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April 7, 2009

The Tex factor (Part Deux)

I was confident that my earlier post would stir up some thoughtful commentary and I was right. Orioles fans came out in force to (mostly) disagree with me on the logic of booing Mark Teixeira for signing with the Yankees and not the Orioles.

You are not alone. I got a call from one of my press box colleagues taking me to task on the subject, and pointing out that the most vociferous boo-birds were not booing Teixeira for going over to the Evil Empire, but for saying at his introductory press conference in New York that he had always been a Yankee fan.

If that is the reason that individual fans are booing Teixeira, I have absolutely no problem with that. I believe, however, that a big segment of the Tex-bashers are angry at him for choosing the Yankees because of the money or the better chance to win right away. That rationale seems incongruous to me because so many of those same fans have fallen away from the team because of its supposed unwillingness to spend enough money and its inability to field a competitive team.

It would have been great if Teixeira had taken it upon himself to sign with the Orioles to help them get off the floor, but it certainly was not his responsibility just because he grew up in Severna Park.

Radio dogma: Since this seems to be a hot topic, I'll give you a chance to get at me in person tonight on WBAL (1090 AM) at six. I'll also have an interview I did this morning with former Oriole and current Yankees broadcaster Ken Singleton. If you aren't within signal range, you can go to and click on the "Listen Live" icon.

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You say: a big segment of the Tex-bashers are angry at him for choosing the Yankees because of the money or the better chance to win right away

Wrongo. If that was his sole reason, we'd understand it. But his comments about wearing Yankees hats to Memorial Stadium growing up were kicks in the groin. Not called for. He deserves everything he got, and I hope the Baltimore faithful do not forget what a classless jerk this guy is.

"The condition of the Orioles organization certainly played a role in his decision to sign with the Yankees. Who's fault is that?"


You're over-thinking it. Tex got what he deserved from the hometown crowd. I generally don't boo. I think it's silly for a grown man to stand there yelling "booooo". That's just my personal preference. However, had I been there yesterday, I would have given it a shot. Tex made his decision. The fans in attendance yesterday made theirs. I was proud of the way that they let him have it. For one day, Camden sounded like Memorial. Nobody needed a flashing sign to know what to do...

So by your rationale Peter, if you happen to be a fan that hasn't fallen away from the team and has gone to many games through this past decade of losing seasons, then it would be okay to boo Teixeira for choosing the Yankees?

If that's the case how many games meets the "it's now okay to boo Teixeira" threshold?

Pete's reply: The actual number is 13 per year...and you can't count games where somebody gave you the tickets.


Your response to my post acknowledged his NY press conference being "a little phony," and while that may be true, what has so many of us Bird fans' feathered ruffled is that massive phoniness of him pretending to have dreams of playing for the Orioles, that that's his goal, that his interest is "obvious," etc. (See link at the bottom of this post for the sordid facts.)

rob in SD noted that part of the fans' frustration stems from the fact that the media did nothing to dig around and find out that Tex was always a bigger Yankees fan than an Orioles fan growing up. That may have taken some serious digging, but the facts truth out there.

I'd like to add to that how at least one national story on him from two years back quoted him a few times about the subject of coming to Baltimore and he flat out misrepresented--lied about, some would say--his true allegiance.

I have no problem with Mark Teixeira signing for more money with the Yankees if that's where he wants to play (he can play on the Moon for all I'm concerned), but when he doesn't man up to the fact that he had no intention of playing for the Orioles, but instead used them for a pawn to bump up his payday, with that I, like many other fans, have a very big problem. If he admitted what he did was wrong in the deceptive way he used the O's and apologized, I'd think a lot higher of him.

The Teixeira Deception documented:

I didn't boo Teixeira because he is a "traitor." I booed him because he is a tangible manifestation of everything that is wrong with the following: the Yankees, The Orioles, Peter Angelos, big cities, the $3 MASN extortion, Brian Cashman, Scott Boras, Baseball, sports in general, the Crap-ass Economy, People with names that are not pronounced like how they are spelled, and people who make more money grounding out to second than I'll make in a year. How often can you wrap all of that up in to one easily booable man. It was cathartic, and funny, and Baltimore to the core. And you should ease up on a fanbase that hasn't shown that much passion in a long time.

I think the big reason people boo Tex is that he plays for another team, especially the Yankees. Being a local guy and Oriole fan just gives fans another reason to boo. Fans are always looking for an excuse to get pissed at someone, and at least they aren't booing the O's (yet).


For evidence of why you're wrong, listen to how vehemently (or more likely, how quietly) A.J. Burnett is greeted when he is introduced. People do not care that he signed with NYY -- we were never led to believe that he was a huge Orioles fan.

Pete's reply: True, but he's also not a native Baltimore guy. He lives in Monkton because his wife is from here. It's a totally different situation.

I went through an "I can't take even getting into the O's because I know how it will end up" phase, and yesterday kind of woke me up to what this is all about.

Nice win. Now back to watching the pitchers in Norfolk...

@Ken Francis -- You nailed it. Again, listen to how quiet it will be when AJ Burnett pitches. He didn't blab about being an Orioles fan and wanting to come home.

Peter, you got this really wrong, and it's unfortunate. Another wrong piled on top of 11 years of losing. Fans don't need to be chastized. They should be encouraged for actually caring for once.

Tex would have been booed but not for so long or loud if he hadn't said he wore a New York Yankees hat to Camden Yards when he was a kid. Why am I not surprised he's from Severna Park after all they've been turning out snot nosed kids like that for 40 years.
And another thing, if Yankee fans hadn't be coming into our home and acting like obnoxious guests for the past ten years much would be different as well. When Yankee fans come to Camden Yards and show a little respect for being in someone else's house, maybe then we can revisit the debate on how we treat Yankee players when they visit Baltimore.

Truth is as much as most of us would have loved to have had Tex in Baltimore. He isn't worth what the Yankees are paying him nor what the Orioles were offering to pay him. I'd rather have Huff's .304 32hr 108rbi season for $8mil then Tex's similar numbers for $20mil.

