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April 22, 2009

Postgame Dave

Since there wasn't a whole lot to say about tonight's 8-2 loss to the Chicago White Sox, manager Dave Trembley used his postgame media conference to set the record straight on Adam Eaton.

Trembley was asked what Eaton needed to do in the series finale. He didn't bristle at the question, but clearly viewed it as an attempt to get him to spell out how much rope Eaton has left.

"I'd like to disspell that,'' Trembley said. "I don't think every time Adam pitches it's a critical situation. With hitters, you give them at-bats. You give a guy 75 at-bats. This guy has pitched a long time in the major leagues. I don't think it's, if he pitches well he's on the team, if he doesn't, he's off the team. I don't think that's fair. Let's let him pitch and see what happens.

"What we have is what we have and we'll do the best we can and stand behind our guys."

Trembley saw what everybody else saw in Jeremy Guthrie. He struggled with his command and the White Sox took advantage while Sox left-hander John Danks delivered his third straight strong start.

"The difference between Jeremy and Danks was the location of his pitches,'' Trembley said. "The White Sox, from the first inning, made him work to get outs. I think his stuff was fine. The difference when a guy succeeds and a guy is sharp is location."

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There you have it Pete. Pie will get 75 at bats about 15 more games. Three more starts for Eaton, and then a change. Would rather see both do well, but that is interesting that Trembley used the number 75. Maybe I am reading too much into that...

Pete's reply: During that conversation, he said both 75 and 100 AB.

75 at bats is about nineteen games. If you translate that to a starting pitcher, we're really only talking about 5 starts.
But to have somebody play their first 19 games batting .100 is really tough, as it is with Eaton and his ERA.

I think what Dave meant to say is "I don't think every time Adam pitches it is a critical situation." The "not" states the opposite.

This often-heard distinction between "stuff" and "location" got silly a long time ago.

Hey, let's see it, call it, and understand it as one thing--pitching.

Pete's reply: Sorry, that mistake was mine.

I agree with Trembley! As I have stated here many times, Adam Eaton is a proven major league starter. The Orioles need to give him a chance. He has had nowhere near the pitching equivalent of 75 at-bats. He will never be a "lights out" superstar. He will never win the Cy Young. But I feel that since the Orioles signed him we should give him a chance. If after a substantial sample size (e.g. ten starts) he is winless, listless, and fruitless, then we can throw him to the wolves and bring up a child to take his place. But for now we have to be patient or else we are no better than the Yankees fans who booed C.C. Sabathia today.

team doesn't play well in cold, or when they're away from home. or on sundays.

basically every now and then they get up for a game.

hey orioles ...... tighten up and play to win.

Eaton is horrible! How is it that a guy who consistently gives up 5+ earned runs an outing, can keep a job in the major leagues? We have to have somone better somewhere.

Last night was a big game for the series because you know they are going to lose today. Please get rid of Eaton! I would rather have D. Cabrera. I sure hope he isn't going to stick around until Rich Hill gets back.

"Let's let him pitch and see what happens."

That's not really a convincing endorsement. Unless Eaton has one of those many "quality starts" he brags about from last year, it might be time for him to head to the bullpen and bring up Waters or Hernandez from Norfolk....or even give Bass a shot if Eaton goes to long relief.

I just saw that the Orioles lost the series two out three to the White Sox. How? I just saw that Eaton is pitching. Bring on the Rangers and the draft. I am thankful Eaton isn't pitching against the Texas. Because we could have 30 to 3 part two if he pitched vs. Texas. I am hoping things turn out okay tonight but with his track record from the spring to now.

What are your thoughts about...

1B - Luke
3B - Huff
LF - Montanez
CF - Pie
DH - Jones

I think that gives Jones time to recover... a healthy CF... better defense down the 3B line.

Also, isn't this the first time Eaton has faced another 5th starter?

Pete's reply: I would rather have Adam play center field on crutches.

Any chance the o's take a chance now on pedro or ben sheets? i can't figure out why we think we have better options? your thoughts peter?

Pete's reply: I was in favor of Pedro right after the WBC and always against Sheets. Now, I think the ship has sailed on Pedro, as evidenced by no one else being willing to meet his price.

I can understand why Dave Trembley is bothered by the fans' Adam Eaton fixation (as if that's the O's biggest problem), but on the other hand, it's not that the guy has just had a few bad games. He had a terrible season last year, and was lit up at least one inning of every start in spring training. Signing Eaton, dumping Penn. It seems so yesterday's management.

Guthrie's location could have been better, but I still think he relies too much on the fastball. Hitters are sitting on it. I think he needs to through more sliders. You're not always going to hit your spots, that's why when you mix speeds and you're location isn't great, there is less chance that the ball will be crushed.

trembley has no choice but to say what he said. he can't come out say unless eaton pitches a shut out he's gone. right now the orioles don't have many options so you have to try to get by with what you have. if hill continues to progress, build up his arm strength and his mechanics get straighten out the orioles have another option in 2 or 3 weeks. if waters pitches well his next 2 or 3 times in norfolk the orioles have another option. and it seems trembley making a statement about a hitter needing 75-100 at bats should help answer the question about when a decision in pie will be made. right now pie has 37 at bats. if he get about 16 to 18 hits or more in his next 60 at bats he's probably going to stay. anything less i would think he's gone.

The only reason Trembley is defending Eaton right now is because he has to. After Simon went down, Bergesen had to take his place. You have to figure Bergesen was going to take Eaton's place in the rotation. I think Pete speculated on this roster move in an earlier blog before Simon went down.

The only reason Eaton is still on this team is because of the injury to Simon. Trembley knows Eaton doesn't have it. He also knows we don't have anyone who can step in and replace him right now.

Pete - Here's what I just don't understand - Why did we sign Eaton and dump Cabrera?

Eaton is not an innings-eater. Most was 160. Opp BA rose steadily his last 2-3 yers at Philly - over .300 - and that's in the NL. So when we signed him, was it merely the $400,000 the O's had to pay for him?

Cabrera wanted what, $1.5 mill(?). We knew his issue with control, but he was also good for 200 innings. Even if his ERA was 5.00, who cared, ths year especially? We needed the innings.

I sense (from previous comments about him) that you are not a big fan of Cabrera. Neither am I. But what was it about Eaton that we liked?

Pete's reply: Cabrera got $2.6 million. The O's are paying only $400,000 of Eaton's salary.

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