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May 29, 2009

Happy Wieters Day

It's not a national holiday just yet, but Baltimore is abuzz with Wietersmania. I'm just curious to see if the Orioles can sell out tonight's game, what with it being a college night ($6 tickets with a student ID) that features a postgame fireworks show.

In the meantime, you're welcome to read my latest in a series of columns about Wieters on the Web site and in today's print edition. I'm sure I'll see a lot of you at the ballpark, and there will be a quiz.

The roster moves have not yet been announced, but we're hearing that if Chad Moeller clears waivers, he may be willing to go to Triple-A Norfolk. That would be a good thing for the O's, who like Moeller and can use the insurance in case Wieters or Gregg Zaun gets hurt.

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The hype surrounding Wieters is really way, way overblown!!! First of all, there's only ONE thing that's gonna turn this team around ------ PITCHING!!! I think most knowledgeable fans are more excited about Tillman, Matusz, Patton, Arrieta, and the 3 rookies currently in the starting rotation than they are Wieters --- I know I am. And second, the Oriole offense is already very good! Granted, it could get significantly better IF Wieters starts hitting early and replaces the largely useless bat of Greg Zaun, but scoring runs is not the problem with our O's. Hey, I'm glad we have such a great prospect coming up and it's great to see so many fans excited about the team again, but Matt Wieters is not "the savior" that this team needs, he's just another piece, albeit a large one, that is needed to make the Orioles better. And does anybody really think he's gonna be better than Adam Jones anyway?

Peter, just answered your column question. As far as I can tell, you and a couple of other guys are the only media we have in charm city. So what's to worry the kid?....Here's a little secret about "the bandwagon". I'm actually the guy that feeds the horses on a daily basis, having inherited the job from my father who held the job from '55 to '68. The only fault I could ever find in my dad's enthusiastic performance was that he kept referring to the team as "the Brownies". The fans would get confused by this misidentification and not climb on the wagon thinking he was discussing the late great Paul Brown's Eleven....Now you know, the secret's out... Read you later, gotta get some more oats and hitch up another pair of Percherons. It looks like we're going to be pulling a heavy load from here on out.... Giddyup !

Bring on Baseball Jesus!!!

It feels like Christmas morning! I cant wait to get to the yard tonight.


I haven't been this excited about a baseball game in a long time!

I won't be there tonight, but have the Sunday plan, so hopefully they won't sit him for the day game.

We may go from the worst bottom 3 in the order to the top, pretty shortly.

Pete-Where can we fellow bloggers can meet you for quiz inside the ballpark?

Happy Wieters Day????

Can you say SHAMELESS?

I can think of a lot worse fates then playing baseball for a living in Norfolk Va.

Won't be there,except in spirit. I'm glad he's being given his chance, and I hope he lives up to all the hype, but please folks, if the poor guy goes 0 for 4, let's not start beating him up.
Actually I've been at least equally excited about getting some new arms on the staff. Adding some more pop to the lineup certainly won't hurt, but it's pitching that is going to make or break this club.

Love your work, but isn't your latest article "Looking at Wieters, O’s fans have star in eyes" a bit of the pot calling the kettle black? Fans have stars in their eyes? How about you? How many articles and blog entries have you made on Wieters this week? 12?

You're telling US to "give the kid a chance to breathe?" Ha! It's reporters reaching for a storyline that pressure professional athletes. I'll bet you one piece of advice the O's veterans are giving Wieters today is, "don't read the papers." So here's some advice for you:

It's OK to believe the hype, but give the kid a chance to breathe.

Pete's reply: Touche. I'm actually running the hype machine in my basement. The carbon monoxide detector just went off.

The column was excellent Pete.

Hey Pete,

Can we refer to this as the “Wieters Solstice?”


Any idea of when the Os might get this umpiring crew?
Todd Tichenor, Jerry Layne, Tony Randazzo and Chris Guccione

Also, are the Os rookie pitchers getting squeezed by the umps?

Pete's reply: I don't know that. MLB does not publicize the future schedule of the umpires. And, no, I don't think the young guys are getting squeezed.

In a way, I don't get it. Wieters is a good prospect, but at the same age--twenty-three--Adam Jones is on about a 30 home run pace, is hitting about .350, driving in and scoring lots of runs and playing a real good center field in the big leagues. I guess part of the Wieters' hype is that he's a catcher, and it seems you don't see as many hot catcher propects nowadays.

To the comment...Does anybody really think he's going to be better than Adam Jones?

Yes...everybody does.

No disrespect to Jones at all. We've got three future MVP candidates in the lineup every night now. Enjoy!

I remember what we used to call it when someone like Wieters came up to the big club: business as usual. People are excited because there has been nothing to be excited about for so long.

Weiters will end up being a very good player.Everyone needs to step back and remember he has only played in 160 professional games.It may take him a little time to get it going.We may need to be patient.However,when he get's it going....Look out.....

In a way, I don't get it. Wieters is a good prospect, but at the same age--twenty-three--Adam Jones is on about a 30 home run pace, is hitting about .350, driving in and scoring lots of runs and playing a real good center field in the big leagues. I guess part of the Wieters' hype is that he's a catcher, and it seems you don't see as many hot catcher propects nowadays.

Posted by: Fred Shochet | May 29, 2009 10:47 AM

You've obviously never seen him play.

I'm ready for Weitersday. I'll have my Matt Weiters autographed Norfolk Tides jersey on along with my orange and black Tides cap on tonight.

Rooting for Matt down here in Charlotte.

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