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April 14, 2009

Orioles: Walking a tightwire

The Orioles enter tonight's game ranked fifth in the major leagues with 43 runs. That's also fifth in the American League, since the top four teams are the Blue Jays (54), Tigers (47), Rangers (47) and Rays (44). That's pretty good. Even better, if you go by average runs per game, the O's move up to third (6.14).

Now, for the flipside. The Orioles also entered tonight's game ranked fifth in the major leagues in most runs allowed (45). That's not so good and it's plenty of reason for the club to feel fortunate to have won five of its first seven games.

It's also reason for fans to wonder if the Orioles will do something to shore up the staff soon. If so, it will be from within the organization. Club officials say there is no interest in bringing somebody in from outside right now, which means you can stop clamoring for the O's to sign Pedro Martinez. The next guy up will probably be Brad Bergesen if the club needs to fill a slot in the rotation, though the front office still is holding out hope that Rich Hill will show up by early May.

If the issue is long relief, I wouldn't mind seeing David Hernandez get a chance to come up and fill that role.

Schmuck multimedia overload: Look for my column on the wide production gap between the Orioles lineup and pitching staff later tonight at and in the print edition Wednesday. Also, be sure and join me tonight for Sportsline on WBAL (1090 AM).

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Can we discuss how wildly overrated George Sherrill is? The shutdown all-star closer should not be allowing the leadoff hitter on base every appearance.

Is that anything like a tightrope? Or a highwire?

what about trading some of our depth for some starting pitching?

To night should tell if Simon is going to stick or just pulled a Waters during ST. If Simon can make it through and win a start in Texas then he might be able to put together a reasonable season or at least help hold the fort until the young arms can start arriving.

Agree totally on Bergy and Hernandez.Too bad McSnail is the one that makes the moves.


Seriously? David Hernandez? I don't know if this kid has what it takes to be honest with you. My guess is he'll have the same struggles as D-Cab and Loewen (struggle with his control, too many BBs etc.). I think the fans have a point in clamoring for Martinez. He knows how to pitch in the big leagues. Hill is probably another 1-2 months away from being back in the bigs, but to be honest I don't expect much from him at this point.

I am all for Bergs coming up early. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens. I just wish the front office, knowing we were loaded on office from the get go, made it a priority to solidify the starting rotation! We have too many "ifs" and a piece of toast in Eaton on this staff and it bothers me.

Even with past failure I think Liz would be a good reliever. I didn't get to catch much of spring training so i don't know how he did(I can only it was below average.) When liz starts, it always seems like he is pretty good his first time around the lineup and the second time he gets smashed. They figure him out easy. IMO if he can be solid for an inning or two, we have ourselves a good reliever.

Pete's reply: I agree Liz has a chance, Brendan. Good meeting you the other night at the ballpark.

I just can't imagine both Eaton and Simon being in the rotation at the end of April. Bergesen seems like a polished pitcher. No reason to hold him back. Let's see what he can do. I think it does make sense to hold back the young pitchers who have excellent talent but have not yet obtained the necessary tools to succeed in the bigs, though.

...and the O's entered tonight tied with the Phillies for most HR allowed (16) in MLB.

Why isn't Hernandez a starting candidate? And why isn't he very high up on the prospect lists? He gets Ks, which the analysts drool over, and he seems to get results: is his repertoire limited to be a MLB starter? He just doesn't seem to be much in the O's plans.

Pete's reply: Don't get excited. That was my speculation. Not theirs.

It should be in house. But if you take away Simon and Eaton's games, the O's look pretty good. Cause then they wouldn't have any losses.

Bergeson should be the first guy up, and should take Eaton's spot. Next would probably be Hill to take Simon's. I have a feeling that once Melvin comes off the DL, the O's won't be sending down Matt Albers.

We might see Bergeson a litle sooner now that Simon just got injured. What's the deal there? I don't get the games down in Florida.

Pete's reply: You might be right.

I can't imagine how much the WBC and all it's injury inducements (aka, MORA!) end up costing MLB teams. Personally, I would be outraged at it if I were an owner.

In no way should an old fart like Mora be allowed out to play like that. At least make some provisional clause for injury and salary compensation back to the club.

Professional sports and the salary system is sickening and indicative of so much about this country that is screwed up.

Yea, but half the 45 runs given up came in 2 games...


3 names to call: Greg Maddox, Mike Musina and Pedro Martinez! Now if we were to be poor defensively and couldn't score any runs, I might support the Mcphail plan, but when we can score runs and play defense like we have demonstrated, waiting two years for our "internal" pitching to develop is senseless! Why waste the current effort. Hendrickson, Simon and are #5 guy don't have it, it's like your football team starting the season with Trent Dilfer or Bollinger and knowing you don't have a chance in hades in winning. Andy isn't being fair to the everyday players, the bullpen or the fans! I thought I recall Peter Angelos saying he would gladly open the wallet when the team was ready? Well besides 3 starting pitcher here we are!

Pete's reply: Love to have Mussina, but he retired and I'm pretty sure he meant it. Don't see Maddox coming out of retirement either. I'd take Pedro, but I asked about him again yesterday and was told all the current options are internal.

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