What would your recommendation have been for the Orioles fans? Should they have cheered Tex? Sat in silence?
Baseball is a fantasy (note the "fan" in the word)...Tex decided to play the role of dark side villain rather than hometown hero. It paid more (and the Yankees will live to regret the length of this contract) and he rejected his roots for the lure of the big city.
We were just playing our role as Oriole fans...there is nothing incongruous about the logic of booing Tex yesterday. It is all good fun and to be encouraged. The hero in Greek tragedies usually comes to find that their "logical" choice turns out to be exactly wrong. When the Os and Tampa Bay are fighting it out for first in 2010 and 2011 and 2012 and the Sox and Yanks are fighting for third and fourth, then Tex will come to realize realize what opportunities he truly missed here in Baltimore.

Way to go Ken Francis. A more to the point explanation doesn't exist. There was a MUCH DEEPER reason why people booed Tex that goes way beyond him dissing the O's and/or wearing the pinstripes. The current state of the game stinks and most people get it (except Peter Schmuck maybe). I'm sure he's a nice guy, but Mark Teixeira is the posterboy for what's wrong with the game today.

Us old-school, romantic baseball/O's fans would have loved for Tex to choose the O's and help us return our (his?) beloved, and once well respected, O's to their past glory because it was the challenging, heroic and right thing for a hometown boy to do.

Unfortunately those days and that game is dead. I actually felt a bit sorry for him yesterday. Not because of the booing, but I think he missed a great opportunity and I hope he and his family felt it a bit yesterday. He's a great player and deserves everything he gets, but there's more to life and this great game than money.

BOOOO!! Yeah, that does feel good! Now let's move on.

Umm are you bucking for a national media job? You're talking and Gammons' lips aren't even moving. Amazing.

Pete's reply: Drat, you've figured me out.

I'm all for booing athletes. It's ultimately harmless, despite the overeaction from opposing fans and media members whenever a supposed "class act" is booed. (See Donovan McNabb, which is still mentioned as backstory in 80% of articles written about the guy).

So an athlete gets booed. Everyone involved in sports-- fans, media, players, coaches, owners-- is entirely to sensitive about everything that goes on in them.

That said, anyone who thinks Teixeira is "classless" for choosing the Yanks over the Os, or for saying he was a yankees fan when he was a kid in the days after signing with the Yankees, is either a twit, or doesn't understand the meaning of the term class.

He chose money and winning over less money and losing. That makes him normal. He chose to root for the Yanks as a kid over rooting for the Os. That makes him a fairweather fan, much like many friends I'm sure we all have.

If you booed because you were at the park and it was a fun thing to do, more power to you, you're what makes sports fun.

If you were actually personally offended and booed to reflect that offense, you need to swallow a good dose of perspective.

no it isn't tex's responsibility. that's what hero's are for. and o's fans are booing him because he wasn't up for the task of home town hero. instead he chose the anti orioles and he is now an enemy and deserves every boo he gets. maybe he'll start to think it's his conscience booing him not o's fans. again, it is completely false to think that in life money buys happiness. so all this i would and u would take the money is bull. maybe u would, but i would go to a place where i could start a hero's legacy. i'd rather be the hero then another 100million plus guy in a locker room full of them. plus tex started flirting with the fan base way back before ever leaving georgia tech by making comments about playing in b-more so yes i was duped into thinking this guy is going to turn down some extra money to be the next cal ripken. i guess thats what makes cal special and tex just another greedy sell out.

He should have stated that fact at the begginning of negotiations. He used the fact that he would like to play in his home town to gain a better deal.
He used us, so Boo him.


Can you please check your sources and see if Brian Matusz is starting for Fredrick opening night in Salem on Thursday? It will save me a trip if he is not.

Pete's reply: That's my understanding and that's what Steve Melewski reported in his blog on the MASN site.


I still think your on the right track! The argument is why didn't he sign here! Obviously from Tex own statements which seem to contradict each time he speaks. He loved Donny baseball, and watching Murray made him a switch hitter! All of that is fair. However the underlying and MOST important fact is FOUR other teams offered MUCH, MUCH more money! The Nats should be pissed, they offered him much more money than NY and he still signed in NY. If we had offered the most money then I too would be booing at Tex too. But for not offering the most, for a young, local, switch hitting, gold glove middle of the line up guy for the next 10 years, only the WAREHOUSE gets my boos for once again failing to take the appropriate action! Get over it with Tex, and start dogging the real bums in the Warehouse. Next your gonna blame Tex for the last 11 years of failure or our fantastic effort to sign a couple decent starting pitchers for this year and next! People need to be held accountable and I don't think it is Mark Texiera!

Keep hitting those home runs Pete!

Why be upset at Tex for not signing with the local team?

Why not be upset with the local team that was too cheap to sign him?

if anyone is wondering about mike flanagan he was handing out towels in mens room section 47 opening day way overpaid

Schmuck, Tex's press conference speech was such an excruciating lovefest about how he loved Don Mattingly and wore a Yankees hat to Camden Yards. If it was just him signing with Yankees I would have been "okay" with him but it was not. Then apparently yesterday he talked about how he loved watching Cal and Eddie Murray when he grew up, gimme a damn break!!! I wasn't at opening day but if I was I would be booing proudly right there with the fans.

I've been a fan of this franchise since I was a kid and the DeWitts ran the show. I was upset when they traded Ned Garver, Bob Nieman Roy Sievers, Vern Stephens and my favorite player, Bob Dillinger. I would not, however booed any of them (though the reserve clause gave them no choice) had they chose togo elsewhere (check the Browns records). But as for Texiera, why care!!

I can't believe you are sticking up for him. It's because he talks out of both sides of his mouth. In Baltimore he goes on about what a great Oriole fan he was then in NY he goes on about how he was always a Yankee fan. Does he think fans are so dumb that they fall for that BS? If you can't be honest and say it as you mean it then don't talk at all and most of the other fans I've talked with feel the same way. He intended to sign with the Yanks all along and used the other teams to drive the price.

If he plays like that in the New York home opener, he will get booed just the same. He expected it and he got more than what he thought.

Don't be such a national media kiss ass, Schmuck. Fans can't be ticked off at a guy that used their team to get more and more money? Don't you remember the whole fiasco over the offseason?

At this point, the O's lose in 2009? Choosing the Yankees because its his best chance to win is a dumb statement. Arod is hurt and is declining, Jeter sucks and has no defensive skill at SS anymore, they don't have a good catcher, their outfield is a mess, and their bullpen isn't exactly a strength.

I bet the Orioles score at least 100 more runs than the yankees this year. We'll have pretty much the same lineup next year with much better starting pitching.

How does all that point to the Yankees giving a better chance to win? More like a better chance to make money.

