does, he won't be the most-watched and most-expected rookie on the Os. He plays the single position the Os have plenty of depth at, so if he struggles a bit, there will always be someone to pick up the slack and leave him less exposed. The Os finally have legit young stars so he won't necessarily hit at the top of the order, but he would benefit by seeing more fastballs due to their production. By Friday, Reimold will again be hitting near Wieters in the lineup, and one or the other will be benefitting from each others' presence.

Could this year's Birds be last season's Tampa Bay!? Believe.

Between Reimold's HR and Weiters coming up, I feel like Steve Martin's character "Ruprecht" from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: "Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!"

Now this is starting to look like a corner being turned! The O's haven't put together a game like this in a very long time. With a few new arms in the rotation and Reimold in left with Wieters on the way, they're starting to look like they believe in themselves for a change. Up to this week, they had been playing like it was an extended spring training. Today they looked like they are ready to play for real. What a great win!

Andino, Reimold, and the new pitchers are putting some life into this team.

It is refreshing to see players not simply going thru the motions.

These new players want to win.

Pete , a very uplifting win not just for the O's , but for the fans as well . It will be interesting to see if in time , all these youngsters we keep hearing about can live up to their poential .
I'm 50 and been a fan since '70 . I understand the ups and downs , but patience is wearing thin . I do think however Andy McPhail is the best thing to happen to the O's in many years . I wonder why he doesn't seem to get alot of credit nationally for the job he's done here .


I'm not naive, a playoff run is out of the question this year, but I see this team taking a run at .500 and building momentum going into next year! Meanwhile the Yankees and Red Sox keep getting older, and OLDER, and OLDER...


What a come back and again! Great showing I believe you may be just a little closer to your question of have the O's turned the corner?

Not raining on the current parade and optimism, I found it interesting the day that Andy Mac suprisingly announces Matt Wieters is coincidentally the very same day in which Camden Yards has its lowest paid attendance number in the history of the OPCY??????? As I've been saying since March, the only thing that motivates the warehouse are $$$!

Pete's reply: Don't want to mess up a good story, but he made the announcement in the second inning. They don't even do the turnstile counts until the fourth or fifth innings.

Nolan Reimold is going to be on MASN a lot, as his shot was the defining moment of the 2009 season so far. Unbelievable! If his HR isn't the 1st new defining moment commercial of this year, I would be shocked.

I have a very good feeling about the series against the Tigers, as I think the Birds aren't done in 09, as there is a little bit of the 89 Birds in them with the mix of young guys, vets and the fact that both teams were said to be locks for 100 losses.

I'm halfway around the world, and even I could feel that "there's something happening here" (to steal part of a stanza). I'm aware of the money and future arbitration considerations but I just can't help believing that they could of brought these young guys up at least a month ago.

Sweet...given the start time and the sweep-averse O's, I had pegged this as a loss not even worthy of an scoreboard check at work. How imbecilic of me, the day after we learn Wieters coming and Berken throws 5 decent innings, another rookie sweeps the bjays outta town...and it is just the beginning.

Thank you Mr. McPhail.

Great game, terrific comeback. It's great to have some things to be excited about again. Some young pitching getting a chance, some young bats in the field/lineup. I just love seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.

Pete - the last successful team for the O's was not "home grown" in the way this version appears to be taking shape. You know that's the way we like them. These guys can grow together and really become a team in the way Baltimore fans appreciate. While we know that many "can't miss" prospects do indeed bust from time to time, hopefully most of these guys will come through in time. You do a great job in helping some of the more rabid fans calm down and try to take a more rational look at the situation. Got to admit though, sure feels like something good is brewing.

The rookies are making us interesting, to say the least.
Next year will be special. Now, in my opinion, McPhail needs to make it even more special by signing Huff to a new 3 year contract and giving Jones a contract at least comparable to the one they gave Markakis. Jones is one of the 10 best players in the league right now and we need badly to lock him up long term. Huff is a gamer and a clutch hitter and really wants to be a part of this. He said as much when he said he missed out in Tampa and wanted to see it happen here and be part of it. There is no one better out there coming up for free agency , and we don't want to trade away any of our promising youngsters to trade for Huff's replacement. They probably would not be as good anyway.
What's your take, Pete?

Pete's reply: I like Huff and would love to see them hold onto him if he continues to produce the way he has the last year and a half.

The guy reminds of Jim Traber. Hope he fares better in the long run. Nolan has been a real treat to watch this week. Apparently this week is a big week for the Birds. We're due some good days and better seasons.


