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April 13, 2009

Waiting to exhale

Bet you didn't know you could hold your breath for a whole inning, but you might have to get into the habit. The Orioles hammered Rangers starter Vicente Padilla and appeared to take a commanding lead, only to find themselves up against the wall -- literally -- in the bottom of the ninth.

Nick Markakis began his campaign for the Gold Glove by crashing the fence to make a terrific game-saving catch and closer George Sherrill performed another one of his great escapes as the Orioles won their third consecutive series opener.

I mean, what did you expect at the Ballpark at Arlington, a stadium known for games just like this one. The Rangers are a big-swinging team and the Orioles have quickly established themselves as a very legitimate offensive machine. The O's swung the bats just well enough to get Koji Uehara his second victory in spite of a start that unraveled in the middle innings.

Everyone knew there were going to be games like this. Orioles fans can only hope most of them end the same way.

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Hey Peter,
I heard that Nick had his shoulder wrapped. Do you know if he hurt it slamming into the wall? If so, is it bad? I'm a little worried now. Lol

Pete's reply: Nick ices his shoulder regularly. I wasn't there, but he said he was fine.

Markakis was awesome in the field. If you watch how he and B Rob are playing so far, you'd think they were in a contract year.

Felix misplayed a ball or two, but I will keep saying this, the O's would be foolish not to give him the ABs that they gave to Adam and Nick. This kid looks good, but he has to play in LF for the majority of the time in my opinion.

I like how after two blow out loses, they bounced back. It's early, but still nice to see them winning the 1st game of a series as well. Has to take pressure off when you take game 1.

Pete, if Huff comes close to putting up the #s he did last year, do you personally think that the O's should look to resign him? I understand we are rebuilding, but it's not like we have a young stud at AA or AAA breathing down his neck and with how this winter played out, I don't think they will have to break the bank to resign him. Huff seems to be a good fit with the group of guys they have.

Pete's reply: I really have no feel for how the front office really feels about Huff. I would think if he has another good year, they'd have to consider offering him an extension late this season, but really don't know.

5-2 is nice, and the way last night's game ended was good, but let's not get carried away: this bullpen is a NIGHTMARE!! Except for the 6-0 victory over Tampa, all the wins have followed the same pattern. The O's starter leaves with a comfortable lead, then the bullpen comes in and IMMEDIATELY starts giving up runs, but hangs on by a thread in the end. That formula cannot be counted on to last long. Sherrill's nightly "escape act" that everyone thinks is so amusing really ISN'T amusing at all and, as we saw last season, will eventually lead to disaster. He simply puts too many runners on base and puts the team in position to lose the game almost every time he comes in. It's early, I'm hoping the bullpen pulls it together, but so far, they are a scary, scary bunch!!

Shame that Nick's huge catch didn't even make SportsCenter's Top Ten for last night. Sometimes I don't know what people are thinking over there in Bristol.

Not only a great catch - it saved the game. Huge. Nick and Brian are the best kept secrets in MLB.

Pete -

Was it me or was the double to lead off the 9th inning a foul ball? Granted I was watching online on, but it definitely seemed like it was foul. And if it was, why wasn't Trembley out there arguing with the umpire?

Pete's reply: I saw it and thought it was fair by about a foot. Nick didn't argue about it and he was closer than anyone.

Btw... those road jerseys looked fantastic.

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