Pete's reply: Believe it or not, it is possible for me to have my own opinion without regard to what the "national media" thinks, whatever you consider the national media to be. Let's stick to the subject and save the name-calling for something important enough to warrant that level of emotion. We're talking about baseball here. You don't have to impugn my character to get your point across.

i plan on booing A.J. at the Yard thursday. i hope many will join me.

The comments he made while playing in Texas & Atlanta all would lead someone to think that he grew up a Oriole fan a local kid cheering for the home team. But after signing with the Yankees he was now a Yankee fan growing up and a Don Mattingly fan to boot. It was all a little to much and he deserved what he got.


Baltimore sports fans are a very prideful bunch. It could go back to our "inferiority complex" era, before the Os glory days began. Tex led many starved-for-good-baseball-in-Baltimore fans to believe he was very interested in coming here. That is why the boo birds drilled him yesterday. And, yes, I'll have to admit I enjoyed the way he was received.

Like Steve Miller plaintively stated in one of his songs, "your cash ain't nothin' bit trash".

Sure it's hard to blame a guy for taking the most money but I think O's fans were hoping Tex would be the guy to "buck the system" and choose the O's because he loved them and wanted to play there. Is there a difference between $180 million and $140 million. Can someone even spend that type of money? Most of us will never know. And this stuff about playing for a winner, I can't stand it. How abot come to a team and help make them into a winner.

Hey Pete,
Monkton is in Baltimore County. Severna Park is in Anne Arundel. To say the situation with Burnett is different because Tex is more of a Baltimore guy doesn't hold weight.

Pete's reply: Not what I said. I said Tex is more a Baltmore guy because he grew up in the area and Burnett did not.

I think what the fans are reacting to is a track record of Teixeira treating baseball completely as a business. For him, it is not about playing a game or winning. It is about putting up statistics and earning money. He will say and do whatever makes him the most cash. In New York, he's a lifelong Yankees fan. In Baltimore, especially when the O's could be used to drive up the bidding price, he was a die hard Orioles fan. My prediction is, as a business person, realizing he has made his money and will never sign a contract like the one he has now again, he will not be close to the performer he has been in over the first years of his career. He will not work as hard, for he has nothing much to earn or prove. I'm sure he'll be a nice player for the Yankees, but frankly I'll take Aubrey Huff playing for a new contract. And I certainly will take the likes of Roberts/Markakis/Jones/Zaun etc. who actually seem to enjoy playing the game of baseball.

I'm still trying to figure out how a guy who loved and cheered the Mattingly years Yankees claims to have watched a winning team? They were pretty bad from what I recall, granted I'm 5 years older than Tex but that team was bad. The Orioles fielded good squads until 1998, and mark my word, the Yankees are looking a LOT like the OLD 98-2003 O's with all those 35 year olds they have with huge contracts. Granted the new Yankee starting arms are solid, but I was there yesterday at the game wondering if the Yanks thought it was old-timers day with that line up (Matsui, Damon, Jeter, Posada, Dimagio, O Neill, oh I'm sorry). The O's line-up is sick, and add Weiters into that Zaun slot, and that is one of the tops in the AL. So if Tex considered the future along with the money, it looks bright in Bmore. Angelos is a bum, most fans have disappeared, but in spite of what you read, when the team wins, O's fans will be back in numbers just like Yankee fans or any other winning fans. Look at attendance for the O's from 1992 to 2002 even during some bleak years, compare that with the mid 80's-early 90's Mattingly Yankees attendance in New York... Check baseball stats website, the Yanks attendance was abysmal. And final thought, when was the last Yankee WS wins? Go O's, and if not, Go Rays! (back to the Tex issue, he's a punk from St Joe's, everyone knows the only team in Baltimore that matters is CHC...)

At least we didn't throw batteries like Philly fans have been known to do (at JD Drew, I think).

i agree wholeheartedly with you on principle and logic. Sure business is business. But having to endure the fans of yankeedom for 18 years now (has it been that long, wow) as they've infiltrated Camden yards with unmitigated rudeness, entitlement and arrogance is enough to test the limits of any rational being. Besides, Tex is more than a bit smug, don't you think? What was that garbage about, "in a perfect world, blah blah....." I for one enjoyed the boos almost as much as i liked Adam Jones taking an inner half fastball to the right center field wall.

there were days when 25000 fans rocked old Memorial stadium-
and days when 33rd st was a true outdoor insane asilum-
opening day was a return to good old Balmer tradition-regardlesss of who the recipient of the "boo birds "

"Pete's reply: The actual number is 13 per year...and you can't count games where somebody gave you the tickets."

A strict standard Schmuck but a standard nonetheless.

When the Yankees go to Fenway, you can be sure that the Boston fans will give Teixeira a mighty showering of boos for spurning them. Boston, unlike Baltimore, sells out every game and in fact broke the consecutive sellout streak last year. This, I think, meets the Schmuck standard. Will you consider their boos legitimate?

Screw Texiara and Screw Boras because " it's not the money". Bagged bulls--t comes in all sizes. What is he 6'3" 220lbs, that's about right. Question - What can you do with 180MM that you can't do with 140MM?

Isn't this "booing" subject a little overplayed? Fans can "boo" whomever, and whatever they want -- it's baseball. Last time I checked -- Tex didn't need any tissues after the game. In terms of the incongruous rationle, I disagree with you as well. Whenever a talented player puts on a Yankee hat -- he's going to get his fair share of "boo's" when he travels to Baltimore. In this case, he happens to be from Baltimore -- so yet again I find myself scratching my head as to why you don't feel this argument is compatible... Who cares if he did it for money, or winning -- he's from Baltimore and he's putting on a Yankee hat.

Why isn't any attention given towards the blown call with Mora AND Roberts at homeplate? Why is it that Orioles fans are wrong to "boo" and that Izturis got lucky? It's one sided, biased -- whatever... When a fan runs on the field and hits Tex in the mouth, then something should be done about it... but all this over passion finally existing at Camden Yards? Ridiculous... to say the least.

a slip?

Tex didn't sign with the O's

I wonder if the booing would have been as loud if he had signed with the Red Sox or Angels...

Personally, what really pissed me off was how the Yankees just came in out of nowhere and signed him to that huge contract. I could understand the Sox, Angels, or Nats since they had been negotiating with him for a while, but then the Yanks came in from out of the blue and threw in an extra dozen million or so and managed to snag him. That ticked me off.

