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April 26, 2009

O's winning formula

When the Orioles win, it's usually not hard to see why. Just look at the first three lines in the O's half of today's box score and add up the performances of Brian Roberts, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis. Today, they combined for six runs, nine hits and six RBI.

Pending the end of some other games, Markakis now leads the major leagues with 21 runs scored and Jones is tied with Albert Pujols and Kevin Youkilis for second with 20.

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So Izturis is an upgrade at shortstop, right? Why three errors so far this season? (I'm not really going overboard here. But three errors already. That doesn't really bode well.)

My goodness...and can you imagine Wieters in this line-up? We don't need no stinking Teixeira. Let's just hope Huff keeps producing up to the trade deadline. We're almost .500 with a make shift starting rotation in the toughest division in baseball. And there are quality arms down on the farm. Let's get fired up, O's fans.

Where is all the defense that we were suppose to see. I think players forget how to play once they put the oriole uniform on. JUST A THOUGHT PETE

Pete's reply: It's a fair question. Seems to be a gaffe a day right now.

Will. You (and others) have mentioned Huff as trade bait. I don't get that line of thinking. Huff is still fairly young and there's no reason he can't be part of our success in a year or two. I still think he's best suited to DH but he's a serviceable 1B. Who do we have in the minors that's waiting in the wings at first?
I think we should be including Huff in our future plans and what's wrong with extending him for a couple of years if he continues to provide solid production?
I'm not opposed to some All-Star break trades but only if they make sense and we get something useful in return. Remember the infamous Bradford salary dump? Sure, we can dream about dumping Hendrickson/Zahn in July but what are we really going to get back? Right now, the only player that might attract some interest and value is Scott. We have some surplus at OF in Reinhold and Montanez(and Pie if he should progress).

One of those errors was actually Pie's fault, not Cesar's.

Nolan Reimold hit 2 more homeruns today and Arrieta, Hernandez, and Tillman are pitching well. Melvin Mora is about to be re-activated. Rich Hill is getting close. Is it about time to make a big trade?

Pete, can you please address the fact that after this great Sunday win, I tune in to Baseball Tonight, and sit through 30 minutes of Yankee/Red Sox drivel, only to have the only mention of today's game show Orioles getting thrown out at the plate? It makes me sick how every time I look forward to seeing the Orioles get national coverage, they are either wedged into the last 20 seconds of the show, or essentially ignored.

I guess teams that aren't vehicles for selling pink caps and t-shirts aren't worth much to ESPN

What are your thoughts?

Pete's reply: Well, the Yankees and Red Sox have won 6 world titles over the past 12 years and represent a huge chunk of the baseball-watching public. It's about ratings, and all you have to do is look at the crowd at CY on Friday night to know they aren't coming from here.

Talk about a winning formula...when was the last time we heard anything like THIS out of Norfolk or Rochester?? Nolan Reimold homered twice and five pitchers combined on a three-hit shutout as the Tides knocked off the Durham Bulls 7-0 Sunday afternoon. The Tides now boast an International League leading 2.30 team ERA, and they've registered more strikeouts (112) than hits allowed (106) this year. THIS could be a formula for a lot more winning in the future. Let's hope it keeps up. Again I ask, WHEN was the last time we were really excited about our players in the minors??

Pete's reply: When indeed, but that's also a reflection on the fan frustration with the major league club.

I don't know about the others, but Saturday night Izturis got charged for an error on a play that Pie flat-out should have made. Izturis kept drifting back, back, back, back into left field, and finally reached over his head and it fell out of his glove. E Izturis. Except there's no way Pie shouldn't have been able to make that play. Izturis gets the E because it hit his glove, but that E is on Pie all the way.

What the heck are we doing with the bottom of the lineup. Two of the three guys aren't even hitting .200...Talking of Pie & Zaun when he's catching. And I agree with the comment above about Izturis at ss...too many errors around the horn. And Wittington can't even get the ball to first base. Hurry back Melvin Mora!!!!!


I am a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan. Your thoughts on how THEY did this year in the draft? Let me just answer the question for you; they kicked some major butt!!!

By the way, solid move drafting Oher with the 1st round selection. He has more determination than anyone I have seen in recent history. He will destroy his opposition. Just like Antonio Baezderas is doing this year out of the pen.


Can you put up two pictures comparing the looks of Danys Baez and Antonio Banderas? I swear they were separated at birth.

And this formula includes winning on Sundays too!!
(remember last year and sundays!)

Pete, I agree with you on the great turn around by Baez after being told he would not start. I think Brian Bass is starting to come on strong as well since a terrible start.

Pete, what is going on with Cesar? The errors are piling up as our plays that look like he should get to. It's early, but his defense hasn't been impressive at all.

