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April 27, 2009

Orioles: Postgame laments

Right-hander Jeremy Guthrie was staked to a four-run lead tonight and allowed three runs before manager Dave Trembley turned the ball over to the bullpen. It wasn't quite as discouraging as the seven-run lead that got away on his watch in Boston, but it still left him to answer for what went wrong after he again was handed a seemingly comfortable lead.

"My approach is always the same, whether I'm down by four or up by four,'' Guthrie said. "I'm trying to put a zero up. It hasn't worked out that way on a couple of occasions. There's nothing I'm doing differently than I've been doing. You just hope for better results in the future."

Trembley seemed to concur, and gave a lot of credit to the Rangers for forcing Guthrie's pitch count up early in the game.

"His command wasn't off tonight,'' Trembley said. "He was around the plate tonight, there were a lot of foul balls. There were a lot of two-strike foul balls. They fought some real good pitches off. I don't think it had anything to do with him protecting a lead. He was very aggressive. I thought is command was good, his tempo was good. He just had to work real hard to get outs."

Trembley said he didn't feel that the offense went flat after getting four runs in the first two innings, even though the bats were almost completely silent after the second inning.

"We had good at-bats tonight, we didn't chase pitches, we didn't get ourselves out,'' he said. "In tonight's case, (Matt) Harrison pitched where his tempo was real quick, his location was good, he changed speeds. We needed an RBI hit with two outs a couple of different times and we needed to turn the lineup over on the bottom, and that didn't happen."

Matt Albers made no excuses after giving up three runs over 2/3 of an inning.

"We had the lead and I came in and didn't hold it,'' Albers said. "I didn't execute pitches. I felt healthy, but I didn't make pitches when I needed to. That's definitely a good lineup. They can do some damage, but you've got to execute pitches. You can't let them intimidate you."

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i guess we'll be seeing Postgame Laments quite often this year.
Nice motto for this team.

why interview anyone? change the names and reprint yesterdays comments. It's a broken record already.

s is for stop already.

This is going to be a long year for Guthrie....but he should rebound next year after surgery.....

The fans here need to realize we suck, plain and simple. We were supposed to suck from the beginning, and the fact we are 9-11 now is actually an over achievement given the lack of solid SP. Until we can pitch worth a damn, we will suck. Our offense on the other hand will probably be this dangerous for several years so it's up to MacNugget to get off his butt and get this SP where it needs to be to compliment the offense that probably won't get shut out all year.

What was that you were saying about David Murphy?

Albers needs some work in the minors> He is just not the same pitcher as he presented last year. He knows it.
Harrison worked through his wildness knew if he kept his pitches close his teammates bats would give him new life.

"Turn the lineup over"--this expression coming from Dave Trembley and Buck Martinez nonstop is turning the stomach over.

We are not a National League team. The pitcher does not bat 9th. Why don't we "turn the lineup over" to some hitters in the 7th, 8th, and 9th spots?

Hey, then when we turn, like every moment we enjoy with our feet on this planet, we'll never notice.

Look, he's not an ace. He's a nice pitcher. When we finally get an ace again, then we'll know what one looks like. If I had my druthers, I would never hear the words "Jeremy Guthrie" and "ace" again.

Firstly, thanks for the warm high-five to my O's "tattooed" 4 year old Donny.

Next...what exactly are the qualifications to be a "staff ace" pitcher?
"Ace" generally means a very skilled, perhaps the most skilled person within a group.
Guthrie's recent track record doesn't seem to add up to be our "Ace", does it?

I would think that maybe Uehara has more of a history and experience that would put him in that spot?

How long until the O's understand what an "ace" is supposed to do?

Or is my definition incorrect?
I'm just a novice at this, you tell me boss.
See ya next week, Weds. Twins.

Pete's reply: Your definition is fine, but in this case, the staff ace is just the best starting pitcher on the staff or simply the first guy in line.

Well Maybe his approach should change - because he is just plain letting the team down. This is a team without a stopper or ace. Thankfully we're not on the hook for a long-term deal with him because his performance has consistently slipped since the middle of last season.

peter the present day pitchers need to start conditioning themselfves to pitch more than 5 or 6 innings. they need to start training in the minors so that when they do get to the majors they don't run out of gas by the 5th or 6th inning. in your other article about camdon yards and trembley thinking the defense will get better as the season goes along. the pirtchers arms will so tired and wore out that the defense will be watchng more balls fly out of the yard.

Pete--Just finished reading your interesting (I'm borrowing this word from Jim Hunter) column on the height of the infield grass at Camden Yards.

Cut the grass.

Look, when our pitchers give up hits they are usually flying over the infield grass, unfortunately. I see no reason for our turf to reminder us of old Tiger Stadium, with Don Wert, Ray Oyler, Dick McAuliffe (and Jerry Lumpe), and Norm Cash. Let the Birds pick it and turn two.