Was a very cold night in Norfolk down here. Saw the bullpen warm up sessions and Pauley was throwing heat and strikes on almost every throw.

The bats would of come alive I'm sure, had it not been frigid as it was with my fingers and toes going numb. I can only imagine how it felt holding the wood. Seriously, I'll just stop there.

Very excited about seeing this group play in Norfolk for a little while. Obviously more excited to see them in B'More sooner than later.

I was Booo'ing at you, Pete.


I think what really galls most of us with this guy is that he thinks he somehow needs to appease our feelings by offering his lame "in a perfect world" declaration. I really don't care that he took the highest offer. Hey, if that's what floats his boat, so be it. Just don't put on that sincere act and expect us to swallow it.

In past posts I wrote that Markie was not exactly this squeaky clean cut kid looking to save the O's as many hoped he might be. His tenure with the Rangers did not exactly end in an endearing manner. Heck we still boo this guy every trip back to Arlington. So, I really didn't think signing with the O's was ever in his plans. And that's OK. However, he could have easily told the O's no thanks I'm looking at other options and left it at that. He didn't owe us that, but he had to know what the feelings of most fans back here were. Instead he let the charade play out. And then for good measure that phony press conference on his signing was a slight thumb of the nose to the fans back here.

Any way, thanks for the articles. Well done on your part. And as I've said in the past, I'm glad you are here and looking out for my O's! You've done an admirable job of defending Andy MacPhail this off season, and giving the front office a fighting chance. You've called them out on questionable decisions, which you should, and pointed out the positives when it was needed. Thanks Peter!!

Pete's reply: Thank you for hanging in there with me. It's probably not going to be a great season, but it's going to be an interesting ride.

So I guess I agree--people who don't go to O's games because of the lousy ownership shouldn't be all that amazed that Teixeira signed elsewhere. But maybe the boycotters who also boo Teixeira--perhaps they're just angry with baseball in general. Maybe they're just the type of person who boos everything. Misanthropes, you might say. I kind of like that. Personally my preference is to boo any and all umpires and refs--they ruin everything.

If a person who makes 50,000 a year, could make 100,000, I don't think anyone would say sell out, BUT the difference between 140 mil and 180 mil, is monopoly money that can't be spent. Just my take.

My big concern on Tex is whatever team he signed with, would be his 4th and for a guy that good, maybe his clubhouse skills aren't that great? Not denying his #s, but you don't see many 28 year olds playing on their 4th team when they can put up 35 HRs and 135 RBIs, plus great defense.

Pete, any word on whether Baez or Bass will come up with an injury when Eaton's turn to start comes up? I can't envision the O's cutting Bass (no pun) and Baez still could be important to the team if he gets his arm strength back.

Pete's reply: I think they might option Albers.

My issue is that Teixeira had made insinuations on a couple of occasions up to 2 years before he was a Free Agent, about how he grew up an Os fan and how he had Cal and Eddie as heroes. Now once he's a Yankee, he announces that he was a Mattingly fan all along.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to win. There is nothing wrong with thinking about your family's financial security. There is nothing wrong with growing up around Baltimore but being a Yankee fan. The problem comes into play when one makes pretensions of loyalty and doesn't follow through. After the Os made an offer, Boras and Teixeira never even returned a call. They or he could have just let his hometown down easy by treating Baltimore with the kind of respect being a former fan warrants. Instead he used the Orioles and their fans just like any other Free Agent of the last 10+ years, as a ploy for leverage. I understand he was looking out for himself (and more power to him), but those aren't actions of being a former fan.

I think there is something lost here amongst all of the booing on Mark Teixeira, and that is while most fans would have preferred that he choose his hometown team vs. the New York Yankees, while the Orioles don't have any Maryland born players on the major league roster, we have players like Melvin Mora and Brian Roberts who have very much made themselves a part of the Baltimore community.

Mora lives in Harford county full-time with his rather large family, every year Roberts holds his charity benefit for the UMD medical center in downtown Baltimore.

I just want to say that while it's great that a hometown guy gets to play for his hometown team, the Orioles where incredibly lucky with Ripken in that regard. In Baltimore we have seen many sports figures coming from other parts of the country and the world who have since established themselves a part of the Baltimore community, you can throw in names like Lewis, Unitas, and how many people in this area are already "Wacko for Flacco?"

I too wish Tex would have signed here, and since he didn't I'll be rooting against his team as usual every time they play them. However don't forget the players who have proven themselves to represent Baltimore/Maryland over an extended period of time even though they were born elsewhere.

Pete—I’ve read every entry written by Oriole fans about the booing of Teixeira. I am impressed by the quality of the writing. Fans have taken care to explain to you why they believe Teixeira deserved those boos.

You say you were “simply commenting on the incongruous logic of some of the booing.”

After reading what your friends on the blog have said, can you play back the booing and hear more logic in the voices of the Orioles’ faithful?

Hey, think of bit of Harry Caul in “The Conversation.” He kept listening and eventually found out what was said.

I’m not your agent Pete, but if I were, I’d suggest you grab the tenor and improvise on the tune. You don’t have to play the same licks.

Thanks for listening.

Pete's reply: Absolutely. My first post on the subject was focused almost entirely on the assumption that the booing was just a provincial backlash because he grew up here and signed with the rival Yankees. That's obviously part of it, but I didn't fully take into account how many people were upset by his flip-flop on who he rooted for as a kid. To be fair to him, however, it is possible he rooted for Mattingly, Cal and Eddie. I've known people who have more than one baseball hero.

I suggest taking a different tact on this issue. Like it or not, for whatever the reason(s) might be, the Teixeira situation just resonates among Orioles fans. The recent mistakes made by the organization have been self-inflicted and the subsequent results have been deserved, but logical or not, the disrespect and disgrace Os fans have had to accept for 10+ years has reached a tipping point. Maybe if the Os were on the rise today, this would blow over without much heat. Since they aren't, Teixeira's act seems to be a disgraceful act of ignominy by one of our own and it channels a lot of our frustrations.

Peter, Let me give you an honest opinion : your Radio show is CONSTANTLY Un listenable ...except when your producer fills in for you. ...Try doing it in Japanese, it might sound more tolerable!

Pete's reply: Thanks for the constructive criticism. Interesting, though, that you listened to enough shows to make the comparison between me and Greg. Thanks for that.