Have not posted in a while, primarily because I got married May 17th, and just got back from the honeymoon not too long ago. When I arrived back, I picked up a newspaper only to find the O's got swept by the Yanks and won 0 games while I was on the cruise ship. Since getting back on land, they have won 5 of 6 games. Maybe I should never go on a cruise again right? Ok, just kidding, but this game was one of the best Oriole games in recent history. The only games I can recall in my 15 years of following this team include two against the Angels (one where Belle smacked an opposite field shot against Troy Percival in the 9th to tie).

I am finally getting excited about the O's again, primarily because the youth movement seems to be in full swing. Everyone in the FO needs to look at Reimold to truly believe that you can not go wrong calling up a likely 'sure thing' from the minors. I hope Snyder, Tillman, Arrieta, Matusz, and gang are ready! Looking forward to Hernandez's debut though I am guessing he'll turn out to be another Liz. But hey, if he turns out to be a Fausto Carmona (last year's version) I am happy.

Well Pete, I will be moving to Milwaukee in a month so from then on my posts will be O's fan from Milwaukee. Have a great evening enjoying this one!

Pete's reply: Well, it may be your fault for taking that cruise, but congrats anyway. Milwaukee is a great town, even if I do make fun of it sometimes. I have some family there.

I have just one question amongst all the euphoria. Just how many games will the Orioles win when they give up 10 runs? That's what I thought.... They have a nice half-team now. If they ever get any pitching, I'll start watching again.

I have been an Orioles fan for 31 years now. The Orioles kept up my morale when I was in the Navy. To say that I am a diehard fan would be an understatement. I will root for the birds no matter if they have a good or bad season. What happened today reminded me of the Orioles Magic of old. I was a kid in 1979 and remember our countless come from behind wins that season. Andy MacPhail stuck to the plan and we now have a bunch of kids that want to play ball. I am excited again, think this is only the beginning. Let the shaving cream pies fly.

See all you overzealous fans....this is exactly what we were warned about. I think we need to send Reimold and Berken back to Norfolk before their confidence gets shot. And what are they thinking bringing Hernandez up? Let's pick up a 35 year old national league pitcher with a plus 7.00 era off of waivers (I'm sure the Cubs have someone we'd be interested in) to fill in for Koji and stop this nonsense now. Oh and don't even get me started on Wieters.
With some more minor league seasoning Reimold, Montanez, Weiters, Berken, and Hernandez should be ready for the bigs in about 2014. By 2017 Tillman, Arrietta should be rounding into to form and don't sleep on 2019 when Matusz will have a "solid foundation" under himself.
Sorry to be a jerk on a day like today Pete but I couldn't resist the opportunity. In all seriousness though, baseball can be a long, sometimes boring game, with a very long and definitely at times boring season. Games like todays (not to mention the implications for the future that we've seen already this week and the two more to come in the next two days) are few and far between. There is certainly something in the air here in Baltimore now (and it's not just the smell of rotting fish carcasses in the harbor). This could be the week we all look back on in a couple of years and say that's when it all started. And we haven't even sniffed Tillman, Arrietta, Matusz and Snyder yet!

Im confused....Aaron Hill hit the homer for the Jays in the 11th...I think perhaps you had it right the first time.

everybody chill...every little thing is going to be allright. please stop jumping on pete for grammar/spelling and telling him his correct facts are incorrect.

You was Aaron Hill, not Adam Lind ;).

But man, what a finish...I remember the days when late inning collapses were a daily occurrence and late inning comebacks weren't even possible for the O's. Two in one game...PRICELESS!!

Pete's reply: I'm clearly losing my mind.

What a great finish to such a good game. Here's hoping the Orioles can continue this trend.


That game was a cross between one in 1996 when Chris Hoiles hit a grand slam on a 3-2 pitch with 2 outs in in extra innings and the O's down by 3 and the famous 1989 game against the Angels won by a Mike Devereaux 'home run'.

Only opening day against the Evil Empire comes close to this one this year.

It was truly a TEAM win, the kind we used to watch with consistency back in the 70's when opposing teams used to look up at the scoreboard, see the O's down by 2 or 3 in the seventh and say, "Baltimore's got them right where they want them."

Pete, Great win for the O's. The best is yet to come. The O's farm system seems to be loaded with talent. Mark this down, I believe the O's will have the best record in baseball from May 27th until the end of the season. Unfortunately it took us that long to get our best team to the majors. Even with the recent call ups we still have some better pitching still waiting. Go O's. Finally something to get excited about.

I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch ...

BUT ...

The Birds are only 6 GB of first place. I'm not expecting them to contend, but they can remain competitive I think!!!

Orioles Magic: It's alive. It's Alive! IT'S ALIVE!

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