Almost all of those guys on Texas are huge. I don't think the steroids controversy is even close to over.

Like always,who cares,Trembley has no idea how to handle a pitching staff,leaves a guy in too long one start,pulls him too early the next.I like what Texas pitching coach said,Throw out the pitch count,you're going to pitch til the batters dictate when you come out.Or better yet,like Earl used to say,unless I have somebody better in the bullpen,you're staying in.By my count already 6 or 7 games lost due to poor bullpen decisions,but I'm sure it's still early.Plenty of time for Trembley to make a lot more.Can't wait for the Trembley apologists,not sure how there could be many,to jump on.Sherrill shouldn't be closer,but refreshing to know he's got everybody "slotted " into their roles.Looks like another long hot summer.Where are you Tex and Melvin,we need you?Wigginton is not an everyday player,never has been.

I'm willing to cut Guthrie some slack because of all the pitches being thrown in the fist inning. I don't cut Trembley any slack for not using Bass or even Walker to face a lefty.

That's was an unbelievable 9th inning move by the master genius Trembley. After the lazy Zahn 'watched' his sure double into a single, even after the right fielder bobbled the ball, Trembley inserts Pie as a pinch runner and lets Andino bat with the tying runs on base with 2 outs, against a hard throwing right hander. Where was Izturis as a pinch runner, who could've replaced Andino at short if they tied it up? And Pie, the left-handed hitter should of been pinch-hitting. Yeah, yeah, I know, it didn't really matter the way Izzy and Pie have been hitting lately, but still, that was your best option, not to have Andino out there with the game on the line, who promptly whiffed at a blazing fastball for strike 3. Yeah, yeah, I know, he had 2 hits, singles to be exact, but he's still a raw rookie. Trembley really is a dumb manager from the 7th inning on. if he ain't screrwing up the bullpen, he's screwing up the pinch-running and pinch-hitting duties. And, he just loves to hear himself talk on the post-game show, while massaging his chin, of course, like a wise man. What a bunch of hot air! Get a manager who knows the game. He sure doesn't.

Matt Albers ... if you get sent to Norfolk again you are not allowed to whine to the media about it.

I went to the game last night. As I was sitting in my seat, an usher came up to me and asked if I had a ticket. Surprised by this, I said yes and did he want to see it. I showed him my ticket that matched the seat I was sitting in. I asked if there was something wrong and he said no they just do random checks to make sure people are sitting in their correct seats. Now mind you, there was nobody with him disputing that I was sitting in the incorrect seat and there was nobody sitting in any of the seats for many rows in front and behind me. Now I know why people don't want to come to the games. It was a perfect night out and they had the 2nd smallest crowd at OPACY. They should be thanking us that we actually paid to go to the game and not harass us. When the stadium is a quarter full, you should be able to sit anywhere you want to. The Orioles have to do much better job in trying to get people to come back to the stadium.

Pete's reply: The ushers are only doing what they are told. I'm guessing that they've gotten complaints from legit ticket holders like yourself that people who didn't pay to sit in the good seats are somehow bothering them. Or, it could be, the guy guessed correctly that you were a Schmuck Stops Here reader and assumed that you belonged in the cheap seats.

Hey Pete, everyone keeps talking about the Pie experiment. Well, how long will the Zaun experiment last? Everyone keeps giving him a pass, i just do not understand it!

Pete's reply: I doubt it will be much longer before Wieters comes up.

You DON'T remove your ace starter after only 5 innings with the lead! I don't care if he's thrown 101 pitches and gave up a HR in the previous inning. You let him pitch the 6th and then consider taking him out. At least let him start the 6th! Albers??! What a disaster, I don't like the trend with Guthrie's last 2 starts which should have both been wins.

I just read in the paper that Mr. Adenhart is throwing out the first pitch tonight before the game, if true that is quite a classy gesture from the organization...i can't imagine what he must be going through still...good job os its good to see them doing things like this.

Pete's reply: Yes, it is. Can't imagine what he's going through.

"But the idea is to keep the team close and hope for the best result," says Guthrie. His problem is mental. If you have the lead you protect and try to build on the lead to win games.

Hey Pete,

If Jeremy is supposed to be our ace, we can only hope that a new one from our minor leaguers is not far away. Isn't the WBC a great thing!!

Fat Matt Albert, I mean Albers, is TERRIBLE.

He's like a human pitching machine.

Yeah, so I was at the game, and I never got comfortable after seeing 35 pitches in the 1st inning and knowing Albers was coming likely coming in.

It was agonizing. Maybe we can trade freel, liz, and albers for a decent long man?

Hi pete-it seems to me that a lot of
gripers dont know that much about
baseball.Trembley does the best he can with what he has in starters.I
have faith that the team will do a lot
better in the near future.Holding our
prospects in the minors till their ready
is best for them & the team.

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