I was there and I booed my throat raw...and I'm not a big BOO guy either.

The SPBoy is just another money grabbing athlete and it hurts when he goes over to the Dark Side rather than helping his hometown team get over the hump.

I mean really, like Norm said, is there something you need $180,000,000 to buy that you can't buy for $140,000,000??

I also agree with Ken Francis...if he'd just said "Hey, I'm going where they pay me the most money." at least he would have been honest instead of all that 'love the Yankees' BS he used to spin his decision.

I liked baseball better when it was more of a sport than a business. Now we're shoulder deep in mercenaries but on the field and in the owners' boxes.

Peter, with all due respect, I think you are combining two very different segments of the Orioles fanbase and that is completely unfair. You say people should not boo Mark Douxeira for not signing with the Orioles when they, themselves, do not attend games.

Here is the problem with such an incongruous statement. The fans at the game booing Mark Teixeira are not the fans who do not attend games. The fans at the game booing him are the fans who do attend games. Otherwise they would not have been at the game.

The fans who were at the game to boo Mark Teixeira were completely justified in doing so. First of all, he is a Yankee. This is not Yankee Stadium. It is Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Orioles get cheered here. Yankees and all other teams get booed here.

Second of all, Mark Teixeira has lied to the media for years and years and years. He said many time while in Texas that it would be a dream to go play for the Orioles when he became a free agent. He got the fans hopes up knowing that he was lying the whole time.

Now some people want to say the Orioles lowballed him with a 7/$140m offer. But that was only a starting offer. Many teams made similar offers. It was the job of Scott Borass to then tell the Orioles how much more it would take to get Mark Teixeira. He never did.

Scott Borass and Mark Teixeira spent years crafting a strategy to try to use the Orioles to drive up the price for the Yankees and get as much money as possible. Fans have every right to be upset about being lied to and used like that. He deserves it.

For years in Texas, Mark Teixeira said he admired Cal Ripken growing up. Then, at his introductory Yankees press conference, he suddenly had been a Don Mattingly fan and had worn Yankees hats to games at Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards. Oh really?

Then he comes to Baltimore and tells the media about how he ... again ... admired Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray growing up. Which one is it? Mark Teixeira is trying to have it both ways and Orioles fans are not going to fall for it. We know lies when we hear them.

As for the state of the organization, the Orioles are clearly on the rise. Scott Borass and Mark Teixeira know this. They are greedy and shortsighted. How do they know Andy MacPhail would not have raised his offer to 8/$160m or even higher? Answer the phone.

What it boils down to is that Mark Teixeira could have been the local boy who returned home and turned the Orioles into winners again. He is a coward, however, and wants to be a faceless cog in the Evil Empire's machine rather than a legend of the game. BOOOOOO!

Wow, almost 200 posts on this guy and counting! Let's hope we all get this out of our system soon. Now for my 2 cents...most fans here (not me) thought the O's should have paid whatever it took to get Tex to sign here and roasted Angelos and co. for being 'too cheap' not to fork out 180-200 mill. I still think it made no sense to tie up so much $$ for a team clearly in a rebuilding mode.
It's quite possible Tex was just using us and the other teams to drive up his worth. If he really wanted to win, then he had a better chance with the Angels anyway so I feel he really intended to go to the Yanks all along. He's just adding fuel to the fire by talking to the;he's probably better off just keeping his mouth shut.
In my humble opinion, this guy wants to be loved by his 'home town' fans so that;s why he made the ill-advised PR attempt. I highly doubt he's going to go through the same interviews etc in the other 'rejected' cities-Boston, Wash. LA...
On a similiar note, Peter, what kind of reaction do you think CC will get in Milwaukee-if and when the Yanks play them?

Pete's reply: I doubt it would be much. He didn't grow up there and he didn't even come up there.

I lived in the Baltimore area in the 80's when I attended graduate school. I remember going to a Baltimore Blast game and it seemed like anytime they wanted to get more noise from the crowd, they either played the song "New York, New York" or flashed on the scoreboard the names of either Reggie Jackson or George Steinbrenner.

It seems to me that booing Tex is the modern equivalent of booing Reggie, and is part of a long standing Baltimore tradition.

Fans boo because they care. Isn't this what baseball wants?

He's a nice boy and a good athlete but I don't think that he has the toughness to make it New York. That can be an ugly place for the star who doesn't shine. My feeling is that he will wish that he had made due on the paltry 20 mil and stayed in B-more.

My issue with Tex is his inconsistency based on his audience. Before free agency, it was "what a dream it would be to play for my favorite team as a kid, the Orioles". Then when the ink had dried it was "I have always been a Yankees fan, what a dream this is". Then when he had to march back into his 'hometown' it was "in a perfect world, the Orioles would be winners and I would be here".

Just pick one and stand by it. Is he not aware that news travels between New York and Baltimore so everybody knows everything he has said??

We will agree to disagree. the quotes and comments i remember coming from Tex over the last couple of years indicated he was very interested in the Os and I believe give a "hometeam discount," whatever that means. He has not been honest. In the Government, there is something called TINA, Truth in Negotiations Act. They need this to apply in baseball since we have Scott Boras and players like Tex around. I am actually happy he did not sign with us, i will bet the bank Huff puts up better numbers than Tex this year.

players (once they reach free agency) can play wherever they want. Fans also can boo whoever they want. As long as they keep it clean, they can boo loud and hard. IWe had no problem when they booed Reggie Jackson, T.O, or Mike Mussina. Tex has the right to play teams against each other in bidding wars and fans have the right to simple as that!

To you, Schmuck, and Peter Gammons, and Colin Cowherd:


It was opening day, the Orioles fans were louder, and there was clearly enthusiasm at Camden Yards for a change.

Lighten up - let people enjoy themselves. And if that includes booing a Yankee, SO WHAT?

An interview with Singleton? I boo that Yankee too! No thanks. Disloyal bum.
He's an amazingly bad announcer too. And I don't say that with malice, it is just true.

Pete's reply: Spare me. Ken was a great Oriole and is a gentleman and a loyal Baltimorean who broadcasts the Yankees but still shows that he cares about Baltimore and the O's.

I don't blame Texiera for taking the money and I don't blame former Oriole fans who are boycotting the Angelos family for what they have done to the franchise.

Anyone who has ever had to deal with John Angelos knows that Andy Macphail will only get so much leash. This little experiment by the evil empire is a sham to try and trick the fans into thinking that they have finally seen the light.