Pete's reply: I really don't know. One thing that might be playing into this is the slow Orioles infield. He's been rushing some plays. But you have to hope he pulls it together. He has a track record for being a very good defensive guy, so let's not overreact during the first month.

I think you could make the arguement that the bottom 3 in the lineup each getting a hit and a couple of walks really helped too. In my opion all those guys batting sub .200 is what has hurt the O's almost as much as the pitching this year.
I can remember a couple of situations with Moeller or Pie up with 2 outs and no one, and praying that they would just get on base, not to score but just roll the lineup over again so you could have Roberts leading off the next inning. It seemed to help a lot today the few times they managed to get on base or just extended the current inning a little longer to get the big guns back to the plate.

Hey Pete,
The first comment brings up a good point. This year, the O's were supposed to have questions about their pitching (obviously) - but their defense was supposed to a plus for this team. Have you heard of anything about what or if they can do anything to help out with this issue? I think they have given up the most unearned runs so far? That doesn't help out the pitching staff.

Pete's reply: Getting Melvin back should help and I believe Izturis will be okay. I believe there are going to be moments with Huff like the one in the first game against the Red Sox, but that's a tradeoff for his offensive contribution. Actually, he's played quite well there overall, in my opinion. Pie is an adventure.

For the first time in years the Birds are well worth watching. So many good players to watch, enjoy, and see progress into a contender. Friday's night loss was a real spike to the heart. Sherill (however you spell it) really screwed up with 2 outs and 2 strikes with no one on base. Like you all have said, that's the way it's going to be this year. Left undeterred by Friday's loss I was back Saturday watching and rooting our very good team.

In terms of the record being almost .500- we've been down this road before. With our make-shift rotation, I have a feeling its going to implode before the traditional start of Oriole's misery- the All-Star game. They have given up the most runs in the majors so far. I just don't see their arms lasting through the end of July, let alone September. I'm really trying to see this season for what it is- get the core of the team signed for multiple years, bring up the prospects slowly, and create something for next year. That said, gol-darnit do they have some bats!!! Only hoping Wieters doesn't lay an egg. If he doesn't, I'll gladly come to more games to watch an 11-10 loss. Keep up the support!

Pete's reply: By the "traditional start of the Orioles misery" the starting rotation might look quite different than it does now.

Nolan Reimold should be called up and inserted in left field, and Pie should be sent down to "work on shortening his swing" , which in translation means trying to make contact. Pie not only continues to strike out once in every three at bats, he cost the game Saturday night by not calling off Itzuris on the fly ball to left. He is not going to get any better, he has over 300 AB's in the big leagues and the pitchers will continue to exploit the holes in his swing. The theory that he is going to learn to hit at the major league level is ridiculous. April is turing into May and Pie still sucks.

That was a nice try that you made yesterday comparing David Murphy's start to Pie, however you neglected to mention that Murphy is a carrer .275 hitter in over 500 AB's even with the bad start. In addition Pie has struck out nearly as many times in 300 AB's as Murphy has in over 500 AB's.

Macphail should end the Pie experiment and stop handcuffing Trembley.

Whatever happened to that surly guy we traded for Adam Jones? I'd say we got the better part of that deal for a nice change.
I'm still flummoxed that the O's didn't reach out for two starters during the late winter.
It almost appears that this team with two more legitimate starters could be in the wild card hunt, not mention more fannies in the seats.
Could it be they underestimated this team in it's current configuration?

I wonder if Pie would clear waivers if sent down to the minors? Maybe he needs a little more work down there, I believe he is still very young and there is time, just not at the major league level. He must have done something along the way at the lower levels to get such accolades early on in his career. He must realize his career is in jeapordy at this point. Besides, we aren't going to win a pennant or even the wild card this year anyway, who cares what he does, let's see if he can play, it might click any day now.

Anyone seen the offensive numbers yet for Tex vs. Huff? It's early, but Huff is clearly the better hitter this year at this point. At a fraction of the price. And if you look at last years numbers, they were about even across the board. Who needs Tex? Rather than boo him, Oriole fans should be silent and turn their backs when he comes to the plate.

Adam Jones looks more impressive every day, and it wasn't even the three-run homer that impressed me most yesterday. When Brian Roberts's caught stealing appeared to squelch a promising start to the eighth inning, all Adam did was draw the walk, steal second off a team that is difficult to steal bases from, and then scored a crucial insurance run. That sequence convinced me more than anything that we've got a player on our hands. Superb baseball.

Terry P -- you make a good pt. I guess I 'm still in disbelief over what we've gotten out of Huff looking at the trend of his numbers before he got here. He'd probably be undervalued in the trade market b/c of similar disbelief

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