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May 10, 2009

Huff admits to baiting Joba

Aubrey Huff said he wasn't trying to show up Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain when he twice pumped his fist in an animated fashion rounding the bases after his three-run home run in the first inning, but he admitted that it was payback for some of Chamberlain's on-field antics.

"He does that stuff all the time as a pitcher, so I was having a little fun with him,'' Huff said. "I wasn't trying to show anybody up."

Chamberlain wasn't particularly efficient in the other five innings he pitched, but he did not give up another run and ended up getting the decision.

"After the first, he shut us down,'' Huff said. "I saw him pretty good all day, so I really can't explain that, but he was getting strike one and his curveball got better. He obviously was throwing a little harder as he went along."

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I have to admit, Roberts gets to that hit by their C and we get out of the inning. Sort of a lethargic mental lapse I hope. If we played tomorrow, I would say sit Roberts and start Andino.

Who would lead off? I guess that's the question once Roberts does get a day off. Izturis perhaps?


Sorry but I have to disagree with you on the Koji post. While I understand your rationale, this has become a daily issue with Trembly. Its bad enough we have a bad pitching staff, but to have the manager cost us games is more than I can bare. I hear Bob Melvin's looking for a job. At least he won't manage the team like their high A ball.

Pete's reply: You've got the advantage of hindsight. Obviously, Trembley has guessed wrong a few times, but you're acting as if this is a great team that is being steered wrong. Isn't it just possible that there was no right answer today?

What's up with Brian Roberts? I was at the game Friday night and he appears not to be all there. And it continued today.

Pete's reply: Might be a little tired...or frustrated. He'll be fine.

What's up with Brian Roberts? I was at the game Friday night and he appears not to be all there. And it continued today.

Thank-you Trembley,for babying your pitchers and taking Koji out after 95 pitches and a quick 6th inning. Why not let him pitch the 7th or at least start it and see if he could have another quick inning. He's been around 105 the last couple of games so, he had another 15 in him. There will be plenty of games to over-work the bullpen when the starters aren't pitching well. I watched the game with my Father and told him b/4 the 7th started, he took him out 1 inning too soon and watch the bullpen will blow it and sure enough they did. Trembleys got to let his pitchers stretch it out to 115-120 pitches when they're pitching well to save from over-working the bullpen. PLEASE!!

Pete's reply: Please go back and check the stats on Koji in the seventh.

Pin this loss on Palmer. About 1 minute before the homer off Johnson, Palmer noted that he didn't allow a homer all last year. Soon as he said it, I thought we were doomed

"Who would have thought it would come down to a couple infield hits at the end, the way the ball has been flying around here, but that's really what it came down to,"Orioles manager Dave Trembley said.

It came down to a home run. You play the situation you are in.

I was very skeptical of Huff being able to replicate last years #s, but the way he is playing in the field and hitting, I hope the O's look to extend him. He is without a doubt, the best 1B we've had here since Raffy's 1st go around.

Pete, how many more chances will Eaton get? I get the fact that Hendrickson would be best served as a long man in the BP when Hill gets the call, but when you are given the type of lead he had on Saturday and pitched the way he did, how can he be trusted? I don't know who else is ready, but it would be hard to not find a guy who can at least match his era of 7+.

Pete's reply: I think Eaton will have to do better than that or more change is coming. The key is Hill's ability to handle the pressure at the major league level. If he shows he can, then they can go down and get another young pitcher. If not, they need Eaton or somebody like him to hang around and eat some innings while the young guys continue to develop. I just don't see them bringing up two guys in that short of a time period.

The YES guys, especially Singleton were out of line concerning this yesterday. If your guy is going to do that sort of thing, then he has to be able to take it too without talk from the talking heads about throwing at people and only if the situation is "right".

Yankeeland thinks its okay for Joba to pump fist because he does it out of "pure emotion". Like everyone else out there is a robot lacking in emotion making it unacceptable to fire back in any way.

I'm glad huff did it joba is awfully cocky for a guy with 8 career wins, who hasn't proven anything other than he is a good set up guy

LOL Paul B, I said the same thing after Damon hit that HR. Seems like our announcers really have a knack for that sorta thing =(

The O's, unfortunately, have a loser's mentality. Roberts swinging at the 1st pitch in the ninth, being down by a run, or looking lethargic in the field is one example. I feel bad for Trmbley that he has limited options and no proven winners to chose from.

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