Just wait and see, the evil empire will return and bash it all to hell. They can't help themselves when it comes to control.

I probably didn't appreciate the main point of your initial post on this Pete, but, now that I do, I don't agree there is incongruity. First, the people at the game booing Tex did come out and pay their money to support the team. Second, I don't think Tex's decision not to come here is the same thing as a fan's decision not to go out to the games as much after years of losing and escalating ticket prices. I let my season tickets go not long after the last playoff appearance, not because they were losing, but because the prices kept climbing and climbing. I suspect many fans did the same thing. On top of that, the number of major companies in Baltimore continues to dwindle, which has had a major impact on ticket sales. Service companies have a reduced need too. My company, which started in Baltimore and remains, has gone from 32 tickets to 8 as the number of local clients has dwindled. Point is, there are many reasons that attendance is down. The economy will now add to that. In sum, I don't think you can equate these two decisions and I think fans have every right to boo Tex for turning down the opportunity to make $140 million over seven years, be a hometown hero and potentially help return this franchise to greatness. He had every right to not do that, but there are understandable effects of such a decision.

Generally, people who boo never played an organized sport in their life.I remember vividly idiots booing John Unitas and Gus Triandos toname a few.

Brian's comment is the best prose in the history of blog comments. I have re-posted it below in case anyone missed it. Please fire Mike Preston and hire Brian as a Sun writer asap. Here it is...

I didn't boo Teixeira because he is a "traitor." I booed him because he is a tangible manifestation of everything that is wrong with the following: the Yankees, The Orioles, Peter Angelos, big cities, the $3 MASN extortion, Brian Cashman, Scott Boras, Baseball, sports in general, the Crap-ass Economy, People with names that are not pronounced like how they are spelled, and people who make more money grounding out to second than I'll make in a year. How often can you wrap all of that up in to one easily booable man. It was cathartic, and funny, and Baltimore to the core. And you should ease up on a fanbase that hasn't shown that much passion in a long time.

Posted by: Brian | April 7, 2009 5:23 PM

Until we actually have a team that can compete with the Yankees on a more consistant basis, I think we should eliminate most booing. Its embarrasing. Our City sounds like a disgruntled ex-girlfriend who got dumped for a blonde bombshell with D cups. Come on, most of us would have done the samething! It's not like Baltimore has been losing for a couple years; its been a frickin decade! I'm not a fair weather fan, I love my Orioles. But I'm happy that the team is looking good and in a couple years, hopefully, we won't need Teixeira. I'd rather cheer for our team that won 10-5 on Opening Day then boo a man who got a huge pay raise. Tex deserves what he's worked hard for to get in NY. Our team deserves our support for hanging in there for 10 years. I think that's part of what Mr. Schmuck is trying to get at.

Did you know that you can, generally, take an income of $50,000 from every million dollars you have invested for every year of your life and have a 99% chance of never running out of money.

Now at $180 million, that would be a yearly income of $9 million. For the rest of his life. Assuming he only spends $8.9 million of that $9 million each year and saves the other $100K for the rest of his life - and lives to age 78, he will have close to $249 million dollars to leave his kids.

Do these guys even know they are playing with this kind of money? Now that makes the difference between $140 million and $180 million look ridiculous.

This is just one reason why the average fan might boo. Many posters have said - can you really spend that kind of money? It's an ego thing. Manny and Alex got paid, I want mine too. For some moron to compare Tex's decision to a guy taking a job that increases his pay from $50K to $100K is also ridiculous.


Unrelated question: Can you provide a link to where the new cartoon bird will be appearing daily?


Pete's reply: I'll check on that. Just got home and haven't been in the office much yet.


First of all I want to tell you how much I appreciate your blog and all the hard work you put into it to keep us up to speed on our beloved O's. I don't always agree with you, but you are almost always right on the money with your insights. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Tex get booed heartily and I also enjoyed his "0-fer." What I enjoyed most, though, was seeing the O's stick to the Yankees. It's going to be a long season, but I also think it's going to have more fun days like Opening Day than we've had in recent years. Thanks again, Pete. Go O's!

Pete's reply: Thank you for being part of the blog. I know most of the posters don't totally agree with me on the Tex situation, but I'm impressed at their writing ability and passion. And if there are that many good writers out there, I better get it in gear if I want to keep my job.

I don't think most O's fans have a problem with TEIXEIRA signing for more money to secure his family's future. Most of us would have done the same thing under those circumstances. The problem we have is with what he said after the signing. While with TEXAS he gave every indication he'd love to play in BALTIMORE when his FA arrived and that got our hopes running high. If anything, TEIXEIRA is a victim of running his mouth too much! He would have been better off simply keeping his mouth shut IMO!!

I've got to join the chorous here Pete and disagree with you on the booing.
First of all, I was thrilled that there were that many ORIOLE fans in the yard to make so much noise. Secondly that they were passionate enough to make it.
Tex asked for it with his phony claims of wanting to play here, while actually being just another mercenary who played on the hopes of his hometown to squeeze a few more pieces of gold out of the Yankees, It's not as if he'd have trouble feeding his family on the paltry $140 mil. the O's offered him. Seriously, just how much better will his life be because of that extra $?
As for a better chance to win sooner, we'll see how he feels when the Yanks finish out of the playoffs yet again this season, and when the O's surpass them next year.

Pete's reply: I agree with you on one thing. If it takes the passion directed at Tex to get that many Orioles fans to the ballpark to make that kind of noise, boo away. I'm all for it.

Ken Francis' post above nailed it exactly. Tex talks out of both sides of his mouth, saying what he feels the intended audience wants to hear. That's why all the "I always loved the yankees" and " this was always my #1 choice" after signing with the Yankees.
He never had any intention of playing for the O's or the Nats. He was just using them to drive up the price. That's just how player & agents do things. I was there Monday, and I booed, just for the comedic effect. (I've never heard booing so loud! Mussina was never booed like that). I don't hold anything against him personally; he can play where ever he wants. But I do hope he (&CC) are complete disasters in NY...maybe Giambi and BigUnit part 2.
PS - I do go to about 12 games or more per year, and have been for at least the last decade.

I was saying Boo-urns!

Some things I don't understand about comments from others -

1. How did he use the Orioles to drive up his price? The Orioles came in with the low bid. The Nationals offered more money than even the Yankees and more dollars and years than the Orioles.

