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May 20, 2009

Is it just me or...(Part Deux)

...was there absolutely nothing to gain by Brian Roberts running on the 3-1 and 3-2 pitches to Nick Markakis in the third inning? There was a runner at third base and one out with the Orioles down by four runs, so what exactly was the upside of Roberts putting himself in jeopardy and denying Aubrey Huff the opportunity to take a hack at that short right field porch?

I don't know if that's on Brian or Dave Trembley, but the Orioles have to get their running game under control. They've been wasting baserunners and undermining potential rallies all season like that and it needs to stop. The hit-and-run is a great idea once in awhile, but the Orioles run on 3-1 way too often -- and way too predictably -- and cost themselves walks because the hitter has to protect the baserunner on a borderline pitch.

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Look at the difference Cito Gaston has made to Toronto. I know this pitching staff is bad, but look at the team ERAs of Boston and New York...not too good either. This team should be able to contend for .500 ball if they focus and play smart. Rebuilding is one thing, but using it as an excuse to continue losing ways is another.


Couldn't agree more! Have to think that Brian has the green light, but has to get his head on. Between being picked off and running at the inappropriate times were running ourselves out of innings!

Nice shot by Wigginton, I like him a lot better as a utility guy in lieu of everyday!

Pete, I think Trembly is in over his head . The fundementals and discipline I thought he'd bring to this team haven't occured .

Mora just got thrown out at second with the O's down two. There was no need to try to take that base when base runners are needed.
God I hate aggreeing with Michael Kay.

this year the orioles have become the worst base running team imaginable.. what coach is responsible for base running?

Sorry Pete. Watching this game on and it is making me NUTS.

That is not a bad play when you are behind.

Roberts, whether he likes to admit it or not, has lost a step. His days of 40 SB's are behind him. He still has plus speed and is an on base machine with gap power so he should be a great lead off man for the life of his contract barring injuries of course.


I would like to take this time to thank you for giving us Orioles fans space to vent -- and this year, we'll be venting quite a bit.

Thanks again


On the subject of Trembley's decision-making: would it be possible for you to ask him why he doesn't bat Mora or another RH hitter between Markakis and Huff? Game after game the opposing managers brings in a lefty to pitch to the two lefties, each of whom is historically weaker against LHPs. I would love to believe that Trembley has a subtle reason for what he is doing, rather than the alternative--he is simply not bright enough to have thought of it.

Is it possible the Orioles look at the possibiliity that Reimold play first base? If Huff is going to leave via FA, it would also allow the Montanez/Pie battle to continue. The left field situation is ugly otherwise. Third base is another problem. Mora is running out of time. Wigginton is not that good. He needs to be gone. Bring up the pitchers of the future and let them learn on the job. It is time for the curve to begin.

I turned the game off after that "play" by Roberts. I dont know but Roberts jumping around on first looked like it distracted Markakis also. What a dumb play. And why didnt he keep going to second. Jeter bobbled the ball and he probably would have been safe had he not turned around to go back to first. Just ugly baseball being played all around.

Idiotic baserunning blunders plagued this team since last year.

Pete, correct me if I am wrong here, but if Roberts is running on a 3-1 pitch, why would the batter have to swing at ball four to protect the runner. Protect him from reaching 2nd base on the walk?

Pete's reply: No, but he can't afford to take the borderline pitch that isn't very hittable. So he may miss out on a walk because he has to foul that pitch off to keep the runner from being thrown out.

HIt and run is an overrated ploy unless a pitcher is very likely to throw a strike and the batter is a double play waiting to happen. Trembley has employed it way too often in the past week, ever since Thorne exposed it during one of those idiotic dugout interviews. Almost seems like he's showing off. That being said, i like the play in question last nite, chiefly because Roberts should be able to get the bag either way. But why Roberts chooses to saunter down to second rather than approach it as a straight steal is totally beyond me. Thanks for the topic.

Pete: Lack of talent (and there's plenty of that) is one thing and we knew that was the case going into the season, but this team is playing bad baseball. Missed cutoffs, missed signs, sloppy base running, terrible situational hitting
to name a few of this current groups misgivings. We have to hope that the group of prospects on their way up is better prepared.

Peter, maybe I misread your blog. It sounded to me that you were indicating the hit and run was on. I can't believe any manager worth his salt would put the hit and run on with the count 3-1. A straight steal maybe, but not a hit and run. If it is a straight steal, the batter doesn't need to protect anyone, if its a good pitch, swing at it, if not, let it go. I do agree though the Orioles do run themselves out of many an inning. But, that is what bad teams do,find a way to lose. Some of that has to fall at the managers feet.

Pete's reply: I think it was a straight steal, which is why I said I didn't know whether to put it on Dave or Brian. The 3-2 pitch was a hit-and-run, since there was only one out. It's an automatic running situation with two outs.

Simple, Dave Trembley doesn't do a good job putting his players in position to be sucessful, whether on the bases or his handling of the pitching staff. The team has poor fundamentals, etc. He talks a big game, but the players don't seem to respond.

Have you all checked the poll on Trembley's performance? Most of you gave him an"A". Over 75%. Give me a break! However, you do the best you can with what you are dealt, and the O's need the same holes filled that they did last year. i don't think improving this team begins with changing of managers. It's tough to be an Oriole fan these days.

Yeah, I had a love affair with Trembley and I don't like calling for people's head, but I really do believe this team is underachieving right now. Seems to be a lack of focus, which the manager has to take some credit for. Fundamentals and Defense were stressed to the fans all winter, but I really haven't been impressed. No one expects them to win the East, but I think they can finish near .500. They'll have to shape up to do so at this point.

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