2. Those times he talked about playing for the Orioles when he was with the Rangers and Braves - did he just volunteer that out of the blue or was he answering a question from someone looking for a quote? Most likely from someone doing a story for the folks back in Baltimore to consume.

3. So should a guy be castigated for being gracious? What's he supposed to say at his NY press conference, "The only reason I'm here is because the Yankees offered me more money. If my hometown Orioles had stepped to the plate we'd be having this conversation at the Warehouse."? What's he supposed to say when he comes to Baltimore, "I never had any intentions of signing with the Orioles because I never really like the team anyway. Besides, your team sucks and it has for the past dozen years, so why should I take less money for fewer years to play for an organization that has not yet showed it will complete the return to respectability. You haven't even signed Markakis and Roberts long term - why should I want to be the only decent player on the team in two years?"?

Sure, it's a bit disingenuous and self serving, but it's also good press for his new team. If he had signed with the Angels he'd have said how happy he was to stay with the team and how he wanted to complete the quest for a Series title with his current mates. If he signed with Boston he'd have said how much he always admired the passion of the Boston fans and their history of winning and great players like Williams, Yaz, and the recent squads that demolished the Curse. If he'd signed with the Nats that would have been tougher because then he'd have to say how he grew up nearby and was looking forward to being the cornerstone of the building process to bring a championship to the Nation's Capital. That would actually be the worst case scenario as far as I am concerned.

On the other hand, I really don't mind seeing the passion of the Oriole home crowd being directed at any player on the Yankees. It's nice to know that he got it even worse than Huff did last year.

A comment from a former Yankee fan - now a solid Orioles fan - [I'll explain the switch in a minute].

If Cleveland Indian Manny Ramirez, who did grow up in NYC, was a free agent who said he was a Yankee fan as a kid, then signed with the Red Sox, instead of the Yankees, for "X" million instead of "X" million, are you telling me the New York fans are not going to boo him?

Why the switch: I grew up in the late '60's and the Yanks stunk. The 70's teams with Munson and Murcer were great. The late 90's teams with Jeter, Williams, Posada, Pettite - the same.

My switch came when the Yanks brought all of the out-of-towners in:
Mussina, Sheffield, A-Rod, Giambi, Matsui, Clemens, et al. No more home grown - and hence switch to the O's to stay in the AL East.

The great thing that AM has done is not sign Tex, but signing Brian and Nick, and build from within. He'll add a free agent to put the O's over the top, when the proper moment arrives.

So glad to be an O's fan.
So glad to hear Baltimore boo Tex. He deserved it - hope it continues.

For my perspective, if I was a player, and if I was a true fan of a particular club, I would take $140 mil for 7 years rather than $180 mil for 8 years.

Is he really going to need or spend that $40 mil? I would rather be thought of in the same light as Brooks, or Unitas, or retired Montreal Canadiens who's fans revere their former players after their playing days are over, rather than have "X" millions in some bank account I never will spend.

Sorry Tex - you can't go home again - anymore. He made a huge mistake.
Tex could have been cheered ten years from now in Baltimore even with a .245 batting average - because he spurned the big bucks and NYC glitter to "follow his dreams and play with the O's". He didn't and yesterday was his first payback in Baltimore.

I rather cheer the players that want to play here than boo the players that don't - but Tex deserves what he got.

Go O's.

If a fan spends his hard earned money to buy one ticket to an O's game and watch players who are making multimillions, and will easily go from one team to another if they get a better deal, then they have earned the right to boo whoever they want for that game.

I don't blame Tex for choosing NY over B'more since the Yankees give him the best shot at making and possibly winning in the playoffs each year. That's what every player wants, and you can't deny them that if the opportunity arises. What I do find fault with is a local boy rooting for our team's most hated rival. That's a slap in the face to Baltimore and Maryland, and that's why I booed on Opening Day. This is no different then when I booed Steve Kline a few years ago for making anti-Baltimore comments and why I booed Huff last year (and still don't think highly of him) after he made his "Baltimore is lame" comments on that Bubba the Love Sponge internet radio show.

Let's see, a man has a chance to follow the easy path or trail blaze a new one. No, you can't blame most for being gutless cowards and choosing ease, but you can make the observation that any success derived from joining the strongest mob is cheapened, because, well you are the strongest mob. It is fine tex chose nyy, it is normal for a bad team to have bad attendence, (it has been a decade plus), just don't expect us to sit back and say, "oh let's cut tex some slack for being his merc self."

I think it goes without saying, what all of BMore wanted was: "I know things have been rough in BMore lately, but I'm here to do everything I can to change it." Instead we got, "NY is superior in every way...BMore was never close."

That's fine, just don't cry about the consequences.

Just remember: Tex sold his soul to the devil. We didn't do that to him; he did it himself. He never showed any desire to play for the O's; never showed them any respect during the negotiations, either. He is like the biggest strongest guy on the playground who wants to put all the big kids on the same team to make sure he can win and doesn't have to compete. He was a closet Yankees fan all along and a classless jerk. I hope the O's fans, myself included, boo him until he cries. He didn't take more money; he never told the O's how much it would take. If he had said, I'll play for the O's if they match the offer, that would be one thing. But he only wanted to play for the Yankees and manipulated the situation to make sure that happened. Keep booing!

if these men are going to get paid as much money as they do for playing a child's game...then why can't fans act like children as well?

i would boo him for the simple fact that he turned down $140 million during a depression...

dudes an arrogant guy anyway...he turned down $2 million when he got drafted from St. Joe cuz he didnt want to play for the blue jays or expos or whoever it was

As far as money goes, there really is not much of a difference between $16 mill and $18 mill. You already have enough money to last a lifetime, especially when you multiply that over 6-7 years guaranteed. If you really want to look at the brass tacks, the cost of living in NYC is much higher - up to 25% higher.

The O's fans needed a savior, someone they could be proud of. To many, Tex represented the second coming of Cal. Someone who could provide that hometown identity. It goes back to that whole Baltimore inferiority complex. It hurts when one of our native sons spurs us.

Tex chose a couple million a year over having a legacy of a true Maryland sports hero. Now Tex is going to a place where it is what have you done for me lately mentality. They gave Giambi a hero's welcome, but he clearly wore out his welcome. New York will chew you up and spit you out, unless you are Derek Jeter. If the Yankees do not win w/ Tex, he will be just another name in the long line of many great Yankees. Yet in Baltimore, he would be revered much in the same way Cal was revered.

He squandered a priceless opportunity

Wow that is a lot of posts about Tex. The Sun should add more advertisements to this page.

(Hopefully you'll get a piece of the pie, Peter.)

For the record, I intend to boo him every chance I get all year long. I hope the rest of the fans are with me. It will be fun. Everyone really rallied around that on Monday. Plus, I think he'll get tired of it before I do.

The one part being overlooked here is that people were booing Tex and, by proxy, Peter Angelos for creating a situation where a guy like Tex or any high-profile free agent doesn't want to play in Baltimore.

Either thousands of us are all right or a few of you are right. Look, it is only booing, and like many others have said it has shown that Orioles fans are still passionate about their team despite the last decade of torture.

His comments were shameful, shallow even. After the fact we all knew he wasn't going to and/or never did want to go to Baltimore. But while we were, or so we thought, "in the race" for Tex, it gave us some hope. I'm not so angry that he spurned us as I am that he would be so two-faced. He's trying to make us feel better? Well, I heard, correct me if I'm wrong, that he told some reporters (something to the effect of) "More and more I'm convinced that signing with the Yankees was the best choice." Wow. Just wow.

I live in Silver Spring, not exactly near Baltimore, about an hour away. Before the Nats came to town, the O's were my "hometown" team. And that hasn't changed. Fine, so he wore Yankees hats to O's games...or so he says. Did he? Unless any of us knew Tex and sat next to him at Camden Yards as a kid - we'll never know. So when the Yankees came to town, he went, that's fine I guess. But he shouldn't act like he loved Baltimore. Because he probably didn't. I can't speak for the man, though.

Honestly, I think he's making this crap up to save his butt - and it's not working. We'll continue to boo, and we're not going to stop because he tries to "make up" with O's fans. In fact, he just made it worse.

Whew. I really, really needed to get that off my chest. Sorry for the anger. This is not so much directed at you (although some of it is) than it is at Tex.

McPhail is on recording saying we made an initial offer to him and said we were willing to negotiate higher. He never responded. McPhail said, "He got the deal he wanted WHERE he wanted it." He never had any intention of coming here and fullfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a Yankee. For that, he deserves all the heckleing he gets.

Watching the game from Nashville my assumption while it was happening was that it was due to the way he handled signing with the Yankees.... not just the mere fact that he did.

What cracks me up about much of the Baltimore media is that its members will occasionally write articles mentioning are supposed inferiority complex in which they so graciously advise us that we should not feel inferior; but, whenever the fan base does anything interesting or passionate, they write stories questioning whether our reactions were appropriate. Any East coast baseball town would have booed this guy; it is part of the fun of going to a game. On the East coast, you are supposed to boo the other team and cheer for your own. It doesn't mean you intend to hurt the player or that he needs to hire bodyguards, it is a fun part of the game. Pete, please do not take this stuff so seriously. What are you going to blog about next, that there are some people in Baltimore that actually don't like the Yankees?


Again, being a true fan has no logic. We are fans, nuff said.

I do not come to games because we are being told that the O's are "anticipating" being competitive in 2010 or 11. I am not going to spend my money on a team that feels it cannot compete. It may not be right, just my opinion.

Tex was the answer to start building around in my opinion and it did not matter if it was his idea, the FO or both, right now he respresents "what could have been" and for that I would boo if I was at the game.

Instead I will enjoy others booing him, hope the NY media crushes him, and go watch the Tides, because, they are worth the price of admission. It may not be right, but it is my money.

What cracks me up about much of the Baltimore media is that its members will occasionally write articles mentioning are supposed inferiority complex in which they so graciously advise us that we should not feel inferior; but, whenever the fan base does anything interesting or passionate, they write stories questioning whether our reactions were appropriate. Any East coast baseball town would have booed this guy; it is part of the fun of going to a game. On the East coast, you are supposed to boo the other team and cheer for your own. It doesn't mean you intend to hurt the player or that he needs to hire bodyguards, it is a fun part of the game. Pete, please do not take this stuff so seriously. What are you going to blog about next, that there are some people in Baltimore that actually don't like the Yankees?

Its funny how a fan throws a ball at a Tigers player in Toronto and its barely mentioned, but god forbid fans in Baltimore booo a Yankee player. The national media are a bunch of schmucks, no pun intended. And to trash on the city and people of Baltimore for showing passion once again and then start trashing on your team after that. Yeah, thats real professional boys. Its amazing the biases these national guys have. Pete, i just hope if you work for one of those companies one day that you stay true to your profession and call it down the middle because we all know if that was Yankee fans doing that to one of our players they'd be calling it the upmost display of emotion from some of the greatest fans in the game.

gonna be a mighty green spring. Sooo much fertilizer! Anyone who drives a car built by a foreign corporation had better not talk about hypocrisy or taitors. Tex was booed because fans are more happy being against something than just for something. Just human nature. Fans here ignored his stated Yankee and Mattingly fandom as a kid despite my bringing it up on here while they were all swooning in the rapture. What business is it of yours or mine or theirs if he used the Orioles to get a better deal? You would use the Washington Post to better your deal with the Sun and I have used multiple suitors to increase my asking price on deals. No difference.

Is there something wrong with booing a guy just because he's the Yankees? Does there even need to be another reason? I'm really struggling to understand this. It's hard to believe how much of a nonstory this should be. Personally, I think there were plenty of reasons to boo Tex, but there doesn't even have to be a "reason."

Since when is it not okay to boo a guy just because he's on the Yankees? I really don't understand this "story." Even if there were no other reason to boo (and I think there were other reasons), he's a Yankee. Fans don't need a reason to boo.

Since when is it not okay to boo a guy just because he's on the Yankees? I really don't understand this "story." Even if there were no other reason to boo (and I think there were other reasons), he's a Yankee. Fans don't need a reason to boo.

what do you think would happen if Piazza had signed with the Mets and then said he was a Mets,not Phillies fan growing up? That is the issue. Even in Philly no one booed Piazza because he didn't play in Philly. It is the hypocriscy. tex is going to learn as A-rod has that having the big bucks will bring big expectations and he may end up preferring Yankee away games.

Its called loyalty Schmuck. If he had any loyalty at all he would have come here and helped get us back to where we ought to be. I hope he hears it again tonight! We are gonna get it done without him.

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